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GALLERY: 1242 / DATE: Aug 31 2021 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 2

Hey you guys, remember to get vaccinated and wear your mask. This Delta virus is spreading like wildfire. It's going to be around for a long time. I'm holding off on traveling because of the virus, so I'm editing and posting videos from my archive of unused videos. I have tons of videos you guys have never seen before. We have tentative plans to travel to the UK, Germany and Switzerland in March of 2022, but that traveling is dependent on the virus situation.

In any case, this update shows my continuing fascination with self-bondage using electromagnets. As Bind and I have said before, and I'll repeat it again, self-bondage is extremely dangerous, and we do not recommend doing it. However, it's a hot fantasy that I think about all the time. I'm at a point in my life where I have the time and resources to build gear that I've always thought about, and the electromagnets are one of the things I have wanted to explore.

This update features some self-bondage tests that Bind and I did with the first two electromagnets I assembled. The first test shows how Bind could lock himself in his cement crypt and not be able to get out until the electromagnet released the keys. During this scene you will see that once Bind locked himself in, he accidently left the key chain out of his reach. Yikes! This is just one example of how easily things can go wrong during self-bondage play. If Bind was alone and nobody was within earshot to hear his calls for help, he would have been totally fucked.

In the second scene, Bind locks himself into a standing spread-eagle position with a metal helmet. This is a really hot fantasy that I think about a lot. To me, this is the pure essence of serious and strenuous self-bondage. It doesn't get much better than this for a fantasy. Imagine doing this late at night when nobody is around. There's a storm raging outside with heavy lightening, thunder and rain. For some reason this thought really turns me on. I hope you enjoy this update as much as I do. I love building and filming stuff like this. I've fantasized about putting myself in serious heavy bondage since I was a kid. Maybe it was a way for me to escape from my daily life. Who knows. In any case, for me, scenes like this are really hot. A special thanks to Bind for demonstrating the self-bondage in this video, and to Rick at DungeonDelights.com for supplying the wrist shackles and ankle spreader bar.

NOTICE - Self-bondage and time-release bondage is extremely dangerous. This video is for entertainment purposes only, and should not be used as a suggestion or guide on how to do bondage play. If you play with self-bondage or time-release bondage, do so at your own risk. Accidents can easily happen as a result of sexual arousal interfering with your ability to think clearly and assess danger.


GALLERY: 1236 / DATE: Aug 20 2021 / IMAGES: 91 / VIDEOS: 2

Every once in a while I need to go back through the video shoots we have done and pick up all the clips that weren't long enough to make an update with by themselves. Some clips aren't interesting enough to use, and others are pretty great. It's like a pot-luck dinner, you don't know what's being served for dinner, you just show up and eat.

This update contains a 2-part video totaling 60 minutes. The first scene shows me cutting off a plaster arm and leg cast from Bind. The reason we made these casts is to send them to our friend Manuel at RubberWerk.com in Germany. From these casts he will make positive castings which represent Bind's arms and legs, and from the positive casts he will make metal bondage gloves and boots. Cool eh? But you never know how this project will turn out until it's done. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that what Manuel makes will be totally cool and exciting. I know that cutting off the plaster casts isn't all that exciting to watch, but when we get the metal gloves and boots, you'll know how they were made. Naturally, if this project works I want a pair for myself!

Next, I am restrained in the 'Louis Chair' made by our friend Louis. I have shown this chair in previous videos, but here's another video clip of it. Frankly, I think this chair is really hot and I'd like to spend more time in it, maybe overnight. I like gear like this chair. It's so secure, but comfortable. As you probably know, the wrist stock is locked with an electromagnet which is connected to a timer. So, if the timer is set for, say, 6 hours, I can't escape from the chair until the 6 hours are up. So, if I went into the chair at midnight, I would be released at 6am the following morning. How hot is that?

The next clip is from the swimming pool at NoEscapeDungeon.com in Las Vegas. This was a fun afternoon wearing rubber in the pool with Lukas Tyler and Boy Blake. If you have never tried wearing rubber in a pool you are really missing a great experience. It's just fun to feel the water seep into your rubber suit and gloves. It's a unique sensory experience. Lukas Tyler is wearing a one-piece 1.8mm StudioGum rubber suit, Boy Blake is wearing a rubber tight torso suit and a 4mm super-thick molded StudioGum hood. I'm in a standard light-weight surf suit and show a StudioGum molded latex hood with nose tubes. Fun!

Then we have a few shots of a massive project to relocate all the NoEscapeDungeon.com gear from the basement to the second floor. The owner of the dungeon needed the space in the basement for a home theater, so we moved all the gear and split it up between two adjacent bedrooms. The only thing that's disappointing about this is that we haven't visited Las Vegas much because of the virus, and now the Delta virus is further hampering our travel. In any case, the two new dungeon rooms are turning out great, and we will do more work on them in the future including building a padded room in one of the big walk-in closets. That would be really cool. Over the last 6 years, starting with the padded cell at EdgeDungeon.com, there have been other padded cells built around the world, so we have a lot of examples in which to base the Las Vegas room on. It's so exciting to have friends who have the space and financial resources to build padded cells. When I was younger in my 20's these things were only fantasies, we used to talk about. Now I have three friends who have built padded rooms, and the Las Vegas room would be the fourth. The first three are at the EdgeDungeon.com, Bind's place in Hampton Iowa at MenInChains.com, and my new friend Yohan555 on Twitter in Germany. Where will the next one be? It’s about time we quit talking about padded rooms and actually build them!

The next clip is me showing a 4mm amber heavy rubber StudioGum hood with nose tubes. Not much to say about the hood except that it's really exciting and I hope to get a lot more use out of it! These super heavy hoods are amazing, but if they don't fit your face correctly you can't stay in them very long because of pain and fatigue. Thick rubber doesn't give, so if it dowesn't fit your right it won't mold around your face properly. Speaking of StudioGum, they just opened a retail store near Frankfurt in Germany. So, you can actually go and try on hoods until you find one that you like. They make hoods in like 8 or 10 different sizes, but you really need to try on thick hoods to make sure it's a fit that you can last in for a while. Their retail store is a dream come true!

Then we see ZoidBerg in my 4mm heavy latex straitjacket from BlackStore.com, chained up in one of Bind's jail cells. He's wearing a neoprene face zip hood. He looks really hot! ZoidBerg is new to our group of bondage players at Bind's place and I'm sure we will see more of him in the future.

Zoid is in the next clip showing Bind in a latex sleepsack being strapped down and wheeled into the cement crypt. This is so intense. Later, Bind is pulled out and wheeled into the other room where he's put into the padded cell where he can't hurt himself.

I hope you enjoy this collection of odds and ends. Every time I spend a week or more in a location to film bondage, I end up with a lot of short clips which I call 'Odds and Ends'. In Hollywood, these kinds of miscellaneous clips end up 'on the cutting room floor' which are never to be seen again. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1239 / DATE: Aug 11 2021 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

Because of the recent uptick of the Delta virus worldwide, we have decided to delay our trip to Switzerland and Germany. We were looking at going later this year, but that just seems too risky and we don't want to add to the worsening pandemic. So, we are looking at traveling in March of 2022 instead. Meanwhile, please get your vaccine shot and continue to wear your mask!

