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GALLERY: 413 / DATE: Oct 18 2023 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

This is an old video we shot in 2010 at Yossie's jail cell a few hours north of San Francisco. Yossie calls his jail building the Blacksteel Correctional Facility or 'BCF'. In this video our friends Bind and Mumman were playing in the cell with a metal yoke, chains and padlocks. There were some steel rings in the walls which Mumman used for attaching chains. Mumman put Bind in the yoke and attached metal shackles and chain between his ankles. The metal yoke was chained to one cell wall, and from the opposite wall two chains restrained Binds waist and ankles. The effect was to keep Bind standing in the middle of the cell, unable to move to either wall or sit down. The chains seemed very effective at their job.

Bind loves jail cells, metal bondage and chains, which is why his website is called MenInChains.com. Yossie loves the same thing so his website is personal website is called Blacksteel.com. once you're there, click on the picture of the handcuffs to see his famous handcuff collection. Hosted on the same domain is our friend Louis' straitjacket page. This video is an old video in the WindowsMedia format. If you have problem playing the video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1297 / DATE: Oct 1 2023 / IMAGES: 141 / VIDEOS: 1

Since our trip to Germany in 2022, we have enjoyed our friendship with Thorben - BondageFan70 on Twitter and Fetlife, Thorben995 on PlanetRomeo. We met Thorben while organizing a visit to the Der Gustoff SM Hotel in Nordhausen Germany. Thorben assists the owner of the hotel with booking guests and maintaining the hotel schedule. While talking with Thorben about shooting videos at the hotel, he suggested that we visit him and see his gear. It turned out that Thorben is a serious bondage guy with lots of unique gear and an eye-popping playroom. In hindsight, it is safe to say we totally lucked out by meeting Thorben, visiting the Der Gustoff hotel, and shooting tons of wonderful videos.

Since we met Thorben, he has visited us two times in San Francisco. During his visits we have taken him to the Edge Dungeon, Bind's MenInChains jail, SFDom's playroom, and Elise Graves' playroom at BondageLiberation.com. Needless to say, Thorben has had lots of bondage experiences while visiting us, which is why this series of updates are titled 'The Adventures of BondageFan70'. Check out BondageFan70's OnlyFans site HERE.

The video in this update shows two full body fiberglass casts on both Bind and Thorben. Bind had ordered the fiberglass supplies, and the only color that was available at the time was yellow. We were not all that excited about yellow, but after casting Bind and Thorben we changed our minds. The yellow fiberglass turned out to be wonderful. It is very photogenic and a bit easier to see the detail of the wrapping process while applying it.

We encountered a few problems with the cast on Thorben so he wasn't able to stay in the cast as long as he would have liked. The first problem was with the cast around his left ankle. We did not apply enough wraps to this area to securely connect his foot to his leg, and so the cast cracked apart preventing him from putting any pressure on his left foot. The second problem was that we used too much water while the fiberglass was setting. The water completely soaked the white padding underneath Thorben's cast which made him too cold to continue, so we had to cut him out relatively soon. This was disappointing, but he had a great experience none the less. We can cast him again in the future. In addition, the ankle problem turned out to be a plus. We discovered that we could suspend Thorben in a climbing harness and overhead winch to keep the pressure off his foot. Not only did this setup keep him extremely comfortable, but the ball-bearing swivel of the winch allowed him to be easily rotated. The next time we cast him we can leave his cock exposed and SFDom can edge him with a vibrator.

We left Bind in his cast much longer. Once we strapped him onto a rescue board and propped him up at an angle, he was so comfortable he wanted to go overnight. However late in the evening he decided to be let out. In any case, we learned a lot during these two casting adventures. Enjoy!

WARNING - Do not use this video as a guide. This video should be used for entertainment purposes only. Full body fiberglass casting is extremely dangerous. In the event of panic, chocking or medical emergency, it takes quite a while to remove the cast, not to mention problems like the cast saw burning out, power failure, or house fire. It's best to leave full body casting as a fantasy. The dangers of full body casting cannot always be anticipated. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1159 / DATE: Sep 16 2023 / IMAGES: 88 / VIDEOS: 2

The two videos in this update were shot around 2008 in the warehouse at MedicalToys.com in Northern California. We drove from San Francisco to MedicalToys many times to play and shoot videos. The drive took 6 hours, so once we were there we stayed for a number of days.

