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GALLERY: 482 / DATE: Oct 9 2012 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 4

We built the deck cell a long time ago. We have imprisoned many people in it in various types of restraints but oddly we have not done any long term sessions. Bind was not the first to volunteer, but he was the first to experience a full night. We had no idea if there would be enough air or if it would be too hot or too cold. I will admit my motivation to build it was fueled by images of being thrown in naked in shackles with only a bucket of water. Bind prepared for this unknown journey with some basic safety items. He took a few creature comforts like food and water. The basic bucket bathroom did come in handy. These videos cover the adventure from the outside and inside. I personally enjoyed the chance to fuck with someone. We did not talk to him for the entire experience. This took it to a whole new level. The infrared camera allowed us to see when he was asleep, eating, or pissing in a cup. This is not the last time we do an over night. Perhaps the next time our occupant will be shackled naked with only a bucket of water.

This update includes 4 videos, 26 still images and a complete text description of Bind's 24 hour deck cell experience written by Bind himself. Check out Bind's website at MenInChains.


GALLERY: 472 / DATE: Oct 3 2012 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

If you are a fan of the site you can relate to wanting to strapped in a chair instead of going out for dinner. We had been doing bondage for days. We had taken half of the day to move a few things and straighten up the gear. The oak bondage chair had been stored in the from room for months. Out of sight out of mind. Mumman wanted to try it out all day but we were planning to go out to eat. I had eaten earlier so I would be staying behind because we needed an update. We all pitched in to strap his ass tightly into the chair. He was wearing a chastity cage under his prison jumpsuit. The Maxcita hood and prototype mitts plus a dozen Humane Restraint straps topped things off. The chair was a work of horny love that came with a full selection of hand made straps. The group effort was successful. As they all went out for a late dinner, I stayed behind to ignore him. A good time was had by all.


GALLERY: 471 / DATE: Sep 29 2012 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

A long week of spending nights chained up or in a cage can put a dent into your sleep. Sometimes a float can be just what the doctor ordered. The standing cage fit him well. I chained it horizontally and added some locking mitts. The next few hours were filled with moans and snoring. Our visitor went home smiling.


GALLERY: 473 / DATE: Sep 25 2012 / IMAGES: 8 / VIDEOS: 1

I had thought about doing this for some time. The heavy canvas Maxcita bag is a reliable well made piece of gear that I trust. It is built for inverted suspension, all I needed was a volunteer with the ability to endure it. The guy I chose was fit, into yoga, and a practitioner of heavy bondage. He works as an energy healer so he understands how the body works. The twin hoists made inversion easy for one person. He spent a long time upside down. He said it was a great way to meditate. I'm sure he achieved a new level of enlightenment. I also noticed he achieved a rather large throbbing boner.


GALLERY: 477 / DATE: Sep 19 2012 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

After a long day of Dore Alley we all gathered back at the house. The play went on for hours and hours. This was an evening of fun, you tie me up and I'll tie you up bondage. Play is what this was about as it should be.


GALLERY: 476 / DATE: Sep 15 2012 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

Dore Alley 2012 is a San Francisco yearly event. It is a smaller version of the Folsom Fair with a gay focus. This was my first kink event when I moved to San Francisco. The midway was much smaller back then. There were about 2000 men in butt less leather chaps shuffling cheek to cheek. The event is much larger and less crowded now. The variety of kinks on display have also expanded. There are furies, pups, beards, boots, leather cops, leather clad bears and daddies, skin, body modification, and fetishists. I see more and more each year plus the addition of major and minor venders. Richard Hunter from Mister S Leather was doing public floggings, Kink.com did several public scenes. Outrageous fun was had by all, even the tourists.


GALLERY: 475 / DATE: Sep 11 2012 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 2

Another group headed for Dore Alley were taking on a prison theme. This was not simply costuming and simulated shackles. This was the real deal with authentic prison uniforms and heavy steel shackles and chains. The real difference was how they were applied. They had no locks or buckles. The were hammered on with metal rivets. The only way these can be removed is with a grinder and chisel. This is an extremely hot video. I have wanted to witness this for some time. Yossie is very serious about this ritual and has said it was very personal and wanted it to remain private. I was happy when he agreed to let us sit on the sidelines to watch. Dore Alley 2012 was a great place to drag these hardened criminals.