We were recently given the opportunity to work with the popular bondage model Mr. Kristofer. Kristofer has been around gay porn and the San Francisco leather scene for years, and, to the best of my knowledge he plays as a switch. You can find him on Twitter, Tumblr, OnlyFans, JustForFans and Facebook as Kristofer Weston. Every time we've shot a video with Kristofer he's been a bondage slave, so we'll need to ask him to Top in some of our future videos.

In this update, SFDom has Mr. Kristofer tied up in heavy chains and shackles in his basement. In addition, Kristofer is in a Mr S leather straitjacket and a new piece of gear called 'Spreader Pants'. This unique and bizarre harness is from BestFixSystems in Germany. I saw this harness appear in the fetish scene years ago, and at the time it was mainly used by people who do adult baby play. However, over time various models and colors of the spreader pants became available and attracted the bondage crowd. The spreader pants lock on with Segufix posts which make them more interesting for bondage scenes. As more time passed, photos began to appear of straitjackets used with spreader pants, and now the pants are starting to go mainstream.

These pants can be ordered with a center bar that can hold dildos and vibrators. In this video SFDom uses a butt-plug in Mr Kristofer which is attached to the center bar of the spreader pants. The bar can be moved around the opening of the pants for holding dildos, plugs and vibrators for both male and female play.

This is a fun video featuring the spreader pants, leather straitjacket, and ultra-heavy ankle shackles from Parus-Leder in Munich Germany. Check out their large assortment of heavy metal bondage gear. A special thanks to both Mr Kristofer and SFDom for their play in this video. They both had a good time, and so did I as the photographer. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1237 / DATE: Aug 4 2021 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video from our friends Yohan555 and Serwus4 in Germany. Both of these guys are on Twitter under the same names. We were going to visit Germany and Switzerland later this year, but with the spread of the Delta virus we canceled our trip. As a result, these guys sent us this video which features a 'Lock-Away Box' which they built in one weekend. Great job you guys. We look forward to visiting you in the future.

There seems to be a lot of people building isolation boxes these days. Yohan builds a lot of his own gear including a jail cell, padded cell, isolation cell, electromagnet self-bondage chair, electromagnet self-bondage coffin box, and more gear which I can't remember. Check out his Twitter photos. Yohan is very handy with power tools and building bondage stuff. As JG-Leathers would say "horniness is the mother of invention". This is so true.

Yohan is playing a lot these days, which you can see on his Twitter feed. He holds down a full-time day job so I'm impressed with how much play he can fit in. A special thanks to both Yohan555 and his friend Serwus4 for sending us this video. Hopefully we will visit these guys in 2022 and shoot a lot of videos to share with everyone. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1231 / DATE: Aug 2 2021 / IMAGES: 64 / VIDEOS: 2

It looks like we might be entering a new global wave with the Delta virus. Please get vaccinated and wear your mask. The breakthrough cases of vaccinated people contracting the virus is concerning. Lets all hang in there.

We are getting close to the end of this series of Switzerland videos. I have been talking with our friends in Switzerland and Germany about another visit, but the new Delta virus is making us nervous. As a result, we have decided to delay another trip until 2022. This is very disappointing but its better to be safe than sorry. In any case, the 2-part video in this update features some cool gear including a rubber hood from RubbersFinest which includes a breathing mask, 4 hoses, and a shoulder aroma bag. As many of us know, the smell of natural rubber is erotic and sensual, and smelling this heady aroma from the shoulder smell bag is a fantastic and satasfying experience for your senses. This aroma bag is a great idea. Our friend from HeavyRubberSlave.com looks like an alien creature in this unique gear. RubbersFinest makes some cool and unique gear.

Another cool scene in this update features our friend DungeonDaddy from NoEscapeDungeon.com. He's in an inflatable rubber suit from StudioGum and then suspended in a cool leather body harness. I'm not sure where the body harness came from. Maybe it's available on BlackStore.com, but I'm not sure. The harness has a pair of leather helpless mitts attached to each side which is really cool as well. To top it off he's outfitted with a heavy posture collar and heavy rubber hood, then they are exchanged for a red RubbersFinest hood. What a great experience.

Lastly, our friend from HeavyRubberSlave.com shows us his home made dual-hose bubbler bottle backpack. This is a fun setup which he wears out to fetish parties. He explains that this setup makes him feel totally isolated from the outside world at the parties. I suppose that if he had ear plugs inserted he would feel even more isolated. As I've said before, a special thanks to everyone in these fun videos including StudioGum, BlackStore and RubbersFinest. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1234 / DATE: Jul 22 2021 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, please get your vaccination and continue to wear your mask. We aren't out of this pandemic yet. The delta variant is spreading like wildfire. On another note, I just finished 7 weeks of jury duty here in San Francisco. Felony robbery and first degree murder. The unfortunate part was that the defendant was 19, a well-meaning young man who hung out with the wrong guy and got caught up in a robbery. The bullet ricocheted and killed someone. The moral of the story is don't hang out with people you don't trust, and don't mess with guns.

This is a continuing update on my experiments with electromagnets and bondage. This particular invention consists of two steel tubes that serve as spreader bars, and four electromagnets. The idea is that you can be held in a spread eagle with the wrist and ankle cuffs held by the magnets. I love building stuff like this. I've been thinking about this stuff since I was a kid. The four electromagnets are hooked to a timer control box so that you will be released when the time is up. How hot is that?

The only problem, which you will see in the video, is that the electromagnets need to be more powerful. The magnets were rated at 95 pounds of strength which wasn't enough to hold our Boy Blake. So, I ordered replacement magnets with 200+ pounds of force which should fix the problem. The video in this update shows our first tests. I'll install the replacement magnets and shoot another video showing the results of the second test. Keep your fingers crossed!

NOTICE - Self-bondage and time-release bondage is extremely dangerous. This video is for entertainment purposes only, and should not be used as a suggestion or guide on how to do bondage play. If you play with self-bondage or time-release bondage, do so at your own risk. Accidents can easily happen as a result of sexual arousal interfering with your ability to think clearly and assess danger.


GALLERY: 1233 / DATE: Jul 12 2021 / IMAGES: 85 / VIDEOS: 3

This is a fun video filled with various bondage scenes which were shot recently as the covid vaccine is being distributed. The rule was that everyone in this video had been vaccinated. For those who have not been vaccinated, I urge you to get your shots. We will not be able to open up our society until everyone is vaccinated.

The one thing new in this update are the stainless-steel nose clamps. These clamps are from Axsmar in Germany and open up another demission to bondage play and helplessness. Although we show these nose clamps and a bit of play with them, it won't be until my next visit to Bind's jail before we really use them with some serious bondage. That said, you'll be able to see their possibilities in this video.

