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GALLERY: 969 / DATE: Jul 2 2017 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

This video features our friend SFdom and his  Aussie visitor 'BondageBiker' on Recon. This guy traveled all the way from Australia to play with SFdom and be in a video for the website. Not everyone does this, but BondageBiker is a driven guy when it comes to bondage! With very little sleep he hit the ground running as he and SFDom showed up to try out my latest bondage invention. It's a collection of parts from other bondage devices, and with a little welding and elbow grease it turned into a ultra-cool rig.

Check out how these guys use the rig and have fun with its comfort and 100% inescapability. As I always say, the best combination for bondage is rubber and metal because the rubber protects the body from the harshness and severity of the metal restraints.

The rubber mitts used on BondageBiker are from Black Style in Germany. They are actually a set of medium size mitts with a another set of large mitts pulled over the medium mitts. This doubles the feeling of helplessness. Fun!


GALLERY: 970 / DATE: Jun 26 2017 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 3

It's nice to watch someone have their first experience in rubber. Our friend Rank is the guide as he encloses a newbe by the name of 'Puddles' in full rubber at IML - International Mister Leather 2012. Hotel rooms are where the action can be found at kinky conventions like IML and MIR - Mister International Rubber. Puddles liked his first rubber experience, but 5 years later the real question is - does he enjoy full rubber play today?

A second video in this update is titled 'Cool Down' and features Rank encasing his friend in a Mr S hooded neoprene sleepsack. Once Rank zips him in, the poor guy is strapped down to a padded board and hit with a viabrator until he cums. Frankly, I wish this could happen to me every night!

The third video in this update is titled 'Centerpiece'. This scene was also shot at IML 2012 with Rank. Somehow Rank got a hotel room with a conference room suite, so he ties this rubber gimp lying flat in the middle of the conference room table with long strips of latex. Rank uses these rubber strips all the time for bondage, and as you will see he also wrapped the guys straitjacketed arms together for further restriction. This is a good idea and very effective. Alas, I couldn't help but think of a serious corporate boardroom meeting being held with a rubber gimp tied in the middle of the table. Hummm... maybe this is what really happens at corporate meetings for IML, MIR and Mr S?

A special thanks to Rank and his rubber friends, and to IML where most of these scenes took place. Good work guys! These three videos are from our 2012 archives.


GALLERY: 966 / DATE: Jun 18 2017 / IMAGES: 58 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a fun little show-and-tell video we shot when your friend RubberPup came for a visit. He didn't have much time so rather than doing a scene we just had him show us his gear. The first item was a purple Kink Engineering vac rack. The cool thing about this piece was the oval face cutout which I have not seen before. As many of you know, the best experience in a vac rack is the moment all the air is sucked out of the sack and the rubber tightens down around you, pinning you in a stationary position.

The second piece of gear he brought was a tight fitting rubber gimp suit. To my surprise our friend Rubber Pup could move around fairly easily in the suit. Not only is this suit made for fun, but a zipper allows full access to his cock while the rest of his body remains tightly encapsulated. The third and fourth pieces to show were a pair of unusual hoods. One hood has had fake mouth and tongue made by RubbersFinest, and the other was an inflatable with transparent eye pieces from DeMask. All in all, Rubber Pup has some cool gear and we can't wait for him to return for a real scene.

A second video in this update titled 'Seated and Restrained' is a quick video clip from our archive showing some MIR - Mister International Rubber guys strapping their friend into the famous Serious Bondage Chair. Years ago when I built this chair, my fantasy was to be restrained in the chair while wearing thick head-to-toe rubber and a gas mask. This has been done many time on this website, but I must admit I have only been in the chair a few times as compaired to the many other guys who have enjoyed it. C'est la vie!


GALLERY: 965 / DATE: Jun 12 2017 / IMAGES: 109 / VIDEOS: 2

Small adjustments make all the difference when applying severe leather bondage. As far as we are concerned here at SBI, bondage needs to be effective, inescapable, and as comfortable as can be acheived given the type of gear. This video shows the use of Humane Restraint gear being applied to our willing subject, and the small adjustments that are made during the process.