Our friend Pooka is featured in these two videos, in his skin-tight red rubber catsuit. He looks sooo good in this suit! The first video shows Pooka strapped to the famous Spin Machine. This contraption was invented by our master rigger Dalton. Dalton loved to throw together unusual gear to create something new. The Spin Machine was definitely something new and unusual. The idea behind this machine was to create a soothing and meditative experience to someone who was already familiar with suspension bondage. Pooka was strapped down to a bondage board, and an overhead electric hoist lifted him off the ground. A massive pile of sandbags were used to counterbalance Pooka's weight, and once the entire rig was lifted into the air it rotated freely while suspended on a ball-bearing swivel. The action of Pooka's floating body reminded me of a slow-motion carnival ride. I could appreciate the meditative experience that he would feel from this crazy contraption.

The second video is Pooka locked in a set of steel restraints called a 'Bondage Erector Set'. Maybe you are familiar with the children's toy from years ago called the 'Erector Set'. This is the same idea, only it's for bondage. Pretty cool, eh? I wish I had a bondage erector set when I was a kid! We got this prototype set from DungeonDelights, but they only made a few of them and the idea never took off as a product. Anyway, it was possible to configure the set for restraining someone in many different bondage positions. All the components were held together with padlocks, so there was no escape.

Watch the video and remember to look at all the still images to see some of the positions we put Pooka in. The steel restraints look great on him in his rubber. Hot! You can find other videos we shot with the Bondage Erector Set by searching for the key word 'erector' in the search window at the top-left of this page. NOTE - this video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing the video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1285 / DATE: Sep 12 2023 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a video I got from my friend Bind over at MenInChains.com. This video features a set of wooden stocks I got from another kinkster. The stocks were in bare wood when I received them. He said he got the plans from someone online and made them per the drawings. The stocks are a pretty nice setup. I beefed up the hinges and locks, added wheels under the platform, and painted the whole thing. I have always liked the idea of stocks, maybe I first saw them in movies when I was a kid? These stocks are a little unique because they include ankle stocks. You can find other videos of these stocks in use by using the search window at the top-left of this page. Search for the keyword 'stocks'.

Eventually I gave these stocks to Bind, and this was a last-minute video he shot with the stocks in his basement. The video is rather corny and not very sexy, but you can get a look at the stocks including how they roll around. They’re pretty secure. Hopefully these stocks will inspire someone to build an even better set!


GALLERY: 1296 / DATE: Sep 8 2023 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's a short video which highlights a pair of self-bondage electromagnet hand restraints. These devices are the most exciting restraint I have seen in a long time. They were given to me by BondageFan70. He's from Germany and brought these restraints to me as a gift during his last visit. They were made by a friend of his who enjoys self-bondage. Clearly this friend is a sophisticated high-tech kinky inventor with a knowledge of mechanics and 3D printing!

In this video I show these hand magnets in detail, and with the help of my friend PupJakeSF we demonstrate how easily his latex gloved hands and fingers slip into these restraints and lock. Imagine being locked in this chair for the night along with the hand magnets, the heavy StudioGum hood and collar, and the mouth-filling Silencilicone gag.  This is my kind of scene. I like serious bondage gear and this setup is definitely serious. Enjoy!

WARNING - Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. This video should be used for entertainment purposes only. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover them once you're secured and helpless. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1295 / DATE: Sep 4 2023 / IMAGES: 52 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's another video about the new Silencilicone silicone gags. This video is a round table discussion between SFDom, FuckBoy94114 and me. We thought it would be helpful to have a close-up look at all the versions of this new silicone gag.

These gags are relatively new on the market, invented by a guy in Germany. So far, he doesn't have a website, however he's listed on Etsy.com which can be found HERE. My goal is to provide useful details about the sizes and variations of this product. The owner of Silencilicone was nice enough to loan me a big box of his gags for me to use in my bondage videos as well as create short video clips for advertising on Twitter.

Personally, I think the mouth guard gag, the breathing tube gag, and the gag with the front metal ring are very exciting, and I hope to spend some quality time in each of them. As you will see in this video, there are a lot of variations to choose from. The owner is a creative, high-tech bondage guy himself, so he knows exactly how to turn kinky customer suggestions into quality products.

I hope this round table discussion sheds some light on the myriad of sizes and variations that are presented on his Etsy Silencilicone website. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1294 / DATE: Aug 30 2023 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a hot video featuring Mr Kristofer and his submissive Colt McGrrrr. The video was shot at the EdgeDungeon, which may have been the last video shot there before the property is sold. We were having a going-away party, not knowing the eventual fate of the dungeon.

Both Mr Kristofer and Colt McGrrrr were at the party. These two guys are pretty damn handsome and attractive, and they're both fans of heavy bondage gear like the steel Cravat (sometimes called the 'Scavengers Daughter) in this video. This unique piece of gear was made by Rick at DungeonDelights. It's actually a copy of a smaller Cravat which I purchased online. The online piece had a smaller neck, and the ankles were drawn up much closer to the wrists which made it pretty uncomfortable for the average size guy. The seller told me it was made for the OWK (Old World Kingdom) in Europe. We thought it might have been made for women.

