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GALLERY: 931 / DATE: Nov 5 2016 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

We have a new friend in the UK who goes by the name 'At My Disposal' on Recon. He's a rubber and bondage Top with a lot of gear and a great voice. He's tall and handsome, and has a soothing voice which will have you submitting to him in no time.

We will be shooting with him in 2017, but for now he sent us a few test videos which he shot with his local friends. We like this guy because he's a ‘gear head’, and he likes the same kit that we do. He also subscribes to the philosophy that 'more is better', which is our philosophy as well. You can never have too much gear. Right?

This update features a video which he shot in his playroom. Two young lads who have come for a day of training. One lad thinks he’s smart by slipping out of some leather cuffs, only to find the cuffs replaced by a set of 5-way metal shackles. Once he is locked in the shackles he’s thrown into a steel cage to contemplate his wrongdoings. The harshness of the metal bondage will make a lasting impression on the boy. The second boy is clad in full rubber and strapped to an inversion table. After he’s fully restrained, his cock is subjected to e-stim probing while his yelps and moans are muffled by a heavy rubber StudioGum hood and rubber hose. Hot!

If you would like to communicate or book a session with 'Master AtMyDisposal', check out his website at MasterAtMyDisposal.com, and his Tumblr feed AtMyDisposal.tumblr.com. This UK domme is fun to work with, and we look forward to shooting with him in 2017. By the way, we understand that he now has an isolation chamber connected to his play room. Cool! We wait to see it!


GALLERY: 929 / DATE: Nov 2 2016 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 1

This is an intense video featuring our friends Bind and Tony Orlando. The video highlights a bizarre rubber device called a 'Squeeze to Breathe'. The device seems to be popular in the UK and is built around a special anesthesia valve. This is serious play. Once this rig is hooked to a gas mask, the subject can only breathe while the rubber bulb is being squeezed and deflated, hence the name 'squeeze to breathe'.

Personally, I am not a fan of breath play, but during this scene someone pulled out a Squeeze to Breathe device and it seemed to fit in with the rubber sleepsack and gas mask the subject was wearing. WARNING - THIS VIDEO IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. This scene makes a great fantasy if you like edge play, but do not try this for real. Do not use this video as a suggestion or guide. Breath play can be quite dangerous and easily fatal. When we shot this video, we had spotters on hand. This is like Hollywood movie; the scene makes a great video but should not be done for real. If you do breath play do so at your own risk. Too many kinksters die each year from simple breath play accidents. In this case the fantasy is better than the possible ramifications of an accident. Unexpected accidents can happen quite easily. Please play safely. Think with your big head, not your small head.

Visit Bind's website MenInChains for other interesting bondage videos.


GALLERY: 928 / DATE: Oct 30 2016 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 1

The possibility of everlasting life has been the centerpiece of many religions and cultures. People pursue accent myths which describe procedures for extending life. Even a fragment of a rumor can send seekers on a quest to acquire this exotic information. True immortality is priceless to those who seek it.

Such is the case with a man who finds himself growing older and seeks to extend his life. He is in luck. An private doctor has discovered the secret to everlasting life, and runs infomercials on television to attract clients who seek this procedure.

After a brief meeting with the doctor, the man is led to a room where the life-extending procedure will be performed. The doctor's staff is ready with the special materials which they will apply to the man's entire body. The procedure takes less than an hour, and the doctor says that his satisfaction is guaranteed; he has never received a complaint from prior customers... Meanwhile, thunder and rain is heard outside while bells ring in the neighboring church... This mysterious night is not fit for man nor beast. Happy Halloween!

A special thanks to Bind from MenInChains, Tony Orlando and FearSlave for taking part in this video.


