Bind 24 Hours in the Deck Cell
October 9, 2012
By Bind
Mark and Dalton, the guys who run several websites including have a very interesting thing on their back deck. They call it the “Deck Cell”. The first time I saw it in person was February 2012. I was invited to go up to San Francisco to experience some bondage at their place, which they affectionately call the “Serious Bondage Institute”. I was given a tour of the place, then we went outside to the back of the house and I saw it. The moment that I saw the “deck cell” I knew that I needed to be locked in it. The cell is located below the wooden deck. The wooden door that can be locked shut looks like part of the deck. It lifts off and the prisoner climbs down into the cell. The door is then put down, and one or two metal bars are fed through loops in the trap door and secured with heavy padlocks on each side. The cell is made of concrete. The cell slopes slightly toward the feet and is about thirty inches wide, and five feet long. In the tallest part of the cell it is just tall enough to sit in without hitting your head on the cell door above. There are seven large eye bolts for attachments embedded in the concrete walls; two of them at the head, one at the foot, and two on each side wall. I had previously seen pictures of the eye bolts being used, but did not see any photos where all of them were used at once. I made it my goal to get myself secured using all of them.
One morning during my visit, my friend Mumman helped me get locked into the deck cell. Lots of chain and about twenty padlocks were used on me. My neck, upper arms, wrists, knees, waist, and ankles were all chained and attached to things. Chains crisscrossed across and over me to make the restraint more rigid. Then the heavy wooden cell door was locked above my head and securely locked shut. I spent a couple of hours like that, and then they came back and unlocked the deck cell door and lifted it off. Mumman had some duct tape and wrapped it around my head and mouth three times. My mouth was glued shut. I struggled in my chains, lunging at him like a wild animal, but couldn’t move very much. Then they put a different cell door on over my head. This one had a metal grate in it. I could see light through the grate. I felt a little bit like I was locked in a sewer when I looked up at the grate. I heard my captor walking around above me, and suddenly the grate was removed and I got a hose full of cold water in my face. The grate was put back on and the lid was locked. They left me alone. I lay chained in the small cell for about three more hours. As the time went on I began to get quite cold. But there was no one outside to free me. I was a prisoner in isolation. I imagined that I was a captive locked up in a dungeon in some third world country to be tortured. The day drifted on. Things were going on in the real world above me and people were freely doing things, but here I was, heavily chained and locked in a concrete cell. Finally I heard footsteps. It was Dalton. He unlocked the door and gave me the keys to the padlocks and cuffs so that I could get out and warm up. I had a miserably wonderful time locked in heavy chains down in that deck cell. I enjoyed my time in the cell so much that I asked to just spend a little more time locked in it on the day I needed to head home. As a result, I ended up in the cell for another five hours. After returning home, I could not stop thinking about that wonderful small confined space. I wanted to go longer, much longer.
I am a man that likes all kinds of bondage. I enjoy variety, creativity, and extreme restraint. I am not the kind of person who does bondage, gets off, and then is done with it. I like to stay for longer periods of time whenever possible. Probably my favorite kind of bondage is imprisonment in cages or cells while secured with shackles and chains for many hours or even days. I like the idea of being locked away and stored. I have been imprisoned continuously in full restraints for over a week in prior scenes. Imprisonment is something that I am really into, so the idea of something long term in the deck cell was very appealing to me.