In any case, we asked Rick at DungeonDelights to copy the Cravat and enlarge the neck and extend the ankles. He did a really good job, and as you can see it fits Colt McGrrrr pretty well. He looks really hot while restrained in the Cravat with his black leather hood and black boots. There's absolutely no way to escape or protect his cock, he's totally vulnerable. Additionally, the Cravat is heavy and harsh so there's no possibility of struggling or thrashing about. And even if he had the key there’s no way to reach the single padlock which holds the Cravat together at his feet!

At the beginning of the video Mr Kristofer leads Colt McGrrrr into the solitary cell by his cock. Colt is restrained in a Lerman Halo medical brace and a pair of handcuffs behind his back. I love this combination of gear. As Mr Kristofer demonstrates. the solitary cell has an outside and inside door for maximum security, and screw holes in the concrete floor for threading eye-bolts in wherever they might be needed. Pretty cool, Eh? I love all this heavy stuff. As far as I'm concerned, the more intimidating and scary the gear the better. Right? I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did filming it!


GALLERY: 1293 / DATE: Aug 14 2023 / IMAGES: 55 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video featuring our German friend BondageFan70 on Twitter and Fetlife, Thorben995 on Planetromeo. He has come to visit us in San Francisco twice this year for some serious bondage vacations. Like many of us, he works hard at his day job and looks to bondage play for down time and stress relief. Same goes for me. BondageFan70 owns a lot of unique and custom made gear, and he likes to pack some of this gear in his suitcase to bring with him. You have probably seen photos and video clips of his custom stainless steel 'Exoskeleton', which is undoubtedly an amazing piece. However, on his latest trip he brought a a pair of mind-blowing electromagnet hand restraints. These ingenious devices are made for self-bondage, 3D designed and printed by his kinky friend. I must say, these are the very things that fantasies are made of!

These 3D restraints use a pair of 12-volt DC electromagnets to lock down the wrists once each of the five fingers are fully inserted into their own restraint tubes. Once your fingers are inserted into the five tubes and the wrist clamp is closed and engaged with the electromagnet there is absolutely no escape. This pair of magnet restraints are far more solid and secure than they appear in the video. We mounted the restraints to a bondage chair to play with, but a more secure mounting is required to keep them absolutely stationary. In any case, you'll get the idea. I used a timer box which I had made for some other self-bondage magnet projects to power these hand restraints.

The video in this update features four scenes that we filmed with BondageFan70, and I'm looking forward to editing more of the videos we shot of various crazy bondage scenes we shot during his visits. I'm pleased that BondageFan70 comes all the way from Germany to San Francisco to play with us. Part of the reason for his most recent visit was to attend the San Francisco Dore Alley street fair, otherwise called the 'Up Your Alley' street fair. Hummm... I thought Germany had all the action? Check out his profile BondageFan70 on Twitter and Fetlife, Thorben995 on Planetromeo. Check out BondageFan70's OnlyFans site HERE.

WARNING - Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. This video should be used for entertainment purposes only. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover them once you're secured and helpless. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1292 / DATE: Aug 7 2023 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 1

I had a chance to hook up with the manufacturer of the next generation of silicone gags. He's located in Germany and his business is called 'Silencilicone'. I consider his business to be the 'next generation' of kink products because he uses digital printing and liquid silicone to cast his gags. No longer do we need to find red rubber balls to make gags out of! He invented his gags out of necessity; he wanted a better gag that would fill his mouth, be effective in preventing talking, and was safe to use by not triggering a gag reflex.

So he went about making a gag for himself, and after many tries came up with a design that satisfied his need. He showed it to friends, and they wanted one too. But making gags that fit other people's jaw was a big challenge. By the time he was done and started to sell his gags he discovered that he needed six different sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL. On top of that, he found that people had different gag reflexes, so he needed to make each gag in three different depths. All in all, it took thousands of hours of hard work to perfect the gag sizing. And, after getting a handle on a range of jaw sizes and depths, he invented a number of variations like accommodating people who breathe through their mouths, a ring for locking the gag to a bolt in the wall, a double-ended threaded shaft for attaching two gags together, etc.

We have all seen his gags in photos on Twitter, but I thought it would be helpful to everyone if I put out some additional info. The video in this update is just a few clips of stuff we shot with his gags last week. I'm planning a much more in-depth video showing each gag size and all the variations that can be ordered, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out his site on Etsy at Silenccilicone.