As I've said before, it's a pleasure to get together with these guys to play. It's such a pleasure to hang out with like-minded bondage guys and play for days on end. This is a far cry from earlier days of my life when I was in the closet about my interest in bondage.

A few other things to mention. The wide steel wrist cuffs in this video are from our friend Rick at DungeonDelights, and the police ankle shackles used on the guy in the black motorcycle gear are called 'oversize' or 'boot cuffs'. These cuffs are bigger than standard ankle cuffs, which allow them to be closed over his motorcycle boots. I got these oversize cuffs from HandcuffWarehouse. The super heavy rubber straitjacket is from BlackStore, and the super heavy rubber hood is from StudioGum. The arms-inside  canvas straitjacket is from Maxcita, on his website it's called the 'Insideout Straitjacket'. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1224 / DATE: Jul 2 2021 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

This update contains a few fun video clips featuring Bind in the 4mm ultra-heavy rubber straitjacket, and me in the electromagnet self-bondage chair. I am especially attracted to the sight of Bind wearing all black rubber in his padded cell simply because it looks so kinky. In this video we find Bind in head-to-toe black rubber in his own padded cell. As I have mentioned before, the 4mm rubber straitjacket is from BlackStore.com. I purchased this medium size straitjacket along with a small size straitjacket on our trip to Switzerland at the end of 2019 right before the covid-19 pandemic. One of the things I continue say to anyone who will listen is that when you see a piece of gear you like you should buy it immediately. Do not wait, and do not decide to order one later, because there may not be a later. I'm not sure, but I think the German guy who makes these heavy straitjackets for BlackStore.com does so in his garage. So, at any time he could get hit by a bus and stop making them, and that would be the end of his straitjackets. Here's an example - I was thinking about ordering a super heavy rubber suit from MD Latex, but now, as of July 2021, his website says that he is closed. Check it out: MD-Latex.eu. So, there you go! MD Latex was a one-man garage operation as well. Bummer! I waited too long and now it's too late.

The second video clip in this update is me in the electromagnet self-bondage chair. Bind and I are both in love with this chair. When we first got the chair from our friend Louis it needed a lot of work. But now it works great and is super-hot. Bind and I will probably do some more work on it. I love the fact that you can lock yourself into the chair. I fantasize about waiting until bedtime, and then instead of retiring to my bedroom I go to the basement and lock myself into this chair for the night, with the timer set for 8 hours. Once I'm restrained in the chair, I have no idea how much time has passed, and I'm forced to wait until the timer releases me sometime the following morning. As a matter of fact, as I'm reviewing this video and writing this text, I had to stop and jerk off because my fantasy is so fucking hot. My fantasies usually come to mind around bedtime, and I get myself all turned on by thinking about being restrained for the night, when I’m forced to endure the bondage and try to get some sleep. I hope you enjoy reading about my fantasies as much as I do dreaming them up. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1228 / DATE: Jun 19 2021 / IMAGES: 109 / VIDEOS: 2

This is part 3 and 4 of my recent visit to HotHardHat's house in New Jersey. We had all been vaccinated so we felt comfortable hanging out together. I think this is the first travel and video I've shot since the big lockdown. This was just a small group of kinky guys getting together for a little bondage fun and comradery. I was feeling great about hanging out with everyone as I was getting pretty lonely staying at home for so long.

First, our host HotHardHat showed us a cool rubber gas-mask hood which he got on eBay. It's a special piece of military gear with an actual latex rubber hood which was dated 2015 and used in the Iraq War. HotHardHat said it was closely modeled after a British gasmask. It has lots of wires, tubes and hoses. At the beginning of this video HotHardHat is wearing the gasmask, and we put him in a heavy rubber straitjacket and tucked the rubber cowling of the hood under the jacket. This was a medium size 4mm heavy rubber straitjacket from BlackStore.com. I own a small size as well, but I didn't bring it because it would have pushed my luggage over the weight limit. HotHardHat is primarily a hazmat guy. He has a large selection of suits, some of which he brought to Bind's jail to be used in his Appleville series of videos a few years ago.

The next part of this video shows me donning my rubbers and spending time in HotHardHat's isolation box in his basement. This is a fantastic box which he had built a few years ago. The guy who built it did a great job. The foam padding is really thick. It's different than the box I built because it doesn't have small fans which circulate the air from the outside. So, when you’re in HotHardHat's box you need to wear a gas-mask which allows you to inhale fresh air from outside. If you were inside the box without the gasmask you would be rebreathing your own exhale and soon run out of oxygen. The rubber suit I was wearing came from HydroGlove.com in Arizona. This website has been around for years, and originally catered to the diving community. However, they sold a lot of their rubber suits to kinksters as well. The business eventually changed hands and was sold to a guy in Arizona by the name of Chuck. When Chuck moved all the rubber manufacturing gear to Arizona, he ran into some problems with the dipped latex now curing correctly. This was because the temperatures there are so hot in the summer. But Chuck finally got the problem under control. As you may know, the latex rubber gear we regularly purchase is either made of sheet latex which is glued together, or it's dip molded by repeatedly dipping a mold (like a plastic or ceramic head or hands) into a big vat of liquid latex until the right thickness is achieved. So you can imagine that super hot summers in Arizona could affect the way the liquid latex dries.

After showing the isolation box, Pup Havok is put in a stainless steel skull helmet which is anchored to the ceiling and restrained in a leather harness. This is a very cool helmet which belongs to our friend Wired4Fun. We have shown this helmet many times before on this website. After a while Pup Havok is moved upstairs to the kitchen while still in the helmet. Wired4Fun tells us that his helmet was custom made, formed around a solid plaster positive of his head.

Next, WiredForFun shows us a fantastic anatomical rubber hood he got on eBay from a guy called 'Rubber Reactor 2.0'. I would love to have a hood like this, but the Rubber Reactor guy doesn't seem to be around anymore. This is an example of the rule I tell everyone - if you see or try on an exciting kinky toy and you like it, you better buy it because you may never get another like it! Once Wired4Fun was in his anatomical hood we put him in the heavy rubber straitjacket. I didn't think his arms would fit, but we with some work were able to get him in. We brought Wired back into the kitchen when I got the idea that we should shoot a quick little video of him sitting at the small table in the breakfast nook. This looked so hilarious, and we all had a good laugh.

The last item we looked at was a super heavy stainless steel collar that Wired had brought with him. The collar is made by SwedishCollar.com and is a work of art. Wired4Fun gives us a demonstration of the collar and its special magnet key. Eventually he put on his anatomical rubber hood again, and then puts the collar on. What a sight. Very hot. I’m glad travel is opening up so we can have more kinky get-togethers like this!


