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GALLERY: 1002 / DATE: Jan 21 2018 / IMAGES: 55 / VIDEOS: 3

Okay you guys, this is a hot video. We have featured a number of spread-eagle scenes on our padded surface in the back room, but this may be the best of the scenes to date. The two guys in this video are SFdom and his friend Oakleigh from the UK, both on Recon. Oakleigh is into rubber and bondage, and I asked him why he traveled all the way to San Francisco to get a good experience. It's my impression that Europe is where all the rubber action is, so why would he come all this way to find rubber bondage bliss? I'm not sure he answered my question, but frankly it didn't matter because he's such a cute guy.

The reason this is such a hot video is because Oakleigh is spread-eagled in shackles, with the addition of a metal waist belt, and a parachute around his balls which was attached to the foot end of the padded frame. His head was enclosed in a rubber anesthesia hood which was part of a heavy StudioGum 'Prison Suit', and his neck was bolted down with a heavy metal collar. This Brit wasn't going anywhere.

Once he was fully enclosed in rubber, restrained hooked to the ventilator, SFdom started to work on Oakleigh with a gentle hand-job. Because of the anesthesia hood the ventilator noise it was hard to communicate with Oakleigh, so SFdom worked out a few hand signals Oakleigh could use to signal yes and no. However, after a while Oakleigh submerged into deep sub-space and hardly heard any of SFdom's questions. Oakleigh had slipped into pure rubber bliss. He was exactly where he wanted to be - encased, restrained, controlled, helpless, warm, safe, comfortable, and sexually stimulated. Nothing could be better than this rubber nirvana.

A special thanks to SFdom and Oakleigh for sharing this intimate scene with our camera. Also, visit StudioGum.com for a selection of their awesome heavy rubber suits and gear!


GALLERY: 1000 / DATE: Jan 14 2018 / IMAGES: 100 / VIDEOS: 3

These are two fun videos from the archives, shot back in 2001. The first video is titled 'Fudge Pup Suit' and features our friend FudgePup from the UK and his custom rubber gimp suit. Back in 2001 these suits were just becoming popular. They were called HogSacks and were first invented by our friend Tom Slater and sold on his website Hot4Hogtie.com. I haven't talked to Tom in years. His website still seems to be on line, but who knows if anyone would answer an email if you sent them one.

The second video is titled 'New Rubber Skin' and features RankInSF. As usual, Rank thinks up some unusual ways to play with rubber. In this case he hoists his boy off the floor, first oriented right-side-up, and then up-side-down, in order to put him into some rubber. Once Rank has him fully enclosed in rubber, they boy is strapped into our famous bondage chair. Some of the stuff we shot in the early days of this website was pretty crazy.

These two videos were shot in the old analog 4x3 TV format, so if you have a problem playing them try loading the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 998 / DATE: Jan 8 2018 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 2

This is one of the first videos we have shot at the new Edge Dungeon located in the San Francisco area. It's also one of the first videos we've shot of a new bondage chair we purchased from our kinky woodworking friend in Germany. The Edge Dungeon is a private play space that features two jail cells, a solitary confinement cell, padded cell, hose-down shower cell and playroom with some unusual gear including our new bondage chair.

The bondage chair was made by 'SelfBondageChair' on Fetlife, and incorporates as many straps as can possibly be applied to one person. His version of the chair is the most recent iteration of many chairs before it, each slightly more refined. The original versions of the chair were setup for self-bondage, allowing a person to strap themselves in completely. Once completely restrained they would tug on a thin wire cable to release themselves. The chair in this video is not a self-bondage chair. We had the option of buying a self-bondage chair, but we decided to go with this manual chair because it has a few more straps around the arms/wrists.

This video features our sub friend Fear Slave being strapped into the chair by Dart_Tech (Fetlife). Dart_Tech is the guy who built the laptop control breathing system we have used in other videos. Fear Slave is secured in the chair with estim gear hooked to his cock and butt-plug, and a wide-view NATO gas-mask hooked to the laptop breath control system. Once you are strapped into this chair you are completely fucked. There is no escape. I have been strapped into a chair just like it in Amsterdam, built by the same guy. It was great. I was in full head-to-toe rubber. This chair is what many of us fantasize about. Stuck in it all night, left alone, in a basement somewhere.

Check out EdgeDungeon.com for information about the facility, and the German chair guy 'SelfBondageChair' on Fetlife. A special thanks to Fear Slave and Dart_Tech for allowing us to shoot this video of their play.