GALLERY: 927 / DATE: Oct 27 2016 / IMAGES: 66 / VIDEOS: 3

Here's the story - the guy in the bondage chair wanted to be tied up and put on display in high school. The guy in the Maxcita straitjacket was new to bondage and wanted to try out some serious gear. The guy in the metal bondage chair came for a visit and ended up getting the ice treatment. These guys all have one thing in common - it's whachuwant! Yep! These guys got exactly wnat they wanted. They were all very happy and horney. The first video is titled 'It's Whachuwant'. the second video is titled 'Good Boy', and the third video is titled 'FrogMenOnDeck'. It's just a bunch of guys having fun with gear. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 917 / DATE: Oct 20 2016 / IMAGES: 46 / VIDEOS: 3

This update includes three videos that aren't necessarily connected to each other. The first video features a 'Bucket of Shame'. You may have heard of a 'Cone of Shame'? Well, a fan of the site is a metalworker and he came up with his own version which he called the 'Bucket of Shame'. Our friend BootedRay used it on FearSlave, suspending it from overhead. This is one of the few times we shot the Bucket before shipping it off to Master AtMyDisposal in the UK. If you want to try it out, contact him on his new website MasterAtMyDisposal.com. Also, check out FearSlave's blog by clicking HERE.

The second video features RankInSF and PunMyOdes. Pun is lashed down to a bondage platform with super heavy rubber bungee cords and hooked to a SCUBA air supply. After that he's hosed down with water in head-to-toe rubber. Finally he's put in a rubber sleepsack and left in an isolation box for a while.

The third video features our friend Bind as he does a bit of thank-you bondage to his boy for helping him with a project around the house. The boy is hooded and strapped to a rescue board which is resting on two saw horses in the basement. Bind sure has a cool basement to play in.

These three videos are odds-and-ends of crazy stuff we have shot over the last year or so. I hope you enjoy them. Rank hasn't been seen on the site in a while, and Bind is always shooting new bondage videos for his website MenInChains.com. As usual, a fun time was had by all!


GALLERY: 732 / DATE: Oct 15 2016 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 1

Lots of guys make suggestions for stuff we can shoot and gear we can build. The truth of the matter is that serious bondage gear and dedicated facilities are expensive as well as being few and far between. Currently, the world-wide bondage market doesn't generate enough cash to enable bondage manufactures to move out of their basements and garages. Similarly, the pay-to-play market isn't big enough to support investment in high quality public dungeons and play spaces. So, instead, serious bondage gear and facilities are created as a labor of love, and paid for by sweat and personal savings.

On one hand we could be disappointed that serious bondage resources are rare and exist in the shadows of society. One the other hand, since the interest in serious bondage play is still taboo in society, a special twist is added to our interest in this subject, and when we play with bondage we get an extra rush of excitement because we are doing something that is rather secret and quite socially unaceptable. Here's another way to look at it - if everyone was into serious bondage play and you could buy straitjackets and shackles at Ikea, Macys and Walmart, it might not be as much fun.

So, that said, until you can buy bondage gear at your local mall, this website will continue to shoot cool bondaage gear, facilities and people. Such is the case with this video. These guys built this private facility with their sweat and their bare hands, and used it as a place to play and act out their own bondage fantasies. This facility no longer exists, but as I have said before, I salute them for having the balls and commitment to turn their fetish dreams into reality. People who do this are like sacred artists or diamonds in the rough - and their effort enspires others to express their passion for bondage in similar ways.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did while shooting it. It's an honor to watch these fellow kinksters raising the bar of what they can experience. The rush we feel when playing with bondage is like sex itself, a natural high. And frankly, in my opinion, the excitement of experiencing severe bondage and restraint can be better than sex.

If you know of other facilities we can shoot and document, please let us know. Also, if you continue to support this website with your memberships we will have the funds to travel and shoot other cool videos. Thank you.


GALLERY: 879 / DATE: Oct 13 2016 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's a vintage video we shot years ago when Dalton Ott was still at the Institute. We miss Dalton because he was such a good bondage rigger. Dalton moved to Hawaii to start the next chapter of his life, but we have all of the old videos with Dalton back when we first started this website.

