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GALLERY: 792 / DATE: Jul 1 2015 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 1

The Rawk Correctional Institution is the place to go for severe lockdown and restraint. In this video a rubber dude is restrained to a real psych-ward observation platform. Using Humane Restraint gear, the officers apply as many straps and cuffs as is necessary to fully subdue this rubber guy including a hospital safety helmet. If you have ever fantasized about being confined in a mental institution, contact the guys at Rawk and make an appointment. This is as real as it gets.


GALLERY: 737 / DATE: Jun 25 2015 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

In this video our friend Rank shows how he uses rolls of thin strip latex to bind his rubber-clad subjects. The strips of latex are quite effective and feel great. His helpless rubber gimp is attached to a metal bondage frame with ankle shackles, helpless mitts and the latex strips. Rank puts an egg vibrator in his pouch and then sits on the couch to admire his work. What a life! Check out Rank’s rubber blog RankInSF.com.


GALLERY: 759 / DATE: Jun 19 2015 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 1

MymmyEd applies his duct tape mummification skills to a visiting friend while using the playspace of yet another friend TapedAndTortured (Recon). TapeAndTortured owns an awesome two-story playroom with a super heavy metal bondage bed in the lower level and a spiral staircase between the two rooms. TapedAndTortured is actually a duct tape mummification guy as well.

After MummyEd applies a multi-layer wrap on his subject including a splash of camouflage tape, his head is enclosed in a metal bondage helmet which is bolted closed. Clearly, this guy isn't going anywhere. I think he's exactly where he wants to be. Good work MummyEd!


GALLERY: 788 / DATE: Jun 13 2015 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video featuring our friend Bind and Sir Tim. Under instruction from his Sir, Bind is dressed in a metal helmet and chains, and the two of them tour the popular Dore Alley event (now known as Up Your Alley) while inviting people to sign Bind's body with colored pins. Not only do they have a lot of fun, but we cover all the other people in gear at the event with our video camera. Clearly, the best part of this event is providing a place for people like Bind to wear their favorite bondage gear in public.

Dore Alley (Up Your Alley) is the small brother to the massive and popular Folsom Street Fair. Both events are held in San Francisco, and although Dore Alley is smaller than Folsom it is growing each year and has outgrown its original back alley birthplace. A special thanks to Bind and Sir Tim for this fun video. Check out Bind's website at MenInChains.com.


GALLERY: 797 / DATE: Jun 7 2015 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 3

Testing continues on a regular basis at the SeriousBondage Institute. If we are going to push the frontiers of bondage we need to keep a tight schedule of testing when we have volunteers at our disposal. These volunteers donate their time to be restrained in unusual scenarios so we can evaluate their survival rate and involuntary responses. This update contains three videos titled 'Just Testing', 'StudioGum Suit' and 'Steam Bath' which highlight some of our testing procedures.


GALLERY: 811 / DATE: Jun 1 2015 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 2

Our friends at the Rawk Correctional Institution encourage their prisoners to write on the jail cell walls. One prisoner wrote Wang Doodle. I'm not sure what that means. Maybe it is some kind of secret message? Anyway, check out the two fun videos in this update. One is titled 'Wang Doodle' and the other is titles 'Shitin' Bricks'. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 805 / DATE: May 26 2015 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 2

MymmyEd is fun to play with, which is why he has such a following of submissives. In this case his friend Steve came for a visit and allowed MummyEd to work his magic while we shot video of their play. The first video is titled 'Good Investment' and highlights a puffy hood which they had purchased together that morning at Mr S. MummyEd restrains his arms behind his back with a short spreader bar and a pair of McKinsey mitts and lets Steve ponder his predicament in his new puffy hood while his hands are suspended from an overhead hoist cable. In the second video titled 'Shiver' MummyEd chains poor Steve in a metal helmet, Mckenzie Mitts and ankle shackles and hoses him down with the garden hose. Steve is helpless and unable to avoid the cold water hence the title ‘Shiver’. A good time was had by all and we expect to see Steve again after he views these videos!