GALLERY: 997 / DATE: Jan 1 2018 / IMAGES: 27 / VIDEOS: 2

This update includes two videos, featuring restraint gear made by Maxcita.com. Max has been making sleepsacks and straitjackets for years, and offers the finest gear around. He's located in Canada, and only makes custom gear to your measurements. His gear is featured on this website a lot, and for a special experience try wearing rubber underneath Max's canvas gear!

The first video in this update is titled 'Three of A Kind' and shows the fun that SFdom (Recon) had with three of his boys in Maxcita gear. The first boy is in standard canvas sleepsack, the second is in a canvas 'Exosuit' and the third boy is in a special canvas sleepsack with straitjacket arms. This is a cool piece of gear, and like I said above, try wearing a latex catsuit underneath this sleepsack. This is total inescapable restriction, and very comfortable! Just add a rubber hood and gas-mask to top it off.

The second video is from our archives and features a Maxcita G-1 Nylon Gibbit. This simple assembly of sewn straps and quick-release buckles allows any kind of sleepsack (neoprene, rubber, canvas or leather) to be secured to a bed or table. Since the Gibbit can be tied down to a bed at each end, you can lie close to the the person in the sleepsack without lying on straps, chains or ropes. The buckles are quick release, and they allow the black nylon straps to be cinched up quickly and easily. As you will see in this video, the Maxcita Gibbit works well with a neoprene sleepsack. (if you have problems playing this older video try loading the free open-source VLC Media Player)

Check out Max's website at Maxcita.com, and tell him you saw his gear on SeriousMaleBondage.com! Also, check out his personal bondage website at DrMadMax.com.


GALLERY: 993 / DATE: Dec 25 2017 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 4

This is a third update in the growing series of bondage scenes that I have done recently. In the past I have been too busy shooting videos and running this website to do much play. However, as things seem to be calming down and I find myself falling into a groove, I am able to focus some of my attention to my own bondage play instead of orchestrating scenes for others.

It has been a pleasure to know Bind and work with him at his new jail facility in Hampton Iowa. He has an ultra-cool place which includes a real high-security jail which was built in the late 1800's. He has restored the jail and attached house, and it is now open for visitors who want to pay for a real jail experience. Information about this can be found in his website HamptonJail.com.

However, when his jail is not hosting paying visitors I am able to visit and be locked up in my own scenarios and devices. Th this 4-part video we see my most recent visit which was around Halloween time. The first part of the videos shows some spread-eagle bondage I did in Bind's basement on the floor, and then a few scenes I did in his jail cell, some of which was just before Halloween night and all the trick-or-treaters arrived.

As you will see, fun was had by all including myself when I spend at least one overnight stay with my hands cuffed behind my back and my collar chained to the wall. This was nothing more than fantastic, and I hope to do it again in the spring.

Check out Bind's website MenInChains.com for a large selection of his bondage videos. This guy is the real deal.


GALLERY: 992 / DATE: Dec 17 2017 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 2

This is another look at Bind's wood coffin. I may have said this before, but this is a very cool piece of bondage gear which he made from scraps of 2x4's he had lying around. The coffin es extremely solid, and fits Bind exactly. During a recent visit including myself, SFdom and Eridor (recon), I wanted to try the coffin myself while wearing my full-enclosure heavy rubber StudioGum suit. I guess I'm a bit closrophobic, so I wanted them to stick around and be ready to let me out at a moment's notice. I love stuff like this, especially in rubber, and the experience was great. I would go longer next time, but I feel like I'm riding on the edge of panic which is fantastic and scarry at the same time. I gotta think about this a little more.

After I tried the coffin in my rubber, we put Bind in the coffin while inside of a Maxcita canvas sleepsack. This actualy worked out really great. Someone mentioned that we should stand the coffin up vertical, so that's what we did. Once the coffin was vertical we attached a few chains frrom the top of the coffin to the overhead beams to prevent the thing from falling over. This setup turned out really cool, and if Bind ever builds another we should put some kind of braces on it so it can stand up on it's own. Check out Bind's website MenInChains.com for more of his bondage explorations.