Way back at the start of this website around 2009 we purchased a ton of new and used Humane Restraint on eBay. All in all, we probably spent $2,000 and acquired a wide variety of straps, locking and non-locking wrist and ankle cuffs, hand mitts, and canvas bed straps with and without attached cuffs. For years Humane Restraint has been in the business of manufacturing restraints for hospital and medical use, and for a long time they wouldn't sell any of their restraints to the general public. However, in the last 10-15 years they seemed to have relaxed their rules and now sell to the public and even take custom orders. I would bet that because of the growing interest in bondage worldwide, Humane Restraint couldn't pass up the opportunity to sell to the kinky market. In any case, they make some cool gear. Recently, due to changing sanitary laws, hospitals are dumping their leather restraints and replacing them with heavy plastic restraints also made by Humane Restraint. These restraints are easily washable and sanatised, but as far as I'm concerned they aren't as exciting as genuine heavy leather gear.

So, the video in this update shows our friend Daton doing what he does best, which is applying bondage gear. Dalton's knowledge and attention to detail allows him to step back and access his work, applying more straps when needed and making small adjustments to further bind his subjects. This video ducuments his unique bondage skill, while his subject makes moans and groans as he decends into subspace. The only piece of gear which is not made by Humane Restraint is the tan leather muzzle. This fun piece of gear is manufactured by our friends at ChurchOfSinvention in Canada. They make a few other pieces of bondage gear in tan leather which matches Humane Restraint gear and typical institutional straitjackets and canvas gear from Maxcita. So, there are enough suppliers to allow you to acquire a complete collection of institutional and medical restraints to fulfill your hospital fantasies.

This update also includes a second video titled 'The Sting Team'. These guys strapped their friend into a Maxcita straitjacket and lifted him off the floor with an overhead winch. Once his feet are off the floor they use Humane Restraint cuffs and straps to pull his feet up behind him, so he is even more helpless. Then, using paddles and stingy whips, they torment this poor guy while he yelps and thrashes about, unable to protect himself from the thuds and stings. At the beginning of this video he's wearing a metal posture collar neck brace from CarraraDesigns in Belgium. It's a cool piece of gear that someone had loaned us.

Both of the videos in this update are from our archives, shot in 2012. A special thanks to the guys in these two videos. The manufacturers we mentioned were Humane Restraint, ChurchOfSinvention, Maxcita, and CarraraDesigns. And, as I always say, you can never have enough gear!


GALLERY: 964 / DATE: Jun 6 2017 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 2

The addition of rubber to a bondage scene can increase the excitement and erotic experience. I don't exactly know why this is, but I enjoy rubber and it sure seems to work for me. As a matter of fact, I spent a few hours in a private solitaty confinment cell last night in rubber and it was great. I had thick rubber gloves on which not only felt great but also protected my wrists from the harsh metal shackles. Videos of this private jail cell facility will be available on this website in the future.

In any case, this update includes two videos. The first video is titled 'Rubber Encasement' and has two parts. The first part features our friend SFdom (Recon) and his friend in a StudioGum rubber sleepsack. SFdom covers his eyes with medical eye bandages and then fits him with an ansthesia mask which is connected to a hospital ventilator. During this scene you can hear him fight the ventilator's constant and forced rythemic air supply as the machine forces him to inhale and exhale at the machine's speed. Since this gimp is strapped down there is little he can do to resist the machine's rythem so he is forced to comply with it's pace. The game is taken a notch higher as SFdom strokes him with a vibrator. This presents a problem because as the gimp gets more excited his breathing rate increases and conflicts with the machine's rythem. None the less, the gimp manages to get off in an unexpected explosion, Lucky he was covered in rubber!

