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GALLERY: 1222 / DATE: Apr 16 2021 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

I guess 2021 is the year that I focus on building self-bondage gear with electromagnets. Frankly, self-bondage is very dangerous, and I don't recommend that anyone do it, but it's a great fantasy that I have thought about since I was a teenager. Last year my friend MummyEd purchased the two round electromagnets that we used in Part 1-3 in this series. Actually, MummyEd showed up at my house with one of the magnets which he had got on E-bay, and I immediately went online and purchased another so I had a pair to work with. I had known that round magnets were available, but I never had one in my hands, and never experimented with how powerful they could be. These E-bay magnets hold 150 pounds with 6 volts at around 1 amp. This opened up my hidden desires to build and experiment with self-bondage gear. The other factors that fuel my excitement are Bind's jail and basement where we can play with the magnets, and the bondage websites that Bind and I run which allow us to share our bondage interests with everyone. It's like all the self-bondage stars are in alignment.

The self-bondage chair in this video was built by our friend Louis who has also experimented with electromagnets. You can see videos of his electromagnet gear in two updates on this website titled 'Chair Test' and 'DYI Self Bondage'. (use the search window at the top-left of this page) Louis has a background in electronics and mechanics so it wasn't to difficult for him to create his gear. In any case, after his hurtle with building this chair he kinda lost interest in it, probably because it took too much effort to put himself into it. As a result, he loaned it to Bind and I. We cleaned it up, made some modifications, and as you will see in this video, Louis's chair is a really hot piece of gear. We salute Louis for his inventiveness with the chair, along with his generosity loaning it to us and letting us modify it a bit. The main modification we did was to replace Louis's lawn sprinkler timer with a pair of mechanical timers. These two mechanical timers are much easier to set and offer redundancy in case one timer fails.

As you will see in this video, the chair is a little complicated to get into. It requires clear thinking because there's is a sequence you must follow to get yourself in. Bind's suggestion of the metal head cage suspended from overhead is a great addition. I guess I'll stop talking now, and let you enjoy the video. We have a few other videos with the chair, so stay tuned for future updates. As far as I'm concerned, this chair is nothing less than fantastic and really stokes my self-bondage fantasies. Enjoy!

WARNING! Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover the dangers once you're secured and helpless. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this video as an example or guide. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1221 / DATE: Apr 7 2021 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 1

Covid-19 virus update - I got my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine, and the day after the shot I didn't feel so good. I felt like I was coming down with a cold, so I went to bed early. The next day I was fine. A lot of my friends said that they had a similar 24-hour experience. The vaccine rollout seems to be going well in the San Francisco area, and appears to be very efficient and well organized. I will continue to wear my mask, which is not a problem.

In my opinion, there are three reasons that make the video in this update highly unique. The first reason is that our friend Pup Havok's face tattoos and nose ring look quite striking, especially behind his unique steel muzzle. The second reason is that the steel shackles and collar he's wearing are welded on, so they cannot be removed. The third reason is that the conversation Bind has with Pup Havok about being a slave is extremely insightful and compelling. I consider these three reasons to be unusual and insightful nuggets which we don't capture on video that often.

Pup Havok is a friendly and pleasant guy, polite and well educated. He's acquainted with our friend Yossie and happened to be staying with Yossie when we first met him. Since Havok enjoys bondage, he was more than willing to be in our videos. As one thing always leads to another, we ended up at my house with Bind and Havok playing in the back room on my bondage frame.

Havok is clearly into bondage because he wears his steel shackles full time. Yep! Welded on, 24x7x365. His day job is primarily solo so he can wear his shackles full time. Havok also has a steel muzzle which he enjoys wearing as often as possible, which can be locked on. As you can see, his facial tattoos combined with his muzzle and shiny nose ring make for quite an unusual sight.

During their bondage play, Bind said he felt that some people were born to be a slave. The more Bind talked about it, the more I realized that Pup Havok was in this category. Why else would he have shackles welded on? Notice Havok's demeaner when Bind talks to him about this. In some way, Bind was also describing himself, and me, and many of us who love to be tied up. We feel most comfortable when we're restrained and locked up. This is why Bind says that he feels 'at home' when he's locked in a cage or jail cell.

Some people dabble with bondage and restraint. They spend bits of time in bondage as a novelty, but they don't crave it. Others prefer to spend longer times in bondage to satisfy their occasional urge, while others prefer to experience long periods of time - or even full time - in bondage with all their control given away. They crave the experience. So, on a scale of one to ten, with ten being caged, restrained, or jailed full time, I would say that Bind is a ten, Pup Havok is probably an eight, and I am probably a six. Interesting, eh? I don’t care to have my life be completely consumed with bondage, but I do crave it quite a bit. For me, it provides a break from my daily life experience, and frankly, I can’t do without it.

Towards the end of Bind and Havok’s play, Bind talks about being 'born to be a slave'. These comments are very insightful and something for all of us hard core bondage enthusiasts to think about. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.


GALLERY: 1211 / DATE: Mar 25 2021 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, here's a covid-19 update. I got both shots of Pfizer. Yep, maybe traveling to Germany and Switzerland to shoot videos is a possibility later this year. Keep your fingers crossed.

This video features the last bondage scene we filmed in the basement of NoEscapeDungeon.com, owned by DungeonDaddy (Recon) in Las Vegas. A few days before we shot this video, we moved all of Daddy's bondage gear from the basement to the second floor where we split it up between two adjacent bedrooms. Both bedrooms will be used as playrooms. We made this move because Daddy wanted to move his DVD collection into the basement next to his home theater. So, we spent a week or so painting the two bedrooms, bolting Unistrut to the walls and ceiling, and schlepping tons of gear from the basement up the two flights of stairs. You will see the upstairs playrooms in future videos.

The last scene from the basement features SFDom, Lukas Tyler, and the famous RigidCuff V-Chair. We're fortunate that Lukas enjoys shooting bondage videos with us, and we enjoy his company and the comradery of getting together with him and his partner DungeonDaddy for weekends of bondage play.

You've probably seen the RigidCuff V-Chair in our other videos, but it never seems to lose its appeal. It was built by our German friend Martin. Martin is a self-proclaimed 'bondage engineer', devoting much of his free time shooting bondage videos and still images, and building bondage gear. Martin is a smart guy and knows a lot about metalworking. You can see all the gear he's made over the years by clicking HERE. Also, here's an article about Martin and his home-made CNC milling machine. He made the V-Chair from scratch with welded and machined aluminum. I haven't seen Martin for years, and nowadays I see his bondage gear recreated in China. It's safe to say that Martin's gear is now a collector's item.