GALLERY: 994 / DATE: Dec 10 2017 / IMAGES: 163 / VIDEOS: 3

This update includes 3 videos. The first is from our archive and is titled 'Mindgasm', featuring our rubber friend Rank. Rank demonstrates the use of long strips of rubber to secure his rubber gimp to a chair. Actually, his rubber gimp is a guy who had no previous experience with rubber. This gimp was put into a rubber catsuit, then a rubber straitjacket, and finally a rubber hood with gas-mask. The hood was from a now-defunct UK website called Instincts which used to sell specialty rubber hoses and anesthesia gear. I think the site went off-line around 2014 when the UK government started to crack down on recreational breath play and use of Nitrous Oxide. Many deaths had occurred from kinky breath play in the UK in early 2010, but I don't know if any progress was made on reducing the deaths. Anyway, back to the video. Rank then used his favorite latex strips to secure the gimp to a chair, and then hooked his gas-mask to a two-cylinder bubbler bottle. This bubbler bottle was hand-made by JG-Leathers, and somehow, I inherited it from him. Maybe this is more information than anyone wanted. In any case, Rank's gimp said he had a 'mindgasm' rubber experience! This video was shot with an old camera in the 4x3 aanalog television format. If you have problems playing these videos try loading the free open-source VLC Media Player.

The second video is also with Rank and his same rubber gimp. Rack clamps the gimp's wrists and neck into a RigidCuff 'RigidFiddle 00' which is connected to an overhead hoist. The gimp's ankles are then locked into a RigidCuff 'Cuff 8' device. This is a hot scene because the gimp becomes totally helpless while locked in some fantastic gear. After a while, Rank unlocks the gimp from the RigidCuff gear and moves him into a standing cage, where he adds a leather posture collar. Rank locks the doors of the cage with giant padlocks and then starts to put the gimp's wrists into RigidCuff wrist cuffs, but the gimp becomes overwhelmed by all the rubber and metal bondage and ultimately safewrords. Since he was new to rubber I guess he became overwhelmed, which is understandable. Regardless, it's a cool scene with all the RididCuff gear. As a side note, I'm not sure if the RigidCuff guy is still taking orders for gear. His website is still on-line, but I haven't talked to him in a long time. His name is Martin and you can contact him from his website. The URL of the website is Cuff24.com, which is a little confusing. Here's a link to a fun web page I made years ago with a picture of everything Martin ever made: Martin's RigidCuffs Gear. I think Martin's gear is becoming collector's items. This video was shot with an old camera in the 4x3 aanalog television format. If you have problems playing these videos try loading the free open-source VLC Media Player.

The third video in this update features me in a StudioGum heavy rubber suit, restrained in a metal bondage chair, in Bind's basement. We were just playing around when we shot this video, but I was left in this chair for a few hours which was a really great! The other two guys in this video are Bind and JimmyUSMC. Jimmy is really the star because he's such a hot guy, but as you will see, he wasn't into topping me, which was OK because I'm a solo player and don't really need to be topped. In any case, Jimmy looks fucking hot, and I look pretty hot in the rubber suit restrained in the chair. I'd like to do this again sometime, maybe all night.


GALLERY: 990 / DATE: Dec 3 2017 / IMAGES: 52 / VIDEOS: 2

Here's another cool video with BikerMtl (Recon), Dart_Tech (FetLife) and JimmieFromAOL (Recon). As you guys may know, I built this padded play surface in the back room and surrounded it with Unistrut. It seems to be getting a lot of use these days, and when BikerMtl came for a visit I told him about a special ball clamp I had been fooling around with. This clamp is from Mr S and is designed to be mounted on the wall. Once it is screwed to the wall, your subject straddles it, and the clamp is secured around his ball sack, preventing him from moving away from the wall. It's a super great idea and works great. However, I wanted to use it on the padded play surface. So, I installed another piece on Unistrut that bolts to the edge of the surface and extends up in-between the subjects parted legs. On the end of the Unistrut is the ball clamp. Once the clamp is secured around BikerMtl's balls, he actually doesn't need to be restrained at all, because the clamp is secure enough to hold him in place. He can't tug or struggle or he will pull on his balls.

Anyway, Both BikerMtl and Dart_Tech seemed to be interested in trying this fiendish device, so away they went. Biker put on a latex straitjacket and anesthesia hood, and Dart chained him down with his ankles spread eagled. Biker had a cool rubber collar with a pointy spike that could be adjusted to poke him in the chin if he tried to raise his head, and Dart also used a heavy steel belt to hold him in place. Like I said, none of this bondage is necessary with the ball clamp, but more gear is always better.