In this update (which was shot with our old video camera) we entertain a visitor to SBI who loves institutional Humane Restraints. Dalton proceeds to restrain this poor guy with tons of HR gear which we had purchased a few years earlier E-bay. For around $1,500 we were able to buy tons of HR cuffs, leather locking straps, and canvas bed straps with attached cuffs. Some of the gear was new and some was used. Dalton was good and combining gear and figuring out new ways to use the gear. I think the only piece of gear in this scene which wasn't made by HR was the muzzle, which was made by Church Of Sinvention in Canada. The muzzle was made with the same tan leather which matches the HR cuffs and straps which is really cool. As a result, everything looks institutional. The tan muzzle also goes well with canvas straitjackets made by Humane Restraint and other manufacturers like Maxcita and Monkey Dungeon and No Escape (their website is horroble - click on the three bars to see the menu).

Once Dalton had this guy completely restrained, we could hear the creeking of the leather when he moved around, which was really great. I think MummyEd shot the video because you can hear his voice in the background. In any case, fun was had by all. Be sure to check out the cool bondage gear from ChurchOfSinvention. They make some cool arm splints made in tan leather, and the muzzel, and maybe some bondage mitts, and probably some other stuff which I don't even know about. They are great people.


GALLERY: 922 / DATE: Oct 10 2016 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 2

Needless to say, we have a good time at the SeriousBondage Institute. When people come to visit things take on a life of their own and get a little crazy. Everyone wants to be in a bondage video and sometimes we just make stuff up to have fun. This is the case with the two videos in this update. One is titled 'Contamination Control' and the other is titled 'Skull Helmet'.

Contamination Control takes place at Bind's new jail cell in Hampton Iowa. We wanted to try out a rescue stretcher which he had purchased at a surplus store. One thing lead to another and before you knew it we had cooked up a story utilizing our friends Tony Orlando and Fear Slave. The story has something to do with a virus contamination, but the details seem rather vague.

The second video features our friends Wired4Fun and MindControl. We wanted to try a cool skull helmet which Wired4Fun had purchased recently, and some super heavy metal shackles we got during our last trip to the leather store Parus-Leder in Munich.

I hope you enjoy these two videos as much as we did filming them. Make sure to check out Bind's new jail cell facility at HamptonJail.com, and his bondage video website MenInChains.com. Also check out the ultra-heavy metal bondage gear on the Parus-Leder.com website.


GALLERY: 914 / DATE: Oct 3 2016 / IMAGES: 83 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's another cool rubber video. As you may have noticed, heavy rubber is my thing, and this video really works for me because it combines heavy rubber and heavy metal bondage. The rubber suit is from our friends at StudioGum, and the heavy metal shackles and metal Fiddle are from Parus-Leder.com in Germany. Check out their websitre, they have a ton of super-heavy metal bondage gear.

There's no story or reason for this video other than to see someone in heavy rubber bondage. I installed a giant ring-bolt in the middle of the concrete floor for attaching  the bondage gear to. I love how big the ring-bolt is. The whole scene is totally over-the-top and inescapable. This scene could be called a 'rubber prison' but I prefer to call it 'my rubber heaven'. Anyone care to spend the night like this? A special thanks to our friend Bind for helping us shoot this awesome video. Check out his website for more bondage videos: MenInChains.com.


GALLERY: 920 / DATE: Sep 30 2016 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 2

We have a new friend in the UK who goes by the name 'At My Disposal' on Recon. He's a rubber and bondage Top with a lot of gear and a great voice. He's tall and handsome, and has a soothing voice which will have you submitting to him in no time.

We will be shooting with him in 2017, but for now he sent us a few test videos which he shot with his local friends. We like this guy because he's a gear head, and he likes the same kind of gear that we do. He also subscribes to the philosophy that 'more is better' which is our phlosophy as well. You can never have too much gear. Right?

This update includes two videos which he shot in his playroom, and we have a few more of his videos in the pipeline. If you would like to communicate or book a session with 'Master AtMyDisposal', check out his website at MasterAtMyDisposal.com, and his Tumblr feed AtMyDisposal.tumblr.com. This UK domme is fun to work with, and we look forward to shooting with him beginning in 2017. By the way, we understand that he now has an isolation chamber connected to his play room. Cool! I can't wait to see it!