In this video we see SFDom strapping a construction safety harness onto Lukas which is connected to the ceiling. The V-Chair is a little unsteady on the carpet and should really be bolted to the floor or a piece of plywood. So, the safety harness protects Lukas from tipping the chair over - and it looks hot too! Lukas's molded rubber gas mask hood is from Polymorphe from years ago. Lukas's hands are slipped inside two pairs of BlackStyle rubber ball mitts. These mitts are really great. It was my idea to slip a pair of large size mitts over a pair of medium mitts, which dramatically increases the feeling of helplessness. Lukas's gas mask is connected to a tall bubbler bottle with an orange latex corrugated hose and screw-on gas mask fittings from StudioGum. The bubbler bottle is home made.

Once Lukas is fully secured, SFDom starts to apply his infamous hand job. SFDom is a great guy, and I love traveling and shooting videos with him. We make a great team, and when we get together with Lukas all three of us get fired up. I don't know how many guys SFDom has gotten off, but I bet it's over 200, maybe 300?

In any case, this is a fun and quick bondage video. The V-Chair is an awesome piece of gear, and I'm reminded to don my heavy rubber suit and get locked in for a few hours. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1209 / DATE: Mar 14 2021 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a hot scene we did in Las Vegas at NoEscapeDungeon.com. The guy in rubber is me. I wanted to try out the steel ball mount from Mr S.  I'm not even sure that Mr S even sells them anymore. It's a metal device that mounts to the wall and has a round clamp that sticks out from the wall far enough to allow a guy to straddle the device with his back to the wall, and have his balls clamped in. Once clamped it, there is no way to escape. You are held against the wall by your balls and even with your hands free you can't get away. You are stuck. I thought this was a hot device and got the idea to mount the device to the floor. So, you're held to the floor by your balls. You can't really move because the ball clamp is quite rigid and stationary.

In this scene the ball clamp is mounted to a bondage platform which we built years ago. The bondage platform is nothing more than a sheet of 1-inch plywood covered with a piece of blue carpet. We used Unistrut around the outside of the platform for attaching ropes or chains.  In this case I simply screwed the ball clamp down to the platform through the blue carpet. The ball clamp itself looks like a doughnut that's cut in half and hinged so it can open and close. A hex machine screw locks the clamp closed. The edges of the doughnut ball clamp are rounded to minimize pinching of the scrotum ball sack. The opening for the ball sack is fairly small, so you have to stretch out the scrotum skin to allow the clamp to fully close. Once closed, there is no way that either or both balls are going to slip through the opening, and there's no pain. Immediately you get a since that your balls are held stationary whereas the rest of your body can move around. This is an exciting and erotic feeling all by itself.

The first piece of rubber I put on was the StudioGum rubber hood with mouth insert, nose tubes and goggles. The more I play with this hood, the more I like it. The mouth insert completely fills my mouth with rubber and has the appearance from the outside that I have a rubber mouth and tongue. This looks and feels very kinky feeling. Then, I slip the pair of rubber nose tubes up my nose. This feels a bit uncomfortable the first few times, but I'm used to it now. When I first got the hood, I had to trim the length of the nose tubes by 1/2-inch or so. This is because the tubes were a length that made me sneeze uncontrollably. The tubes had to be cut shorter, so their ends didn't land in the sensitive sneeze zone in my nose. And let me tell you, it's difficult and scary to sneeze with this hood on, because you can't breathe through your mouth, you can only breathe through the nose tubes in your nose. Yikes! However, not to be deterred by this problem, you can order this hood with much longer nose tubes that end well past the sensitive sneeze area. I want to order a hood with the longer nose tubes because it makes the experience that much more kinky and exciting. By now I'm used to the shorter nose tubes and feel I can graduate to the next level of length. I get turned on just thinking about longer nose tubes!

After the hood is on, I don a heavy latex straitjacket suit from StudioGum. I have had this suit for years. In this scene I don't use the suit as a straitjacket, but instead slip each of my hands into rubber ball mitts from BlackStyle. These mitts are totally awesome, and not long after I purchased a pair of medium size mitts, I figured out that if I slipped a pair of large mitts over the medium mitts it became twice as restrictive. So, I ended up buying two pairs or the small, medium and large size mitts, 12 in total. This allows me to share these exciting mitts with other people I shoot videos with. In order to pull one mitt over another, both need to be well lubed or powdered. The feeling of two rubber mitts pulled over your hands is quite exciting and gives you a unique feeling of total helplessness.

Once I was fully enclosed in rubber, I climbed up onto the bondage table and SFDom assisted me in getting myself lined up with the ball clamp which was mounted in the center. SFDom used leather HumaneRestraint cuffs on my wrists and ankles to stretch me out in a secure spread eagle position with ball clamp positioned as close in my crotch as possible. I had planned on having a leather neck collar, but I aborted that idea because it would take SFDom longer to pull the hood off in case I had breathing problems. You see, lying horizontally with the hood is more challenging because saliva pools in my throat which I can choke on, and moisture can also gather my nose because of the nose tubes. So, I was nervous during this entire scene about choking. This doesn't happen when I'm standing or sitting vertical. In any case, once I was secured to the table with my balls in the clamp and my limbs spread and secured, and the hood filled my mouth with rubber, and I was breathing through rubber tubes up inside my nose, and I was peering out of lenses that are completely air tight and sucked to my face, I felt like this was turning into the ultimate rubber bondage experience. I felt so cocooned and helpless.

SFDom prodeeded to play with my erect cock with his gloved hands. These thick gloves feel amazing on my cock and balls, and feel even more amazing when lube is used to make the gloves slippery. The feeling on my cock and balls is out of this world! I was very turned on and it didn't take me long to shoot all over the place. It was a strong orgasm and it felt wonderful. I would love to do it again as soon as the virus lets us travel again. The next time I would like to be left bound to the table for a while before the cock play starts. This will allow me to fully enjoy this amazing 5-way helpless predicament!


GALLERY: 1191 / DATE: Mar 2 2021 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 2

Update - I got my first shot last week with the Pfizer vaccine. Yay! My second shot is due in three weeks or so. I'm glad to see the fairly rapid distribution of the vaccines. Hopefully by fall most people in the US will be vaccinated. Please don't pass up your opportunity to get your shots. It doesn't matter what vaccine you receive, just get it so we can stop the spread and devastating effects of the virus.