Once Biker was totally chained down and restrained, the fun began with some Estim, vibrator, hospital ventilator, tit clamps and a hand job. It wasn't long before Biker came all over the place. This was one hot scene. The combination of all the gear took the scene over the top. and I would like to try it myself sometime. This scene was a good example of everyone contributing their own gear and energy to make it happen. It's fun when people like BikerMtl come for a visit because he brings his enthusiasm. I'm sure he'll be back!


GALLERY: 991 / DATE: Nov 26 2017 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

This video includes two scenes. The first part is one of my favorite bondage rigs which we shot at Bind's place in Iowa. The metal stocks are suspended from overhead, and his ankles are parted and chained to bolts in the floor. This is such a helpless predicament, totally inescapable, and totally comfortable. I rigged this scene for SFdom and his friend Alex Colby, both on Recon. It was a little awkward for them because we don't shoot sexually explicit play at Bind's place because of the state laws. In any case, it's a hot bondage configuration and they had a good time. Maybe we can shoot the same setup in California where porn production is legal.

The metal stocks are from DungeonDelights.com, however I had to drill two holes in the steel in order to suspend it from overhead. If you order the stocks, send Rick a photo and tell him you want the same thing. Rick is the owner of DungeonDelights.com and knows me. He's a good guy!

The second part of this video is an impromptu scene with Yossie Silverman and a friend who was visiting him for a few days. Yossie brought him over to meet me and see the Institute. One thing led to another and before we knew it the guy was strapped into a Maxcita 'Psycho' straitjacket and secured to a new bondage chair I had recently acquired.

The chair is made of extruded aluminum from 8020.net, which supplies the tech and manufacturing industry. I got this chair along with a transparent head box from a friend of mine who works with 8020 all the time at his job. 8020 is expensive to use for building bondage gear, but it's the best stuff if you have the money to blow and are quite mechanically proficient. The chair works well with Humane Restraint and Maxcita bondage gear.


GALLERY: 988 / DATE: Nov 19 2017 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 2

These days I am spending a little more time pursuing my own bondage interests. I play at home, and when I visit Bind at his Jail in Iowa. I love to be chained to the wall in Bind's jail cell and go overnight. My last visit was in the fall of this year and it was already freezing outside with occasional snowflakes in the air. Even though there is a heater in the jail area, the steel and concrete are still a bit cold. So, I wear sweats and boots to keep warm, and during this visit I used a 'Texas' catheter, so I wouldn't have to stop the scene to go pee.

This 2-part video captures my experimentation with some rubber gear I had brought with me, along with my first shot at being chained spread eagle in Bind's basement. Luckily there was a foam pad I could lie on to keep me off the cold cement floor.

All my bondage experiences during this trip were great, and I know a little more now how I can stage some bondage that I can spend the night in without problems. I can't wait for spring when I will visit Bind again and try some back-to-back overnight scenes. Overnight is the best because it is dark in the cell until the sun starts to come up and light from outside starts to enter the cell. Fantastic!

Visit Bind's website to see his cool bondage videos at MenInChains.com. If you care to spend a night in a real jail, visit his website at HamptonJail.com. This guy in the real deal!


GALLERY: 989 / DATE: Nov 13 2017 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 3

This 3-part video featuring BikerMtl (Biker Montreal), JimmieFromAOL on Recon, and Dart_Tech on FetLife. BikerMtl was in San Francisco for Folsom 2017 and stopped by the Institute for a visit. During our conversations he asked if we still had the orange inflatable bad from StudioGum. Yes, we still had the bag. It's made of super-heavy rubber sheeting and weighs a ton because it has 4 layers of rubber which create a top and bottom inflatable bladder. We also had some other gear which goes well with the bag including a newly purchased NATO full-face gas mask, hospital patient monitor, e-stim gear, bubbler bottle, and Dart_Tech's popular laptop breath control program.

BikerMtl was looking forward to whatever we could cook up, so we integrated our assortment of gear into one scene. After all, you can never have enough gear. Right? Our friend Dart_Tech managed the scene and the technical logistics, JimmieFromAOL lended a hand, and I shot the video.