GALLERY: 1139 / DATE: Jul 28 2023 / IMAGES: 87 / VIDEOS: 1

This is another video from the archives featuring a set of serious wooden stocks. As you guys may know, I built these stocks many years ago for my own self-bondage play. The original idea was to use them horizontally on top of a flat surface bondage table which I also built. However, as time went by, I came up with the idea to mount the bondage table frame and the stocks vertically. This worked out great and was a lot of fun. The stocks were still movable up and down so they could be set to accommodate people of different heights. The stocks themselves took a lot of work to make. One of the problems I encountered was that the wood was too thick for securing the neck comfortably. So, as you can see in the top-center photo, I had to shape the wood to half of its thickness at the neck opening but leave it the original thickness for the wrists. This worked out pretty well.

When I was building the stocks, my goal was to immobilize every part of the body. As a result, I built four stocks. One for the wrists/neck, one for the waist, one for the knees, and one for the ankles. In this video, the knee stock is not used. I used big thick pieces of wood, big hardware, and big padlocks. Everything needs to match in its proportions and 'seriousness'. Bigger and heavier is always better as far as I'm concerned.

Both the wrist/neck stock and the ankle stock have two pairs of different size holes for accommodating large and small wrists and ankles with-and-without boots. Look around on this website for other videos featuring these stocks used in both the horizontal and vertical positions as well as the different size wrist and ankle holes. You can find these videos by using the search window at the top-left of this page. Just type in the word 'stocks' and see what comes up. A special thanks to our friend Jamie in the stocks, Mikey and Daddy Tony, MummyEd and Pooka. Fun was had by all.

NOTE - this video was shot in the early days of this website with an old camera and is in the old Windows Media video format. If you have problems playing the video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1144 / DATE: Jul 28 2023 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a video from the archives featuring our friends Mikey and Daddy Tony. Mikey is always the submissive and Daddy Tony is always the Top. Because Mikey and Daddy Tony also lived in San Francisco, they would visit us quite often to play with any new gear we had. Each time they showed up, we would have some new bondage device to put Mikey in, which is fun for us all. Mikey was our test pilot.

In this video Mikey and Daddy Tony played with our newly built 'Gingerbread Mummification Stand'. This was a padded frame that was cut out of plywood. To make it, we had someone lie on a piece of plywood, and we drew the outline of their body on the plywood with a Sharpie pen. Next, using a saw, we cut the plywood around the outline and created what looked like a Christmas 'gingerbread cookie' likeness of their body. This is the reason we call it the ‘Gingerbread board’. After the plywood 'cookie' is cut out, the plywood becomes a little flimsy for someone to lie on. So, we attached numerous metal legs to support it off the floor. The plywood cutout is a little narrower than the original body we traced with the Sharpie pen. This will help with the mummification wrapping to make it fit tight and form-fitting. Because the gingerbread board is supported off the floor with the metal legs, it allows the rolls of pallet wrap and duct tape to be easily wrapped under and around the body. This makes the mummification process very fast and easy.

For those who are unfamiliar with mummification, pallet wrap is used first to cover the body. Then, in this case electrical tape can be wrapped over the body. This layered process prevents the electric tape from sticking to body hair and the skin. In addition, we always keep a few pairs of EMT safety scissors handy to cut off the pallet wrap and tape in an emergency. These safety scissors are used by emergency medical professionals to cut the clothing off their subjects. The scissors have a blunt end, so they won't cut or jab into the skin. The scissors are very important to have when doing mummification. Do not use regular scissors.

Once Mikey is totally wrapped and secured to our gingerbread stand, Daddy Tony uses a pinwheel and e-stim to torment his helpless partner. As we have seen many times, poor Mikey never has a chance to enjoy the bondage because Daddy Tony is always tormenting him in some way! If you use the search window at the top-left of this page and do a search for 'Mikey' you can find all the videos of him and Daddy Tony. These two guys are a lot of fun to watch. NOTE - this video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing the video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1289 / DATE: Jul 5 2023 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 1

This video is another look at the infamous wooden Academy Chair. As I mentioned in previous updates, this bondage chair was built and used in the popular 'Academy' bondage videos back in the days of distributing videos on VHS tapes. The Academy was presented as a gay BDSM training center where guys would go for bondage and SM experiences. Years later this bondage chair landed in the hands of a bondage group in Pennsylvania called Delta. I arranged with their members to borrow the chair and film it for this website.

In this video our friend HotHardHat is wearing his neoprene wetsuit and multi-port rubber gas-mask hood with three rebreather bags. HotHardHat loves the experience of total enclosure rubber and then breath control applied by one of his domme friends. In this case his domme friend is Wired4Fun, who is a switch with lots of experience. Although I'm not into breath play, this scene really works for me. I love total-enclosure rubber and serious bondage, and I wouldn't mind spending hours or even all night in this chair.