There are two videos in this update, shot at the EdgeDungeon in California. We were on a long road trip which included a strop in Las Vegas Nevada and Eureka, San Francisco and Santa Cruz California. These road trips are really fun because each stop includes unique jails dungeons and gear. As you know, Bind and I run bondage websites, each requiring updates on a regular basis. Bind and I consider ourselves lucky to have jobs which incorporate our favorite subject and hobby - bondage. Bind and I never thought we would be running businesses that would require us to buy bondage gear and be tied up in it in order to make a living. In addition, our jobs require us to meet other dungeon owners, gear manufacturers, bondage enthusiasts, and buy gear that turns us on. What a life we have.

The problem with shooting bondage videos is that we prefer to shoot real bondage scenes, gear and people, not use paid porn actors. Sometimes we must create a story in our videos to keep them interesting. Bondage is usually associated with holding someone immobile, so unless there's some action around the bondage the video can get a little boring.

So, in the first video we created a little story about a guard and prisoner. This short story allows us to show off the jail and solitary cells at EdgeDungeon, along with an awesome steel helmet we got from BlackStore.com. The helmet fits Bind perfectly, and the little story we created with the helmet in the solitary cell is REALLY HOT. I wish I had a similar helmet and could be chained up like Bind in this scene. This is the stuff that bondage fantasies are made of.

Along with Bind in the cells, we also show our friend NoEscapeSlave in shackles and being locked in a metal box for the night. He really enjoys this and has done it many times before in similar metal boxes.

The second video in this update is just a little discussion that Bind and I had before we left the EdgeDungeon. The EdgeDungeon was the last stop on our road trip before we split up and went our different directions. Bind has expressed interest in joining SFDom and I on our next trip to Switzerland and Germany. Hopefully we can make this trip towards the end of this year. The steel wrist and ankle cuffs used with the metal helmet are from Dungeon Delights.


GALLERY: 1215 / DATE: Feb 20 2021 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video featuring Boy Blake in our fiberglass military box. We have had this box for years and occasionally someone expresses an interest in trying it out. Our friend MummyEd got this box on Craig's List and I drilled holes in the side and installed two pipes that allow gas mask hoses to be connected. Although this box is awesome for confinement scenes, the person inside the box will run out of breathable air unless they have a way to breathe fresh outside air. So, we had a gas mask that allowed two hoses to be attached for both inhale and exhale. The gas mask hoses are connected to the ports on the side of the box, which allow the person inside to inhale and exhale external air. Not only does this work well, but it keeps the breathing air separate from the air inside the box. If any exhale air is mixed inside the box, the inside of the box will become hot and moist rather quickly. Now that I'm thinking about it, I should drill two more holes in the box and add a fan that would circulate a small amount of air through the box to keep the inside cool.

In any case, we strapped Boy Blake in an orange straitjacket we got from the Straitjacket Shop on Etsy. This guy is in Poland and makes restraints out of cotton and other less severe and expensive materials than leather or canvas. If you purchase any gear from him, please mention that you got his website info from SeriousMaleBondage. He gave me the orange straitjacket in exchange for promoting his gear on this website, so any feedback you can give him about SeriousMaleBondage would help. Thank you!

So, we strapped the orange straitjacket on Blake and he immediately got a boner, so I guess it was working for him. We strapped the gas mask on his face, and he was ready to get into the box. He curled up in the box which had a leather cushion on the bottom. SFDom was surprised that he fit so easily. It turns out that a lot of people fit in the box. It's not so hard to curl up in a ball regardless of what size you are.

Once Blake was comfortable, we told him goodbye and lowered the top of the box. The box has 12 latches that hold the top and bottom of the box together. As you can see, once the latches are secured and locked the box is completely inescapable. So long as Blake feels that his breathing is un-obstructed and he's breathing fresh air, he's less likely to panic. This is where a small fan to force outside air through the box would be a good addition.

The box is sitting on top of a cart I built out of Unistrut. The original idea was to put someone in the box, then roll them into a local kinky coffee shop in San Francisco called Wicked Grounds. Unfortunately, we never got around to doing this, and now the box and cart are in Las Vegas where local authorities aren't as tolerant of such activities. As I recall, we did get a chance to put an infrared GoPro camera in the box and shoot some video of someone locked inside, but I forgot which video that was. Anyway, we all enjoyed locking Blake in the box, including Blake. Afterwards, I had to disassemble the cart because it took up too much space in NoEscapeSlave's Las Vegas garage. But, we should try the GoPro camera idea again in the future, once the covid-19 virus is under control and we can travel again. C'est la vie!


GALLERY: 1206 / DATE: Feb 9 2021 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 2

Here's another cool video from our trip to Switzerland at the end of 2019. This video features a very heavy rubber sleepsack from BlackStore.com. I think I posted a similar video of this sleepsack, from our same trip, earlier on in this series. But in any case, it's a very cool sleepsack and it's worth showing again in this second video.

The sleepsack made of heavy rubber that I would say is around 3/16 inch thick. Some people in our group referred to the thickness as 4mm. Regardless of the gauge, you can see the thickness by looking at how the rubber folds and creases. In other recent videos we have shown rubber straitjackets made of the same gauge material. It's my belief that if the rubber gauge is much thicker it becomes unmanageable. I think it would no longer conform to the body. I'm not saying that we should avoid making gear out of a heavier gauge of rubber, I'm just not sure it would be practical. However, please let me know if you see any gear made of thicker rubber.

This video was shot in the studio of RubNGum which is located an hour of so outside of Zurich. RubNGum runs a retail website BlackStore.com where this sleepsack and the heavy rubber straitjackets can be purchased. In this video, SFDom and our friends zip and strap RubNGum in the sleepsack, and then using more straps to buckle him down to the padded table. The straps are made from the same heavy rubber as the sleepsack. Notice how RubNGum's arms are slipped into rubber sleeves inside the sleepsack. If you are unfamiliar with sleepsacks, they all have some kind of internal sleeves which hold your arms at your sides once the sleepsack is closed. These sleeves are very exciting because they don't allow you to use your hands or arms at all, and they keep your arms at your sides so there is absolutely no possibility of escape. I love this idea and whoever thought of this idea deserves a prize.

Come to think of it, the now-deceased creator of the popular UK bondage company Fetters might have come up with the internal sleeve idea. His name was Jim Stewart and he pioneered the idea of playing with bondage for fun and excitement. We own him a special thanks for helping bring bondage out of the shadows and into the mainstream. I met Jim Stewart in the mid 90's at the Mr S store here in San Francisco, along with the owner of the Mr S store Richard Hunter. You can read about the history of Jim Stewart on the Fetters website HERE, and read about Richard Hunter and the Mr S store HERE, HERE, and HERE.