In August 2012, the opportunity came. I was invited to be locked up for 24 hours in the deck cell. I really wanted to go for a week, but 24 hours still sounded like it would be a great experience. My friend Mumman was once again visiting the “Serious Bondage Institute” at the same time, so he agreed to help put me in. Before doing this imprisonment, I did several things to prepare. I decided to take the following items into the cell with me: A five gallon plastic bucket with a lid to put body waste into. Toilet paper, six sheets of paper towel to use if I needed to B.M. (the cell is not tall enough to do it directly into the bucket), one plastic cup to urinate in, four quarts of water, three nutrition drinks, six granola bars, a pad to lay on, a flashlight, a cell phone (for emergency use only), and one blanket. I also took in a video camera to document the experience from the inside. The flashlight was only to be used to light things up while I was videotaping. The blanket was found lying on a sidewalk near the house but it was clean enough to use during my journey. It had been there for two days and was either used by a homeless person or just dumped there by someone. Having only an old used blanket for warmth was to add to the “third world dungeon” feel of my experience. I wanted to feel the poverty of living only with the most basic needs for survival. Mark had a lot of things to prepare for this as well. He ran a cable from his computer inside, out the back door, and to the deck cell. Part of the deck needed to be removed in order to run the cable and install a small infrared camera into the back of the cell. Another separate microphone and its wire had to be run as well in order them to be able to hear me. Getting everything set up and tested took the most part of a day. Mumman, Mark, Dalton, and Chuck were all involved in making this happen.
A little bit before 4:00 P.M. everything was tested and set. It was a perfect sunny day outside on the deck. The air was clear and fresh. Mark took a few pictures of Mumman and I before I went in. I was dressed like a soldier. Mumman wore camouflage pants, black pants, and army boots. I wanted to get into the mood of imagining that I was a prisoner of war. I dropped myself into the cell. My ankles were shackled, and a chain about 18 inches long was padlocked from the leg irons to the eyebolt at the back of the cell. Each of my wrists had thick metal shackles locked on them. They were locked to each side of the cell. I remember that there were 15 links in the chains on each side. A metal collar was locked on my neck and a chain was connected to the wall at the top of the cell. I lay down on my back and looked up. I could see a square of blue sky through the open cell hatch. I saw Mark standing above the hole with a video camera, and then I watched as Mumman and Chuck put the solid wood door down over the opening. I was plunged into the darkness. I heard the sounds of boots walking above me as they took two long metal bars and fed them through the loops between the door and the deck to hold the door down. I could hear the sliding of metal against the wood, and then I distinctly heard the sound as four large padlocks were locked which secured the bars in place. The chain to my wrists was long enough that I could reach the cell door which was just a few inches above my head. I pushed up on the door. I could move it about half an inch up until the metal bars prevented me from pushing it up any further. I heard them talking up above me, but after a few minutes I heard them walking away. The sounds became distant as I heard the back door open and they all went into the house.
This was it. I was all alone now. There was no turning back. Simply being chained to just one of the eyebolts would have captured me against escape. But I was secured to five eyebolts with ten padlocks, and then locked in the deck cell with four more padlocks. I felt very secure and locked up. In a few minutes my eyes adjusted to the dark and I was able to see the inside of the tiny cell. A sliver of light came in from the sides of the cell door above me. But it was very dim inside. At the far end of the concrete cage up in the corner was a small red glowing eye of light. It was the infrared camera. All throughout my time incarcerated, I wondered if I was being watched. One of the first things I did was to check all of my restraints. I checked each lock to see if it would open by force. Then I pulled hard on the chain that was locked to the eyebolts. Everything was secure, escape was impossible. Next, I pulled out the video camera that I had with me, and the flashlight. I started to videotape my surroundings. Right away I found out that the flashlight made to strong of a spot that made it almost impossible to see anything through the camera. I had a Kleenex tissue in my pocket. I put it over the lens of the flashlight in an effort to diffuse the light. It seemed to help, but made the video images dark. I realized that we should of checked that out before I went into the cell. I managed to get something on camera as best as I could, but it was hard to handle the camera and the flashlight at the same time while also being limited by the short chains to my cuffed wrists. After a while in the cell, I realized that I had been sweating quite a bit. The air was warm, damp, and stuffy. When I put my hands or body against the concrete, it was cool. The metal chains were also cool. The shackles on my neck and wrists were warm and there was quite a bit of sweat under them. I was surprised at how much my body heat warmed up the whole cell. I could smell my own body odor and a slight smell of concrete. The first couple of hours flew by quite fast. I heard someone come outside and walk up onto the deck. I called out to them and asked who it was. I got no answer. I called again, no answer. I suddenly realized that, not only was I to be locked in the cell for 24 hours, but they were not going to communicate with me. I was being completely shut off from the world. This had turned into a scene about isolation.