The second part of the first video features a guy in a unique rubber hood from Cocoon in the UK. This rubber manufacturer has been around since the early 1980's, long before the Internet. As far as I'm concerned, they made the best thick gauge glued rubber hoods, and probably still do. Not only is this a unique hood, but the guy is this scene is tied spread eagle using black and amber rubber medical hose. This hose it totally great mecause it has a bit of give to it which allows the gimp to struggle and thrash about but not escape. As far as I'm concerned the medical hose is much better than rope. Check out this part of the video and decide for yourself.

The second video is this update is something which you may have seen before. It's a promo video our friend Bind made for his historic Hampton jail in Franklin County Iowa. It's a 'G' rated promo video but the interesting thing to note is that he's added a second jail door in cell 3, to this cell now has two jail doors seperating the prisoner from the guard. I can't wait to experience cell 3 myself. The video is kinda corny but it has some good shots of his jail. Check out Bind's website MenInChains for a large selection of 'no porn' bondage videos, and his website HamptonJail.com in case you would like to book a stay in a REAL jail facility. His jail facility is the real deal.


GALLERY: 962 / DATE: May 31 2017 / IMAGES: 89 / VIDEOS: 4

This update includes three videos. These videos have a few things in common. The first thing is they all include our friend MummyEd. The second thing is they all feature visitors to the Institute. The third thing is that they were shot five years ago with our old video camera. Our friend MummyEd was in charge charge of meeting and entertaining these particular visitors. As MummyEd will tell you, you never know what's going to be happening when you walk in the door of the SeriousBondage Institute (SBI).

The first video is titled 'Dark Horse' and features a local San Francisco guy who wanted to be tied up while sitting on his horse saddle stand. This jockey is into both rubber and bondage, and although he didn't say so, I think he likes all the bits and saddles too. So, Dalton and MummyEd strapped him to the leather saddle and we took a bunch of photos for his Recon profile. Most of the gear was his, including the cool padded leather hood. At the very end of the shoot he asked us to put his jocky hat on his head over the hood. So maybe this guy is a real horse racing jockey? in any case, he contacted us recently and wants to come back again for another equine bondage scene.

The second video is titles 'Restrained For Transport' and is a quick video showing Dalton and MummyEd securing a guy in the back of a van so they can take him to lunch. They used a canvas sleepsack from Maxcita.com and a padded bondage board which Dalton had made. The guy was new to San Francisco and I'm afraid he didn't see much of the sites while he was strapped down in the van.

The third video is titled 'Down To Business' and is probably the must unusual of the three videos. This guy wanted to be mummified while wearing a black Zentai suit under a full business suit including black shoes and tie. This is not something you see every day. Once he was in the Zentai and business suit we briefly locked him in a full body cage which our friend loaned us, but the remainder of the video highlights the mummification and tie down to a padded bondage platform. For me, the best part of the video was when his rubber gloved hands were handcuffed behind his back. For some reason I thought this was really hot!

All in all, everyone had a good time. The fun part about all of this is the casual nature in which we approach our guests. We have had some really good times.


GALLERY: 961 / DATE: May 26 2017 / IMAGES: 92 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a fun video featuring our two favorite bondage guys Mikey and Daddy Tony. We have had many good times with these two guys, and since they moved to Seattle we really miss them a lot.

While they were living in San Francisco they visited us on a regular bassis and played with a wide variety of bondage gear and scenarios. They are a great couple and really love each other, which shows in their videos.

In this two-part video Mikey is restrained to the wall in a amber latex hood and shirt, metal yoke from Mr S, and leather boots. The cool part of this scene is the metal yoke which is suspended from overhead. The feeling of being trapped in this yoke attached by chains to an overhead attachment point is very exciting. Finally one of Mikey's ankles is shackled and attached overhead to stop him from closing his legs. This is even more hot as he is completely helpless and vulnerable, yet completely comfortable. The thick rubber amber shirt and hood take the scene over the top. Poor Mikey is exactly where he wants to be.

Daddy Tony changes the scene around and outfits Mikey in black rubber and chains him to the wall. Mikey looks so hot in this combination of gear. I don't know how many of you guys have been chained to the wall like this, but it is a very exciting experience. The chains don't have to be tight, they can be loose so that the subject can thrash and flail around but not escape. It's very dramatic and a real turn on.