One of the unique features of this chair is the flat HumaneRestraint mitts which are anchored to the wooden surface in front of HotHardHat. This is a great idea and so hot. HumaneRestraint leather cuffs are also used to restrain HotHardHat's forearms. Whereas some bondage chairs are much bigger and wider, this chair resembles a compact child's highchair. The final thing that sets this chair apart from other chairs is the wooden chin brace that spans the width of the chair. In this scene the chin brace wasn't used, but you can see it used in the first update titled 'Wooden Academy Chair Part-1'. This chin brace completes the effectiveness of the chair, rendering the subject completely helpless and forcing him to sit with correct posture.

During this video Wired4Fun does a good job of explaining the chair and the bizarre breath restriction gear of his subject. A special thanks to Wired4Fun for his clear narration, as well as HotHardHat, SFDom and the Delta group for loaning us the chair. This video is similar to the prior updates Part-1 Part-2, but it's always nice to take another look at this classic vintage bondage chair. Enjoy!

WARNING - this video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this video as an example or guide. Breath play is dangerous and possibly fatal. If you experiment with breath control, do so at your own risk.


GALLERY: 1290 / DATE: Jun 26 2023 / IMAGES: 55 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, just a reminder, I'm working on moving all the videos from this website to a new server and content management system. This new system will scale the screen size to display on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PC's. The changeover to the new platform will happen later this year, so stay tuned.

This is another fun video from our visit to Yohan555 in Germany. Yohan discovered rubber and bondage later in his life, and from what I can see he can't get enough of it. My kind of guy! Check out his posts on Twitter and you can see all the play he does - almost daily. His house is like bondage Disneyland. Yohan is a smart and creative guy with both scientific and DIY knowledge which allows him to build and modify gear at home.

This video features BoyBlake in rubber and mummified to an upright pole by LeatherSamFinland. This is a cool scene, but for me the best part is the perforated latex hood BoyBlake wearing. It's from KinkProjects.com in China. The laser micro perforations are so small you can barely see them but allow BoyBlake to see and breathe easily. So, you get the feeling of having your face completely covered in rubber, only you can get around and function easily. Then add a gasmask you will have the ultimate full enclosure head-trip. This video also shows a few clips of a naked upside-down hogtie suspension featuring AlphaDragon and ChainDragon. It was a cool scene. Maybe we can shoot these two guys again for a full length video? Check out their combined Twitter at EvilTwoDragons.

Next comes PsychoSJ, also on Twitter. Psycho and his friend have built two cool bondage devices. The first is a stainless-steel bondage transport chair featured in the update 'Germany in September Part-1". In this update Psycho demonstrates his metal 'Bishop Stand'. This vertical bondage stand was inspired by a similar device built by the infamous guy Gord. However, Gord was inspired by a popular bondage illustrator back in the 70's called The Bishop. You can see a lot of The Bishop's art by doing a google image search for 'the bishop bondage’. As you will see, PsychoSJ fits perfectly into his Bishop Stand because it was custom made. If you order one you will need to give your exact measurements.

The final scene in this video features Yohan555 tormenting a friend who needed some serious bondage downtime. Many of us experience stress in our lives, and a great way to chill out is to be put in inescapable bondage. In this scene Yohan's friend is in a rubber suit, red leather straitjacket and rubber hood and gasmask. He's lying in Yohan's padded cell with a chain locked to his collar, and another that restrains his ankles. Both chains are secured to the floor of the padded cell, so he's not going anywhere. Yohan straddles and torments him with talk about giving up control and relaxing into his helpless situation. Clearly, Yohan's patient needs some serious relaxation!

A special thanks to Yohan555 and his friends BoyBlake, LeatherSamFinland, Eckie (in the background), AlphaDragon, ChainDragon, and Peter for appearing in this video and sharing their bondage play with our camera. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1286 / DATE: Jun 2 2023 / IMAGES: 45 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, just a reminder, I'm working on moving all the videos from this website to a new server and content management system. This new system will scale the screen size to display on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PC's. The changeover to the new platform will happen later this year, so stay tuned.

The video in this update is very cool. It was shot last year when SFDom and I went to Germany to meet Yohan555, attend Folsom Berlin, and shoot with BondageFan70. In this video we visit Yohan555 and try a new technique for doing a full body fiberglass cast. Suggested by Yohan, the idea is to do the fiberglass casting before applying water. For those who may be familiar, usually the fiberglass rolls are dipped in water to activate the resin glue. Once the fiberglass is wet, you only have a few minutes to apply it before the resin starts to set. So, doing a complete body cast must be done rather quickly and doesn't work very well.