I could get into a few positions. I could sit with my back against the concrete, legs straight out, but I could not pull my legs back in that position because of the chain to my leg irons. I could lean forward a little bit, but the chain from my neck would stop me from moving my head more than two feet forward. I could lie on my back legs bent, but could not lay flat since the cell was a foot shorter than my body. I discovered that it was possible to lie on my stomach with my legs bent up. But because of the chains to my wrists, one hand would be folded behind my back, and the other in front. When I went into the cell I thought that this would be “a piece of cake”. I would just relax and sleep through most of it; this turned out not to be the case. I was in for an ordeal that I shall never forget.
I lay down and tried to get a little bit of sleep. I decided to try and make a brief report every hour or two on the camera. I started to relax and drift off. Just about the time that I was going to fall asleep I heard footsteps over me again. I called out to him to see who it was. I guessed by the steps that it was Mumman, but I didn’t really know. No one answered me. He stood on top of the cell door. I pushed up on it. Now I could not move the door at all. The half an inch of give was gone. In a couple of minutes I heard him walk off and go back inside the house. I could hear some wind chimes blowing outside, as well as a faint sound of traffic. Every time I moved, I heard the rattle of my chains on the inside. I thought about how the world was going on up above me. People were freely moving around the great big world out there. The cell was my world now. It consisted of only a few square feet inside of a locked concrete box. I noticed that the sliver of light around the sides of the door was getting dim as night was approaching. I wondered what the guys up there were going to have for dinner. They always go out to eat. I was quite hungry. In the excitement of setting up my prison scene I had failed to eat anything all day. Now I was going to pay for it. I ate my first granola bar and drank the first small nutrition drink. It took less than a minute to finish my dinner. I felt like I needed to pee. I got the plastic cup out and turned myself to my side toward my stomach and lifted myself up. I unzipped my pants then noticed the small glowing red lights on the other end of the cell. There was a camera watching my every move. Whatever I did could be recorded. I got a little pee shy and found it difficult to urinate into the cup. I tried to turn away from the camera as best as I could. I imagined guys inside the house laughing at me while they watched me urinating into a plastic cup. I took the lid off of the five gallon bucket and dumped the smelly urine into it. I made another report on the video camera, and then tried to get some sleep.
The collar around my neck was already uncomfortable. I was already getting sore on my skin from it. But it was locked on; there was no way to remove it or any of the other irons that were on my limbs. I wanted a pillow, but had none. I pulled the pad that I was laying on up a couple of feet then folded the top in half to create a make-shift pillow. When I laid back down it distinctly felt like the cell had gotten a few inches shorter. I knew that this was impossible, but it truly felt like it was smaller. I laid back and laughed for just a little bit. I was doing just what I like to do! I was a prisoner, and I loved it! I imagined myself as a prisoner of war who had been put down here for days so that the enemy could “break” me. I enjoyed the fantasy as the dim light completely faded into blackness. The blackness was wonderfully oppressive.
I tried to fall asleep, but couldn’t. My mind was focused on the cell door. I kept pushing up on it to make sure that it was still there. In the darkness I felt like I was sealed in a tomb. I had that thought and suddenly noticed that the air was very heavy and stale. No one had ever gone overnight in the deck cell. I wondered if there was going to be enough air flow to keep from suffocation. I pulled my head up and put my nose to the small crack at the side of the cell door to try and get some fresh air. I got just a little bit. It was cool and so much more pure. But I had to strain to get to it, and there was so little of it. I put my head back down. Now the quality of the air seemed even worse. I wondered what it felt like to suffocate. If I fell asleep, was it possible that I wouldn’t wake up? I felt sweat all over my body as I worried about the air. I realized that I was starting to panic a little bit. I curled up on my side and laid my head right on the cool floor of the cell. I have been in a lot of bondage situations over the years, some of them were life threatening, and I had trained myself how to deal with feelings of panic. I was able to calm myself down as I brought myself back into reality. Nobody was going to let me die. I was being monitored for safety. I figured that if there was not enough air, I would get a head ache or feel light headed first. If that happened, I would let them know and abort my imprisonment. I had a cell phone to use if I had an emergency. I relaxed and started to drift off.
