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GALLERY: 1256 / DATE: May 2 2022 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 2

This video was filmed at the last minute during a visit by our friend YC from Canada. He was in town and gave us a call, so invited him to stop by and test our new metal stocks. The other fellow in this video is our friend MummyEd. He's our in-house mummification expert.

We has purchased the metal stocks from some guy in Pennsylvania. I don't know why he was selling the stocks, but I think we paid him $600. The biggest problem with buying bondage gear like this is transportation. We had to move the stocks from Pennsylvania to San Francisco. Luckily, I had a friend who was driving across the country who was able to transport them for us. The stocks are made of heavy steel, and once you are locked in, there is absolutely no way to escape. The stocks are pretty brutal because they clamp around your ankles, neck and wrists. The height of the neck and wrist stock is adjustable, but as you will see in the video, no matter where its set you can't sustain the bent-over position for very long. In any case, rigid metal bondage is very exciting. Unlike leather and hospital restraints, metal is harsh, rigid, unforgiving, and has no play. I like to say that you can feel the rigidity of the metal in your bones. Your mind instantly knows there is no possibility of escaping. We discovered that large padlocks fit through the adjustment holes of the vertical supports, so in later videos you will see the padlocks used instead of the adjustment pins which came with the stocks.

We filmed this video in our gear room. This is a fairly small room and can barely fit all the gear we have collected over the years. I call myself a 'gear head', meaning that I love bondage gear. I like gear because when I was 10 years old, I used some chain from my father’s workshop to tie up a kid who lived next door. That really turned me on, but I didn't know what sex was about, I just remember feeling very excited and wiggly, and I wanted to trade places and be tied up in chains myself. This was my first bondage experience with another person, and I immediately adopted a fetish attraction to metal as being a material to use for bondage. Maybe other kids have their first experience with rope, or tape, or by rolling themselves up in their blankets. But for me, at an early age, I knew that cold steel was the material of choice for me.

So, the first part of this video shows our friend YC experiencing the metal stocks while dressed in his red rubber. The second part of this video shows MummyEd mummifying YC in plastic wrap and duct tape. The mummification scene is pretty short, but it's nice to see plastic wrap and duct tape over YC's black latex catsuit. I apologize for this video being so short, but it was shot at the last minute and we didn't have much time.

In addition to the video I described above, YC gave us a video which he made himself called 'The Chase'. It's a fun little video showing him wandering through trees in an orchard in full rubber, gas-mask, with a rubber catheter bag attached to his leg. I guess this video was from his hobby website which isn't online anymore. Sorry these two videos aren’t very exciting, but the first video shows the metal stocks and the second fulfills our fantasy for wearing head-to-toe rubber outdoors. In any case, a special thanks to YC for being our rubber test gimp and sharing his video with us!


GALLERY: 1262 / DATE: Apr 18 2022 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 3

This video is another in our Self Bondage Electromagnets series. As you may know from previous videos on this subject, my friend Bind and I have been experimenting with the use of timers and electromagnets for self-bondage play. Being that I have been a bondage fanatic and electro-mechanical geek since I was young, I have built a few different pieces of self-bondage equipment over the years including the famous Serious Bondage Chair with the self-closing heavy leather wrist straps. This chair can be seen in the video titled 'Bondage Museum - Part 1 and 2' with Jimmy USMC.

This video features one of many ways an electromagnet can be used to hold keys that are needed to unlock the cage that Bind has locked himself into. Self-bondage is a great fantasy, but in reality, it's extremely dangerous to do, and Bind and I don't recommend doing it at all. In any case, I love building stuff, and this video shows a set of two electromagnets and a dual timer control box which I assembled recently. Check out the previous updates Parts 1-9 which are already on this website to watch interesting variations, tests and scenarios using electromagnets.

This update also includes two promo videos from Bind's website. Bind really gets into using music to enhance his videos, just like Hollywood! Bind is a really creative guy. Check out his website at MenInChains.com.