GALLERY: 1235 / DATE: Jun 15 2021 / IMAGES: 202 / VIDEOS: 1

The video clips and still images in this update were sent to us by our German friend PsychoSJ (on FetLife and Twitter). The imagery features two pieces of stainless-steel bondage gear that he and his friend Fesselschnecke (on FetLife) built. Fesselschnecke used a CAD (computer aided design) system to design the gear, then used a regular bandsaw and TIG welder to make the bondage chair, and a CNC (computer controlled) laser cutter to make the vertical bondage stand parts. Is that cool or what? The first piece is a bondage transport chair that's modeled after similar chairs used in law enforcement. The second piece is a vertical bondage device which PsychoSJ calls the 'Bishop Stand'. This stand was modeled after drawings made by the popular bondage artist from the 1970's called 'The Bishop', and similar designs made by Jeff at HouseOfGord. You can see some of the Bishop drawings by doing a Google image search for Bishop bondage drawings. The Bishop was known for the technical detail in his drawings because he had worked in the Detroit auto industry as a technical illustrator, long before computers.

PsychoSJ and I have been communicating during the pandemic lockdown, but have not yet met in person. Maybe we will meet later this year as the vaccines are distributed. PsychoSJ sent me these video clips and still images which I edited together in this video.

Like many of us, Psycho has been interested in bondage since he was a kid. As I said above, he's on FetLife and Twitter as PsychoSJ, and his primary interest is straitjackets (currently owns 11) and elbow bondage, which you can see is part of his new Bishop Stand. He sometimes sleeps while restrained in Segufix or a sleepsack, and his longest time in bondage is around 10 hours. PsychoSJ says he's heteroflexible.

These days I see more bondage gear on the market made with computer technology. My first encounter with CNC milled bondage gear was years ago from Martin of Cuff24.com. Martin might have been the first guy to use CNC to make his gear. Here’s a webpage I created years ago showing everything Martin had made on his CNC mill: CLICK HERE. And here's an article about Martin titled Master of Metal. Now, years later, I see copies of Martin's gear made by various people around the world, including China.

One of the cool parts of PsychoSJ's Transport Chair are the quick tightening straps. All of his black polyurethane straps mate with one-way stainless-steel cinching buckles which are welded onto the frame of the chair, so, there's no locks and keys or leather buckle straps. All of his polyurethane straps can be quickly pulled up snug around any size person. You can see this demonstrated in the video. This is pretty cool, effective and efficient! In addition, the straps can be easily removed from their round steel anchor posts for cleaning. You can see a few quick shots of these anchor posts in the video. All of the straps were made by PsychoSJ's friend Katinka_I on FetLife. If you are going to build similar bondage projects, you can ask her to sew up some straps for you. The stainless-steel self-locking cinch buckles can be purchased HERE, and the orange tubes which cover his hands shown in one of the videos is from RIPP Restraints.

Also, notice PsychoSJ has incorporated a 5-way racing harness latch which can be seen lying against his lower stomach. This round latch locks together the two shoulder straps, the two waist straps, and a single crotch strap. Once the 5 straps are pulled up snugly, the lever on the round latch can be turned and the latch will quickly release all five straps at once. These 5-way racing harnesses are used in racing cars to allow the driver to be released very quickly, and they work well on bondage chairs to! PsychoSJ's entire chair is made of stainless steel, which is notoriously hard to work with but doesn't rust or damage easily. My hat's off to the PsychoSJ's friend Fesselschnecke (Fetlife) who did all the CAD design and metalwork.

PsychoSJ and his two friends did a great job on these two bondage projects, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1227 / DATE: Jun 11 2021 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's another glimpse into the fun we had in Switzerland in 2019 before the virus hit. This video features three different heavy rubber suits from StudioGum. The first is the GA-4 HazMat suit, which has an improved zipper that runs from the waist, up the side of the chest and over the side of the head. This is a vast improvement from the original version which had the zipper up the back.

This new GA-4 suit requires you to wear a gasmask which connects to a passthrough port in the front of the suit. This allows you to breathe outside air. So you inhale outside air, and exhale into the suit. And if you connect an exhale hose to your gasmask you can connect it to a second passthrough port on the side of the face of the suit, allowing your exhaled air to escape without entering the suit. For those who are attracted to hazmat play and rubber, this suit is for you!

The guys strapped our friend Michael down to the bondage table in the GA-4 suit, and I must say that he looked really hot once he was fully restrained. As usual, as I'm writing this, I wish I was in his place! This suit has a built-in penis sheath, and SFDom spent a bit of time getting Michael's cock into it because Michael is wearing a full heavy rubber suit underneath the GA-4 hazmat suit. The penis sheath is a hot addition to the GA-4 suit. Penis sheaths feel so weird and bizarre because your cock in a rubber suit of its own. And, with a little lube or pre-cum inside the sheath, it feels so good that you can't stop playing with yourself.

The second suit in this video is inflatable, as demonstrated by our friend Lukas Tyler. This suit has four recessed ports which serve to inflate the four quadrants; upper-left, upper-right, lower-left and lower-right. One of the cool improvements StudioGum in the last few years was to recess those inflation ports. Once the suit was inflated, the guys pull an inflatable hood over Lukas' head and blow it up with a rubber bulb inflater. This inflatable hood looks totally great with the suit. Next comes a new kind of helpless glove with an inflatable ball glued to the palm and fingers of each hand. Once you are wearing both gloves, with each ball inflated, there's nothing you can do with your hands. You are totally helpless and unable to use your fingers in any way. These gloves are so fantastic! Lastly, a pair of black boots were put on Lukas, finishing off his look. What an awesome sight! It would be fun to throw Lukas in a swimming pool and watch him float and flail around.

I'm not sure what to call the third suit. I guess it's another version of a hazmat suit constructed with red rubber. It's design built around an Israeli gasmask with an air-tight dive suit zipper and cock sheath. This configuration shows two inhale hoses connected to the suit so that our friend RubNGum is inhaling air from inside the suit. There's a pass-through port so the outside air can enter the suit, and RubNGum's exhale air inflates a pair of rubber balloons. This is a great setup for people who like breath control and heavy rubber. You can see how the red suit is collapsed around RubNGum's body because he's inhaling the air from inside the suit. Fun!

A special thanks to all the guys in this video, and to StudioGum for supplying the gear, and RubNGum for supplying his studio. Check out RubNGum’s retail store BlackStore.com. We all had a good time and look forward to another Switzerland trip after the pandemic when it's easy to travel again. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1223 / DATE: May 31 2021 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

I'm losing track of how many videos I've posted about this self-bondage electromagnet bondage chair, but here's another. I have many ideas about using electromagnets for bondage, so stay tuned for more videos on the subject.

The video in this update features a self-bondage chair made by our friend Louis. Earlier versions of this chair were shown in Louis' home workshop. Louis eventually lost interest in the chair and passed it along to Bind and I. We replaced the cushions, gave it a paint job, and reworked the electrical timers. I must say, in the beginning Bind wasn't all that interested in the chair, but after we cleaned it up he seems to be very excited about it. When I reworked the timers, I installed a pair of 60-minute timers because that's all I had at the time. But, 60 minutes isn't a long enough time for most of us, so during my last visit to Bind's jail I replaced them with 12-hour timers. For me, 4 hours is about as long I can stay in bondage, so the new 12 hour timers will cover that.

