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GALLERY: 1317 / DATE: Jun 16 2024 / IMAGES: 75 / VIDEOS: 1

SFDom and I visited our friend HotHardHat again, the heavy rubber guy in the New York area who owns the iron long. While we were there, AznBoundJock (AZ) and Sir Malice who live in the area joined us for some rubber and metal bondage fun. In addition, the owner of the house HotHardHat joined in to help us when needed.

I had brought two pieces of heavy metal bondage gear, which when combined, can render a slave completely helpless. AZ is a rubber bottom, so naturally he volunteered to be our test gimp.

Sir Malice (with the red baseball cap) is rather new to participating in our videos, and we were happy that he could join us. As a domme in the New York area, he seems well versed in both rubber and bondage. Between Sir Malice and SFDom we had ample help securing AZ.

The metal bondage gear consisted of a heavy ankle spreader and arm binder, both from Rick at DungeonDelights.com. The arm binder is an idea that Bind and I came up with after seeing an old photo of someone restrained in something similar. We think the photo might have been taken at a magic or escape artist convention. In any case, the arm binder we asked DungeonDelights to make for us turned out pretty cool. Since the time this video was shot, we asked DungeonDelights to make another one that was slightly bigger, and to modify the first one. As you can imagine, bondage research and development can be an expensive and time-consuming hobby!

The beautiful thing about this arm binder is that when it's locked behind someone it can be suspended from overhead, which takes the weight of the metal off of the subject's shoulders and allows them to be in it for a much longer time. In this video we did exactly that, which allowed us to use the ankle spreader on AZ without the chance of him losing his balance. As you can imagine, losing your balance and falling over while in this gear would be a disaster. That said, the combination of the suspended arm binder and ankle spreader is a very comfortable and exciting bondage experience.

We added a gasmask, bubbler bottle and rubber rebreather bag to AZ. The idea was for him to inhale through the bubbler bottle liquid, and exhale into the rubber bag which would make it inflate. However, there was a problem with the two-way valve and the rubber bag, so this system didn't work like we had planned. I hate it when stuff like that happens. C'est la vie! If you like the SeriousMaleBondage tee-shirt that Sir Malice is wearing in this video, you can purchase it HERE. Thank you!


GALLERY: 469 / DATE: Jun 3 2024 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

In the early days of this website (around 2009) our German friend ModeNarr visited us quite often. He lived in Germany, but his company had sent him to the San Francisco area for a few years, so he was close-by and able to hang out with us. He was primarily a bottom and liked rubber.

The video in this update shows ModeNarr restrained in a metal bondage yoke and a wall-mount ball clamp, both from Mr. S. This gear is really fantastic, but I found myself drawn to the ball clamp. This device was made to be screwed to a sturdy wall or doorway. It had a round steel clamp that closed around the scrotum, separating the balls from the penis. The clamp was attached to a steel rod which was connected to the mounting plate, and the mounting plate was attached to the wall with screws. So, if you stood against the wall with the protruding ball clamp between your legs, and screwed the ball clamp closed around your scrotum, the clamp would force you to stay standing in one position and there was nothing you could do to move away. Isn't that hot?

So, instead of screwing the clamp to the wall, we mounted it to a vertical piece of unistrut. By using the 'U' shape of the unistrut we could slide the ball clamp up and down to accommodate slaves of different heights. Luckily Mode Narr had brought his black latex suit with a zipper through the crotch, so we were able to clamp his balls to the upright piece of unistrut and clamp his neck and wrists in the metal yoke. We ran chains from the yoke to the ceiling to keep the weight of the yoke off his shoulders. Lastly, we attached metal shackles to his ankles which were chained to the floor. If you don't mind me saying, this was fucking HOT! It so happened that MummyEd and Mumman were at the house as well, so they were able to see Mode Narr in this hot and vulnerable position.

I don't think Mr. S sells these ball clamps anymore, but they still sell the metal yoke which they call the Rigid Collar & Cuffs. If you do a Google search for 'wall mounted ball clamp' you can find similar chrome-plated metal clamps made in China, but the original one from Mr. S was the best. One more idea for the ball clamp is to screw it to the floor to keep your submissive in one place. What a great device! The video in this update is in the old Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing the video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1316 / DATE: May 16 2024 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 1

In 2022 we were in Germany to attend the Folsom Berlin event. While we were there we visited a number of friends including HansPeter of StudioGum, Yohan555, PsychoSJ, BondageFan70 who introduced us to the Der Gutshof SM Hotel in Nordhausen, Germany. This hotel features five amazing BDSM apartments, each setup with a full playroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, walk-in showers. One apartment is an open two-story layout with sauna and outdoor roof-top deck. We were lucky that BondageFan70 had connections with the management of Der-Gutshof so we were able to play and shoot videos in each apartment as they became available between guest bookings. We had a lot of fun.

