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GALLERY: 8 / DATE: Dec 3 2015 / IMAGES: 174

In this vintage set of photos from 2008, Dalton tries out a selection of machined aluminum restraints from RigidCuff. These restraints are quite heavy and unique. Some of the restraints allow a chain to pass through the restraint so it can be locked to other pieces of gear. The combination of the heavy steel cage, chains and the RigidCuff restraints makes for an exciting and completely inescapable situation, and for those who have played with all-metal bondage you can appreciate the feeling of the metal-on-metal bondage and how it clanks through your bones as you struggle helplessly. All metal bondage is quite a special experience. Check out the RigidCuff website at Cuff24.com.


GALLERY: 832 / DATE: Nov 30 2015 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

The only thing left is to get off - but how? You are strapped to the chair with heavy leather straps, heavy rubber gloves and a super-heavy rubber hood. You have a sexual buzz from your helpless situation and all the gear, but you can't reach your cock. Lucky for you Rank is a nice guy, so he gets you off. Once you come down you can't help fantasizing about being left in the chair overnight with a big mirror so you can see yourself. Maybe next time? The hood is from Rubbers Finest in Germany.


GALLERY: 852 / DATE: Nov 24 2015 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a vintage video we shot years ago in a warehouse in northern California. The first scene is a guy we zipped up in a neoprene walksack from 665 Leather in Los Angeles. Then we locked a heavy metal collar around his neck from Rigid Cuff and attached it to an overhead chain. We gave him enough slack in the chain so he could walk 10 feet in any direction before be reached his limit. The walksack has an attached hood with no eyes so all he could do was wonder around helplessly. This is such a hot bondage setup and we need to do this again in the future.

The second cool scene is when we hoisted the same guy up to the ceiling, upside-down, in a Mr S leather straitjacket and hood. This is reminiscent of the classic Houdini straitjacket escape performed upside-down from the top floor a city building. Go to Google Images and do a search for 'houdini upside down' to see all the cool images. Our friend never escaped from his leather straitjacket, but he sure had a good time!


GALLERY: 851 / DATE: Nov 18 2015 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 3

Many metal bondage fans can fantasize about being chained and shackled in a dark room or basement. Chained to a timber, pipe, or bolt in the floor we are totally helpless and are at the mercy of our captor. We are left alone, with no reference to time, and are forced to wait for food and water. Nobody knows where we are, and yelling and screaming won't bring any help.

In this video our friend Bind is held prisoner in the basement of an old house. His captor visits once or twice a day to change his bondage and provide torment. Bind if left to sleep on the dirty concrete floor in the dark. This video helps the viewer to create a fantasy in their mind about how it would feel to be bound helplessly in cold metal shackles and not know when you will see the light of day.

A special thanks to Bind and Sir Tim for creating this cool video. Visit Bind's website MenInChains.com for more bondage videos.


GALLERY: 523 / DATE: Nov 15 2015 / IMAGES: 112 / VIDEOS: 1

This video requires strong gastric fortitude. A rubber procedure room with more action than a hospital ER. The primary patient is strapped down and prepped for a cleaning while another submits to electro conversion therapy. Watch closely for a bizarre walking urinal. What can I say. When a bunch of rubber guys get together you never know what will happen. WARNING - WATCH THIS VIDEO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

This is a vintage video from 2009 and is in the Windows Media format. If you don't have a Windows Media player load the free VLC Media Player from VideoLAN which should work on PC's, Mac's as well as mobile devices. A special thanks to the guys from Mister International Rubber, Rubber Men of San Francisco, and to RigidCuff for the metal bondage gear.


GALLERY: 824 / DATE: Nov 12 2015 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 1

Whoever has a fantasy about being cast in cement, please raise your hand. This video is a continuation of an earlier update showing how Bind's hands and feet were cast in cement. Once the cement was set, his captors tormented him in his cell. This is the ultimate bondage fantasy and predicament. By the way, don't try this at home. A special thanks to Bind at MenInChains.com and officers Rob and Hawk at RawkCI.com for making this video possible.


GALLERY: 847 / DATE: Nov 9 2015 / IMAGES: 86 / VIDEOS: 1

This vintage video which was shot with our older camera in 2010. We re-edited the video to give it new life. Back in 2010 we got together with some of our Recon friends for a weekend of bondage fun in an old warehouse in Northern California. One of the items in the warehouse was a free-standing steel jail cell. With a lot of chain and shackles we were able to lock our poor hooded boy in the middle of the cell so he could be properly tormented. Lucky for him his cock was locked inside of a chastity device from Mr S, otherwise the torment could have been a lot worse. Needless to say, everyone had a good time. The jail cell was made by Martin at RigidCuff.


GALLERY: 729 / DATE: Nov 6 2015 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 1

Imagine spending the night like this. You are strapped down in a solid metal cage. Your head is encased in a special breathing helmet and you are completely dependent on an external air supply for your survival. The hours pass slowly and you fall in and out of a light sleep. You are jarred again and again as you awake to be reminded of your helpless and bizarre situation. You are in bliss. You are exactly where you want to be. Don’t ever let this experience end.