WARNING - Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. This video should be used for entertainment purposes only. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover them once you're secured and helpless. Play safe.


PS – Below is a self-bondage fantasy which incorporates the jail cells at the Edge Dungeon and electromagnets. I’ve had this fantasy ever since we built the dungeon back in 2017.

Recessed into the cement wall of the cell would be a steel drawer with a small handle on the front which you would use to pull the drawer open. Since the drawer is recessed into the wall, there's absolutely no way to get your fingers around it or pry it open. The only way to open the drawer is by pulling on its handle. The drawer slides open and closed quite easily, but there's an electromagnet behind the wall that grabs the drawer and prevents it from being opened when the magnet is energized.

The electromagnet is controlled by a pair of mechanical timers which can be set for any duration up to 12 hours. The timers are wired so that if one fails the other will still turn off the electromagnet after the preset time has ended. The electromagnet is also controlled by smoke detectors located around the building which will disable the electromagnet in case of a fire. In addition, a special ball-bearing perch earthquake detector will also disable the electromagnet if an earthquake occurs. (the Edge Dungeon is located in earthquake territory)

I would zip myself into my total enclosure heavy rubber suit, with an external catheter, heavy leather boots over my rubberized feet, and a gasmask. I would shackle my ankles together with heavy steel cuffs and a short chain. I would have my heavy steel bondage belt locked around my waist, with a pair of Mr S hex-screw wrist shackles padlocked to the ring on the back of the belt.

Once I have donned all this gear, I would step inside the jail cell and roll its heavy door closed. Then, reaching through the bars, I would lock the jail door with its large and easy to grip prison key. I would then drop the key into the open steel drawer.

At this point, using a hex allen driver and my clumsy efforts through my rubber gloves, I would screw closed the shackles around my wrists behind my back. The short chain which joins the shackles and padlocked to the back of the steel belt is just long enough to allow me the freedom to place the hex driver into the drawer. Once I can see that both of these keys are in the drawer, I slowly push the drawer into the wall. As the front of the drawer passes into the recessed opening in the wall, I can hear a 'click' indicating that the electromagnet has grabbed the end of the drawer. At this point the drawer is held securely in the wall and can't be opened by pulling on its handle. An intense rush of adrenalin is pumped through my body, giving me a natural high of excitement and extreme fear as I realize just how helpless I have made myself. There’s no chance of escape, and nobody around who I can help me.

Now I'm totally helpless, cocooned in a heavy rubber suit, catharized, gas-masked and shackled. Being careful to not lose my balance, I slide carefully down the wall and lie on the rubberized mat on the floor. I stare through the lenses of my gas-mask, looking up at the heavy steel bars of the cell, and realize that I’m locked up for the duration, and totally helpless until the time is up - which is eight hours from now – or morning. I feel warm, comfortable, excited, nervous, afraid, and totally turned on. My heart is racing, and I have butterflies in my stomach. I'm in nirvana.

But there’s a dilemma I must face. There’s absolutely no indication as to when the eight hours are up and the drawer can be opened. Since I have no idea know how much time has passed, every so often I must shimmy up the wall and try to open the drawer… Nope, the drawer is still locked. How long is eight hours when I have no time reference? There’s no clock on the wall, no windows to see outside, and the dim lights of the cellblock never change. All I can do is guess how much time has passed and try my luck at opening the drawer, and each try is with considerable effort. In-between each try all I can do is enjoy my helpless rubber predicament, the silence and solitude, and drift in and out of sleep. I’m in bondage nirvana, and exactly where I want to be. I think to myself that an orgasm would be quite enjoyable, but it would temporarily diminish my sexual excitement. This would leave me facing the stark reality of my situation, and the resulting anxiety might lead to panic. I’m walking a fine line, and the more I think about not cumming, the more excited I get. My heart is pounding as I think about the butt-plug in my ass. Can I do this again tomorrow night? Let’s try and make it through tonight first.