The video in this update is divided into two parts. The first part was filmed in the bathtub of the 'Latex World' apartment', and the second was filmed in the playroom of the 'Captivating World' apartment. The bathtub scene was pretty hot and one of many ways we satisfied BondageFan70's insatiable appetite for being tied up and forced to cum. This guy is always horny, so we were glad to film him in each of the apartments we explored. If you're a fan of rubber, the latex sarcophagus scene was also pretty hot. I'm a rubber guy myself and wanted to be in this scene, but I was running the camera! I could be in that sarcophagus all night.

Each playroom includes gear like bondage tables, bondage chairs, stocks, hoist, throne chair, isolation box, etc. The Der Gutshof website has photos and videos of each apartment and its associated playroom. Some of the gear is from Style-Fetish, while other gear is custom made. Unique gear like the Rubber's Finest latex sarcophagus featured in this video can be supplied upon request. A sixth apartment in an adjacent building includes a fully equipped medical facility with waiting area, exam room and operating room.

This place is super classy, spotlessly clean, and very modern. These apartments are what everyone dreams about when talking about owning their own secret playroom. Each apartment can be booked for one or multiple nights. A special thanks to the owners of the Der Gutshof and our crew SFDom (Recon), BondageFan70, and our rubber gimp BoyBlake. A good time was had by all. Enjoy! The tee-shirt SFDom is wearing in these videos is available HERE.

  14 DAYS

GALLERY: 1310 / DATE: May 8 2024 / IMAGES: 4 / VIDEOS: 1

For many of us who fantasize about spending multiple days in bondage, you might be interested in this video. Our friends Bind and Yossie spent 14 days in their own jail cells, restrained in heavy metal shackles and steel collars that were riveted on. No visitors, no phones or computers, no entertainment, no showers. Meals of cold cereal, blan sandwiches, canned stew or chili, and one apple a day.

The 14-day experience was prompted by playing with the heavy riveted-on shackles the month before. "I wonder what it would be like to spend two weeks in these shackles?" Riveted-on means there are no locks and keys. The rivets are pounded on with a heavy hammer and can only be removed by cutting them off with a chisel, saw or grinder. Not only were they restrained in wrist and ankle irons, but they were also wearing riveted-on steel collars.

Riveted iron shackles were used on slaves and prisoners many years ago before metalworking, welding and precision padlocks had been perfected. Iron, blacksmiths and horseshoes were the resources of the time. Riveting shackles on a prisoner meant that the shackles would not be removed for a long time.

This video is primarily an interview with Bind and Yossie, recounting their highs and lows, tedium, depression, and supporting each other's mental state. As you will hear, it was a struggle for them to make it to the end. The erotic sexual excitement of their lockup wore off in a few days, and all that was left was the weight of the irons chafing their skin, the silence, and trying to entertain themselves. Most of us bondage enthusiasts could make it for a few days, but it's interesting to hear the ups-and-downs of longer-term confinement. A special thanks to Bind, Yossie and MenInChains for sharing their experience with us.


GALLERY: 1308 / DATE: May 1 2024 / IMAGES: 54 / VIDEOS: 1

Since our friend HotHardHat acquired his iron lung, a few of us have been able to experience this amazing machine. In this video AZNBoundJock is the rubber patient who needs the Iron Lung's pressure therapy. Assisted by SFDom, Sir Malice, HotHardHat and myself, we all experience the quirkiness of this Rube Goldberg Steampunk style medical contraption.

Here's a little background - the Iron Lung was invented years ago to keep people alive who were experiencing respiratory paralysis during the polio era. Imagine the terror of not being able to breathe because your lung muscles are paralyzed. You're gasping for air as the medical team slides you into the iron lung. They seal you in up to your neck, and a strange 'whooshing' sound starts. Then, relief. Your lungs pull in fresh air, and you find you're breathing again.

Even though we have shot three or four videos of HotHardHat's Lung, we are still getting acquainted with it, as well as figuring out ways of restraining someone inside. Is this video we use leather straps to restrain AZ, but next time we visit HotHardHat we'll bring a few sleepsacks and straitjackets made of different materials to test out.

The main problem is how to seal the Iron Lung's yellow fabric around the neck. It might be better to use a rubber sleepsack as we could get a better seal. As you will see, the Iron Lung's motor both pressurizes and depressurizes the vessel, so the yellow fabric must make a good seal around AZ's neck. As I explain in the video, the positive pressure compresses AZ's lungs which forces him to exhale, and the negative pressure inflates his lungs which force him to inhale. Remember, AZ’s head is outside the Lung where he inhales and exhales the room air. It’s kinda confusing, but I think I got it right.