Yohan's suggestion was to completely wrap the subject with fiberglass, and then apply the water. Why didn't we think of this before? Yohan had a shower in his basement utility room, so we completely wrapped our subject Boy Blake and then used the shower head to drench him in water. This worked perfectly! Usually, with the prior method of dipping the rolls of fiberglass, it's difficult to join the arm and leg casts with the torso because at least one of them has already set and dried. Once the fiberglass has hardened newly wrapped fiberglass doesn't stick to it. So, with this new technique of completing all the wrapping and then applying the water, all the arm, leg and neck joints join to the torso and adhere properly. This is a fantastic idea which we will use in the future.

This video also includes a quick tour of Yohan's basement which includes loads of bondage gear and cells. Most of the guys who were visiting didn't want to show their face, so I had to blur a lot of faces in this video. I appreciated meeting Yohan. He has a lot of practical skills which he uses to build his unique 'bondage basement'. The second floor of his house has a big bondage play area which you will see in future videos. A special thanks to all the guys in this video including Yohan555, Boy Blake in the fiberglass cast, Eckie in the orange prisoner suit, LeatherSamFinland, and the two naked guys helping with the casting Hierona and Aploun. Fun was had by all!


GALLERY: 1284 / DATE: May 15 2023 / IMAGES: 74 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, just a reminder, I'm working on moving all the videos from this website to a new server and content management system. This new system will scale the screen size to display on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PC's. The changeover to the new platform will happen later this year, so stay tuned.

The first part of the video in this update features SFDom, KinoPayne, and our friend Yossie's ultra-cool jail cell in his basement. We have shown his basement playroom a few times on the site, but in this video I wanted to show a custom metal collar made by Martin of RigidCuff. Martin is from Germany but moved to the US a while back. During Martin's heyday he made a lot of metal bondage gear with his homemade CNC (computer controlled) milling machine. You can see all the gear Martin made by clicking HERE.

One of the pieces I was attracted to was Martin's Jail Bar Collar. This collar closes around both the neck and a jail bar, securing the person to the jail bar wall. This is so hot! So, the first part of this video shows Kino in a heavy StudioGum hood, restrained to the jail bars with Martin's collar. In addition, Kino is secured with a pair of metal restraint mitts and a pair of Martin's ankle cuffs. Once Kino was fully restrained, SFDom applied his edging skills to keep Kino at a feverish pitch!

The second part of the video in this update features a nylon wet-look bondage sleeping bag or sleepsack. Bondage gear made of nylon and other inexpensive materials are becoming popular these days. Sleeping bag manufacturers discovered that with slight modifications of their existing products they could sell to the bondage market. In any case, the quality of the black nylon sack in this video was not very high. It wasn't well thought out. This is what happens when a manufacturer with no knowledge of bondage starts making bondage gear. C'est la vie! For more information, do a Google search for words like 'nylon bondage sleeping bag sleepsack'.


GALLERY: 1283 / DATE: May 4 2023 / IMAGES: 64 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a really great video we shot recently at the EdgeDungeon. As you may have heard, the Edge Dungeon may not be around much longer due to the rising and unpredictable costs of owning property in the Santa Cruz mountains along the California coast. Starting with the Northern California drought which created forest fires and property loss around the Dungeon, then the covid pandemic which created services and supply chain shortages for rebuilding, to the recent California mega-storms which washed out roads and trees and brought down electric lines and city water supplies, the owners of the Dungeon are being forced to rethink living along the beautiful coast of California. So, stay tuned for a decision on whether to keep the Dungeon open or throw in the towel.

As a result, we gathered a group of guys to spend what might be the last weekend at the Dungeon. Included in the group was the popular domme Mr. Kristofer, as well as SFDom, PupJake, BondageFan70 from Germany, and others. I must apologize, when we get a big group together, sometimes I can't remember everyone's scene name.

Since I'm a bondage guy, let me start by telling you that the video in this update features another version of the metal arm binder from DungeonDelights, as well as the red wooden stocks which we have filmed a few times before. And, what started out with Mr Kristofer topping PupJake, two other guys jumped in so by the end of the video poor Pup was being tormented by all three!

Mr. Kristofer requested to be a domme in some future SeriousMaleBondage videos, so this seemed like a good time to film his 'Alpha Top' skills. I love his topping style which is firm yet respectful. This undoubtedly comes from Mr. Kristofer's experience as a switch. In addition, he's such a muscular and handsome guy, who wouldn't want to sub to him. In case Kristofer might be new to you, do a Google search for his name (mind the spelling of Kristofer). In addition, he's worked with Mr. S for years, so you'll see him in their advertising photos. Personally, what I like about Kristofer is that he genuinely enjoys being put in 'serious' bondage gear as a sub. My kind of guy!