While you watch this video, you will see that the straps around the sleepsack are locked with special Segufix magnet locking posts. These locks incorporate a stainless-steel post and locking cap. Once the cap is slipped over the end of the post, the cap can't be removed until a magnet key is put in the top of the cap. This kind of lock is used in combination with special hospital restraint straps European hospitals. Recently, Segufix produced a newer cap and magnet key that work much better than the original version. The old Segufix caps are black, and the new caps are green. If you ever decide to purchase Segufix locks make sure you buy the newer kind with the green caps. The black and green caps and their respective magnetic keys are not interchangeable.

RubNGum is wearing a thick StudioGum gas-mask hood, which matches the sleepsack quite well. RubNGum has an e-stim plug in his butt, and e-stim hooked around his cock. Both are connected to an Erostek 312 box. As you will see, RubNGum likes fairly intense electro-stimulation combined with inescapable fully-cocooned heavy rubber. I'm not really interested in electro play, but I do like heavy rubber!

SFDom has two rubber gimps as helpers. One is Lukas Tyler and the other is Michael or elegance_so_different in Instagram. Michael used to work for Rubbers Finest, and as a result has an amazing collection of rubber, including the strange rubber mask and hood he's wearing. He's quite an artist when it comes to owning highly unique rubber gear.

All in all, everyone had a good time playing with RubNGum, including when the bondage table was raised to a vertical position and RubNGum was left to suffer his rubber confinement while everyone went to lunch. Poor RubnGum! Actually, I'd like to be in his position right now!


GALLERY: 1219 / DATE: Jan 30 2021 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 5

For all the guys out there who like mechanical and electrical stuff, this update is for you. I'll admit that I'm a tech geek. I love gadgets and building electro-mechanical stuff. The video in this update is 2 1/2 hours and features a group of us talking about and playing with the big self-bondage electromagnets I built last year. If you're looking for hot bondage play this may not be the video for you. But if you like talking tech and being around guys who like messing with bondage gear and ideas then you may like this long video.

As I have said before, I love talking about serious bondage and playing with serious Bondage. I just turned 65 last year, and I am so excited that my life is now pretty much about bondage of one kind or another, full time, 24x7. I have fantasized, played, invented, built, investigated, and researched bondage gear my entire life, and met many bondage people around the world, with many more to meet. I guess you could say bondage has been my entire life. I have had regular jobs including motion picture projectionist, broadcast television post-production maintenance engineer, and my last job was streaming videos on corporate networks. I was laid off around 2001 and decided to try my hand at building and running a bondage website. I should have done this many years earlier, but the Internet wasn't around. In any case, I sure enjoy my life now, running bondage websites, traveling the world shooting bondage videos, and inventing and building bondage gear. A special thanks to everyone who has been a member of this website. Your membership supports my ability to document cool bondage gear and people, and share the videos with everyone around the world. I hope you enjoy this website as much as do running it.

One of my main inspirations has been knowing my friend Bind and seeing the energy and drive he put into his historic jail in Hampton Iowa. Bind is the real deal, pursuing his passion for bondage with vigor and inspiring me in the process. I wish I owned a jail and attached house where I could continue to run my websites, build bondage gear, and tie myself up every night. However, I'm in San Francisco, so I depend on hanging out with my friends who own jails and dungeons. My hat off to Bind, and between the two of us we seem to have a good time together and feel the sky's the limit with regard to bondage play.

In this video you will see us discussing and experimenting with my self-bondage electromagnets. A special thanks to SFDom for doing most of the shooting. It's just some guys playing with bondage the same way kids play with their toys. So much fun! The shackles used in this video are from our friend Rick at DungeonDelights.com.

WARNING! Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover the dangers once you're secured and helpless. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this video as an example or guide. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1214 / DATE: Jan 20 2021 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 1

As a reminder, please wear your masks during this pandemic. Over the New Year Holiday I had dinner with a small group of 4 people. One week later we all tested positive, with one person fighting for his life in the hospital right now as I'm typing this. Please be careful out there.

This is a hilarious video we shot in Las Vegas at NoEscapeDungeon.com. SFDom and I were there for a week helping move the playroom from the basement to a pair of second floor bedrooms. Once the basement was mostly cleared out we found Lukas Tyler trying to tie himself up on a padded platform we had left in the room. This guy just can't get enough bondage! I guess he thought he would tie himself up, and wait for us to come searching for him at dinner time. In any case, SFDom found him in the process - I guess you could say Lukas was 'Caught In The Act' as Max at Maxcita.com would say.

Lukas is such a nice guy, and when he's in sub-space he's so cute. Lukas had just finished closing the padlocks to his spread eagle bondage when SFDom found him. Lukas had thrown the keys across the room on the floor so there was no way to escape without someone's help. This is the kind of scene that many of us fantasize about. Locked and helpless, only to be discovered by someone else. How hot is that? Check out this video and see what happens to poor Lukas!


GALLERY: 1220 / DATE: Jan 17 2021 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 1

We acquired this short video from our friend Yohan555 in Germany. Yohan has become quite popular on Twitter (yohan555) and Recon (strjacket555) because he owns a unique selection of bondage gear which he built himself. Yohan has been attracted to bondage since he was 6 years old. As he grew up on his family's farm, he felt a special attraction to playing inside steel hog cages. This attraction was further stoked by a comic book that featured people in straitjackets. Yohan became hooked on bondage at an early age. He enjoyed the titillating feelings when fantasizing about being helpless, confined and restrained. His interest was specifically linked to gear designed for human control and captivity.

As many of us have experienced, since Yohan's early days on his family's farm, he has spent years of his life doing self-bondage while hesitant to share his kinky interests with others. However, as he grew older and more confident, along came the rise of the Internet and social media. Yohan began to make contact with others and share photos of the gear he built for self-bondage. As a result, Yohan has met many guys on-line who share his interest in serious bondage, and his photos have been widely distributed among bondage aficionados.

Currently, the inventory of gear which Yohan built include an isolation cell, jail cell, padded cell, padded box, padded coffin, bondage chair, and some more gear which I haven't even seen. Each piece of gear is designed for self-bondage with electro-magnets and timers. As JG-Leathers would say "horniness is the mother of invention". This is so true. The video in this update doesn't include self-bondage, but it's certainly an example of Yohan's serious bondage play.