In any case, my personal goal is to spend a night in the Lung while allowing it to completely take over my breathing. I want to be in rubber and completely restrained. Don't worry, at any time a patient can inhale and exhale on their own, but if you let go of the task of breathing on your own the Lung will compress and relax your chest for you. In this video we hook a gasmask and bubbler bottle to AZ so we have a visual indicator of his breaths. We hope to shoot more videos the Lung as we test more effective bondage. A special thanks to our friends HotHardHat, AZNBoundJock (X, Recon, Fetlife), Sir Malice and SFDom for this unusual adventure. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 395 / DATE: Apr 17 2024 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video from the archives featuring Rank and his friends from RMSF - Rubber Men San Francisco. Rank started this rubber club years ago and it was popular for a while but eventually he grew tired, and the club dissolved. Rank was quite a rubber guy. His enthusiasm inspired many other guys to try rubber. Rank was also quite inventive, and this crazy video is one of many we filmed together.

In this scene Rank shaves his gimp's body so he can better appreciate the feeling of his new Medium-weight rubber catsuit. To do a good job his gimp's head is fitted with a rubber hood, head harness and gag, then secured him in a RigidCuff metal yoke which is suspended from overhead. The gimp's hands are covered in leather mitts, so is fully helpless and ready to be shaved. At this point there's no chance of escaping Rank the Rubber Barber!

Rank starts with electric clippers to remove the bulk of the gimp's body hair, then moves to using a straight razor and shaving cream to get a closer body shave. Along the way a pair of goggles with blackout covered lenses are slipped over the gimps eyes to put him into a further state of compliance. Rank is good at this because he worked as a hair stylist in prior years. At some point the gimp is released from the metal yoke and his hands are handcuffed to an overhead suspended bar, and his ankles are locked together with a pair of police shackles. I forgot to mention that his gimp loves bondage.

Once the straight razor shaving is completed, the gimp is washed down with water and towels much like you would do while shaving your face. Next, Rank applies lube all over the gimp's body and slowly works him into a nice medium weight rubber catsuit with attached hands and feet. The catsuit glides onto the gimp's smooth and hairless body with ease. With a medium weight catsuit the extra lube and smooth body sure helps! The gimp looks great in his black rubber. Now it’s time to head to the local bar to meet up with the rest of the RMSF (Rubber Men of San Francisco) members! This video is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1306 / DATE: Apr 3 2024 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

Back in the early days of this website we had visitors coming all the time to visit us and play, especially during the yearly Folsom Fair and UpYourAlley (Dore Alley) Fair. In this video from the archives, we feature a guy from Canada who's FetLife name was, and still is, SpandexZentai. This guy, who I will call 'Zentai', was excited to visit us and we were excited to see his suits and hear his story.

Like many of us, sometimes we need to make our own gear by hand because our fetish is for something that can't be purchased or is too expensive. Zentai explains that he makes his own fabric suits after buying a sewing machine and teaching himself how to sew by watching YouTube videos. I hear this a lot from my friends and family who refer to YouTube videos for guidance on a particular subject. I guess Zentai caught on to sewing quickly because the colorful suit he was wearing was made so well. Clearly, our friend Zentai is a serious Spandex and Zentai Fetishist.

In this video MummyEd interviews Zentai and secures him into four layers of suits: the base layer of Zentai's colorful suit, a spandex sleepsack, a darlex sleepsack, then a neoprene sleepsack. For those who are unfamiliar with this style of play, being zipped into multiple layers of fabric produces a tight, squeezing, calming, and cocooning experience, similar to swaddling a child or sleeping under weighted blankets. In addition, the two layers of spandex covering his face serves to enhance his cocooning experience. That's why tight-fitting hoods of any type or material are so popular in BDSM play.

Unexpectedly, MymmyEd shows us the Speedo spandex swimsuit he's wearing under his shirt! This is an interesting video for those who enjoy wearing tight-fitting spandex and related fabric suits. A special thanks to SpandexZentai for sharing his fetish with us and starting this conversation. This video was shot 12 years ago with a DV video camera in the 4x3 screen size.


GALLERY: 1305 / DATE: Mar 14 2024 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend Lukas Tyler is back in action. After taking a break for a few years, plus the Covid pandemic, Lukas is excited to get back into making bondage videos. His request was to explore a fiberglass FBC, or Full Body Cast. After showing him what fiberglass supplies he needed to buy, we met up with Lukas at the NoEscapeDungeon in Las Vegas for a few days to play and film.

The video in this update is 90 minutes and shows the casting process we did on Lukas, along with stuffing his mouth with a new Silencilicone full-mouth silicone gag. As you will see, this gag completely fills his mouth so he can't talk at all, and a pair of metal rods keep the gag firmly in place. I think this is a really hot and effective gag, and Lukas looked so cute and helpless with the bright yellow gag stuffed in his mouth, the black fiberglass covering his body like a strange tuxedo, and SFDom tickling his bare feet.