GALLERY: 846 / DATE: Oct 30 2015 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 4

If you are interested in male chastity this is the video for you. During the 2015 Folsom Fair weekend we had 14 guys come to the SeriousBondage Institute to show their unique chastity devices and related piercings, and discuss their unique style of play. This unbelievable video is one hour in length and covers Steelwerks gear, Latowski chastity, Carrara chastity, NeoSteel chastity, urethral reroutes, urethral tubes, transscrotals, TSA security travel stories and recommendations, scrotal implants, body modification, cusa beads, full penis split, nipple rings and nipple removal, formaldehyde storage, medical grade stainless steel and titanium, ball caskets, integrated flesh-pull PA (Prince Albert) leads, cock cages, geish rings, cock cages, princess wands. This is not strictly bondage, but the stuff you will see in this video will show you what's possible. Warning - this is a mind-bending video so fasten your seatbelts. I don't know of any other videos on the web that show as much on this subject in one go.

A special thanks to Chris at Steelwerks for organizing this event, the guys from LunaCobra, and all the people who participated in this video and shared their personal stories and gear. This video took a lot of work and effort on everyone's part.


GALLERY: 845 / DATE: Oct 24 2015 / IMAGES: 75 / VIDEOS: 3

Rank takes his visitor 'Domin8aDV8' to his happy place in this amusing set of rubber videos. Domin8aDV8 is a popular guy on Recon who owns lots of gear. During his visit he showed us some of his gear including an inflatable purple suit (from China) and a traditional gimp suit. Once he was zipped into his gear he dipped into sub-space and Rank worked his magic. The challenge came during the last scene when he was required to escape from his inflatable suit - which he managed to do in record time. Good work by Domin8aDV8! I wonder what gear he will bring with him next time? This update includes 3 videos and 75 still images.


GALLERY: 843 / DATE: Oct 18 2015 / IMAGES: 65 / VIDEOS: 1

MummyEd performs his signature mummification on our guest 'RbbrObject80' (Recon) and adds a twist at the end by putting the mummified gimp in our new isolation box. The gimp is wearing a rubber catsuit, heavy rubber lineman gloves, a super-heavy Rubber's Finest hood, a gas mask with inhale and exhale hoses, and an electrified butt plug. This guy is totally helpless and loves every minute of it, especially when the cover to the isolation box is closed and he is forced to spend some time in darkness and silence. Ok, well, the Rubber's Finest hood doesn't have eye holes so I guess he was in total darkness from the very beginning of the scene. In any case, we monitored this poor guy from the other room with a wireless baby monitor where we were able to hear his moans of pleasure as he rolled and thrashed about helplessly in the box. What a ride! A special thanks to MymmyEd and his Recon friend RbbrObject80 for this hot scene.


GALLERY: 825 / DATE: Oct 12 2015 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

In this video our friend NoEscapeSlave (Recon) is restrained in our deck cage with metal shackles. There are two cool things about this video: 1) the deck cage itself which is really a vertical cage which we laid horizontally into the wood deck, and 2) the neoprene Walk Sack. This is a custom made neoprene sleepsack top which includes the conventional arm sheaths and attached hood but has individual legs instead of the conventional leg sack. It was made by 665 Leather in Los Angeles and is not available in their store, it is a special request item. You need to go to the store and have them measure you before placing an order. I'm not sure they call it a ‘WalkSack’, I think that was a name we made up. In any case, NoEscapeSlave spent a few hours in the cage until the sun went down and he got too cold to make it overnight. Bummer!


GALLERY: 809 / DATE: Oct 5 2015 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 2

The bondage people we hang out with sure have a good time. They are all warm, trustworthy and fun to be with. Bondage is the theme that brings us all together. In the first video of this update a prisoner at the Rawk Correctional Institution escapes from his cell only to return a few minutes later. He does this to embarrass the guards who feel that they always have their guests under strict control and lockdown. After interrogating the prisoner and being led astray, the guards review the security camera video to figure out exactly how the escape was performed. What they saw was absolutely hilarious and provided a good laugh for all of us.

The second video features a unique stainless steel helmet, a pair of unusual McKinsey Mitts and some strange elbow restraints. As you will see, the name of the game is to have a good time regardless of your role as a prisoner or guard.

A special thanks to Officer Rob, Officer Hawk, Spike, Wangdoodle, and NoEscapeSlave. To visit the Rawk Correctional Institution review their website at RawkCI.com. These guys are the real deal! This update includes 2 videos and 29 still images.


GALLERY: 838 / DATE: Sep 29 2015 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 1

This video shows some of the action at the Up Your Alley 2015 street fair in San Francisco. This fair used to be called Dore Alley but for some reason they changed the name to Up Your Alley. Maybe its because the fair is bigger each year and has spilled out on to Folsom street. Also, as more and more housing units are built on Dore Alley, many of the new residents are complaining about the noise so ultimately the fair will migrate onto Folsom street. In any case Up Your Alley is held each year a few months before the big Folsom Street Fair.