This short video was shot with Yohan's cel phone and features his bondage chair, along with his play partner in a Top-To-Bottom hood and Maxcita straitjacket. Yohan is a switch, and said his favorite bondage scenario is in a straitjacket, with his legs strapped together and pulled up behind him like a hogtie, and then locked in his padded cell, never to be released. Yohan sounds like my kinda guy.

I've been communicating with Yohan for months now, and SFDom and I plan to visit him as soon as the corona virus is under control. Yohan promised he will send me a few more videos with the unique gear in his basement. We appreciate any video he can send us in lieu of visiting him in person. Thank you Yohan555!

WARNING - Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover the dangers once you're secured and helpless. Please play safe.


GALLERY: 1217 / DATE: Jan 12 2021 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 3

SFDom and I filmed this video around March of 2020 as the virus pandemic was just ramping up, and since March we haven't shot any more videos. We just don't want to chance flying and being exposed to the virus. In any case, we shot some cool videos including this one at Bind's jail in Hampton Iowa.

This video is pretty much raw with little editing. It's a video showing just how much fun we have at Bind's place, goofing around each day with bondage. I never thought I would have the opportunity to play with as much bondage as I have in the last few years. I appreciate Bind's friendship and inviting SFDom and I to visit his jail and have as much fun as we do. We're like a bunch of kids, only we're playing with adult toys.

I was a little nervous going into the Metal Man, partly because there wasn't enough air flow around my face. But once we got a small fan circulating a bit of air in the helmet, I was good to go. As I have since suggested to Bind, we should weld together another helmet that has a rectangular opening so you can see outside, and get a mirror suspended overhead so I can see myself while in the Metal Man. I like the feeling inside the Metal Man, but I totally missed seeing the Metal Man from the outside, knowing that I'm locked inside. That would sure do it for me. I need the visual to turn me on. Another suggestion would have been to raise the head end of the Man up so my body was at more of an angle from the floor.

Our hats off to Bind and SoldierBoy for creating this ultra-cool metal sarcophagus. This is the stuff that Bondage fantasies are made of. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1212 / DATE: Jan 2 2021 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

Okay, I'll admit, this video was my idea. I love heavy rubber in bathtubs or swimming pools. Heavy rubber is so erotic and playing in water while wearing rubber is totally fun! Even being hosed down with a garden hose on a hot day in the back yard is great.

The bathtub in this video is in Las Vegas at the home of NoEscapeDungeon.com. This is a pretty big and fancy home, with three bathrooms.  The bathroom for this video has glass bricks that allow the afternoon sunlight to pour into the bathtub so it's light and warm for rubber play.

Not only does heavy rubber feel good around your body, but it also feels REALLY GOOD on your cock. I'm not quite sure why, but it feels erotic and is bound to give you a boner. So, having your cock exposed to the outside while the rest of your body is enclosed in rubber, combined with having your cock played with by heavy rubber gloves, combined with warm and slippery soap bubbles, while viewing the entire experience through the goggles of a tight-fitting gas-mask, and breathing through rubberized inhale and exhale valves, is a fantastic experience!

I think that being enclosed in heavy rubber is like a child's desire to climb into a cardboard box or hide in a closet or small space. Maybe it has something to do with being surrounded, enclosed, protected and being safe. I think that many people who are attracted to SCUBA diving like wearing the dive suit and all the equipment. Maybe it's a way to let out your kinky desires without having to do it under cover from your friends and family? As a young teenager I bought a wetsuit, telling my parents I was going swimming with my friends in the San Francisco bay, but secretly I wanted to wear the suit and tie myself up. In addition, the suit was jet black with no name or logo printed on the outside, and I looked sexy when I wore it. Same goes for seeing other people in neoprene dive suits. It makes their bodies look sleek, erotic, smooth and sexy. And add the tight-fitting neoprene hood, gloves and booties takes the whole experience over the top. In my 30's, some 30 years ago, I was invited to participate in a kinky presentation at a swinger's event at a local hotel. The presentation was about alternative sexual interests, and I was the representative for the rubber lovers. So, I was dressed in heavy rubber from head to toe, and walked across the stage in my black rubber. I'm sure many people were amazed because rubber wasn't as popular as it is now. Anyway, after the event I went outside and in the courtyard was a swimming pool and hot tub which, and nobody was around because it was raining. I slipped into the hot tub as the rain poured down. It was such a fantastic experience; I couldn't believe it. I was cocooned in my heavy rubber while the rain poured down, warm and cozy in the hot water. The raindrops ran down my goggles, and the only part of my body exposed to the rainstorm was my head. I was in haven. It was sooo cool! I have been in swimming pools many times since in rubber, but that was the only time I was in a hot tub while it rained. Priceless! I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did shooting it. The heavy rubber suits in this video are from our friend Hans-Peter at StudioGum.


GALLERY: 1203 / DATE: Dec 24 2020 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey everyone, have a Merry Christmas! Please wear your masks and be safe. I hope this video will keep you guys hot and entertained during these strange times. Thank you so much for supporting my website. I turned 65 earlier this year, and although I'm doing ok, I can feel my self slowing down a bit and starting to have vision and hearing problems. I still love to shoot bondage videos, run my websites, and think up to bondage gear and scenarios. Thank you to all the guys who have appeared in my videos, and thank you to the guys who have opened their playrooms for us to shoot in. I have plenty of new locations to shoot in as soon as we can travel again.

If you ask me, the video in this update is a really hot. Like in Part-1, this video is about self-bondage with electro-magnets. I have played with as well as fantasized about self-bondage it since I was a kid. I have also had a few life-threatening close calls with self-bondage and no longer do it. However, I still fantasize about it, and jerk off to my fantasies.

I was recently inspired to build some self-bondage gear after receiving an assortment of round electro-magnets from my friend MummyEd. MymmyEd is always cruising Recon, FetLife, reading group chats and looking for interesting kink stuff on the Internet. He obtained two different sets of electro-magnets. The first set, which is featured in this video, were bigger and more powerful than the second set. The first set had a strength of 150 pounds. I was able to find short pieces of steel pipe and hardware to create two individual self-bondage magnets complete with heavy eye-bolts, industrial strength power cords, and a junction box which holds the power supply and timers.

The second set of magnets that MummyEd found were smaller in size and had 95 pounds of strength. He got them from the SelfBondageShop on Etsy.com. This shop is in Germany. So, I'm in the process of making a pair of spreader bars for the wrists and ankles that have the magnets at each end. Stay tuned for videos with the spreader bars.