In addition to Lukas, also filmed Bind and his latest fiberglass inventions called the Sarcaughus and the Body Lock. These two pieces are really exciting and show us Bind's creativity and skills for building gear. He's driven by his insatiable appetite for bondage and restraint, which reminds me of JG-Leathers’ classic saying "horniness is the mother of invention". By the way, check out JG-Leathers' website which is back after years of being offline: JG-Leathers.com.

Bind's fiberglass Body Lock is a cool idea that encases the lower part of the body from waist down in a fiberglass shell. The shell is hinged at the bottom, and once it's closed and locked you can't walk but your upper body and hands are free. This is an awesome idea, and in addition, your wrists can be locked to the sides of the shell making you completely helpless. During Bind's demonstration he uses heavy steel wrist cuffs made by DungeonDelights and a beautiful leather Oblivion hood which was sent to us by Top-To-Bottom Leathers in the UK.

At the end of the video we pick up Lukas and carry him outside to the hot tub, where he lies helplessly while we enjoy soaking in the water. This is the kind of fiberglass casting scene I like. A special thanks to all our crew including Lukas Tyler, Doc Rough, Bind, Sensory Dep Dude, and SFDom. In addition, thanks to NoEscapeSlave and his NoEscapeDungeon in Las Vegas. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 482 / DATE: Mar 3 2024 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 4

Here's a crazy video from the archives. As many of you may know I have a small cement cell under my backyard deck. It's been there for years, and many people have been chained up in it and featured in videos. However, only one person has spent 24 hours in the cell, and that's my friend Bind. This special event was around 2012 when he just coming out as gay as well as a fan of bondage. Bind was so impressed with my underground cell that be built a similar one in his house in Hampton Iowa. His cell is under the floor of the intake room of his jail which is attached to his house. His cell hatch is covered up by a rug so nobody can tell it’s there. You can find a video of his cell on this website by searching for the words 'under the floor'.

We couldn't believe Bind wanted to spend 24 hours in the deck cell, but what the hell. We had no idea if there would be enough air or if it would be too hot or too cold. I will admit my motivation to build the cell was fueled by images of being thrown in naked, in shackles, with only a bucket of water.

We spent some time rounding up all the creature comforts he would need including a piss bucket, water bottles, mattress pad and blanket, chains and shackles. I rigged up an old infrared security camera in the cell so we could both see and hear Bind when he was asleep, eating, or pissing in the cup, and gave him an old video camera in case he wanted to record a video diary of his experience. As I recall, there were three of us who took shifts monitoring Bind throughout the night via the infrared video feed. At one point during the night the batteries in our audio speaker ran out and we panicked thinking that he stopped breathing while he was asleep.

The most memorable part of the 24 hours was that Dalton suggested we don't talk to Bind the entire time he was in the cell. This really spooked Bind and made him feel extremely isolated. This took the scene to a whole new level. Dalton always thought up ideas like that, and personally enjoyed the chance to fuck with someone. Bind was shackled and chained to bolts that were embedded in the cement walls of the cell. The chains were just long enough for him to turn over when sleeping, and for pissing.

This four-part video is kinka old and funky, shot with a DV video camera. We did the best we could. The first three parts show the outside of the cell and the video feed. The fourth video Bind shot in the cell. I don't recall if he did another 24 hours. I guess we need to do the scene over and document it better. In any case we hope you enjoy this video and use your imagination to think how it would be for you to be in Bind's place.

To read Bind's detailed account of his deck cell experience, click HERE. Check out Bind's website at MenInChains.com. The four parts of the video are in the old Windows Media Format. If you have problems playing the videos, try installing the free VLC Media Player.  Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1304 / DATE: Feb 17 2024 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

This is one of my favorite videos which we shot recently, highlighting some heavy metal bondage gear which Bind and I created. We depend on DungeonDelights to make most of our metal gear that we dream up.

This video one hour long and moves rather slowly as Bind and I test our new gear and share ideas and suggestions on how to make the gear even better. So, for those who are experienced bondage players you may find this video boring, but some may find it interesting and inclusive. Personally, while I was editing this video, I had to stop twice and jerk off at seeing myself in the gear. The gear is so harsh and restrictive, and appears so severe, which really turns me on. As a viewer of the video, I fantasize what it must feel like to be locked in the gear, even though it's me in the video. It's the imagery and fantasies that turn me on.

To give credit where credit is due, the selection of gear in this video was inspired by a unique heavy steel angled wrist restraint which I purchased from Mako - Pup Condor on Twitter. He and his partner did a fantastic job making it and it was well worth the $250 I paid them. Their angled wrist restraint inspired two more pieces of gear we show in this video. As a side note, I hope you guys don't get tired of me in my black sweats, leather boots, heavy rubber gloves, rubber hood and gas mask. I love to be restrained in heavy bondage while dressed like this. I also enjoy heavy rubber suits, but it's too hard to wear a rubber suit and shoot videos at the same time. I hope you guys enjoy this video. A special thanks to NoEscapeDungeon.com for the use of their private playroom!