The first scene in this video shows Bind in the chair with the older 60-minute timers. I must say, Bind looked really hot in the chair, especially with the steel helmet suspended from overhead. Once Bind was fully restrained in the chair, I set the timer on my phone for 50 minutes. We setup a two-way baby monitor so we could hear Bind, then we left the room and went upstairs.

Bind is the kind of guy who likes bondage teasing. Once he's locked up, he loves for people to add more bondage or time to his predicament. So, when the timer on my phone was up, we went back down to the basement and spun the timer to a full hour again. Haha! We did this two or three times just to frustrate Bind, and he loved every minute of it.

Next, it was my turn to try the chair. I would have worn my StudioGum heavy rubber suit, but the rubber around the wrists is too thick and as a result the stocks on the chair can't be fully closed and locked. So, I used my old sweats, leather boots, rubber ball mitts and a thick rubber hood, both from BlackStyle. One problem with Bind's playroom is that it's too hot or too cold, so I always need to be prepared with sweats. I can either wear the sweats by themselves, or wear full rubber, or wear full rubber and the sweats on top. This allows me to enjoy long-term bondage in a variety of different temperatures. In this case we had a small electric heather going in the room 24x7 so the temperature was tolerable in my sweats.

I had a heavy metal collar locked around my neck which was connected to an overhead steel 'X' and then to the ceiling joists. This combination of gear was very exciting to me, and, as I'm reviewing the video and writing this text I had to stop and jerk off. I was fantasizing about being left in the chair overnight, and that the door to the room was also on a timer so that nobody could enter the room until morning. As a result, I was left in this bondage predicament overnight, not knowing when morning would come and the time would be up. How hot is that?

I hope you enjoy the visuals in this video. A special thanks to our friend Louis for building the chair, as well as loaning it to us. All the time and energy he put into the chair is bringing enjoyment to us all!


GALLERY: 1226 / DATE: May 20 2021 / IMAGES: 92 / VIDEOS: 2

Corona Virus Update - My friends and I have all been vaccinated, so I decided to do a short trip to NoEscapeDungeon in Las Vegas, MenInChains in Hampton Iowa, and HotHardHat in New Jersey. My airplane flights were full, with everyone wearing masks. The friends I visited on this trip would only hang out with people who have been vaccinated, so I felt safe. As a result, I feel comfortable enough to start shooting videos again. And, once Europe opens up, I'll be traveling to Germany to shoot with my rubber and bondage friends. So get your vaccination, continue to wear your mask, and stay tuned for new videos this year!

This update features a cute video shot while visiting HotHardHat in New Jersey last week. He invited me to attend a private 'bondage fest' he was having at his house. The fest was a celebration of the vaccine and the ability to get together after a year of lockdown.

Although there was only five of us, we spent a few days playing, talking, eating, and enjoying some adult beverages. The first scene of the bondage fest was conducted by our friend Wired4Fun, who mummified two of the guys in colorful vet wrap. If you are unfamiliar with vet wrap mummification, this is a great video to get the details on vet wrap and how to wrap your submissive safely. Although the wrap in this video is fairly lite, it can be made heavier by adding more layers. It's clear that Wired4Fun has done this colorful mummification many times before and has some great information which he shares with us during the process. Naturally, fun was had by all.

Our host was HotHardHat on FetLife and Recon. He loves heavy rubber, hazmat suits, gas masks, multiple layer cocooning, and being stuck in hot and sweaty bondage. He's appeared in videos on this website and MenInChains. HotHardHat introduced me to the ultra-heavy 4mm rubber suits from MD Latex. He also owns an awesome isolation box which he keeps in his basement, which we will see in upcoming parts of this video. A special thanks to HotHardHat and his guests for the camaraderie and bondage play, as well as being in this video. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1188 / DATE: May 9 2021 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 2

Okay you guys. I am starting to travel again, and things are starting to open up. I got my two Pfizer shots, and I am on a trip that includes my friends at NoEscapeDungeon in Las Vegas, Bind at MenInChains in Hampton Iowa, and HotHardHat (on FetLife) in New Jersey. I'm flying on United and the flights are full. So get your shots, continue to wear your mask, and we'll be doing great by the end of this year.

This is a fun video we shot at Edge Dungeon a few years ago. As I may have mentioned, California has had a slew of fires because of drought and as a result the Edge Dungeon almost burnt down last year. The fire burnt three houses and the trees and shrubs around the jail, but it did not catch the jail on fire. There is a security camera system at the jail with cameras in each cell and a camera on the parking outside. The system captured one of the houses burning down along with the surrounding trees, and you could see red hot embers swirling around in the wind that the forest fire generated, but luckily, for some reason, the jail survived. I had imagined the jail burning to the ground, and all that was left were the cement jail cells, the steel jail bar doors, and the heavy steel Dungeon Bed. This would have been a very striking photo which would have been on the front page of all the newspapers. The caption would have read something like "private residential jail exposed during California wildfires". Can you see this on the front page of the New York Times? Lol!

Anyway, this video features a bondage table that was made by BDG Sales. This business was run by Dick and Tony, and was located in a small town in Pennsylvania. Their business sold all kinds of e-stim and bondage gear, some of which they manufactured themselves including the bondage table used in this video. Unfortunately, both Dick and Tony passed away a few years apart from each other, and their business is no longer operational. I was fortunate enough to shoot some videos of them a few years before they passed which I will post on this website in the future. Dick and Tony owned two versions of the famous Academy Chairs which I also captured in the video.

The video in this update features Bind, StrapWizard, DungeonDaddy and Dart_Tech. The BDG Sales bondage table is still at the EdgeDungeon, however the Dungeon is still closed as the owner clears the burnt houses and land around the jail. It will re- open again in a few years after some of the houses are rebuilt. Meanwhile, enjoy this video and be glad the Dungeon survived!


GALLERY: 1210 / DATE: May 2 2021 / IMAGES: 88

This update, which contains still photos only, is a rare look into Johannes Moller, the original owner of StudioGum in Vienna Austria. StudioGum has been the leader in creating heavy rubber suits and hoods, and although there's a growing number of heavy rubber suppliers on the Internet, StudioGum remains the gold standard. I was fortunate to have visited Johannes and his workshop in 2007 when I was traveling with my German friends Pupett and Matthias from Pupett.com. At the time, the Pupett website was quite popular with heterosexual fetishists worldwide. The website featured all the latest fetish gear including rubber, bondage and chastity. So, naturally my Pupett friends had close relationships with all the popular fetish manufactures in Europe including StudioGum. As a result, they provided me the opportunity to meet Johannes and take these photos.