In any case, this video features Bind putting himself in a hogtie with the first two magnets. Bind rigged up a suspended bar from overhead with the two magnets, allowing him to put himself in the hogtie even while he's shackled, gagged and blindfolded. This is exactly the kind of scenario I would fantasize about and jerk off to.

I love how raw, industrial, harsh and scary this scene looks with the heavy steel canisters and their heavy rubber cords hanging above Bind. For me, the center picture above says it all. I love strange and bizarre images like this. How would you like to be restrained like this, alone, with the timers set for 2 hours? To me, this is jerk-off material at its finest. Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you all for your continued support!

WARNING! Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover the dangers once you're secured and helpless. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this video as an example or guide. Play safe. The steel wrist and ankle cuffs used in this video are from Dungeon Delights.


GALLERY: 1213 / DATE: Dec 18 2020 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun and sexy video we shot in Las Vegas earlier this year just as the virus was just starting to effect our movements. SFDom and I were visiting our friends DungeonDaddy and Lukas Tyler at NoEscapeDungeon.com. We were involved in a project to move all the dungeon gear from the basement to the second floor. Before SFDom and left for home we installed the transparent head box, mounting it to the ceiling. The head box is one of my favorite pieces of gear, and during the 8 years that I owned it before giving it to the Vegas dungeon it has hardly been used. The box is made of 8020 extruded aluminum, one-inch thick transparent plexiglass plates, and one-inch thick aluminum plates on the top and bottom. This is a serious box, and it weighs a ton. A friend of mine who worked in Silicon Valley had the pieces machined along with some other parts of play toys he built with 8020. It must have cost him an arm and leg. Eventually he lost interest in bondage play and sold me his gear.

In this video we had just finished hanging the head box from the ceiling and decided to give it a test with Lukas Tyler. Lukas is easy going and game for pretty much anything, so SFDom put his head in the box, slid the bottom aluminum plate closed around his neck, and installed the screws to hold the plate in position. The cool thing about this head box is that once your head is inside and all the screws are tightened, there's no way for you to escape even with your hands free. Unless you have a hex driver to loosen the screws you aren't getting out! This is pretty damn cool, but having your hands handcuffed behind your back like SFDom does in this video is even better.

As you have probably seen by now, Lukas and SFDom enjoy playing with each other. Lukas really likes bondage, so it's easy to talk him into being tied up in almost any piece of gear. Once SFDom has Lukas' head secured in the box, Lukas discovers that he can rotate his body around 360 degrees and can look out of all four sides of the transparent box. This turns out to be pretty hilarious as SFDom tries to torment Lukas with a vibrator.

Finally, SFDom replaces Lukas' handcuffs with a Maxcita canvas straitjacket. This really turns on Lukas, and SFDom edges him with a vibrator. The four windows of the head box begin to fog up with Lukas' heavy breathing, and Lukas's feet start to dance around on the floor as he gets more and more excited. Finally, Lukas asks for permission to cum but SFDom immediately takes away the vibrator and stops all of his stimulation. Lukas continues to thrust his cock helplessly in the air as he pleads with SFDom not to stop. However, regardless of Lukas' begging, SFDom reminds him about an earlier transgression and leaves him in the room to contemplate his error. Poor Lukas is left helplessly secured in the straitjacket with his head trapped in the heavy transparent box. If you ask me, this is an exciting bondage setup that I'd like to try it myself sometime. But poor Lukas, he was edged to the brink and then left in bondage with his hot juices running over and no relief. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1207 / DATE: Dec 5 2020 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 2

Hey everyone, the virus isn't going away any time soon, so wear your mask and keep your distance from others. Stay safe and healthy, and thank you for supporting this website!

This is a really fun video featuring a lot of different rubber hoods from Rubbers-Finest.com in Germany. Rubbers Finest has been around for years but recently changed hands. They still manufacture great gear, still made by hand, so delivery times can be fairly long. This video was shot last year in Switzerland in the studio of RubNGum, and as you will see, he owns a lot of gear. RubNGum doesn't want to show his face in the videos, so I did my best to avoid catching him with the camera.

Our friend Michael, BackStreet2001 on Recon, brought a bunch of Rubbers Finest gear with him to show us during our visit. In addition, Hans-Peter who owns StudioGum showed up with a ton of gear as well, so the following few days were very exciting for all of us. This was such a fun and magical trip. I love heavy rubber gear and bondage, so I was flying high myself and had a hard time keeping focused on shooting the video.

Hans-Peter, the current owner of StudioGum, purchased the business 10 years ago from the original owner in Vienna Austria who retired. I was fortunate to be able to visit the original owner before he sold the business. While I was visiting, he asked me if I wanted to see his gas-mask collection. Naturally I said yes, so he led us out the back door, down an alley, and into an adjacent apartment building. He unlocked the door of one of the apartments and when we entered, we found ourselves in a gas-mask museum with thousands of gas-masks covering all the walls. Unbelievable! There was every kind of gas-mask from recent models to WW-1 gas-masks for horses and children. There were also exploded view diagrams of gas-masks on the wall, and gas-masks cut open to show the inner working of the valves and air passages. He told me that he purchased most of the gear from Ebay. Clearly this guy had a gas-mask fetish and gives us insight into why he started his StudioGum business. I have photos of his gas-mask museum which I will post on the site sometime.

The extremely heavy rubber sleepsack and straitjacket are available from RubNGum's website BlackStore.com. Before we left Switzerland I purchased both the small and medium size straitjackets, so you will see them in videos in the future. They are sooo cool! The bondage chair in this video is from a German guy on Fetlife. His profile name is 'SelfBondageChair'. Along with all the leather straps he made for the chair, he also made the leather face restraint with the special nose pocket. This pocket has a threaded hose connector at the bottom which allows smells and gasses to be applied to the bound subject. The fuck bench that Lukas Tyler is bound to is an early model from StyleFetish.de is Germany. I hope we can travel and shoot more fun videos like this in the future, after the virus is under control. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1204 / DATE: Nov 25 2020 / IMAGES: 124 / VIDEOS: 3

I got an email from a guy who asked where this video was on the site. As it turns out, the video in this update was removed from the site two years ago when I was having a hard drive space problems. The 3-part video in this update covers a cool scene we did with Mikey and Daddy Tony, and a full-body fiberglass cast. Mikey wanted to have this experience, and we had a fiberglass casting friend who was willing to come direct the project.