GALLERY: 913 / DATE: Sep 27 2016 / IMAGES: 67 / VIDEOS: 1

Frankly, if you ask me, this is a pretty hot bondage video. Our friend Bind attaches his prisoner's muzzle to a bolt in the wall with a padlock, and later puts him in a backwards straitjacket hogtie and locks his muzzle to a bolt in the floor. Both of these bondage methods are humiliating and quite effective. I have not seen the backwards straitjacket idea used very often, and the muzzle attached to a stationary bolt is quite exciting. Those who own a straitjacket should try it on backwards for a fun variation. I don't know where Bind got the muzzle with the face ring, but it's a great idea. I can fantasize about being left in a deserted basement with my face locked to a bolt in the floor and the sound of crickets outside on a hot summer's night. Yes, you can hear the sound of crickets in the video. If I were face down with my muzzel attached to a bolt I would be humping the floor for sure. A special thanks to Bind and his prisoner Tony Orlando for a cool video with some great bondage ideas. Check out Bind's website for more of his bondage videos at MenInChains.com. Good work you guys!


GALLERY: 918 / DATE: Sep 21 2016 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 2

Our Recon friends SFDom and PunMyOdes seem to get along quite well together. They have met up here at SBI on many occasions to shoot videos. SFDom is local in San Francisco, and PunMyOdes is from Canada.

This update features two videos we shot with them. The first is titled 'Stages' which features the two guys playing with various pieces of metal bondage gear, and finally settling with PunMyOdes in a suspended metal stock and ankle spreader bar. This is a hot scene.

The second video is titled 'Bubblehead' and features PunMyOdes in an inflatable rubber hood and restrained in our metal Academy Chair. What's not to like about a guy in full rubber in a heavy steel bondage chair? The only problem was that the inflatable hood had a leak and wouldn't hold air for very long so SFDom had to keep blowing it up. However, all in all, a good time was had by everyone including me, the camera man. Having a good time is what it's all about!   :-)


GALLERY: 905 / DATE: Sep 15 2016 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 3

Finally, after months of building the padded isolation box, we delivered it to the home of NoEscapeSlave (Recon). He has a small playroom in his house and we managed to cram the isolation box into the room along with all of his other toys. Luckily we had some help from our Recon friends Wired4Fun and Officers Rob and Hawk from the old RAWK Correction Institution in Los Angeles.

This video isn't very well organized, it just shows a bunch of guys getting together for some fun with gear. Frankly, the best part of the visit is always the wise-cracks everyone makes during the play. We should do this more often. A special thanks to StudioGum for supplying the faceless rubber hood with built-in gag and nose tubes. This update includes 3 videos and 18 still images. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 916 / DATE: Sep 9 2016 / IMAGES: 79 / VIDEOS: 2

This is another fun collaboration with a number of our Recon friends. During a long visit to SBI 'PunMyOdes' had wanted to try a full body fiberglass cast. This is referred to as a 'FBC' (full body cast) by people who are into casting. Anyway, we decided that a regular mummy cast wasn't very exciting because it has been done before, so our friends SFdom and TapedAndTortured decided that we should cast Pun to a wooden bondage frame. This frame is one of many fiendish devices that TapedAndTortured has built in his playroom. The frame is normally used in conjunction with lots of duct tape to restrain a person in a sexually vulnerable and helpless position. Fiberglass casting is similar to duct tape so using this frame seemed like a good idea. So, we packed up the car with all the video lights and casting supplies and went to TapedAndTurtored's house which is within walking distance from the Institute.

This was the perfect day to do a casting as SFdom was really excited to try his hand at casting again, and TapedAndTortured had two friends visiting from Europe who could lend a hand during the casting process. As you will see in the video, it takes a lot of people and coordination to do a full body cast. Yes, it can be done by one person, but it is so much easier with a lot of people.

Since SFdom is still learning the fine art of casting, we had our friend KinkyPetGirl along to supervise the process. So all in all, we had 5 people involved in the casting process (including Van Darkholme who was texting us along the way with his wisecracks) This is about the right number people, since the fiberglass tape loses its ability to bond in about 5 minutes after it is removed from its air-tight package, so you can't stop and take a break, you need to keep moving until the entire cast is done. After 5 minutes or so the fiberglass tape loses its stickiness and ability to stick to itself, so you have to work quick.