GALLERY: 1303 / DATE: Feb 5 2024 / IMAGES: 97 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, I'm currently on a road trip with Bind from MenInChains.com. The first stop was in Las Vegas at NoEscapeDungeon.com, then to Disneyland in Los Angeles, and now we're in Arizona for a few days. Next, we're flying to Florida where we're going to film in a decommissioned maximum security prison before it gets torn down. Our plan is to recreate and document the entire intake procedure of a prisoner, from the observation cell to the main cell block. This prison was probably decommissioned and abandoned some 20 years ago, and during that time it has been subjected to the brutal weather of Florida including storms and hurricanes. The concrete buildings have all deteriorated and some of the roofs have gaping holes where the rain comes in. We must bring our own food and water, and we sleep in sleeping bags on the floor. For the most part it's warm in Florida so this will be like a vacation in a five-star hotel minus the swimming pool. Stay tuned for pictures and video!

This update is part of the continuing series of videos we shot during our bondage tour of Germany a few years ago. In this video we visit Hans-Peter and the showroom of StudioGum.com in Schluchtern Germany. Hans-Peter is the owner of Studio Gum and a really nice guy. He enjoys heavy rubber like we do and has been in the retail rubber business for years. His first website was latex-maske.com but later he purchased Studio Gum and now works full-time running his two businesses. The two websites are a lot of work, so he scaled back his regular daytime job to focus exclusively on manufacturing and selling his rubber products. Hans-Peter creates his own heavy rubber sheeting for making the glued Studio Gum products, and has another location in Vienna Austria which makes all of his unique molded hoods.

During this 90 minute video we show and discuss all the details of his heavy rubber products. If you're thinking of purchasing some Studio Gum gear you should view this video to become acquainted with Hans-Peter as well as his sizing and terminology. And, as you will see, visiting Hans-Peter's showroom in person is a fantastic experience. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 389 / DATE: Jan 16 2024 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a short video from the archives featuring Derek Pain. Derek was a popular porn star who we first noticed on Kink.com and we were honored to have him visit us. He had been featured on many gay bondage websites, but I guess he wanted a more real and down-home bondage experience. We had a style of bondage that he craved, and it was my business partner Dalton's pleasure to give it to him.

We jokingly called the front bedroom of my house the 'SeriousBondage Institute' or SBI. The bedroom was set up as a makeshift studio where we shot most of our videos. Somehow the name SeriousBondage Institute caught on, and many viewers thought the 'Institute' was a real facility where you could go for bondage experiences and education.

We started Derek's visit with conversation and a tour, then moved straight to the bondage chair. Derek has been admiring our bondage chair for quite some time, as many had. I built the chair years before, for my own self-bondage play. We never thought it would be as popular as it became, and we often wish that we would have asked everyone who played in it to sign the back of the chair.

Derek was a well-proportioned man who fit perfectly in massive leather straps of the chair. First, we put him in a Top to Bottom leather discipline hood and ear plugs, then wrapped the entire chair with black plastic wrap. Derek said the plastic wrap changed everything about his experience. Because it was the Christmas holiday season, we couldn't resist adding a red ribbon around him. Eventually, when we removed the plastic, Dalton and I were surprised at how awesome Derek looked in the chair. He was an unbelievable sight. His muscular body completely filled the chair, and the heavy black straps complemented the size of his massive muscles. At this point we joked about selling him to the highest bidder, which was a nice thought.

Next, we strapped our visitor into Dalton's suspended spinning and bouncing Maxcita sleepsack. Derek's arms were too big to fit into the internal sleeves of the sleepsack, but once the sack was laced and strapped there was no possibility of escape anyway. Dalton put a lot of time and effort into creating this unusual bondage rig. Using 3/4 inch iron water pipe, Humaine Restraint straps and the Maxcita sleepsack, Dalton also borrowed an idea from our friend JG-Leathers and acquired a selection of garage door springs. By combining all this gear, he created a mobile floating bondage rig. He suspended the rig from overhead with a pair of crank hoists and an ultra-smooth ball-bearing climbing swivel. Dalton used a number of sandbags to balance the rig, allowing it to stay level.

At first Derek dosed off to sleep for a while, then the fun began. Derek was rotated and bounced with the springs, while his head was restrained and blindfolded. He was lost in the silent movement. Dalton's invention was a real trip and a success. Someone once asked us if they could experience 'the floaty thing' and that name seemed to stick. Dalton took many people for a ride in The Floaty Thing before we took it apart to build something else. Derek was a nice guy and eager to experience anything else we could dream up.