Johannes was a private guy and didn't want to show his face in photos. Also, he spoke German, so our communication was limited to the translation provided by my Pupett friends. His workshop was in the basement of an old building on a side street in Vienna. The thrill for me was being in Vienna and experiencing the history and mystique of European fetish. For the western world, fetish interests were first enacted, nurtured and developed in Europe. I'm no historian, but in my lifetime, I have seen many European businesses evolve and nurture the collective fetishists of today. Such businesses include the AtomAge rubber magazine, Jim Stewart and his Fetters bondage business, Secret magazine, Little Shoe Box custom fetish footwear. These businesses are born and thrive, bringing new gear and ideas to the world-wide community, then they disappear, and a new fetish business rises up to take its place. As a side note, China is starting to manufacture basic rubber and bondage gear, and in 20 years they will have refined their products, developed new ones, and come out of the closet to express their own unique fetish interests.

Johannes StudioGum workshop was rather sparse. This is because the main part of his heavy rubber manufacturing was in the back of the shop behind closed doors. This is the same for all rubber businesses. The actual creation of flat rubber sheeting and heavy rubber hoods is a secret process. All latex rubber comes as a liquid in big heavy 55-gallon barrels. It's up to the business to add their own brew of secret chemicals to the liquid latex to adjust its texture and color. Then the liquid latex is poured onto large flat surfaces where it dries and becomes flat sheets of latex. This is an extremely expensive, space consuming, messy and tricky process. Every business that manufactures its own latex sheeting goes out of its way to protect its proprietary processes, including StudioGum's owner Johannes. In addition, very few rubber manufactures specialize in molded rubber hoods. The process requires using various size models of mannequin human heads which are dipped into the liquid latex, then dried and dipped again and again until achieving the required thickness. This is a time-taking process that can't be rushed and requires a lot of experience to prevent the rubber from running, dripping and drying unevenly. Once the rubber reaches the desired thickness and is completely dry, the rubber hood is carefully peeled off the mannequin head and cut for the addition of zippers, eye holes, etc. So, Johannes wouldn't show us his secret back room where all the magic happens. However, he asked me through translation if I would like to see his gasmask collection. My Pupett friends and I all said yes. We had no idea what we were about to see.

Johannes led us out the back door of his workshop and into the back alley. Europeans are familiar with the age of their buildings but walking through the back allies of centauries’ old buildings oozing with history of WW-II and before was really striking to me. We entered the back door of another old building, walked down the hallway and stopped in front of a locked door. I think this was an apartment building and the door we were facing was the entrance to a ground floor unit. Johannes unlocked the door and we entered what I can only describe as a gasmask museum. As you will see in the photos, there were literally hundreds of gasmasks covering the walls. There were three rooms filled with gasmasks and associated paraphernalia, diagrams, breathing filters, rubber hoses. There were gasmasks for children and horses from WW-I, and high-tech gasmasks for jet pilots.

As Johannes showed us around his museum, he spoke German to my friends, explaining the history of the gasmasks and where he got them. I could tell that he was quite proud of his unique accomplishment. Indeed, our minds were totally blown. Then it occurred to me - this guy had probably been attracted to rubber and gasmasks since he was a kid and experienced WW-II. It takes a special person with a personal fetish drive to create a business like StudioGum. Who else would dream up the bizarre heavy rubber hoods and suits he creates? As my friend JG-Leathers would say "horniness is the mother of invention". This is so true, and Johannes is an excellent example.

Since my visit with Johannes in 2007, he sold the business to Hans-Peter, another rubber guy in Germany. The story of Hans-Peter and the purchase of StudioGum is told in the text description of the update titled 'Switzerland In December Part 25-26-27'. Johannes sold his business and retired but passed away a few years later. So Hans-Peter, the new owner, now carries the sacred knowledge of heavy rubber manufacturing, and carries the torch forward for all of us who enjoy wearing heavy rubber.

I hope you enjoy the vintage photos of Johannes' gasmask museum. I'm so glad I was able to photograph his collection before he passed away. I understand that nobody stepped forward to buy the collection, so the museum was dismantled and divided up between interested parties. These photos may be the only complete set that exist. NOTE - the photo viewing in the gallery is not very intuitive. There are 80 or so photos spread across three pages, so make sure you view all three pages to see all the photos. A special thanks to my friends Pupett and Matthias for this unique experience. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1225 / DATE: Apr 28 2021 / IMAGES: 68 / VIDEOS: 3

Okay you guys, this is a hot video. This is part 27, 28, 29 of the Switzerland In December videos which we shot in in December of 2019. We were worried that visiting Zurich Switzerland in December would be bad weather, but it was OK and there was no snow. We were visiting RubNGum, a heavy rubber guy who runs the BlackStore.com website. This guy is one of us - he has a giant rubber collection and loves to be tied up in his heavy rubber gear.

We spent two weeks visiting RubNGum and a few other guys in the area. I had no idea how much video we shot until we got home, and I started to edit the content. After this update, I still have a few more hours of content I haven't edited yet. In this update we feature Lukas Tyler and Dungeon Daddy as they play with a steel bondage chair made by StyleFetish. I love Lukas's smile after he's secured in the chair. He's so cute, and his big smile tells us that he loves to be made helpless in bondage. Lukas and Dungeon Daddy are in love, and it shows in the video. They are so cute as a couple and we look forward to their wedding after the Covid pandemic settles down. They have a play space in their house in Las Vegas called NoEscapeDungeon which I helped them build. It's stocked with Dungeon Daddy's gear, my gear, and a few other guys who donated gear to the project. I will be shooting videos in their playroom in the future, as soon as the Covid pandemic settles down.

This video also features our friend Hans-Peter who owns StudioGum in Germany. Over the years I gave seem Hans expand his business to include StudioGum which he purchased from the original owner a while back. Hans-Peter told me that his first exposure to rubber was a small ad for StudioGum in the back of a gun magazine. We're talking years before the Internet. I guess Hans sent for a catalog from StudioGum, and years later he owns the business. Before the purchase of StudioGum, Hans was already running his own rubber retail website Latex-Maske.com. So, he was used to running his own retail website and making rubber gear. Before Hans purchased StudioGum I was lucky to visit the StudioGum workshop and meet the original owner. I was traveling with my German friends who ran the popular heterosexual website Pupett.com. The StudioGum shop was in the basement of a building in Vienna Austria. The original owner of StudioGum didn't want to show his face in my photos, but he invited us to see his gas-mask collection. We followed him through a back alley and into an apartment building. On the ground floor, in the rear of the apartment building, was a lone apartment that probably wasn't very popular with renters but was the perfect location for the gas-mask collection. Upon opening the door to that apartment, we were presented my thousands of gasmasks which he had collected over the years. My friends and I were totally blown away. This gas-mask museum explained to me how this man became motivated to start manufacturing heavy rubber and open a business called StudioGum. He was a rubber kinkster who was probably exposed to gasmasks at an early age during World War 2. He and I had to communicate through our German friends who translated his German to English. This guy was an early rubber kinkster from a previous generation. As a matter of fact, I'll post another update with this update, that features the still photos I took of his mas-mask collection. This guy was a walking encyclopedia on gasmasks.