The process went smoothly and in less than one hour we had PunMyOdes fully engulfed in a solid rigid cast. The only part of him which we left exposed was his cock and ass. The wooden chair that he was casted to lends itself to ass and cock play so Pun was left to suffer whatever pleasure or torment SFdom cared to deliver. As a side note, before we started the casting process, SFdom had inserted an e-stim butt plug into Pun, but once Pun was fully casted and the playing had begun, the butt plug dropped out on the floor. C'est La Vie! In any case, and good time was had by all. The only thing we missed was a few more wraps of fiberglass on Pun’s left foot because he could move it a little. Other than that, our cast was a complete work of art and should be on display in a museum somewhere.

Not too much later SFdom decided to cut Pun out of the cast, which was a lengthy process in itself. Everyone got a turn at using the vibrating saw to cut the fiberglass while others manned the shop vacuum to catch all the dust. For those who are interested, the casting supplies cost around $400 for this scene and are not reusable. In addition, the vibrating saws cost around $200 each. We have two saws in case one stops working for some reason. There is no other way to cut the fiberglass cast off of someone without the vibrating saw, so having two as a safety measure.

This scene was quite an experience for everyone, and it gave another chance for SFdom to log more hours so he can apply for his 'Master Caster' certificate from the SeriousBondage Institute. LoL! A special thanks to SFdom and PunMyOdes, TapedAndTortured and his two visiting friends, and KinkyPetGirl. We hope you enjoy this update which includes two videos and 79 still images.


GALLERY: 915 / DATE: Sep 3 2016 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 2

Everytime BootedRay shows up at the SeriousBondage Institute he has something new to show us. This time he pulled out a weird three-way device consisting of a butt plug, liquid gag, and silicone cock sheath, all connected together by a rubber hose. Where does he get this stuff? I bet it was advertised on late-night TV. In any case, his buddy FearSlave was up for the challange, and after some fussing around I guess it worked. Ray had to stand on a tall box in order to make the liquids flow downhill in an attempt to prime the hose. After all was said and done, I think Ray should return the device and get his money back.

That said, the scene was pretty cool anyway because FearSlave was locked into an unusual V-shaped machined aluminum bondage chair made by our friend Martin at Cuff24.com. Later, FearSlave was crammed into a fiberglass box with a two-way gas-mask which allowed him to both inhale and exhale outside of the box.

Lastly, FearSlave was put inside of an inflatable heavy rubber StudioGum suit, forced to stand at attention, and allowed to cum only when BootedRay gave him permission. As a matter of fact I think he came twice. The really cool part of the day however was that the famous Van Darkholme was watching from the sidelines, along with some other guys including TapedAndTortured. You can hear them all chatting in the background but none of them wanted to be shown in the video. Bummer! In any case, a good time was had by all - and we hope that BootedRay doesn't buy any more of those late-night TV products. C'est la vie! Check out FearSlave's blog by clicking HERE. This update contains 2 videos and 39 still images.


GALLERY: 912 / DATE: Aug 28 2016 / IMAGES: 88 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video we shot with Bind and some of his bondage friends. The story is about a coach and assistant who are kidnapped by a revengeful student who wants to get even for being bullied during his high school years. The poor guys find themselves helplessly chained and shackled in an old abandoned house. They are at the mercy of the angry student who puts them through strenuous and grueling bondage positions and then left to suffer. Our friend Bind is the coach, Tony Orlando is the assistant coach, and a local Recon guy is the revengeful student. The story may be a little corny, but it kinda works with the guys we had, and certainly had a good time with the bondage gear and shooting. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did while creating it. This is bondage fun and collaboration at its finest! :-)  Check out Bind's website for more bondage videos at MenInChains.com. A special thanks to Parus-Leder.com for supplying the heavy wrist shackles we used in the floor bondage scenes. A selection of heavy metal collars and manacles can be purchased through their website and in their retail store in Munich. This gear is highly unique, well made, and really cool!


GALLERY: 911 / DATE: Aug 22 2016 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 6

Okay you guys, listen up! This update presents one of the most awesome opportunities for jail and prison fans in a long time. This update features a tour of a historic jail house which was designed and built as a maximum security facility during the late 1800's. The jail has been renovated and is now open for visits and overnight stays.