This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing the video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1302 / DATE: Jan 12 2024 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a short promotional video we shot in Las Vegas at NoEscapeDungeon.com with Lukas Tyler and his daddy NoEscapeSlave. Lukas is wearing a large locking silicone gag from Silencilicone on Etsy. The gag is held firmly in place by a solid steel rod and padlocks, which prevent the subject from removing the gag even when their hands are free! Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1301 / DATE: Jan 1 2024 / IMAGES: 77 / VIDEOS: 1

This is Part 1of3, a 60-minute video from the archives featuring our friend RubCop on Recon. This video was filmed around 2012 during RubCop's visit to San Francisco. RubCop is a true rubber fetishist with a great collection of gear, and he came to visit us a number of times with his heavy rubber drysuits. His daytime job is a commercial hardhat diver on oil rigs. Is that cool or what?

This video captures part of his visit which spanned 4-5 days. As you will see, there appears to be non-stop bondage and rubber play while he was here. The video includes me, Dalton who was my business partner at the time, and our friends MummyEd, Rank from Rubber Men San Francisco (RMSF), Dirk from Germany, Yossie the handcuff collector. Back then we were all a little silly and inexperienced with filming videos for this website. None the less, you may enjoy seeing the way we rolled in those days while using an inexpensive DV video camera.

There are three or four scenes in this video. The first is a close look at RubCop in his Fetters bondage suit and Top-To-Bottom leather isolation hood. His bondage suit was actually made by Jim Stewart, the guy who started Fetters many years ago in the UK. After the bondage chair, RubCop and MummyEd climbed into a pair of heavy rubber diving drysuits. RubCop then slipped a unique molded rubber gas-mask hood over his head, had it laced up, and then had his dry-suit hood pulled over the molded gas-mask hood. This looked pretty intense. I forgot to mention that RubCop was wearing his Latowski chastity belt under his rubber suit. If this wasn't enough, RubCop pulled on a pair of heavy rubber waders and a fireman's rubber jacket. Then, encased in full rubber, both MummyEd and RubCop moved into the bedroom where RubCop was chained down to the bed in a spread-eagle position with the help of Yossie. I wish it was me in the layers of rubber and chained down to the bed!

After the spread-eagle experience, these two rubber guys moved outside on the back deck where RubCop was strapped into an old Aedec police restraint chair which was bolted to a Unistrut cart with wheels. The cart included a pair of snowboard boot bindings, which were very effective in restraining RubCop's wader boots. Once he was fully immobile, MummyEd washed him down with water from the garden hose.

Lastly, RubCop was locked in the pit under the deck, first with his head protruding topside and connected to a dual bubbler bottle, and later fully restrained in metal shackles inside the pit, which was covered by a heavy cast iron grate. Luckily RubCop was fully covered by rubber because a lot of water came pouring down on him from the guys above. Fun was had by all. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 496 / DATE: Dec 18 2023 / IMAGES: 88 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a video from 2012 featuring our friends Rank and Bouncer Pup. As you may know, Rank was a pretty creative rubber Top. He moved away from San Francisco to pursue other interests. Rank had started a rubber club called RMSF - Rubber Men of San Francisco but I don't think it's around anymore.

In this video Rank uses some unique machined aluminum bondage gear on his friend Bouncer Pup. Both the ankle cuffs and neck yoke are from Cuff24.com but no longer manufactured. What's not visible in the thumbnail pictures is that Bouncer's balls are clamped to a rigid horizontal steel bar that's bolted to the vertical pole behind him. This ball clamp prevents Bouncer from moving away from the vertical post. Even if his hands were free there was no way he could loosen the clamp. In addition, Bouncer's hands are in red rubber helpless mitts and secured in the cuffs of the metal yoke around his neck. This is pretty effective bondage.

Rank wraps Bouncer in pallet wrap, then torments his cock with a violet wand and vibrator, all the while playing with his breath via the rubber hose connected to his gas mask. Appropriately enough for the holidays, the familiar Christmas tune "Better watch out, better not cry" turned into 'Better watch... OUCH!" This video is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have problems playing the video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1300 / DATE: Dec 2 2023 / IMAGES: 74 / VIDEOS: 1

My friend BondageFan70 from Germany has visited me in San Francisco three times, and each time he has a great time in bondage. This is actually payback for the great time that SFDom and I had while visiting him a few years ago. BondageFan70 craves tight inescapable bondage and can't seem to get enough. I think he uses bondage to decompress from his demanding executive job and the myriad of projects he’s involved in. I don't know how he does it. He gets little sleep and is always full of energy.