Hans-Peter, the current owner of StudioGum also has an interesting story to tell. The original owner of StudioGum eventually wanted to retire and sell his business. So he put the word out, and two people were interested, and one was Hans-Peter. These two guys showed up at the same time to meet the StudioGum guy. The competitor to Hans-Peter offered more money for the business, so the owner of StudioGum was going to sell the business to this guy. However, as they talked, the prospective buyer started to talk about the changes he was going to make to the business. The owner of StudioGum didn't like what he heard, so he sold the business to Hans-Peter. Unbelievable. What a story. Hans-Peter is a real rubber guy whereas the other guy was probably less interested in rubber and more interested in owning the business for prestige. What a story. Anyway, we should all be thankful that the business was sold to Hans-Peter. In the video in this update you will meet Hans-Peter and get a feel for him. I believe he quit his day job and is now running StudioGum and Latex-Maske full time. He's a lucky guy who turned his fetish into a thriving business. Way to go!

In the last part of this three-part video we get to see RubNGum in an inflatable StudioGum suit and strapped down in a bondage chair. This is the best part of this update, as far as I'm concerned. RubNGum is strapped into the chair and the suit is inflated. This is so hot. I wish I could have tried this instead of shooting the video. I once shot another guy, strapped into another bondage chair, years ago, and I always looked back on that and wished that I was the guy in the chair. And, here I am again, the one shooting the video instead of being inflated in the chair. Damn!

In any case, this update includes a 3-part video which features all the stuff I have mentioned above. I hope you enjoy this update as much as I do. I'll post the still photos I took in the original StudioGum's owner's gas-mask apartment museum in an update immediately following this update. I hope everything I wrote above makes sense, as it's 1am and I’m a little drunk. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1222 / DATE: Apr 16 2021 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

I guess 2021 is the year that I focus on building self-bondage gear with electromagnets. Frankly, self-bondage is very dangerous, and I don't recommend that anyone do it, but it's a great fantasy that I have thought about since I was a teenager. Last year my friend MummyEd purchased the two round electromagnets that we used in Part 1-3 in this series. Actually, MummyEd showed up at my house with one of the magnets which he had got on E-bay, and I immediately went online and purchased another so I had a pair to work with. I had known that round magnets were available, but I never had one in my hands, and never experimented with how powerful they could be. These E-bay magnets hold 150 pounds with 6 volts at around 1 amp. This opened up my hidden desires to build and experiment with self-bondage gear. The other factors that fuel my excitement are Bind's jail and basement where we can play with the magnets, and the bondage websites that Bind and I run which allow us to share our bondage interests with everyone. It's like all the self-bondage stars are in alignment.

The self-bondage chair in this video was built by our friend Louis who has also experimented with electromagnets. You can see videos of his electromagnet gear in two updates on this website titled 'Chair Test' and 'DYI Self Bondage'. (use the search window at the top-left of this page) Louis has a background in electronics and mechanics so it wasn't to difficult for him to create his gear. In any case, after his hurtle with building this chair he kinda lost interest in it, probably because it took too much effort to put himself into it. As a result, he loaned it to Bind and I. We cleaned it up, made some modifications, and as you will see in this video, Louis's chair is a really hot piece of gear. We salute Louis for his inventiveness with the chair, along with his generosity loaning it to us and letting us modify it a bit. The main modification we did was to replace Louis's lawn sprinkler timer with a pair of mechanical timers. These two mechanical timers are much easier to set and offer redundancy in case one timer fails.

As you will see in this video, the chair is a little complicated to get into. It requires clear thinking because there's is a sequence you must follow to get yourself in. Bind's suggestion of the metal head cage suspended from overhead is a great addition. I guess I'll stop talking now, and let you enjoy the video. We have a few other videos with the chair, so stay tuned for future updates. As far as I'm concerned, this chair is nothing less than fantastic and really stokes my self-bondage fantasies. Enjoy!

WARNING! Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover the dangers once you're secured and helpless. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this video as an example or guide. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1221 / DATE: Apr 7 2021 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 1

Covid-19 virus update - I got my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine, and the day after the shot I didn't feel so good. I felt like I was coming down with a cold, so I went to bed early. The next day I was fine. A lot of my friends said that they had a similar 24-hour experience. The vaccine rollout seems to be going well in the San Francisco area, and appears to be very efficient and well organized. I will continue to wear my mask, which is not a problem.

In my opinion, there are three reasons that make the video in this update highly unique. The first reason is that our friend Pup Havok's face tattoos and nose ring look quite striking, especially behind his unique steel muzzle. The second reason is that the steel shackles and collar he's wearing are welded on, so they cannot be removed. The third reason is that the conversation Bind has with Pup Havok about being a slave is extremely insightful and compelling. I consider these three reasons to be unusual and insightful nuggets which we don't capture on video that often.

Pup Havok is a friendly and pleasant guy, polite and well educated. He's acquainted with our friend Yossie and happened to be staying with Yossie when we first met him. Since Havok enjoys bondage, he was more than willing to be in our videos. As one thing always leads to another, we ended up at my house with Bind and Havok playing in the back room on my bondage frame.

Havok is clearly into bondage because he wears his steel shackles full time. Yep! Welded on, 24x7x365. His day job is primarily solo so he can wear his shackles full time. Havok also has a steel muzzle which he enjoys wearing as often as possible, which can be locked on. As you can see, his facial tattoos combined with his muzzle and shiny nose ring make for quite an unusual sight.

During their bondage play, Bind said he felt that some people were born to be a slave. The more Bind talked about it, the more I realized that Pup Havok was in this category. Why else would he have shackles welded on? Notice Havok's demeaner when Bind talks to him about this. In some way, Bind was also describing himself, and me, and many of us who love to be tied up. We feel most comfortable when we're restrained and locked up. This is why Bind says that he feels 'at home' when he's locked in a cage or jail cell.

Some people dabble with bondage and restraint. They spend bits of time in bondage as a novelty, but they don't crave it. Others prefer to spend longer times in bondage to satisfy their occasional urge, while others prefer to experience long periods of time - or even full time - in bondage with all their control given away. They crave the experience. So, on a scale of one to ten, with ten being caged, restrained, or jailed full time, I would say that Bind is a ten, Pup Havok is probably an eight, and I am probably a six. Interesting, eh? I don’t care to have my life be completely consumed with bondage, but I do crave it quite a bit. For me, it provides a break from my daily life experience, and frankly, I can’t do without it.

Towards the end of Bind and Havok’s play, Bind talks about being 'born to be a slave'. These comments are very insightful and something for all of us hard core bondage enthusiasts to think about. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.


GALLERY: 1211 / DATE: Mar 25 2021 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, here's a covid-19 update. I got both shots of Pfizer. Yep, maybe traveling to Germany and Switzerland to shoot videos is a possibility later this year. Keep your fingers crossed.

This video features the last bondage scene we filmed in the basement of NoEscapeDungeon.com, owned by DungeonDaddy (Recon) in Las Vegas. A few days before we shot this video, we moved all of Daddy's bondage gear from the basement to the second floor where we split it up between two adjacent bedrooms. Both bedrooms will be used as playrooms. We made this move because Daddy wanted to move his DVD collection into the basement next to his home theater. So, we spent a week or so painting the two bedrooms, bolting Unistrut to the walls and ceiling, and schlepping tons of gear from the basement up the two flights of stairs. You will see the upstairs playrooms in future videos.