This scene was a lot of fun and flowed very well. This was the first time we had used the NATO full-face gas mask with the inflatable bag, and it worked great because we could plainly see Biker's eyes. Frankly, I don't recall ever having been in the inflatable bag, maybe I can give it a go next time. In any case, Biker did quite well with the laptop controlled breathing and the bubbler bottle. JimmieFromAOL enjoyed playing with the variable breath restrictor, and Dart_Tech did a great job of CBT with e-stim. The coolest thing was the hospital patient monitor in the background, telling us Biker's heart rate with the constant beep beep beep sound. The scene was just like a real operating room, only way more fun! A special thanks to BikerMtl, JimmieFromAOL and Dart_Tech for a fun scene. Lets do it again! Also, thanks to StudioGum for supplying their heavy inflatable bag. The internal arm flaps were a custom request by us, and not normally supplied unless requested.


GALLERY: 987 / DATE: Nov 7 2017 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 3

Renfield: "The first time I realized I was one of those ‘strange' individuals with a peculiar sexual preference was during my pre-pubescent years. The defining moment was when I saw the cover of Pat Benatar's 1982 album Get Nervous which featured her in a white canvas straitjacket and padded cell. I'm not sure why this particular image became my calling, however the moment I saw the record in my brother's LP collection I found myself unable to stop looking at it - and subsequently the asylum scenario became part of my future. I remember trying to imagine the sensations that someone could experience within a padded cell; the texture of the walls, the inside of the straitjacket sleeves, the fear, the drama, the fun of it all. As years passed I finally purchased my own medical grade straitjacket and constructed my own padded cell. Even more time passed before I found a few trusted partners to help me indulge in my fetish. During my earlier years it seemed almost impossible to live my life with such closeted interests, but like all fetishists, I seem to have found a way..."

The videos in this update were home-made and sent to us by Renfield in 2010. He created the videos himself as a way to express his interest in straitjackets and padded cells. As with most fetishists, he went to great lengths to portray his fantasy as best he could, including building a padded cell in his apartment to shoot these videos. His name Renfield is a reference to a fictional character in the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. Renfield is an inmate at a lunatic asylum. Renfield: "What I've always loved about the history of medicine and especially psychiatry is that invariably all of these devices and techniques that were invented in earnest to help people were really just forms of torture repackaged: the straitjacket as a comfortable hug that never ends, shock therapy to calm people into docility." For those of us who have institutional bondage fantasies, this video provides a glimpse into what real incarceration might be like.

The videos in this update are in the older 'Windows Media' .wmv format. If you are not able to play these videos try loading the free open source VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 910 / DATE: Nov 3 2017 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

This video is part of a series produced by our friend Bind titled 'Imprisoned In A Hostile Nation'. Bind is a pretty creative guy and is really into bondage. Bind will tell you that he shoots these videos to pay his rent, but the truth of the matter is that he likes to be tied up in various ways.

In this video Bind is wrapped up in chains and made silent with a duct tape gag. Frankly, this reminds me of being a kid and wrapping myself up in chains in my father's workshop. I guess that's how I got into bondage. The chains felt good then, and they feel good now. They are tight and restrictive, and gave me a thrill as I surrendered to their control. As a kid I never thought about being gagged. Gags tend to enhance the experience of being helpless. Playing with chains was simply fun, and later on they provided me with a sexual thrill as well. I didn't know that at the time however, I just knew I felt good all over as the adrenaline rush and sexual juices started flowing through my body.

Bind is lucky that he owns a jail. It's a place where he can play with bondage anytime he likes. Day or night be can just walk from his house to his jail and be locked up in some way. This is a dream for me. I wish I had a setup like this. I probably wouldn't get anything done because I would be tied up all day.

Check out Bind's 'no porn' website at MenInChains.com. Bind likes to focus on bondage and not on sex, so his website may be the only one around like that. Our hats off to him for sticking to that policy. To me, it's all about the gear!


GALLERY: 986 / DATE: Oct 30 2017 / IMAGES: 152 / VIDEOS: 3

I've been cleaning up files on our editing computer and ran across these videos. The first is from years ago titled 'Relax' and features three of my bondage friends: Officer Rob, Officer Hawk, and Officer Bind. The video was shot in their LA detention facility which is no longer around. When these guys weren't minding their jail clients they would play grab-ass and tie each other up. This would happen at the drop of a hat with no warning, and it was a blast to see them in action. This first video highlights a suspended bondage table used in their psych evaluation room, and how officer Rob found himself tackled and restrained with little warning. I'm not sure, but I think he loved every minute of it! I miss these guys.