This video captures two scenes involving metal and BondageFan70. The first scene was filmed in the isolation cell at EdgeDungeon.com with Mr Kristofer as the domme. We filmed a similar scene years ago with Jimmy/Heavy which you can find on this site. This isolation cell has rings and connection points all over the ceiling, walls, and floor, so it was easy for Mr Kristofer to restrain BondageFan70 in the middle of the cell with chains in all directions. BondageFan70 was stuck, totally helpless, and unable to move. First, Mr Kristofer inserted a butt-plug into BondageFan's ass, then edged him with some lube and a hand job. This is a great example of Kristofer's well-honed hand skills which we can all learn from. During the hand job you can hear BondageFan70 say something like 'this is great' from under his hood. BondageFan70 is a total bondage sub, and a little shy about speaking in English. This isolation cell has two steel doors, so when Mr Kristofer was finished he slammed both doors, one after the other, on the way out. That sound was amazing. The slamming noise from the heavy doors didn't need any translation.

A little about Mr Kristofer. He loves bondage as either a Top or Bottom. I think he's a 50/50 switch. Kristofer is a wonderful and gentle guy. He's been in the San Francisco leather scene for years and has worked for Mr S in many capacities. Being an attractive and photogenic guy, he has also been a model for their products. He has worked in the store and been their representative at many leather events. We have shot videos with Mr Kristofer mostly as a Bottom, which I think is his natural yearning. You can find his videos on this site by searching for the word 'kristofer' in the upper-left search window. Kristofer has been featured on many bondage and porn sites over the years, including Kink.com.

The second scene in this video features BondageFan70's ultra-cool torso cage or Exoskeleton. SFDom and I took BondageFan70 to visit Bind at his jail in Hampton Iowa, and while we were there, I think he was able to try most of Bind's gear. Bind's place is nothing less than a bondage Disneyland and I think BondageFan70 had a good time. In this scene I wanted to film him in his exoskeleton in one of Bind's jail cells. My personal fantasy is to be locked in his exoskeleton all night, in the jail cell, free to roam around but completely unable to escape or get off. BondageFan70 was wearing a black hood (with mouth opening) because he can't show his face in videos, but in my fantasy, I'm not wearing a hood. The exoskeleton can accommodate a metal butt-plug that attaches to the crotch piece, which we didn't show in this video. In my fantasy the butt-plug is locked inside me, and although it's a big turn-on, the chastity tube prevents me from getting any stimulation. I'm just stuck in the cell, held rigidly in this bizarre metal corset, unable to use my hands, and forced to deal with the metal gag prong that’s forced into my mouth. It turned out to be quite dramatic when SFDom used chains and an ankle spreader to restrain BondageFan70 to the wall. When metal shackles are attached to something solid with chains, you immediately feel the hard limit that the chain imposes on you which is such a rush.

I hope everyone likes this video, I think it’s hot. I love filming stuff like this, it turns me on. I would love to be the bottom in the various scenes I film, but I can't be tied up and run the camera at the same time. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1299 / DATE: Nov 15 2023 / IMAGES: 81 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video I shot with my friend BondageBoyBlake when we visited Yohan555 in Germany a year or so ago. As you may know, Yohan555 is a creative bondage guy on Twitter/X who posts many hot bondage scenes online. I love that Yohan is a gear guy. He has lots of gear and is always running across new stuff to use in his scenes.

The video in this update features three scenes, as shown in the three thumbnails above. The first scene is my favorite, showing Eckie/BondageFan in a heavy rubber suit and suspended in Yohan's black padded cell. Eckie is suspended in a leather body harness, with his hands in BlackStyle rubber ball mitts and a StudioGum amber heavy rubber helmet with optional mouth tube gag. Eckie was put in this suspension bondage by his friend LeatherSamFinland. To Sam's surprise, Eckie was able to escape his bondage by pulling his hands out of the rubber ball mitts. In the future I would like to try this scene myself, using tighter leather cuffs or metal cuffs, and a catheter. I would stay in this bondage all day if Yohan is agreeable!

The second scene was to put Yohan555 in an 'FBC' or full body cast. Most of us have seen this kind of casting before, but this was the first time we tried wrapping Yohan without soaking the fiberglass rolls in water before they were applied. Later, once Yohan was fully wrapped head-to-toe, we applied the water. This approach enabled the neck joint to remain strong. As you can see in the previous update 'Germany in September Part-6' we went on to do BondageBoyBlake in a full body cast using this delayed water technique, and all the joints where the limbs connected to the body remained strong and rigid.

In the third scene Eckie is suspended again, this time hanging over Yohan who is on the floor in his full body cast. Eckie is in the same rubber suit, but this time in an orange rubber straitjacket. It was easy to see that Eckie was enjoying his predicament because of the cute smile on his face.