GALLERY: 800 / DATE: May 20 2015 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 1

This is one of my favorite videos. It features an intense 5-way spread-eagle bondage scene with steel shackles bolted to the concrete floor. We usually think of 5-way shackles as connecting the neck to the wrists and ankles. However, in this case the subject is shackled by the wrists and ankles and his balls. Yep! A special steel bracket is bolted to the floor which has a small clamp which attaches around the scrotum to hold his balls firmly in one position. This clamp creates the fifth anchor point. This guy is totally secured with no place to go. In this scenario the subject happens to be the prison warden. He is overpowered by an inmate who then releases another prisoner and together they torment the warden in unspeakable ways. As you will see, this is a HOT video!


GALLERY: 721 / DATE: May 14 2015 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

Vac cubes are fun to play with. In this case it's a vertical vac-cube from Rage Rubber (which now seems to be out of business). A vertical vac-cube is really no different than a square vac-cube except that you can stand upright and your head pops out the top.

In this video the fun comes at the end of the vac-cube session, when Rank challenges his friend to escape from the cube without ripping the rubber. This doesn't seem like a big deal until his friend discovers that the zipper is an industrial model with the handle on the outside, not the inside. Hummm... This doesn't stop him though, and he implements Part-2 of his escape plan. Check out this hilarious video and see what Part-2 entails. Visit Rank’s rubber blog at RankInSF.com.


GALLERY: 687 / DATE: May 8 2015 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

This seemed to be a day for bondage and puppy play. Three puppies showed up at SeriousBondage Institute. Two were partners on vacation and their puppy play turned out to be very warm and intimate. Later, a third puppy arrived and together the three of them had fun with their K-9 personas.

Puppy play is on the rise, with more puppies showing up each year at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Rubber puppies are a special breed and there seem to be a lot of them at the yearly Mister International Rubber (MIR) event held in Chicago each year. A special thanks to our three puppies for sharing their special kind of play in this fun video.


GALLERY: 675 / DATE: May 2 2015 / IMAGES: 89 / VIDEOS: 1

Rank makes a deal with his suspended rubber gimp 'GearMutt'. If GearMutt can manage to turn himself around 360 degrees Rank will release him. Struggling, moaning, laughter and a vibrator serve to entertain these two rubber guys. Mutt discovers that being suspended from a ball-bearing swivel is like being an astronaut in outer space with nothing to grab onto to propel himself. Hilarious! Check out Rank's rubber blog at RankInSF.com.


GALLERY: 803 / DATE: Apr 26 2015 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 3

This update includes three videos which feature some unusual gear and scenes. As many of you know by now, when you visit the SeriousBondage Institute in San Francisco you never know what to expect. This is the case as MymmyEd takes his friend Steve for a walk in the Castro District in a unique SteamPunk helmet, McKenzie Mitts and blue leather suit. They visit a local bar and Steve enjoys a beer through a straw. In another video StrapWizard (FetLife) is secured into the bondage chair in a fencing helmet, and MisterX (Recon) tries out a Lerman non-invasive halo brace. Ahhh... just another day at the Institute!


GALLERY: 806 / DATE: Apr 20 2015 / IMAGES: 568 / VIDEOS: 3

The Rawk Correctional Institution provides realistic jail and prison experiences for hire in the Los Angeles area. This unique facility includes three jail cells, psych observation room, and all the bondage gear needed to keep a visitor in check.

This update features photos and videos of Wired4Fun (FetLife) as he experiences a multi-day day stay at the Rawk Institution. Wired4Fun also wrote an article titled 'A Prison Bondage Experience' which details the fun and comradery he experienced during his stay which can be found HERE. The article explains in detail the videos and photos in this update. One of Wired4Fun's inmate buddies 'NoEscapeSlave' (Recon) wrote on the wall of his cell 'life is better in chains'. Might this be the case for those of us who enjoy the harsh reality of institutional restraints? NoEscapeSlave is featured in steel shackles and a custom metal helmet in the video in this update.

For more information about the Rawk Correctional Institution and their awesome setup visit their website at RawkCI.com. They provide the real deal in a safe and realistic setting. A special thanks to Wired4Fun, NoEscapeSlave and Rawk for allowing us to document these unique experiences.