Mikey and Tony now run a popular podcast from Seattle called 'No Safeword'. Check it out at NoSafeword.com. Sometime in the future I will be interviewed on their podcast which I am looking forward to. Hey you guys, lets do it!


GALLERY: 960 / DATE: May 20 2017 / IMAGES: 86 / VIDEOS: 2

The two videos in this update are from our archives, origionally shot in 2012. Rank and his friends from MIR - Mister International Rubber pose as operating room staff and administer a rubber enema MIR style. Yep! The head doctor is Rank himself, while his staff consists of a guy in a rubber urinal suit and metal bondage stocks, and a guy on the floor in a rubber gimp suit receiving e-stim. The patient is another rubber gimp who is strapped down to a gyno table where he will receive the enema. Rank's specialty is creating bizarre rubber scenes, and this one is right up there in terms of gross-out and weirdness. I guess anything goes with these MIR guys, so long as rubber is involved. The enema output of this crazy treatment is drained directly into the rubber urinal attached to the first guy. WTF!

The second video in this update shows Dalton restraining a guest of SBI into the famous bondage chair. The guest makes cooing noises as Dalton tightens the straps, which is a good sign. This chair has inspired many other kinksters to build their own chairs, and we are excited that there are so many variations. I can think of at least 5 chairs featured on this website alone which have been built as a result of seeing our chair. And, our chair was inspired by similar chairs used in movies over the years. I built this chair myself, and my goal was to make an extremely intimidating piece of gear which had as many points of restraint as possible. I think my chair has 19 points of restraint if you include a neck collar which isn't shown in this video. My idea was to get lost in bondage, which I think I acheived.

A special thanks to Rank and the guys from MIR, Dalton and his guest, and Cuff24.com for supplying the rigid metal stock that the urinal gimp is wearing. This update includes 2 videos and 86 still images.


GALLERY: 959 / DATE: May 14 2017 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 1

Once again our friend SFdom (Recon) shows us how much he enjoys tying up young guys and endlessly tormenting them. In this fun video a visitor from the UK is caught in SFDom's playroom. He's hooded, forced into a straitjacket, and restrained on a padded table with medical restraints. This poor lad looks really great in his helpless situation, and although he tries to resist we all know that he really wants to be under SFdom's control.

In the second part of the video SFdom takes the lad into a back alley where his head is restrained from an overhead attachment point, his wrists are handcuffed behind his back, and his booted ankles are chained together and secured to a protruding eyebolt. This young guy isn't going anywhere, and he loves it, and so does SFdom. These two guys have way too much fun.

The orange hood and straitjacket, along with the canvas sack hood, were provided by the folks at the website StraitjacketShop.com. The other piece of cool gear is the handcuff belt which I made myself years ago. I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did shooting it. Contact SFdom if you would like a similar treatment!   :-)


GALLERY: 958 / DATE: May 8 2017 / IMAGES: 54 / VIDEOS: 2

This update includes two bondage compilation videos which I enjoy because they feature heavy gear bondage. One of the video clips shows our friend Squeak (Recon) in a heavy rubber StudioGum straitjacket and gas-mask, secured to a unique metal bondage chair with Humane Restraints. The chair is made of 80/20 extruded aluminum and is quite rigid. You will see more of this chair in the future. A special thanks to our friend NWRubber (Fetlife) for allowing us to shoot this video in his new playroom.

Another video clip shows our friend StrangeHobbies (Fetlife) in a Maxcita.com canvas suit called an 'Exosuit', secured to a padded bondage table. His breathing is assisted by a hospital ventilator. The ventilator forces him to conform to the depth and rythem of it's own internal pace. I love this scene and would like to try this myself sometime.

Other video clips include Mark in StudioGum heavy rubber suit, secured to a bondage chair located in the playroom of Maxcita.com, and our friend RubCop (Recon) completely helpless and restrained in locks and chains on the floor. His neck, wrists and ankles are secured in machined aluminum gear made by Cuff24.com, and his padded leather hood is from Top-To-Bottom in the UK.