GALLERY: 474 / DATE: Sep 7 2012 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

Dore Alley 2012 brought together friends from all over the country. The event is a smaller version of the Folsom Street Fair with a gay focus. Leather, beards, boots, furies, pups, fetishists, skin, and more are represented in living color. The goal was to be on display. The idea of being the focus of attention in the middle of all of this outrageousness takes a little planning. We chose to mummify mumman in medical fiberglass. The position was an arms together with body and full head casting. I had come up with several add on features to enhance his experience. One was an open mouth position with handles on both sides of his head to aid in the use of his locked open mouth. We left his ass and cock defenseless and told him how attending Dore in bondage was considered consent in San Francisco. That isn't true, but he did borrow a cage chastity device to wear just in case. The other fun thing was how he ignored my advice to open his mouth while I wrapped his head. Fiberglass does not stretch. This seemed to wear on him through the day. The day was long with two public trips to down town San Francisco and a lot of play in between. We arrived that morning and Mister X lead him though the streets stopping almost every ten feet for pictures.


GALLERY: 470 / DATE: Sep 1 2012 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 1

If you look up the words bondage lover you will probably find a picture of Mumman. He has visited SBI three times and his number one , two, and three priority is bondage. We did almost daily sessions for about ten days and tomorrow was the day he was going to leave. I arrived at the office and somehow the bondage chair was set up in the front studio. Then Mumman somehow appeared in his wetsuit holding our Polymorphe molded rubber hood. I guess he wanted to spend a few hours in the bondage chair before he headed home. I strapped his ass in it as tightly as I could so he would have something to remember me by. Mumman is a real bondage lover and stayed tough for a bout four hours. Half way through I pallet wrapped his head after a complaint that he was able to move his head. Mumman will be back again I'm sure.


GALLERY: 469 / DATE: Aug 30 2012 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

The days around the Serious Bondage Institute are a continuing to be more and more interesting. Mumman has visited several times along with a whole line of familiar faces. This evening is typical of the revolving door, someone is coming, some one is going, and someone is getting tied up. The ball vice and metal stocks were great for immobilizing Mode Nar all decked out in his rubber. We have a visit from MummyEd and we say goodbye to Mumman. Most houses would have a strange reaction to this, but it is becoming far too normal around here. I'm not sure this is a good thing or a really good thing.


GALLERY: 467 / DATE: Aug 26 2012 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend Bind loves all forms of bondage, but his favorite is severe imprisonment that lasts for days. He likes to play fantasy roles where he becomes a convicted felon with no freedom or rights, locked up in a cell. Bind has experienced play scenes spanning a few days, but he wanted to experience a longer time in lock up. He wanted to go to prison for a week and see if he could get to a point where he actually wanted to be released. He wanted to find his limit, and pass it, to where he felt like a prisoner and could not get his freedom back. He wanted to feel what true bondage was really like.

Bind had been aware of Master Jack's web site which featured long term imprisonment experiences since around the year 2000, and had requested the application twice. Both times he had filled out the forms but didn't follow through when Master Jack responded. The website said that you had to sign a contract for your imprisonment - and then you had to live with it. Once you were 'arrested', there was no turning back until you served your entire term. Now it was time for Bind to actually do it. Being imprisoned for a week was on Bind's short list of things to try, and Master Jack's unique service was the way he was going to do it. The imprisonment would actually cost money, and this was the first time Bind would actually pay to be placed in bondage. In March of 2012 he scheduled his incarceration...

This update includes an amazing and detailed text account of Bind's seven day incarceration as well as video clips and photos from his cell stay. Master Jack has been providing unique bondage experiences for men since 1997. His list of gear includes straitjackets, sleepsacks, shackles, chains, hoods, and a U.S. Marshal Holding Cell. A special thanks to Bind and Master Jack for sharing these unique video clips, images and extremely detailed text with us. Check out Bind's website at MenInChains.


GALLERY: 501 / DATE: Aug 24 2012 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

In this video Rank from RMSF.org explains in detail how to replace a glove on a latex catsuit. This information is invaluable for the person who is into rubber and wears rubber enough that they occasionally tare or damage their gear. You can find other 'how to' latex repair videos on this web site so browse around to find them.