In this update, Kristofer locked Pup in a metal ankle spreader along with our prototype metal arm binder, both from DungeonDelights. This is a great combination. The arm binder was suspended from overhead which took the weight of the binder off Pup's shoulders. Later, Pup was locked in the red stocks. The stocks were given to me a few years ago. I reworked and painted them and have used them in a few of our videos. Unlike other versions of stocks, they restrain both the ankles and neck/wrists. These stocks fit Pup well, and once he was locked in them, he was completely exposed and helpless. The stocks also roll around the floor easily which wasn't really shown in this video.

All in all, everyone had a good time. We even celebrated with a special Swedish Princess cake just in case this is the last video we ever shoot at the Edge Dungeon! A special thanks to the EdgeDungeon owner, Mr Kristofer, PupJake, SFDom, DungeonDaddy and Colt McGrrr.


GALLERY: 1147 / DATE: Apr 15 2023 / IMAGES: 77 / VIDEOS: 1

This is another video from the archive shot in 2010, featuring our friends Mikey and Daddy Tony. We usually call these guys just 'Mikey and Tony', but Daddy Tony is the name that Tony uses on Recon. I think Mikey's Recon name is 'Bondage Kid'. We haven’t seen these guys in years. They moved from San Francisco to Seattle for their jobs a long time ago. We saw them once at ILM in Chicago years ago and they were doing great. As a matter of fact, do a search in the window at the top of this page for 'IML' and I think you can find a video of Mikey and Tony we shot at IML.

Anyway, this video features Mikey is his custom, deluxe, two-tone, suede leather sleepsack from Mr. S. He's strapped down to our padded 'ironing board' bondage platform. This is nothing more than a piece of plywood cut out like a human silhouette and covered with some foam rubber and then some black upholstery material from the local sewing fabric shop. We used 3/4 inch water pipe to make legs for the padded board. Once finished, our bondage board looked like an ironing board.

Mikey's cock is wired up to some e-stim, and he has buds in his ears playing sounds. He is wearing a leather muzzle from Mr. S, and sound isolation headphones. Lastly, his eyes are covered with some bizarre LED glasses that are supposed to flash in different patterns to calm you down. Some kind of therapy device. Something that Mikey and Tony brought with them.

If you look through the still pictures you will see that later on Tony got Mikey off with a hand-job. I'm not sure why we didn't get that on video, but Mikey's bondage predicament is great to see anyway. These two guys are really fun to watch. You can find other videos on the site by doing a search for the word ‘Mikey’ in the top-left search window of this page. By the way, although the suede sleepsack looks great, Mikey said it’s very hard to get the cum stains out of the suede.

NOTE - this video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing the video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1281 / DATE: Apr 4 2023 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, just a reminder, I'm working on moving all the videos from this website to a new server and content management system. This new system will scale the screen size to display on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PC's. The changeover to the new platform will happen later this year, so stay tuned.

The video in this update is 90 minutes long and is just a compilation of stuff we shot during a recent trip to NoEscapeDungeon.com in Las Vegas. We always have a good time when we visit this playroom, and we keep ourselves busy thinking up kinky things to do. How fun is that?

The first scene is just a little fun we had with our friend Baily, some handcuffs, and some pull-over sweatshirts from Mr S. Some of you guys may have already played with handcuffing someone's hands inside a sweatshirt and then taking them out in public. This is always exciting for the handcuffed person, as they feel quite vulnerable. I once knew a Danish guy who would play with his partner in a similar way. His girlfriend would make him wear women's high-heel boots, and then restrain his hands in the pockets of an old jacket. The pockets were torn out, so his wrists could be in restraints that were attached to his belt. As a result, he couldn't pull his hands out of the pockets. She would drive him across town and leave him in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Then he would have to make his way back home with the click-click of the high heels and his hands restrained in his pockets. Naturally this was a rather edgy thing to do, and he told me that whenever they played this little game he felt really excited and scared at the same time. I wrote an article about this guy, which includes his story about the jacket restraint play, which is titled The Ballet Mono-Shoe.

The second scene in this update features Bind trying out the Cravat or 'Scavengers Daughter' which I purchased earlier this year. I love how Bind was restrained in a cage, in the Cravat, with lots of chains. I love this kind of serious steel bondage. It's not often that you see this kind of bondage. As you will see, the Cravat is made from rather heavy steel bar, and it feels heavy and inescapable when I'm in it.

The third short scene is our friend and I in two StudioGum rubber hoods in the bathroom. StudioGum makes some amazing rubber hoods and suits.

The fourth scene is Bind trying out SFDom's heavy rubber vac-bag. The NoEscapeDungeon has a central vacuum system that we used to suck down the bag. It's a powerful vacuum located in the garage with outlets around the house which you can plug the vacuum hose into. The best part of this setup is that you can't hear the vacuum running since it's located downstairs in the garage. It's quite a strange experience having the rubber bag suck down around your body.