All in all, these video clips feature some pretty cool scenes with heavy and inescapable bondage gear. The question you may ask is "where do I sign up?"   :-)


GALLERY: 930 / DATE: May 2 2017 / IMAGES: 111 / VIDEOS: 2

Here are a couple of fun videos of us during our last visit to Bind's place. The idea was to shoot videos for our respective websites. Since both Bind and I enjoy unusual bondage, it took a lot of hard work to facilitate some of the ideas we came up with on this trip.

Most of the time I like to shoot real bondage and real players. But once in a while we pull out all the stops and cook up some crazy scenarios that take a group of people to pull off. This was the case with a video that was posted on this website a few months ago titled 'Bullied No More'.

There are two videos in this update. The first video is titled 'Fiberglass Head Casting' and shows the detailed process of casting our friend's heads in fiberglass with embedded ring bolts for bondage points. The video also shows the process of cutting the head cast off after our shoot. I especially like the idea of embedding bolts in the casts. This is so hot because the bolts feel like they are somehow attached to the bones in your body. There is absolutely no escape and you are totally fucked - which is a great feeling indeed. After many years of trial and error we found that usingTechform cast tape from Orthotape, and a Fein oscillating saw is the best. As a matter of fact, we are going to do some casting on another one of our willing friends next week, so stay tuned!

The second video in this update is titled 'Shooting Bondage Videos' and shows us securing ring bolts in a cement floor and setting up the steel Academy Chair. Frankly, I enjoy all aspects of bondage reguardless of whether it's a real scene or a staged scene. We all have a lot of fun shooting videos and running this website, and we get our bondage fix at the same time. Not too bad, eh? Check out Bind's website MenInChains.com for a selection of our colaborative efforts.


GALLERY: 833 / DATE: Apr 26 2017 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a pretty cool video featuring the isolation box I built last year. The box was not yet painted but it had all of the padded cushions installed inside. I built the box for my friend NoEscapeSlave (Recon) and after it was fully completed I shot videos of it a few times and then delivered it to him. NoEscapeSlave is into confinment and isolation, so this box was exactly what he had asked for. I would like to make another box for myself sometime, and with the use of a Texas cathether be secured in the box overnight in a gas mask and heavy rubber. That would be really hot.

The video in this update shows my friends Bind and Sir Tim acting out my fantasy scenario in the box. Bind's gas mask has two rubber hoses which are connected to the outside of the box via two ports. These two hoses allow Bind to inhale and exhale air from the room, not from inside the box. In addition, two rectangular ports at each end of the box allow fresh air to be blown through the box keeping heat from building up inside. The box is perfect for long term scenes, and the final version includes attachment points on the inside for securing straps, chains and shackles. The only other stuff I would add to the box would be a wireless audio monitoring device (baby monitor) and an infrared GoPro camera.

A special thanks to Bind and Sir Tim for showing us how the isolation box can be used. Check out Bind's website MenInChains for unique bondage videos. By the way, Bind is a for-real retired escape artist. Pretty cool, eh? For three or four years he performed live shows on a regular bassis. The heavy rubber suit Bind is wearing in this video was supplied by StudioGum in Germany.


GALLERY: 955 / DATE: Apr 20 2017 / IMAGES: 46 / VIDEOS: 2

There is no doubt that our friend Rank was born a rubberist. This guy comes up with the most wild scenes reguardless of whether its for the camera or not. Maybe that's why he has such a large following of guys who want to play with him. Rank has been hanging around the SeriousBondage Instutute for the last five years, but he has since moved on to new adventures. Although we don't see him as much as we used to, he still edits videos for us and comes around every week or so.