GALLERY: 468 / DATE: Aug 22 2012 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 1

MummyEd works nights and sleeps through the day. His job allows him to do a little bondage on the side. Bind was his for the night but first he needed some sleep. The storage room seemed to be a great place to store Bind while he headed home for some much needed sleep. He was shackled, locked in a cage, and left in a dark room. We focused an infrared camera on him to monitor his activity. This was only a small part of the evening. Later he was stored for the night in a sleepsack locked in a van in an empty parking garage.


GALLERY: 464 / DATE: Aug 18 2012 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

Mumman and Mode Nar had not met before, but bondage was their common bond. This was a fun scene to watch because there was not much for me to do. Mumman loves that blowup bag and was more than happy to help Mode Nar have the full experience. After that they did a playful scene in our office chair. Boys will be boys.


GALLERY: 461 / DATE: Aug 14 2012 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friends Mumman and Bind help Mister X fulfill another one of his dream bondage scenarios - to be mummified with chain. Mister X dawned his leathers and prepared the 200 feet of chain on our back deck, and Mumman and Bind did an expert job of applying it with minimal injury to their backs. Just another day at the Serious Bondage Institute.


GALLERY: 459 / DATE: Aug 6 2012 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 1

Mumman and Bind were staying at SBI for some bondage fun. Day after day there was a series of scenes, some planned and some spontaneous. This was a quiet day with no planned shoots, but the boys will play. The full rubber sleepsack with attached hood was where it all started. Mumman loves to be in his bondage for several hours and Bind was willing to keep him there. Those who truly love bondage value the time and effort it takes to do this. Bind would soon get his turn on the bottom.


GALLERY: 456 / DATE: Aug 2 2012 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 1

MummyEd asked me to help with a scene. He had a fellow into rubber and curious about some serious bondage. We did a team mummification that I'm sure created a wave of compression. The multi layered suspension left him very grateful and overwhelmed.


GALLERY: 480 / DATE: Jul 30 2012 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 1

This update isn't exactly about bondage or fetish, but for those of us who play with rubber or latex you will find this video quite helpful. Our friend Rank is a walking encyclopedia of rubber knowledge, and in this 15 minute video he walks us through the detailed steps of repairing a zipper in a latex catsuit. As Rank explains, this procedure can be performed at home with simple household supplies.

For those of us who have played with latex for more than a few years, we can appreciate the value of this information. Rank's instructions seem to demystify the repair of latex clothing. Up until now I have felt that the manufacturing and repair of latex clothing was some kind of black magic, and that you needed to be part of a secret ‘inner circle' to obtain this sacred knowledge.

This video was produced for the RMSF.org (Rubber Men San Francisco) rubber club, and it can be found on their web site as well. More care-and-repair videos will be available on their site in the future. A special thanks to Rank and RMSF.org for allowing us to share this video on our web site.


GALLERY: 448 / DATE: Jul 19 2012 / IMAGES: 16 / VIDEOS: 1

Mister X called and said he had some ideas for a bondage scene. He always has a list of things and most of them are pretty cool. He brought some metal pieces, but most important a real craving for heavy bondage. I strung him up for a while in the studio by metal shackles. I cranked his arms up to a reasonable height, but he asked for higher. I figured it hurt, but he asked for it. I got tired of his clanking around so I moved him down stairs and strapped him to a transport chair. He seemed secure with some extra straps. I didn't want him to get bored so I put him on the bubbler bottle. This will give him something to focus on while I get my work done. I hope I don't forget he is down there he is really quiet.


GALLERY: 457 / DATE: Jul 13 2012 / IMAGES: 10 / VIDEOS: 1

As most rubber men know, rubber and water make a great play combination. Rubber provides a sense of enclosure and protection, and as water oozes in and around the rubber it creates a special kind of sloshy and exotic feeling that's sexy, erotic and really fun!

In this scene Rank locks his rubber boy in some bondage and torments him with a water hose in the shower. This poor boy can't escape the pressurized water treatment, but frankly, every rubber boy knows that this is not something you want to escape from anyway.

A special thanks to Rank and his rubber boy, and to the folks at Thunder in the Mountains for sharing this video with us. The black rubber piss hood is from Studio Gum, and the transparent bondage 'Fiddle' is from Wholesale BDSM.
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