Next, the tables were turned and officer Hawk found himself in a suspended strap cage with officer Rob and a handful of clothespins in control. The third scene is just some video we shot in my backyard of an expanding foam test. Months later we encased his whole body in expanding foam but it didn't work out very well. Among many problems, the foam got too hot when it was setting.

The second and third videos in this update were recorded during one of our live streaming tests. We were using an old camera so the quality isn't very good. For the most part, the live stream featured our friend Agent Smith and various pieces of bondage gear including Dalton's famous 'Floaty Thing' which he made from water pipes, garage door springs and Humane Restrints. We also put Agent Smith is a selection of RigidCuff metal bondage gear. Agent Smith has an attractive body because he works out, but he can't show his face. We haven't seen him for years. Check out his website at TrapperSmith.com. As I said, these last two videos were shot with an old camera in the old 4x3 television format. If you have problems playing these videos try loading the free open-source VLC Media Player. The still images in this update are way sharper than the video!   :-)


GALLERY: 985 / DATE: Oct 23 2017 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

This is another eye popping self-bondage video featuring our friend JimmyUSMC. In this video he describes a fantasy he's had for years about sneaking into an abandoned jail or prison and locking himself up in chains and shackles, only to be discovered by someone who finds him, and takes away his keys so he can't escape his own bondage.

Frankly, I had a similar fantasy when I was a kid. My fantasy was that everyone in the world would disappear and I would then able to freely enter our local police station and tie myself up with the gear. This fantasy was sparked by a tour of the police station when I was in the grade school Cub Scouts. I never forgot the two single handcuffs mounted into the wall on each side of a wood bench where they would sit the prisoner during the intake procedure. I guess if the prisoner was rowdy his wrists could be shackled to the wall, apart, at each end of the bench. Hot! I bet they don't allow that now. Anyway, I was very in the closet about my attraction to bondage so my fantasy never included the part where someone comes in and finds me locked in the gear.

JimmyUSMC is a true bondage guy, and craves the bondage experience. Jimmy can be found on Fetlife under the same name. Although this video is a little unbelievable, it was fun to shoot and we all got really into it. Jimmy ended up humping the pad he was lying on, so it must have been working for him too. It was certainly working for us. This video was shot at Bind's jail cell in Hampton Iowa. If you want a real jail experience, book a stay at his place HamptonJail.com. Also check out Bind's bondage website MenInChains.com for more cool videos. As a side note, I will be visiting his jail cell at the end of this month. For part of my nine-day stay Bind won't be there so I will have the whole jail to myself. Just like my childhood fantasy. I can't wait!


GALLERY: 984 / DATE: Oct 16 2017 / IMAGES: 55 / VIDEOS: 1

Do to a lack of oversight in this mental facility, a dangerous patient was able to overpower a doctor and administer a shot of sedative to him. Once the drugs took effect the patient swapped clothes with the doctor and secured him in a canvas restraint blanket.

Just as this rouge patient was about to make his escape, another patient was brought into the room by an unsuspecting orderly. Chaos ensued. Who is the real doctor? When all was said and done this dangerous and clever patient was able to restrain all three and slip out the back door to freedom.


GALLERY: 983 / DATE: Oct 9 2017 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

Being put into bondage stirs up a myriad of pleasing emotions and physical excitement. The problem that most bondage lovers have is finding someone to put them into the bondage. As a result, the idea of self-bondage occurs to most everyone who loves to be bound.

This video features our friend Jimmy USMC (Fetlife) putting himself into 4-point spread-eagle bondage in the basement of an old house. Among all the methods used by self-bondage practitioners, Jimmy uses a pair of ice locks which he purchased from Mr S Leather. As the name implies, Ice locks are filled with water and then frozen in the refrigerator. The locks open once the ice melts, which takes a few hours. Jimmy uses two ice locks attached to the chains of each wrist. The 'oh fuck' moment occurs when Jimmy closes the padlocks attached to each wrist. Once the padlocks are closed Jimmy must wait until the ice melts to gain his freedom. Naturally the 'oh fuck' moment requires a lot of trust and thought before the locks are finally closed. We can see the thought and evaluation Jimmy puts into this scene before he reaches the 'oh fuck' moment. Once he closes the padlocks and becomes totally helpless, we can see the exhilaration he experiences and the growing bulge in his pants. He is all alone and down for the count.