There are two of Rank's videos in this update. The first is titled 'Hanging Around' and the second is titled 'All Pumped Up'. The first video is a cool scene with a guy who is haanging upsidedown from the ceiling. His hands are enclosed in rubber helpless mitts and attached to his waist which renders him completely helpless. He is wearing a tight amber hood with a small breathing tube, and this is under a black rubber hood. This guy is really fucked, and enjoying every minute of it. In a second scene he is strapped into a giant oak bondage chair. This we got this chair from a private player on the east coast who was a cabinet maker and had built the chair for his own amusement. Eventually he sold it to us. Let me say that there's nothing better than to be in head-to-toe rubber and then restrained in some kind of bondage chair. This is the ultimate rubber experience as far as I'm concerned. We had this chair for a long time and then passed it on to our friend TapedAnd Tortured who lives down the street.

The second video is titled 'All Pumped Up' and features Rank and his friend playing with a StudioGum inflatable rubber bag. Rank cranks up the pressure on his friend who is wearing a gas mask and long hose. As a side note, his friend is wearing a pair of unique super thick three-finger rubber gloves. A guy in Phoenix found the gloves at a garage sale and sent them to us. They are used for working around high voltage electricity.

Okay, well enough talking. I am writing this from Canada where I am visiting Maxcita.com. He has an awesome new place where we will be shooting videos over the next few days. Check out his website at Maxcita.com. He makes the best canvas straitkackets and sleepsacks on the market!


GALLERY: 954 / DATE: Apr 13 2017 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 2

This is an unusual video featuring Bind and his friend Soldier Boy on Recon. Bind has been telling me about Soldier Boy's setup for a long time. Soldier Boy has built a realistic military barrack above his garage in an unused space. Soldier Boy served in the Army and I guess it stuck with him. His barrack is as real as possible including military uniforms and fatigues, lockers, and bunk beds with all the appropriate sheets and blankets. Inside the foot lockers are military issue tee shirts, briefs, hats and socks, and Marine PT shorts and shirts. The garments span from WW-II to the 1990's. But it doesn't stop there - Soldier Boy's primary car is an Army green jeep.

Soldier Boy likes to be around military garb, and even likes it in his bondage play. He hosts bondage play parties in his barracks. He's primairily a submissive, and loves to be tied up. While editing this video I noticed that Soldier Boy likes to pull and twist his restraints which allows him to feel how solid and unforgiving they are. He likes the sound of handcuff clicks, and the sound of chains rattling. I like and do the same thing.

This video is in two parts. In Part-1 Soldier Boy talks about himself and his interest in collecting military gear. In Part-2 Bind brings out the shackles and Humane Restraints and the two guys enjoy some holsome bondage play. The only problem is that both of these guys are subs, so the action during their play leaves something to be desired. In any case, Soldier Boy is a mature, handsome and submissive guy who really enjoys being bound. If you are a fan of military scenes, protocols and interigation you should contact him. Check him out on Recon and be prepaired to give him orders in a loud voice. :-) A special military style salute to Soldier Boy for all of the work he put into his barracks, and thanks to Bind for introducing us. Check out Bind's website MenInChains.com for a large selection of bondage videos.


GALLERY: 952 / DATE: Apr 7 2017 / IMAGES: 213 / VIDEOS: 6

This update consists of 6 different short videos. Some are new and some are from the archives and have been re-edited. I hope you enjoy them!

The first video is titled 'Aysmmetric Mummification' and features SFDom and PunMyOdes from Recon. SFDom tries his hand at duct tape mummification with limited success. He and PunMyOdes had a good time even though the mummification wasn't completely inescapable.

The second video is titled 'Gimp Grooming' and is an older video which we re-edited. I can't believe that Rank removed all of this gimp's hair from his body except for his eyebrows. The hot part of the scene is when the gimp is handcuffed in a chair, blindfolded and gagged, and has his head shaved.

The third video is titled 'Packing Up' and is just a short promo clip for the Mister International Rubber (MIR) event. It features Rank and Max who is the winner of MIR 2014. Max is squished into a small shipping container which is headed for the MIR event in Chicago. Check out the MIR event which is held each year for those of us who like rubber.

The fourth video is titled 'Goofing Around With Gear' and features some nice bondage with a metal helmet, some old scenes of our steel Academy Chair, and a guy in a set of floor-mounted steel stock we had a few years ago. We have donated the Academy Chair and the stocks to our friend Bind for use at his new jail in Hampton Iowa. For more about the jail and to book a stay, check out the website HamptonJail.com.