It was around midnight. I had made a few reports on the video camera, and was lying down, just about to drift off when I thought I heard soft footsteps on the deck. I called out, but no one answered. I sat up and turned my ear toward the cell door to try and hear. There was a little wind outside. The wind chimes were still making that continuous sound. I listened for several minutes but heard no new sounds. My hearing seemed to be intensified while my vision was gone. I pushed up hard on the locked door, and then I lay back down. My focus was again on that damn door. Why was I thinking about that padlocked door? I began to relax again. I was quite tired and really wanted to get some sleep. Suddenly I heard a very loud sound above me. Someone was outside and had thrown a piece of wood on top of the cell door. I was very startled and irritated by the fact that I was now wide awake again, and on edge. During the night someone came out and dropped some screws or something that sounded like screws on top of the cell door one by one. I also heard the sound of chain being moved around. Each time I heard a sound over the cell door, I checked it to see if something on top of it had made it heavier. It did feel heavier, but couldn’t tell for sure.
Sometime into the night, it got a little bit cool. Not cold though, as my body heat was trapped inside the cell. But I pulled the old blanket up around me. I tried to sleep, but couldn’t because I was so focused on that cell door.
If I was starting to get bored, I would get out the video camera and do a little commentary. At these times I would use the flashlight, as well as the clock on my cell phone to document the time for the camera. I never used the flashlight or cell phone for any other purpose. But I knew that I had those items with me in the cell which took away from the hopelessness of the situation in my mind. At 3:00 A.M. I decided to make another video commentary but I ran out of tape. I had already shot the whole hour of tape with more than 13 hours to go. I was surprised that I had already used up the tape. Now I would not have that task to do anymore.
It was 3:00 A.M. and it seemed to me that the first 11 hours had gone by fairly quickly. It was very late. The infrared lights in the corner were still glowing, and I thought that everyone had gone to bed. I had my cell phone for an emergency and figured that they knew that. They would all be in bed asleep by now for sure. I was so positive that I leaned up as close as I could get to the infrared camera, until the chain attached to my collar prevented me from getting any closer, and I spoke directly to the camera.
“I am positive that there is no one watching this. I don’t know if it is being recorded or not. But I know that nobody is hearing this. I am so sure that I will say this: If anyone can hear me, I am volunteering to go an additional 24 hours. Just leave me in the cell! That is my challenge!”
I leaned back and chucked at the thought of them finding that comment on tape many days after I had gone home. But I felt just a slight bit of nervousness in making the dare. I figured that it would just be a little fantasy mind game for me to pretend that someone heard it. I was quite sure that no one did. Suddenly I heard the back door of the house open and someone quickly walked up onto the deck right on top of the cell door and knocked three times. Then they walked back into the house. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was in shock!
“Fuck! What have I done? Someone did hear me! What have I done to myself? Am I going to be here 37 more hours now?”
I lay down in disbelief.
“Shit, I can’t believe this! I totally fucked myself up!”
I was now wide awake. I felt screwed and imprisoned. Even with the shock of what I had done to myself, I was excited, I felt an adrenaline rush, and the feeling of helplessness was actually good to me. I tried to calm myself down. I threw the blanket off because I was really sweating. I could really smell my armpits and my skin felt grimy in the warm, damp, heavy air. I kept repeating to myself how much I had screwed myself up. Then I heard the back door open. The footsteps came back. I heard a voice. It was Mark. He reminded me that I could get out at any time I wanted to. Then he went back into the house. This was the only communication that I received. This brought me back down. I had forgotten that I wasn’t being forced to do this. I was a little bit sorry that he had brought me back into reality, but I know that he was worried about my mental wellbeing.