GALLERY: 799 / DATE: Apr 14 2015 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 1

Our good friends Jamie and Wired4Fun came for a visit. Since Jamie is rather short we decided to throw him into our small stock cage for a test. Before he got in the cage, Wired4Fun hooked Jamie's cock up with some Erostek e-stim gear. Jamie hadn’t had much experience with e-stim, so to be locked in a cage AND experience e-stim was quite a challenge.

Wired4Fun slowly ramped up the controls as Jamie squirmed and grimaced, but Jamie was up for more. Bring it on! What a trooper. Towards the end Jamie was pushing a level 80 on the e-stim dials, which was a respectful level for anyone who knows an Erostek box. Our hats off to both Jamie and Wired4Fun - who turns out to be a very safe, knowledgeable and skillful e-stim player.


GALLERY: 791 / DATE: Apr 8 2015 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

Many of us fantasize about being straitjacketed and restrained in a real institution. What would it be like to be forcibly strapped down to a bed and left in a room for observation? You feel like you have lost all control of your situation and the guards don't seem to be interested in hearing your story. It's as if you have been unplugged from the real world and can't seem to find a meaningful connection with anyone around you.

This is exactly the spot that Micky Mackenzie finds himself in. He is led to believe that he has visitors and once removed from his cell he is taken to the observation room in the mental ward. Struggling ensues and he finds himself strapped to a bed awaiting further review. The room lights are turned out and the guards monitor him through the door window with a bright flashlight. When will this nightmare be over?


GALLERY: 802 / DATE: Apr 2 2015 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 3

Mikey And Daddy Tony came for a visit over the New Year’s holiday. Naturally Mikey got tied up. Isn't that the point of visiting SBI? Mikey and Daddy Tony have been featured on this website many times in the past. However, a few years ago they moved from San Francisco to Seattle to pursue other career opportunities. This was quite a loss for us at SBI, and very traumatic for both Mikey and Daddy Tony because they could no longer stop by at a moment's notice and strap Mikey into some bondage gear.

So, their visit over the holidays was just like old times with Mikey being tied up and the rest of us messing with him. The resulting video is in three parts. Part-1 is strapping Mikey in the chair. Part-2 is messing with Mikey. Part-3 is Mikey and Daddy Tony messing with one of their friends they brought along. Ah... just like old times. You guys are so much fun. We miss you a lot!

As a side note, after Mikey and Daddy Tony moved to Seattle they started a weekly podcast called 'No Safeword'. Their free podcasts has grown in popularity and are now sponsored by Mr S. During their podcasts they interview many interesting people from the BDSM community. Occasionally humor and chaos presides over the podcast with Daddy Tony at the controls. You can tune in to their podcasts on their website NoSafeword.com. Check it out!


GALLERY: 717 / DATE: Mar 27 2015 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

This was the second try by our friend NoEscapeSlave (Recon) to experience the metal bondage frame and the dive helmet. The first try was cut short because the compressed air tank ran out of air. Luckily we had a second tank on hand. NoEscapeSlave really enjoyed the experience and would have stayed in full bondage with the helmet all night but the air tank only lasts for an hour or so. Damn!


GALLERY: 793 / DATE: Mar 21 2015 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 2

The two videos in this update highlight the fun we have around the SeriousBondage Institute. In one video our friend MummyEd opens a box of goodies which a fan of the website sent us. Yes Ed, there is a Bondage Claus!


GALLERY: 763 / DATE: Mar 15 2015 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend Rank entertains a number of rubber guests throughout the year who come to San Francisco on vacation. Rank invites them into his private rubber den - and they they aren't seen again for days! I guess this isn't all bad though, because they all seem emerge with smiles on their faces. No wonder so many rubber guys come to San Francisco for vacation! Visit Ranks blog RankInSF.


GALLERY: 796 / DATE: Mar 8 2015 / IMAGES: 58 / VIDEOS: 2

These are two really cool videos featuring our friend Bind. He found an old vintage bondage board with two leather boots bolted to it, which is something I saw years ago in a Checkmate magazine. We experimented with the board in two scenes, one with Bind suspended overhead, and the second with the boot board bolted to the floor. Frankly this boot board is a really great and inexpensive bondage device, and it feels really amazing when your feet are secured to a rigid piece of board like this. The two videos in this update are titled 'Spin Test' and 'Really Stuck' Check it out.
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