The fifth video is titled 'Wheelchair Test' and features out friend StrapWizard in one of his deluxe modified wheelchairs. As you can see in the video, this guy loves straps.

The sixth video is really old and kinda funky, but the last scene with the guy secured to the chair with the alien rubber hood is pretty cool. This video was shot at our locak kinky cafe called WickedGrounds, which is located just down the street from the Mr S store. I think the kinky cafe idea is catching on with more cities having one of their own.


GALLERY: 951 / DATE: Apr 1 2017 / IMAGES: 69 / VIDEOS: 1

An odd thing happened to BoundTight when he was shopping at the Mr S store recently. Two leather thugs approached him from behind, put a cloth over his nose and mouth, and before he knew what was happening he had passed out.

The two thugs were hired by a local leatherman SFDom. They would kidnap this poor guy right out of the store, gag and restrain him, and deliver him to SeriousMaleBondage.com facilities. You might ask why the staff at Mr S didn't come to his rescue? Well, they were in on the deal. You see, whenever SFDom kidnaps a boy he uses Mr S bondage gear to restrain his victims, so naturally it's a win-win for everyone!

The kidnapee BoundTight was in pretty good shape but he was no match for a bizarre bondage wheelchair and all the Mr S restraints. When BoundTight awakined, he found himself gagged, blindfolded, and no longer at the Mr S store. He struggles against his bonds while SFDom wheeles him into a special training room at SeriousMaleBondage.com.

The goal behind the kidnapping is simple - force BoundTight submit to the wishes of his captor. SFDom has trained many boys to submit to his kinky desires, and BoundTight will be no different. With the help of some handcuffs, a spreader bar, vibrator, and a transparent head box, BoundTight melts into his captor's hands. Mission accomplished! That didn't take too long. Who's next?

Check out the Mr S on-line store for the best selection of gear at Mr-S-Leather.com, or visit their giant retail store in the heart of Fan Francisco's South-of-Market district. Warning! Watch your back or you could end up being kidnapped like our friend BoundTight. Then again, this could be an exciting San Francisco experience! A special thanks to both SFDom and BoundTight for this crazy video! You can find them both on Recon.


GALLERY: 950 / DATE: Mar 26 2017 / IMAGES: 48 / VIDEOS: 1

In this video my friends Dart_Tech, NWRubber and I test a new Vac Rack from KinkEngineering.com. This is the first use of the Vac Rack so the rubber is new and pristine. The top layer of rubber is .4mm and the bottom layer is .6mm. This allows the top layer to mould around me while the bottom layer does less moulding and stays pretty flat. I was wearing rubber shorts and shirt from Mr S Leather, and some extra-long rubber gloves.

The Vac Rack comes with a one-way check valve so the vacuum cleaner can be turned off and the Vac Rack will keep it's suction. However, as I breathed a little air would come out of my nose which would lessen the suction between the layers of rubber and the vacuum cleaner would need to be turned on again for a few seconds.

The Vac Rack worked very well and was very exciting. It sucked down quite quickly and once all of the air was evacuated the rubber held me tightly in place and felt absolutely fantastic. I had ear plugs in my ears to help prevent the differencial pressure from damaging my ear drums. The Vac Rack had two additional ports which can be used for e-stim wires, cathether hoses, etc. Our friend NWRubber ordered a similar Vac Rack with slightly thicker rubber. The Vac Racks from KinkEngineering do not use a zipper but instead use a unique folded rubber closure system which works as well as a zipper and keeps the costs down. Towards the end of our Vac Rack test my breathing tube was connected to a hospital ventilator machine which was really fun, however not much of that is shown in the video.

All is all, the Vac Rack was a complete success. Our friend NWRubber is going to hook an additional low volume suction pump to his Vac Rack so that once the initial vacuum cleaner has been run the suction pump will keep the suction of the Vac Rack tight without needing to cycle the vacuum cleaner. We will shoot a video of this in the future. Visit the KinkEngineering.com for information about all of their cool rubber products, and visit the Mr S Leather site for tons of cool bondage gear.