Now I knew that I was being watched the entire time. With that knowledge I decided to get rid of my flashlight. I pushed it away from me, and then used my feet to push it into the corner of the cell out of reach. In doing this, somehow my cell phone case, with the phone in it, got pushed away too. I felt around for it, but in the darkness did not know where it went. For the rest of my detention I had no access to either a phone or flashlight. The experience felt more intense and real now. More had been stripped away from me. I looked at the glowing red light and said,
“I am a prisoner now with no freedom or rights and I love it!”
As I lay down again, I realized that at past three in the morning I was still breathing just fine. The air was stuffy and smelled of a prisoner, but there was enough of it. I relaxed with that thought and finally fell asleep for a little while. I woke up shaken from a nightmare. I had a dream involving a family member being abducted. It was a disturbing awful dream. It was the first time I had a nightmare while in bondage. I tried to relax. I turned onto my stomach, but it was uncomfortable to lay with one arms forced behind my back, and the other across my front because of the attached chains. I turned back and the pad lifted up a little bit. I felt it with my hand and it was soaked with condensation. Everything was damp inside. I laid awake most of the night concentrating on that locked door above me. While laying there I heard a small buzzing sound as a tiny bug flew into my ear. I swatted it away. It came back a couple more times, and then I didn’t hear it any more. The time was now dragging slowly. I waited for some amount of light to return to the cell. I kept looking for the cracks around the cell door, but all that I saw was blackness.
I fell asleep again. I dreamed that it was the middle of the day. I was outside watching the scene. Six workmen came to Marks house. They were all wearing yellow hard hats. They wore jeans, but no shirts. They came around to the back of the house with drills. They took out long screws and screwed the deck cell door right to the deck walling me up inside the cell forever. I woke up from the dream and thought, “Wow! That was a hot dream!”
Most people would think that it was a nightmare, for me it was an arousing and exciting dream. It was a fun dream to have while locked in the deck cell. I pushed up on the cell door just to make sure that it had not been screwed down while I was sleeping. It moved its half an inch. I was not permanently trapped. As I looked up, I noticed a small sliver of light. It was morning.
My stomach had been growling with hunger all night so I drank another nutrition drink and ate another granola bar. Then I drank more water. I had drunk about a quart of water. I had plenty left. But I started to think about the possibility that I could have to remain in the cell another 24 hours, so I decided to conserve my food just in case. I very much doubted that I would be going another 24 hours now that I knew they were taking turns monitoring me. It would be too much work for them to do it. I did not know if they were recording anything with the infrared camera, so I gave short reports every so often and tried to guess the time by the small sliver of light above me. Eventually the cell was lit enough to see inside again.
Sometime early in the morning I knew that I was going to have to have a bowel movement. I took a sheet of paper towel and put it under my bottom. I lifted myself up with my hands. I could not see what I was doing, but I could certainly smell it. I went on the towel and then used toilet paper to wipe myself. It was a very soft stool. When I wiped, shit got all over my hands. I had not lifted myself up enough from the paper towel, and the stuff was all over my bottom. I cleaned everything up as best as I could and then I removed the lid of the bucket to dispose of the waste. The smell of urine and feces was almost overwhelming. It smelled like I was inside of a very smelly outhouse. The heavy damp air just made it worse. I sealed the lid back on and the smell subsided over time. But from then on, the smells of my imprisonment were much more intense. During the day I needed to urinate several more times, each time I had to open up the lid to the bucket and the smell of excrement was horrible. I leaned over and touched the blanket that was against the wall and felt some soft feces on it. There was shit every where it seemed. I tried to clean wipe it off with pieces of toilet paper.