As attractive as self-bondage can be, it is also extremely dangerous and possibly fatal. If you know someone who has been playing with bondage for a few years or more, ask them about any self-bondage experiences they may have had. Many people have experienced close calls, and some have not lived to tell about them. The problem is that excitement fogs one’s ability to think clearly and as a result they make a mistake in the preparation or execution of their self-bondage method.

In any case, on the lighter side, this video is quite sexy. For those who have experienced self-bondage you can relate to Jimmy's hesitation, and for those who haven't experienced self-bondage you can sit back and watch this scene and get off knowing that you don't have to play on the edge like Jimmy. As many people say, bondage isn't real until you want out. I hope you enjoy watching Jimmy in this video.

A special thanks to Jimmy USMC (Fetlife) for being so out and comfortable with his bondage interests. Check out Jimmy's Tumblr blog HERE. Also, a special thanks to Bind from MenInChains.com for helping shoot this video. Jimmy will be featured in Bind's 11-part video series titled 'Appleville' starting in January 2018. Don't miss Jimmy in a number of hardcore bondage scenes in this hot series.

WARNING - Self-bondage is extremely dangerous and quite possibly fatal. Do not use this video as an example for how to do self-bondage. Self-bondage should never be done alone. This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you play with self-bondage do so at your own risk. Many people have lost their lives doing self-bondage.


GALLERY: 980 / DATE: Oct 2 2017 / IMAGES: 152 / VIDEOS: 2

Here are two crazy videos from way back towards the beginning of this website. Back then we shot our videos on tape instead of chips. The first video is titled 'Candy Store' and features Mikey, Tony, Rank, FudgePup, Bruin, and Dalton. All of these guys came over at the same time, so we were forced to tie up multiple people in one shot. No problem! This time Mikey wasn't in bondage, so he and Tony helped with the video camera. The highlight was Bruin tied to a chair with an intense leather hood with a giant built-in gag and no eye holes. This hood was made by a fan of the site and given to us years before. As you can imagine, it's an intense hood because the giant gag is forced into your mouth and there is no way to spit it out. You are totally gagged - and fucked. In addition to Bruin, our rubber friend Rank volunteered to be put into our vertical stocks. This is fairly strinuous because his arms are over his head so circulation becomes a problem. The vertical stocks are actually the stocks from our bondage table mounted in a vertical frame. The third guy in this scene was FudgePup in a latex gimp suit and pup hood, who wallowed around on the floor looking for attention. What a crazy scene!

The second video features MummyEd, Dalton, and Rank in an inflatable StudioGum rubber bag. We had just acquired this bag from MedicalToys.com in northern California, and Rank volunteered to give it a try. Since we shot this video years ago, we have used this bag on the website many times. However, I don't recall getting a chance to try it out myself. Maybe someday. In any case, it's a cool bag, especially with a gas-mask. I'd like to try it for a few hours or more one of these days! Check out the StudioGum site for a selection of heavy rubber gear.


GALLERY: 981 / DATE: Sep 25 2017 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 1

This is another video featuring our laptop breath control program. We have showed this setup a few times before, but this video seems to capture the personal interaction of SFdom and his sub 'Eridor' (Recon) during a session. Personally, I'm not into breath play, but everyone seems to like this laptop rig so we will shoot it a few more times before moving on. WARNING - Breath play can be extremely dangerous and possibly fatal. Do not use this video as a suggestion on guide on how to do breath play. This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you play with breath play do so at your own risk.

Our staff programmer has come up with another program which is a full screen timer for timing the duration of a bondage scene. The full screen display of the countdown is combined with a bigger flat panel display which is hooked to the laptop allowing the subject and our video camera to see the numbers more clearly.


GALLERY: 982 / DATE: Sep 18 2017 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 1

Mr Kristofer is a well known star in bondage videos, and it was our honor to have him visit the SeriousBondage Institute recently. He's a friend of SFdom, and the two of them came to try out our new padded bondage platform.

Luckily the platform and it's stocks are made of heavy steel, because once SFdom has him secured and the play begins, who knows what may happen. SFdom likes to edge his boys so naturally Mr Kristofer needed to be fully restrained. As you can imagine, edgeing might drive this musclear sub into a frenzy and someone could get hurt.

Check out this video and see a speciman of musclear beauty grind and whimper as SFdom works his magic. Mr Kristofer's cum shot is worth the price of admission! A special thanks to SFdom for bringing Kristofer to the Institute. Visit Kristofer's popular Tumblr Blog for more photos and information about this hot guy!
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