WARNING - Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. The above story and the video in this update should be used for entertainment purposes only. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover them once you're secured and helpless. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1260 / DATE: Apr 1 2022 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 2

Needless to say, Bind’s new sarcophagus is indeed eye-popping and very exciting. It was somewhat modeled after a similar one made by PD of InSex years ago. the sarcophagus we normally think of is from the ancient Egyptian burial coffins associated with the great pyramids of Egypt.

As you have probably seen, many bondage fans have wrapped people in plaster or fiberglass to create a full body cast. The problem with all these attempts is that the outside is usually uneven, and the back is curved as it follows the contour of the subject's body. Bind solved these problems by lying on a padded board, and once the fiberglass had fully set, he covered the entire cast with many layers of epoxy. This increased the strength of the entire cast and made it much thicker. And, after sanding away most of the unevenness, a few layers of paint and some metal latches, he successfully created a sarcophagus worthy of any serious bondage play. Notice that the bottom of the sarcophagus is flat. The contour of Bind's back was taken up by the internal padding which created a custom coffin that is easy to transport and play with. As some of you may know, Bind has had a lot of schooling in the arts which allows him to visualize then create some great bondage devices like this.

This update features two videos. The first shows the entire process of creating the sarcophagus, and the second video shows us playing with it at NoEscapeDungeon.com in Las Vegas. As we found, not everyone can withstand the intense confinement. Lukas Tyler called red not long after he was put inside. I totally understand. No problem. The sarcophagus is not for everyone. I'm claustrophobic myself. In any case, later this year the guys at Bind's jail will have a chance to try it out.

A special thanks to Bind for loaning us his sarcophagus to film at NoEscapeDungeon while he had some family emergencies to tend to. Also, a special thanks to our friend Louis who transported the sarcophaguses to Las Vegas, and to DungeonDaddy and Lukas Tyler for sharing their house with us. Fun was had by all, and more videos of the sarcophagus to come on Bind's website MenInChains.com. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1255 / DATE: Mar 16 2022 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, keep wearing your masks, we aren't past the virus quite yet.

SFDom and I took a recent trip to Las Vegas to visit our friends at NoEscapeDungeon. While we were there some other guys showed for a visit including AZ, PupJake, AzPupZoey and AzKinkyDom. These 'AZ' guys appear in this video, and so does SFDom, DungeonDaddy and Louis. That's a lot of people for me to keep track of, especially with the three AZ guys.

The star of this video is AzPupZoey, in a leather straitjacket and a unique leather hood with built-in gag. This hood was hand made by a fan of the website who passed away a few years ago. He went by the name Doctor John. John was a retired doctor and reached out to us years ago because he lived near us in the San Francisco Bay Area. To meet this guy, you would never know he was kinky, but at home he had lots of leather tools and a leather sewing machine so he could make his own gear. He was of the previous generation who purchased kinky magazines from porn shops. Before John died, he gave us all the leather toys he had ever made including this leather hood with the built-in gag. Doctor John was a serious player.

AZPupZoey and his domme AZKinkyDom picked out this hood to play with along with SFDom. AZKinkyDom didn't want to show his face in the video, so most of the time I just shot over his shoulder. As you will see, the NoEscapeDungeon playroom is well equipped with tons of gear including a vertical cage. Once AZPupZoey was strapped into the straitjacket and the hood was laced up tightly behind his head, his domme put him in the vertical cage and immediately hooked the top of the hood to the overhead bars of the cage. This was a nice idea which I wasn't expecting. PupZoey's ankles were fitted with leather cuffs and giant padlocks were used to secure the cuffs to the vertical bars of the cage.

PupZoey's cock was hard and he was leaking a bit of pre-cum. His domme noticed this and called out a warning to everyone that he had discovered a leak. It wasn't long before SFDom took over with a vibrator to torment the poor helpless lad. During all this excitement I somehow missed filming an ass hook which they had put in PupZoey's butthole. I guess I missed it because I was only half awake. I had just got up, and this scene was happenening before I had breakfast.