GALLERY: 949 / DATE: Mar 20 2017 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 2

As many of us know, wearing rubber while in bondage can be quite exciting. The rubber ads an additional element of sexual eroticism to the restraint and helplessness. I feel that adding and interchanging gear in a scene just stirs up more of the sexual juices in our bodies. Maybe it's like eating a meal - the more variations that can be added usually create a more pleasurable dining experience. However, like food, some pieces of bondage gear work well together while others don't mix. As an example, rope and metal bondage don't mix very well, and the same goes for wearing a leather hood with a rubber catsuit. This is like serving white wine with red meat. It just isn't done.

I feel like the two videos included in this update have a 'tasteful' mix of gear. The first video is titled 'Alone' and features our friend Bind who is in a StudioGum heavy rubber straitjacket suit and vintage neck brace. He's alone, locked in an empty room. The room reminds me of an abandoned psychiatric hospital, and as a matter of fact it was a light security incarceration room in Bind's new jail in Iowa. I like the mix of the rubber and the medical neck brace. We will try combining more of this gear in the future. This mix seems to work for me and I hope it does for you as well. Check out Bind's jail facility at HamptonJail.com and his bondage website MenInChains.com.

The second video is titled 'Envy' and features our friend Pooka in his black rubber catsuit and Polymorphe anatomical hood. He's locked in out bondage stocks by MummyEd, who then retires to the office to chat on Recon while Pooka is monitored with a baby monitor. I love both scenarios and would trade places with these guys any day - except that someone must shoot the video! The second video was shot in the older TV screen format. If you have a problem playing this video, try installing and using the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 943 / DATE: Mar 12 2017 / IMAGES: 46 / VIDEOS: 1

For those who fantasize about being restrained in rubber and subjected to kinky medical procedures, this video is for you. Medical stuff is always weird and a bit kinky, but when you add rubber and bondage and the doctor is wearing goggles and a rubber apron you are in big trouble! Not only is it too late to turn back, but the doctor tells you that the procedure is "for your own good". As a kid, I remember being in the hospital to have my tonsils removed. I was wheeled into the operating room and a guy put a rubber mask over my face and told me to count backwards from one hundred. I only made it to 97 before I blacked out, but I remember the scary black rubber anesthesia mask pretty well.

In this video our friend Rank chains his subject's hands and feet to the dentist chair and then lashes him down with straps of rubber. His poor patient is wearing a rubber surf suit, ball mitts and boots, and a bizarre heavy rubber StudioGum hood with an inflatable gag. What kind of hospital is this? Rubber hoses are at the ready to deliver unknown gases to the patient from canisters filled with strange fluids. Luckily for the patient, his fear offset by the gentle massage of his cock by the handsome doctor. The last thing he remembers is the doctor saying "count backward from one hundred".

This video was shot in the older TV screen format. If you have a problem playing this video, try installing and using the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 947 / DATE: Mar 5 2017 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 2

Here are two videos that feature video clips that are too short to stand alone of their own. My favorite is the clip about our friend who picked up his new 'SiFi' leather hood at the Mr S store in San Francisco. He had ordered the hood a few weeks before, and came back to the store for some modifications. This video clip shows him being laced into the hood for the final fitting. It fit perfectly and looked totally awesome. He was led out the door in the hood, across the street, and taken back to the SeriousBondage Institute in Mark's car. I think he was a little nervous with the heavy leather blindfold on because had to give up control and trust Mark's driving. He was just lucky his wrists weren't handcuffed behind his back!

In other video clips, we see two heavy rubber spread-eagle scenes, and a spread-eagle on the ground in the country side. Naturally, fun was had by all, and a special thanks to the Mr S store and to everyone involved in these videos. Let’s shoot more of this kind of play, even if it's short clips. If you have some unusual or eye-popping gear and want to be featured in a video, drop me an e-mail.
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