All in all, everyone had a good time. A special thanks to Yohan555 for his hospitality, and to our blurred-face helpers TheAploun and Serwus4. I can't wait to visit Yohan555 again and try the first scene that Eckie was in.  :-)


GALLERY: 1282 / DATE: Oct 31 2023 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 1

Hold on to your seats, this video is scarry! This is a video that Bind made especially for Halloween. It was inspired when we visited our friend HotHardHat and played with his Iron Lung. Bind remembered a movie titled 'A Cure for Wellness' which featured an Iron Lung, and he wanted to recreate the Iron Lung scene for his MenInChains website. We had everything we needed including HotHardHat's beautiful house, a young kinky man, HotHardHat (also known as Dakota Duke) as Hans the servent, Bind as the crazy scientist, and the Iron Lung.

None of us had seen the Cure for Wellness movie, so we just followed Bind's direction and hoped for the best. This video turned out pretty well, and we all had a lot of fun shooting it. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 413 / DATE: Oct 18 2023 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

This is an old video we shot in 2010 at Yossie's jail cell a few hours north of San Francisco. Yossie calls his jail building the Blacksteel Correctional Facility or 'BCF'. In this video our friends Bind and Mumman were playing in the cell with a metal yoke, chains and padlocks. There were some steel rings in the walls which Mumman used for attaching chains. Mumman put Bind in the yoke and attached metal shackles and chain between his ankles. The metal yoke was chained to one cell wall, and from the opposite wall two chains restrained Binds waist and ankles. The effect was to keep Bind standing in the middle of the cell, unable to move to either wall or sit down. The chains seemed very effective at their job.

Bind loves jail cells, metal bondage and chains, which is why his website is called MenInChains.com. Yossie loves the same thing so his website is personal website is called Blacksteel.com. once you're there, click on the picture of the handcuffs to see his famous handcuff collection. Hosted on the same domain is our friend Louis' straitjacket page. This video is an old video in the WindowsMedia format. If you have problem playing the video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1297 / DATE: Oct 1 2023 / IMAGES: 141 / VIDEOS: 1

Since our trip to Germany in 2022, we have enjoyed our friendship with Thorben - BondageFan70 on Twitter and Fetlife, Thorben995 on PlanetRomeo. We met Thorben while organizing a visit to the Der Gustoff SM Hotel in Nordhausen Germany. Thorben assists the owner of the hotel with booking guests and maintaining the hotel schedule. While talking with Thorben about shooting videos at the hotel, he suggested that we visit him and see his gear. It turned out that Thorben is a serious bondage guy with lots of unique gear and an eye-popping playroom. In hindsight, it is safe to say we totally lucked out by meeting Thorben, visiting the Der Gustoff hotel, and shooting tons of wonderful videos.

Since we met Thorben, he has visited us two times in San Francisco. During his visits we have taken him to the Edge Dungeon, Bind's MenInChains jail, SFDom's playroom, and Elise Graves' playroom at BondageLiberation.com. Needless to say, Thorben has had lots of bondage experiences while visiting us, which is why this series of updates are titled 'The Adventures of BondageFan70'.

The video in this update shows two full body fiberglass casts on both Bind and Thorben. Bind had ordered the fiberglass supplies, and the only color that was available at the time was yellow. We were not all that excited about yellow, but after casting Bind and Thorben we changed our minds. The yellow fiberglass turned out to be wonderful. It is very photogenic and a bit easier to see the detail of the wrapping process while applying it.

We encountered a few problems with the cast on Thorben so he wasn't able to stay in the cast as long as he would have liked. The first problem was with the cast around his left ankle. We did not apply enough wraps to this area to securely connect his foot to his leg, and so the cast cracked apart preventing him from putting any pressure on his left foot. The second problem was that we used too much water while the fiberglass was setting. The water completely soaked the white padding underneath Thorben's cast which made him too cold to continue, so we had to cut him out relatively soon. This was disappointing, but he had a great experience none the less. We can cast him again in the future. In addition, the ankle problem turned out to be a plus. We discovered that we could suspend Thorben in a climbing harness and overhead winch to keep the pressure off his foot. Not only did this setup keep him extremely comfortable, but the ball-bearing swivel of the winch allowed him to be easily rotated. The next time we cast him we can leave his cock exposed and SFDom can edge him with a vibrator.

We left Bind in his cast much longer. Once we strapped him onto a rescue board and propped him up at an angle, he was so comfortable he wanted to go overnight. However late in the evening he decided to be let out. In any case, we learned a lot during these two casting adventures. Enjoy!

WARNING - Do not use this video as a guide. This video should be used for entertainment purposes only. Full body fiberglass casting is extremely dangerous. In the event of panic, chocking or medical emergency, it takes quite a while to remove the cast, not to mention problems like the cast saw burning out, power failure, or house fire. It's best to leave full body casting as a fantasy. The dangers of full body casting cannot always be anticipated. Play safe.
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