In this video we see Bind and his partner prepare for the fair in the hotel room and the subsequent cab ride to the fair. Some cab drivers don't like to pick up people in fetish dress whereas other drives don't care. This cab driver was cool about it. We arrived at the fair about 11am when it opened and I left around 2pm just when the crowd started to get big, so don't judge the amount of people attending the fair by what you see in the video. There were many more people at the fair after I left. I leave around 2pm because the crowd gets so big I can't shoot any more video.

For me, the highlight of the fair was a real policeman who asked for his photo to be taken with Bind. How cool is that? That could only happen in San Francisco. Check out Bind's website at MenInChains.com.


GALLERY: 822 / DATE: Sep 24 2015 / IMAGES: 56 / VIDEOS: 1

OK you guys, listen up! This is a fucking cool video. You aren't going to see this every day. This video is unbelievable. Have you ever heard of Al Capone and his famous cement shoes? Capone was a gangster in the early 1900's in New York City. One of his techniques for making enemies and informants disappear was to cast their feet in a bucket of cement and then dump them in the river where they would immediately sink to the bottom and drown. The heavy cement on their feet would keep them on the bottom so their body would never float to the surface and be found.

Well, our Los Angeles friends Bind, Hawk and Rob decided to cast Bind's hands and feet in cement blocks to see what kind of bondage experience it would create. After doing a few tests mixing various amounts of sand and concrete they found a ratio that wouldn't overheat, would set fast, and could be knocked apart easily to get Bind free.

This video documents the entire process of their experiment from beginning to end, and is nothing less than mind-blowing. As Bind says in the video "don't try this at home". I totally agree, this is serious stuff. However, it's a really hot fantasy to have parts of your body set in concrete. You would be completely immobile and at the mercy of the people around you. Just make sure there isn't a river or lake anywhere near!

Check out this video and let your mind wander. This is the real deal. We can't wait to see another test of the cement bondage idea. A special thanks to Bind, Hawk and Rob for conducting this crazy experiment and inviting me to shoot it on video. Check out Bind's website at MenInChains.com and Hawk's website at RawkCI.som.


GALLERY: 828 / DATE: Sep 17 2015 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

In this scene our friend TapedAndTortured (Recon) invites two guys to play with a medical halo brace and his infamous stretch rack. This rack is really fun because it has a pair of manual crank winches which make a loud clicking sound when they are turned, reminiscent of the dark ages. The clicking sound is enough to scare you, but they add some e-stim on top of the stretching to ensure their subject has a 100 percent helpless experience. The medical brace is pretty bizarre too, holding the guy’s head from moving as he is tormented from all directions. Nice! Check out TapeAndTortured's profle on Recon for photos of all the amazing scenes he has done. This is the only guy I know with a two-story dungeon.


GALLERY: 789 / DATE: Sep 14 2015 / IMAGES: 13 / VIDEOS: 1

Holly Bondage Batman! As usual, Robbin is in trouble and his crime fighting partner Batman is nowhere to be seen. Robbin has been kidnapped and is going to be sold in an on-line auction. Is this curtains for Robbin? Robin struggles against his restraints while his captor Officer Hawk describes the details his upcoming fate. Fans of the Batman series should stay tuned to this perilous situation by joining this website and watching Robin’s situation unfold. This is superhero bondage at its finest. Check out the Rawk Correctional Institution and sign up to experience similar bondage treatments in a real prison setting. Maybe you will meet Robin as well...


GALLERY: 830 / DATE: Sep 11 2015 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 2

This red rubber gimp came to the SeriousBondage Institute for a visit, and totally lucked out by having both Rank and BootedRay (Recon) run him through the intake procedure. Not all visitors get to be worked over by a pair of well-known rubber tops. I guess the gimp knew this because after he shot his load he yelled out "you are so fucking generous sir!” All of our visitors should say this! This update contains two videos.


GALLERY: 829 / DATE: Sep 5 2015 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a totally hilarious video with Rank and his rubber gimp. They are testing our new isolation box with some rubber, bondage, gas mask and e-stim. The box has multiple ports which allow hoses to be connected from the gas mask to the outside. The gas mask has both an inhale and exhale hoses. There are additional holes in the box for the e-stim wires but they weren't long enough so we just ran them out the top. The best part of this scene was the 'count to twenty' test where the gimp tried to count to 20 before the e-stim got too much for him to take. Poor guy... these guys have way too much fun!


GALLERY: 839 / DATE: Sep 2 2015 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 4

These four short demo videos were produced by SeriousKit and highlight their unique penis suction tubes and rubber vacuum suit. This gear is manufactured in the UK. We were in London earlier this year and shot a complete interview and demonstration with the owner of SeriousKit which can be found on our other website SeriousImages.com. (the video features women)

The four demo videos in this update can be found on Xtube and other websites so they are not special to this website. However, since we are friends with SeriousKit we thought the videos may be of interest to those who have not seen them. At some point in the future we will shoot a detailed video of a guy in the full SeriousKit system of gear. Visit the SeriousKit website for more information about their products which include the vacuum milker, a number of different penis suction tubes with and without E-stim, two versions of their rubber vacuum suit, a rubber suction hood and a new electronic controlled vacuum pulser.
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