This video was shot in 2011 with an old video camera. In addition, our fiberglass casting friend didn't want to show his face and neither did the young submissive boy who was there with us. So, it was difficult to shoot the video and not show the face of these two guys. In any case, we did the full body fiberglass cast on Mikey and it turned out to be nothing less than amazing. This video ducuments the entire process from the first roll of fiberglass to cutting Mikey out with the cast saw.

We have done fiberglass casts several times for both this website and SeriousImages.com, but the most intense casts covers the entire body. In our opinion, a full body casting requires a number of people to help with the logistics. Some guys can do a full body cast with only one caster, but it's way easier with help.

Mikey was calm the entire time he was in the cast. I wouldn't have been. This is one of the most intense bondage and mummification experiences that you can have. Since the time this video was shot, more people have experienced full body casts around the world, and some have spent multiple days in their casts. The fiberglass material and padding for Mikey's cast was around $350 dollars from Orthotape.com. The only reason this full body cast worked the first time was that our casting friend was in charge and he had done this a few times before. Full body casts are not easy because the fiberglass material becomes hard in around 10 minutes. So, you need to know what you're doing before you start, and the only way to do that is to experiment with casting until you get the hang of it.

In any case, this is a fun video if you don't mind it being a little rough around the edges. A special thanks to the guy who wrote me the email, and all the guys in the video including Mikey and Daddy Tony, and our rubber friend Rank. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1202 / DATE: Nov 15 2020 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

OK you guys. This might be my best bondage invention. It's a pair of round electromagnets, each encased in heavy steel, with rubber cords that run from each electromagnet to a control box. Each magnet has 150 pounds of pull strength. In this video, I'm in my heavy rubber StudioGum suit, with my ankles spread and shackled to bolts in the floor. I lie down in a spread-eagle position and engage a pair of steel disks with the magnets. The steel disks are each attached to shackles around my wrists. Once the two disks are engaged with the magnets I'm held in the spread-eagle position until the timers in the control box end their cycle.

The timers are mechanical, not electronic, because the time duration is easier to set and much less prone to making a mistake. The two timers are wired in series, so if one timer stops working the other timer will continue to count down and open the magnets.

The magnets operate on 6 volts DC at around 1.5 Amps each, and have a pull strength of around 150 pounds, which I actually tested with sandbags. Each round steel disk (or armature) is around 3/8-inch-thick and has a 1/2-inch hole in the center where an eye-bold in securely threaded. Each electromagnet is recessed inside a heavy steel cylinder with a flat plug at the far end which another eye-bold threads into, along with an industrial wire mesh cord restraint.

Each of the two rubber cords from the magnets run back to the control box, after passing through a pair of twist-lock plugs which allow the magnets and their cords to be disconnected from the control box. Each magnet unit is quite heavy, so they must be disconnected and carried separately.

The control box consists of a pair of 3-gang junction boxes. The top junction box contains a compact solid state variable power supply set for 6 volts. The second junction box contains the two mechanical timers and a toggle switch. The switch allows the magnets to be turned off before the timers have completed their cycle (the timer knobs don't like to be turned backwards to the off position).

As far as I can see, this is the simplest and most fool-proof self-bondage system. I have made many variations of this system over the years, but I was inspired to create this setup when my friend MummyEd found these round electromagnets on eBay. I love the heavy round cylinders the magnets are in, and the massive eyebolts, and the heavy rubber industrial cords. The magnets look and feel scary and intimidating. Many people talk about using rectangular electromagnets that are used for locking doors and have a pull strength of a thousand pounds. However, the round magnets which I used in this project lend themselves to easy connection to chains and shackles, and because each magnet is recessed in the steel tube it makes an easy target for the bound person to mate the round flat armature disk to the magnet. Also, it's nearly impossible for the person in bondage to be able to achieve 150 pounds of pull strength from one arm or leg. At least that's the case for me.

Frankly, I love this self-bondage electromagnet video. It's my fantasy come true to get into my rubber and gas-mask, then restrain myself for the entire night. I have jerked off more than once while I edited this video because this scenario is such a turn-on for me. Bind and I shot a number of different bondage positions with the electromagnets including a hogtie and using the magnets to hold on to the keys of your shackles or a lock on a puppy cage. As an example, if the magnet is located across the room holding the keys to the cage you're in, and there's a small chain running from the keys to your cage, you can't pull on the chain and retrieve the keys until the magnet lets go of them.

I hope you enjoy this video. It's short, but there are more to come. In this video, double police shackles are used on my ankles and wrists, secured over leather 'Cuff Protectors' supplied by DiscerningSpecialist.com. My one-piece heavy rubber ‘Prison Suit' is from StudioGum, and this video was shot by my friend Bind at MenInChains.com.

WARNING! Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover the dangers once you're secured and helpless. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this video as an example or guide. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1201 / DATE: Nov 4 2020 / IMAGES: 46 / VIDEOS: 2

This is one of the first videos we've shot since the Corona virus lockdown in March of this year. SFDom and I traveled to NoEscapeDungeon.com in Las Vegas to visit, play and shoot some videos and help move their playroom from the basement to the second floor. The reason for this is to expand the private movie theater in the basement with the addition of a giant DVD movie collection owned by DungeonDaddy. Daddy has been collecting DVD videos for years, buying and selling them on eBay. As a matter of fact, I think he was the number 2 DVD seller on eBay for a number of years. In any case, in order to expand the basement theater, we moved the entire dungeon to the second floor and split it between two adjacent bedrooms. I was scepical about this in the beginning, but it appears to be a good move. The two adjacent playrooms provide 20% more space than we had in the basement.

This 2-Part video features the first test we did of the newly installed hoist in the new upstairs playroom. We installed the hoist with a pully on the ceiling which allows the hoist motor to be located across the room. The pully allows the hoist hook to raise up and get closer to the ceiling, which allows the subject to be hoisted higher. The ceiling in the bedroom isn't that high, so locating the hoist motor across the room gives us a few more inches of lift height. Since this video was shot, in made some changes this setup by looping the hoist cable through a second pully block and adding a ball-bearing swivel. This allows the hoist to raise at half the speed, cuts the weight load to the hoist in half, and the swivel makes rotation of the bound subject smooth and easy. Check it out in future updates.