This facility is the real deal. It is as harsh and unforgiving as it gets. At the time this jail was constructed the use of heavy strap and plate steel, rivets and multiple layers of locking were the norm for high security lockups. Combine that with very small cells and the result was an oppressing and overpowering environment for the inmates.

This jail facility is located in Hampton Iowa. The jail was in operation until 1988, at which time the town closed the building and sent their inmates to an adjacent county. The building changed hands a few times since it was closed, and was recently purchased and renovated. The jail is now available for the public to tour and experience from July through October each year. The videos in this update present a complete tour of the facility and a demonstration of a prisoner intake as it would have been conducted during the 1960's.

This historic facility is the best way to experience a real institutional lockup without being a real prisoner. The cells are real - the lever-bolts and cell locks really work - and the handcuffs and leg irons are genuine. For those who have visited the famous Alcatraz prison in San Francisco, this is simply a smaller version with the same sounds and environment. This is a highly unique opportunity for both prison fans as well as the simply curious to have a real incarceration role-play experience without the legal ramifications.

For prices, information, and to book a visit, check out the jail's website at HamptonJail.com. This place is definitely the real deal. This update includes 6 videos and 38 still images.


GALLERY: 907 / DATE: Aug 16 2016 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 1

Here is a new device which is quite popular among rubber kinksters in the UK. It is called the 'Squeeze to Breathe' and uses a special one-way valve, gas-mask hose and a rubber bulb. The idea is that a person in a gas-mask hooked to this device can only breathe fresh air so long as the bulb is deflated. Once the bulb has been squeezed and is in a crushed form the person in the gas-mask can breathe, but when the bulb returns to it's normal round shape the air to the gas-mask is blocked.

In this video our friend Bind is restrained in a heavy one-piece StudioGum straitjacket suit and a neoprene gas-mask hood from Mr S. There is a heavy steel collar from Dungeon Delights locked around his neck and it is secured by a heavy chain to the wall of the jail cell. Bind has been locked in the cell for hours when his rubber friend Tony Orlando come in to visit him. Tony is also in a heavy rubber Studio Gum suit with no eyes or mouth opening so he can only feel his way into the cell. He screws the Squeeze-to-Breathe device onto Bind's gas-mask and then leaves Bind to squeeze the rubber bulb by himself in order to breathe. The whole situation is like a bad dream. On the other hand, the scene is hilarious especially if you are into heavy rubber, breath play, and can understand what these two guys are saying to each other behind all the rubber covering their faces. The heavy rubber suits are a turn-on, and so is the ultra-cool jail cell where we shot this video. A fun time was had by all.

A special thanks to Bind, Tony Orlando, and StudioGum for supplying the rubber suits. Visit Binds website MenInChains.com for a great selection of bondage videos. WARNING - the Squeeze-to-Breathe device is for entertainment purposes only. This website does not support breath play of any kind. If you use this device do so at your own risk. Breath play can be dangerous and possibly fatal.


GALLERY: 906 / DATE: Aug 11 2016 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun little scene with Booted Ray and Tatau on Recon. Tatau was in San Francisco for the week and Booted Ray brought him over to the SeriousBondage Institute to try out our new bondage chair. What Tatau didn't know was that he would also be subjected to Ray's cigar training. Once Tatau was secured in the chair Ray brought out his best hand-rolled Cuban and lit it up. There's nothing better than an expensive stogie and a good looking boy who's bound and helpless! I think we will see Tatau again in the future.


GALLERY: 836 / DATE: Aug 6 2016 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 3

Here are three fun videos assembled from clips which were not used in videos we have already posted on the site. Sometimes we shoot scenes which are not long enough to make a complete video. Other times crazy stuff happens that we catch on camera but isn't part of the scene we were shooting. In any case, it's all fun stuff. The first video is titled 'Odds and Ends' and is made up of short clips. The second video is called 'Another Great Escape' featuring Rank and one of his rubber friends, and the third video is titled 'Behind the Prison Scenes' made of clips from the legendary Mens Central Prison in Los Angeles. As you will see, a good time was had by all!
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