The last scene from the basement features SFDom, Lukas Tyler, and the famous RigidCuff V-Chair. We're fortunate that Lukas enjoys shooting bondage videos with us, and we enjoy his company and the comradery of getting together with him and his partner DungeonDaddy for weekends of bondage play.

You've probably seen the RigidCuff V-Chair in our other videos, but it never seems to lose its appeal. It was built by our German friend Martin. Martin is a self-proclaimed 'bondage engineer', devoting much of his free time shooting bondage videos and still images, and building bondage gear. Martin is a smart guy and knows a lot about metalworking. You can see all the gear he's made over the years by clicking HERE. Also, here's an article about Martin and his home-made CNC milling machine. He made the V-Chair from scratch with welded and machined aluminum. I haven't seen Martin for years, and nowadays I see his bondage gear recreated in China. It's safe to say that Martin's gear is now a collector's item.

In this video we see SFDom strapping a construction safety harness onto Lukas which is connected to the ceiling. The V-Chair is a little unsteady on the carpet and should really be bolted to the floor or a piece of plywood. So, the safety harness protects Lukas from tipping the chair over - and it looks hot too! Lukas's molded rubber gas mask hood is from Polymorphe from years ago. Lukas's hands are slipped inside two pairs of BlackStyle rubber ball mitts. These mitts are really great. It was my idea to slip a pair of large size mitts over a pair of medium mitts, which dramatically increases the feeling of helplessness. Lukas's gas mask is connected to a tall bubbler bottle with an orange latex corrugated hose and screw-on gas mask fittings from StudioGum. The bubbler bottle is home made.

Once Lukas is fully secured, SFDom starts to apply his infamous hand job. SFDom is a great guy, and I love traveling and shooting videos with him. We make a great team, and when we get together with Lukas all three of us get fired up. I don't know how many guys SFDom has gotten off, but I bet it's over 200, maybe 300?

In any case, this is a fun and quick bondage video. The V-Chair is an awesome piece of gear, and I'm reminded to don my heavy rubber suit and get locked in for a few hours. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1209 / DATE: Mar 15 2021 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a hot scene we did in Las Vegas at NoEscapeDungeon.com. The guy in rubber is me. I wanted to try out the steel ball mount from Mr S.  I'm not even sure that Mr S even sells them anymore. It's a metal device that mounts to the wall and has a round clamp that sticks out from the wall far enough to allow a guy to straddle the device with his back to the wall, and have his balls clamped in. Once clamped it, there is no way to escape. You are held against the wall by your balls and even with your hands free you can't get away. You are stuck. I thought this was a hot device and got the idea to mount the device to the floor. So, you're held to the floor by your balls. You can't really move because the ball clamp is quite rigid and stationary.

In this scene the ball clamp is mounted to a bondage platform which we built years ago. The bondage platform is nothing more than a sheet of 1-inch plywood covered with a piece of blue carpet. We used Unistrut around the outside of the platform for attaching ropes or chains.  In this case I simply screwed the ball clamp down to the platform through the blue carpet. The ball clamp itself looks like a doughnut that's cut in half and hinged so it can open and close. A hex machine screw locks the clamp closed. The edges of the doughnut ball clamp are rounded to minimize pinching of the scrotum ball sack. The opening for the ball sack is fairly small, so you have to stretch out the scrotum skin to allow the clamp to fully close. Once closed, there is no way that either or both balls are going to slip through the opening, and there's no pain. Immediately you get a since that your balls are held stationary whereas the rest of your body can move around. This is an exciting and erotic feeling all by itself.

The first piece of rubber I put on was the StudioGum rubber hood with mouth insert, nose tubes and goggles. The more I play with this hood, the more I like it. The mouth insert completely fills my mouth with rubber and has the appearance from the outside that I have a rubber mouth and tongue. This looks and feels very kinky feeling. Then, I slip the pair of rubber nose tubes up my nose. This feels a bit uncomfortable the first few times, but I'm used to it now. When I first got the hood, I had to trim the length of the nose tubes by 1/2-inch or so. This is because the tubes were a length that made me sneeze uncontrollably. The tubes had to be cut shorter, so their ends didn't land in the sensitive sneeze zone in my nose. And let me tell you, it's difficult and scary to sneeze with this hood on, because you can't breathe through your mouth, you can only breathe through the nose tubes in your nose. Yikes! However, not to be deterred by this problem, you can order this hood with much longer nose tubes that end well past the sensitive sneeze area. I want to order a hood with the longer nose tubes because it makes the experience that much more kinky and exciting. By now I'm used to the shorter nose tubes and feel I can graduate to the next level of length. I get turned on just thinking about longer nose tubes!

After the hood is on, I don a heavy latex straitjacket suit from StudioGum. I have had this suit for years. In this scene I don't use the suit as a straitjacket, but instead slip each of my hands into rubber ball mitts from BlackStyle. These mitts are totally awesome, and not long after I purchased a pair of medium size mitts, I figured out that if I slipped a pair of large mitts over the medium mitts it became twice as restrictive. So, I ended up buying two pairs or the small, medium and large size mitts, 12 in total. This allows me to share these exciting mitts with other people I shoot videos with. In order to pull one mitt over another, both need to be well lubed or powdered. The feeling of two rubber mitts pulled over your hands is quite exciting and gives you a unique feeling of total helplessness.

Once I was fully enclosed in rubber, I climbed up onto the bondage table and SFDom assisted me in getting myself lined up with the ball clamp which was mounted in the center. SFDom used leather HumaneRestraint cuffs on my wrists and ankles to stretch me out in a secure spread eagle position with ball clamp positioned as close in my crotch as possible. I had planned on having a leather neck collar, but I aborted that idea because it would take SFDom longer to pull the hood off in case I had breathing problems. You see, lying horizontally with the hood is more challenging because saliva pools in my throat which I can choke on, and moisture can also gather my nose because of the nose tubes. So, I was nervous during this entire scene about choking. This doesn't happen when I'm standing or sitting vertical. In any case, once I was secured to the table with my balls in the clamp and my limbs spread and secured, and the hood filled my mouth with rubber, and I was breathing through rubber tubes up inside my nose, and I was peering out of lenses that are completely air tight and sucked to my face, I felt like this was turning into the ultimate rubber bondage experience. I felt so cocooned and helpless.

SFDom prodeeded to play with my erect cock with his gloved hands. These thick gloves feel amazing on my cock and balls, and feel even more amazing when lube is used to make the gloves slippery. The feeling on my cock and balls is out of this world! I was very turned on and it didn't take me long to shoot all over the place. It was a strong orgasm and it felt wonderful. I would love to do it again as soon as the virus lets us travel again. The next time I would like to be left bound to the table for a while before the cock play starts. This will allow me to fully enjoy this amazing 5-way helpless predicament!
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