The daytime went much slower than the night. Time dragged on minute by minute, second by second. No one came outside to check on me or play tricks on me. All I heard outside were those wind chimes and a few sounds of distant traffic. I watched the sides of the cell door to guess what time it was. Then I would lie down and nap. But the naps were short. I continued to be on edge and focused on the imprisonment. I got really hungry so I ate another bar and drank my third nutrition drink. I only had one left. I decided to save it for the next day just in case. It had been many hours. The day certainly must be almost over. I looked at the camera and guessed that it must be about 4:00 P.M. now. I would soon be released. I was feeling sorry that I would be free again soon; I enjoy being imprisoned so much. This awesome time in prison was about to end. About twenty minutes later I heard some people come outside. This was it. They were coming to release me. I heard the footsteps, and then some sounds of metal and movement on top of the door. The bars were being removed. I waited. I heard the footsteps again. They were walking away. They went back into the house. I pushed up on the cell door and it was still locked. They were playing a trick on me and would be back in a few minutes to really get me out. I learned later that it was not 4:00 P.M. It was noon. I was four hours off in my guess of the time. I waited for hours and no one came outside. I looked up and it looked to me like the sun was going down now. I started to consign myself to the thought that I would be going 24 more hours. I was prepared and willing to do it, but I also knew that the second 24 hours would be much harder than the first.
Finally, sometime between 5:30 and 6:00 P.M., nearly six hours after I thought that I was to be released, I heard them come outside again. This time the bars were unlocked and the lid was unlocked. They lifted up the lid and I was nearly blinded by the light outside. Once the shackles were unlocked I would be free. I took in a breath of fresh cool outside air as it rushed into the pit. They dropped the keys down to me with a leather hood and pair of handcuffs. I thought that the handcuffs and hood must have fallen in by mistake. Then they told me to unlock myself and put the hood on my head. Next I was to lock the handcuffs behind my back. I was more than a little confused by what they were telling me to do. Before I could ask any questions they suddenly put the cell door back on and locked it. Then I heard them leave. I was still screwed. They had no plans to free me yet. I had no idea of what they were going to do to me. I felt an excitement at the unknown as I unlocked all of the locks. Then, as instructed, I put the hood on my head and laced up the back. The hood had no eye holes so I could not see anything. I locked the handcuffs behind my back and waited in the cell. A few minutes later I heard them come back out. The cell door was unlocked and Mumman helped me climb out of the cell. It wasn’t so easy with my hands cuffed behind my back. He led me into the house and I was told to back up. I could feel that I was being locked into a stand-up cage. The cage was about 20 inches wide and one foot thick. It was made of metal jail like bars. Mumman interrogated me as to what I had said at 3:00 A.M. He told me that they were going to have a consultation in the next room to decide my fate. I could hear a little bit of it. Chuck said that he thought it was time to release me and let me relax. Dalton wanted to throw me into the cell naked for another 24 hours. Everyone except Chuck wanted me to do more “time”. They came back into the room and said that they would discuss it outside where I could not hear anything that was said. I heard the front door close. I stood for about twenty minutes waiting. Suddenly I started to feel faint and nauseated. I could feel that I was going to have another bowel movement. I felt a feeling of panic and worked hard to bring myself back and calm down. I succeeded, but the feeling came back in a few minutes. Now I wanted out. I felt faint again and started to moan. But again, I knew that I needed to keep myself together. I got myself calmed down again, but my need to defecate was too strong. If I tried to hold it in any longer I was afraid that I would pass out. Suddenly the BM gushed out all down my pants and legs. I had diarrhea from those nutrition drinks. I stood there locked up, all covered with shit for a few minutes until they came in. The moment I heard the door open, I called out and told them I needed to abort the scene and get out. They quickly freed me and I went in and took a long shower. I found out later that the plan was to take me back outside and tell me that I would be going in the deck cell for 24 more hours, but at the last minute before I climbed back in, they were going to end the scene. I felt bad that they were not able to conclude the scene, but it only had five more minutes to go, so that wasn’t too bad.
I felt a sense of accomplishment doing 26 hours in the deck cell. I am so thankful to Mark, Mumman, Dalton, Chuck, and others who spent so much time and energy helping one prisoner to live out a fantasy.
Bind can be contacted on Recon and FetLife under the same name.