In any case, the first test of the hoist was with Lukas Tyler in his motorcycle leathers, boots and helmet. SFDom and I didn't really understand Lucas's interest in being hoisted up in the air until we were well into the test. It turns out that Lucas had a fantasy about being in his full motorcycle leathers, and full bondage, and then being hoisted off the floor and into the air while there was nothing he could do about it. As you will see in this video, it's pretty dramatic to see Lukas being dragged off the floor and up into the air while he's fully cuffed and chained. This was actually a very cool, and we should do it again sometime soon. Lukas gets hoisted whether he likes it or not. This is hot. Then SFDom gets him off with a vibrator! I believe the first test of the hoist was a complete success. Check out Lucas Tyler's Twitter feed under the same name for photos of this test. The special grabber handcuffs that SFDom used on Lukas are from Clejuso.de in Germany and can be purchased from HandcuffWarehouse.com. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1200 / DATE: Oct 26 2020 / IMAGES: 81 / VIDEOS: 2

As I mentioned in the recent updates, I traveled with SFDom to NoEscapeDungeon in Las Vegas, and the on to MenInChains in Iowa. During the trip we did a lot of work at both locations, helping to fix and improve the playrooms and shoot a few videos. We kept the number of people we invited to a minimum because of the virus exposure. However, upon return, one member of our group tested positive for the virus, which in turn, set off a chain reaction for all of us to get tested. So far, all of us tested negative except for the one guy. He has no symptoms and will be out of quarantine in a few days. So, let me remind everyone out there, keep wearing your mask and practice social distance. Even if you're young or healthy, if you pick up the virus you can easily give it to someone else without even knowing it. That person may not be so young or healthy, and as a result you expose them to possible sickness and possible death. Currently, the only way we can stop the spread of the virus is with our mask, social distance, and wash hands rule.

This update contains a collection of video clips which we shot for Bind's movie titled 'The Appleville Strain' on MenInChains. This project was an 8-day marathon of filming day and night at Bind's Jail in Iowa, and afterword we were all burned out, especially me because I did most of the shooting! Anyway, we all had fun creating a movie that featured a decent story and good bondage scenes.

The primary star of the movie was Jimmy USMC, a good-looking bondage guy that Bind found on FetLife. Little did Jimmy know that by meeting Bind his entire life would change course. Jimmy had just got out of the US Marine Corps as a straight and clean-cut guy. However, a short time later he was dropped into the infamous 'bondage frying pan' by meeting Bind, myself, Elise Graves and others. Jimmy went from zero to sixty miles per hour, experiencing more bondage than most of us experience in a lifetime. Jimmy became an overnight sensation, primarily in the gay bondage world. A star is born! Not only that, this was our friend Dart_Tech's first major exposure to the world of shooting bondage videos. Dart_Tech is featured in this update as a fellow prisoner with Jimmy. Both Jimmy and Dart have started their own bondage websites and we which them luck on this strange and unusual journey. Jimmy USMC and Dart_Tech can be found on Fetlife under their respective names. Jimmy's website is HeavyBondage4Life.com, and Dart_Tech's website is DartTechStudios.com.

In any case, the cool part of the videos in this update are the simple but effective bondage positions that these guys are put in. Six positions in all. If you're a fan of metal bondage, you can appreciate the feel of the unforgiving metal holding them in place. I can't explain it, but I get a special thrill when I'm handcuffed, shackled or somehow restrained with metal bondage gear. It's an exciting experience as I twist and pull against my bonds, especially if they're connected to a bolt in a cement wall or floor. This kind of bondage feels very solid and finite, and there's no give to the bolts like I sometimes experience with other bondage gear. In addition, the clanking of the metal reverberates through the bones in my body. Maybe I'm attracted to the solid and uncompromising experience of the shackles when they're bolted to the floor because it gives me a feeling of stability that was missing as a child. Especially when I'm spread-eagled with shackles to bolts in a concrete floor. This is my favorite scenario which gives me feelings of helplessness, serenity, calmness and peace of mind. If you're like me, and attracted to metal restraints, you'll probably like these two videos. Jimmy and Dart are great guys, but the metal bondage in these videos is what I'm interested in.

Everyone who was involved in Bind's Hollywood production was offered a copy of the raw content, including myself, Jimmy and Dart. This update features video clips of the actual bondage scenes we shot, minus all the in-between scenes that created the story. If you want to see the full movie, go to Bind's MenInChains website and look for the movies titled 'Appleville' and the sequel 'Appleville Strain'. The shackles, collars and waist belt used in these two videos were manufactured by DungeonDelights.com. The metal helmet is from Fetters, but I don't know if it's still being manufactured. The brass padlocks that are opened with handcuff keys are from HandcuffWarehouse. I hope these videos inspire you to try metal shackles attached to bolts in concrete!


GALLERY: 1195 / DATE: Oct 19 2020 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 1

This video is at the tail end of a road trip we did last year in 2019 before the corona virus hit. The road trip started in Las Vegas at NoEscapeDungeon, then to Yossie's jail which is North of San Francisco, then the EdgeDungeon which is in the Santa Cruz mountains South of San Francisco.

It might be that you guys are getting tired of seeing Bind in many of the recent videos I've posted, but hang with me during the Corona Virus while I regroup and try to post videos with a wider variety of players and locations. As an example, this year I had planned on visiting HotHardHat in NY to shoot his playroom and also meet his friend with the Iron Lung. However, the virus nixed these travel plans. I'll try to do this trip in 2021. I gotta film that Iron Lung!

This update features Boy Blake in the metal Academy chair, tiny cage, on the medical gurney in the shower. and straitjacketed in the jail cell with his arms wrapped around the bars. As you will see, this is a pretty fun scenario. Let me stop and say that we're quite lucky that the Edge Dungeon is still around. During the recent wildfires in California, and specifically the Santa Cruz mountains, the Dungeon was within mere feet of being destroyed in the fire. Outside the building, hot embers were swirling around in the air while trees and shrubs were bursting into flames. I know this because one of the jail security cameras was pointed outside at the driveway and you can see the fire destroying the trees and a nearby house. Frankly, I'm amazed that the jail survived. It was pure luck. Lets count our blessings that the EdgeDungeon is still standing and that we can visit there again in the future. The owner is working to restore electricity, water and sewer which were all destroyed. The jail is located in the mountains surrounded by redwood forests, so these utilities are somewhat scarce and cobbled together with what seems like duct tape and bailing wire. As an example, the water is gravity fed from a 5,000 gallon water tank which was also destroyed by the fire. So, if any of you feel generous, send a PayPal or gear donation to the owner at EdgeDungeon.com. This place is a cherished resource for us all.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this update. The scenes in this video are part of another major Hollywood production Bind was shooting for his website. The special tan leather cuffs around Boy Blake's wrists and ankles protecting his limbs from the metal shackles are called 'Cuff Wraps' and are from our friends at DiscerningSpecialist.com.
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