The fifth scene is with our friend Baily who is locked into a steel arm and wrist restraint. I think we showed this once before on the site. It's a very cool piece of bondage gear, made by our friend Rick at DungeonDelights.com. This restraint was copied from an old Twitter photo, and modified by Bind.  I have tried this restraint in rubber and it's really rigid, restrictive, and effective at giving me an extremely helpless feeling. We have another version of this restraint on order from DungeonDelights with some modifications. Fantastic!

The sixth scene is with Luke and SFDom. Luke is hooded and stretched over a fuck bench and edged by SFDom. This is a hot scene, and Luke's boner is as straight and hard as a steel rod! I guess he liked the torment and edging that SFDom dished out. SFDom is indeed a great Top!


GALLERY: 1280 / DATE: Mar 14 2023 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 1

Just a reminder you guys, I'm working on moving all the videos from this website to a new server and content management system. This new system will scale the screen size to display on Phones, Tablets, laptops, and desktop PC's. The changeover to the new platform will happen later this year, so stay tuned.

The video in this update features a new heavy rubber molded cocoon sack that we shot at NoEscapeDungeon.com in Las Vegas. This new sack is very exciting because it's super heavy latex rubber, one piece, with a zipper running up the back. This sack is from ForFun.store (an unusual URL) in Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand is a major producer and exporter of natural latex around the world. Natural latex is made from the sap of rubber trees, whereas tires and other industrial rubber products are made from petroleum. You can tell the difference by the smell, which is why serious rubber enthusiasts always smell the rubber.

Our friend Bind ordered this heavy sack, and it took one year for it to be delivered to him. Hopefully their delivery time is faster these days. I tried the sack myself, and it's very exciting indeed. I'm unclear if ForFun accepts custom orders. Bind gave them his measurements, but the sack seems tight around the leg calves, so I'm not sure how custom it really is. In addition, the sack doesn't come with arm sleeves unless you ask for them. As you will see in the video, the arm sleeves were a bit tight for Bind, and could have been made with heavier rubber.

There's not much more to say about this sack other than it's the kind of rubber cocoon we all fantasize about. Let’s keep any eye on the ForFun.store website and see what else they come up with. A special thanks to Bind for sharing this sack with us!


GALLERY: 1279 / DATE: Feb 28 2023 / IMAGES: 57 / VIDEOS: 1

This is Part-2 of our visit to our friend HotHardHat in New Jersey who owns a vintage Iron Lung. Surprisingly, I guess there aren't many of these machines around anymore. I tried a Google and eBay search and didn't turn up anything. I think Iron Lungs popup now and then at auctions, but for now, HotHardHat's Iron Lung is the only one I've run across.

As I said in the description in Part-1, many of us are attracted to bizarre, unusual, scary and invasive medical gear, and the Iron Lung certainly fits that category. Invented in 1928, the Iron Lung was an early attempt at a mechanical respirator used to keep patients of polio alive. Polio was one of the most feared diseases in industrialized countries, paralyzing thousands of people in the early 1900's. For polio patients who were unable to breathe on their own, the Iron Lung would automatically pressurize and depressurize which would flex the patient’s lungs and simulate normal breathing. The modern equivalent of the Iron Lung is the ventilator, which we saw being used extensively in 2020 during the onslaught of the Covid virus before vaccines were developed.

In this video, our friend Havok was the first patient to take a ride in the Lung. As you will see, we had to fiddle around with the iris neck seal and adjust the pressure range which the Lung cycled between. I suppose the pressure range is adjusted for the needs of bigger and smaller people whose chests require different pressures to effectively compress. I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn’t try the Lung myself because we ran out of time. I would like to try the Lung overnight while dressed in all my rubber. I'll try this during a future visit.

The unexpected and interesting effect of the Lung is that you can't talk when you are inhaling. Humans normally talk and make sounds when we exhale. We adjust our breathing so that we exhale as long as is necessary to complete our sentence. However, when the Lung is controlling your breathing in a normal cycle, you can only talk out loud when the Lung is making you exhale. You can see this effect as our friend Havok tries to communicate with us. Additionally, since the Lung is controlling your breathing cycle, it's difficult to cum because as you get more excited the Lung prevents you from breathing any faster. I think this is the problem Havok was having.

As we become more knowledgeable and comfortable with the Lung, we will use straps and restraints on our patients which will allows them a more helpless feeling. I would like to be restrained during my overnight experience.

A special thanks to our friend HotHardHat for sharing his awesome gear with us. His Iron Lung is one of the more unique pieces of gear we have presented on SeriousMaleBondage.com.
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