In any case, SFDom used a vibrator to vibrate PupZoey's ass-hook. As you might imagine, this was an intense and enjoyable feeling for the Pup. As you will see in this video, two on-lookers were the guy restrained in the bondage chair in the background, and DungeonDaddy who’s the owner of NoEscapeDungeon, who was sitting on the floor watching this scene unfold. It’s easy to see that good time was had by all!


GALLERY: 1258 / DATE: Mar 1 2022 / IMAGES: 54 / VIDEOS: 1

As the omicron virus seems to be ramping down, SFDom and I along with some of our friends decided to meet in Las Vegas and try to fill our urge for bondage. The last two years have put the brakes on our play, leaving us longing for bondage and kink. So, we met up at NoEscapeDungeon for a week of rubber, restraint and a chance to play with Bind's new sarcophagus. Bind was going to meet up with us with his sarcophagus, but at the last minute he had a family emergency so he sent along the sarcophagus and asked us to shoot some videos of it.

Among the guys who attended were AznBoundJock from New York (AZ for short), AZKinkyDom, PupJake, and AZPupZoey. Wow, there were so many guys with AZ in their name it was hard for me to keep track of everyone. The video in this update primarily features AZ from New York as he was asking me how soon his video would be on the site. As a side note, it takes me around 8-14 hours to edit a video like this, sort the still photos, write the text and put it up on the site. All told, this video took 14 hours. Due to my age (66) the last few years of virus lockdown, I have lost a lot of momentum, and although I have a lot more traveling and shoots lined up, I’ve decided to lower the number of updates I post on this website (and SeriousImages.com) to twice a month or so. I love shooting these videos and running the websites, but I can't keep on the pace of more than producing four videos a month.  :-)

The video in this update features the sarcophagus that Bind built last year. It's quite a work of art, made with medical fiberglass, epoxy and bondo fiberglass resin. We shot a video of the entire construction process which I will post in the future. This sarcophagus was inspired by a similar one created by PD of InSex years ago. Needless to say, Bind's sarcophagus is a total turn-on. I wanted to try it out, but we ran out of time. The thing that separates this full-body fiberglass cast from other casts we have done in the past is it's flat bottom. The curvature of the back of the body is compensated for by internal foam padding. The flat bottom combined by the thick rigid shell allows the sarcophagus to be carried, transported, and drilled for installing the metal latches. This piece turned out above our expectations, and my hat's off to Bind for creating it. Look for more photos and videos of it on this website and Bind's website MenInChains.com. Naturally, you need to be the right size to fit into it, and get the top closed and latched. As you will see in this video, AZ was a little tall but he fit OK. As a side note, PupJake is wearing a bolero canvas straitjacket made by Max at Maxcita.com.

The second scene in this video is AZ in a bondage chair made by a guy in Germany. He has a profile on FetLife under 'SelfBondageChair'. There are a number of these chairs around, and he did a great job designing and building them. He also made all the tan leather straps. This guy is the real deal in terms of building cool gear. Check out his profile gallery on FetLife. In any case, we strapped AZ in the chair and left him for a few hours to enjoy the feel. I think he enjoyed it!

The third scene is AZ in a Lerman non-invasive halo brace. This is my favorite piece of kinky gear. Once you're in the brace and your wrists are handcuffed behind your back, you feel soooo helpless!!! You are totally screwed. I guess one addition might be helpless mitts over AZ's hands. This brace really works for me. It's so fun and kinky. This is a removable and reusable halo brace. It's called 'non-invasive' because it doesn't use stainless steel screws that pierce your skin and connect directly to your scull.

The fourth scene is AZ in a ultra-heavy rubber straitjacket from BlackStore.com in Switzerland. I purchased two of these straitjackets (small and medium) when we were there in December of 2019 before the pandemic. AZ fit in the small straitjacket and he looked fantastic. I love how thick the rubber is. Totally inescapable. In addition, the rubber is so thick that it's impossible to rip. Straitjackets made of lighter gauge rubber feel delicate and too easy to rip or damage. Not this one. And it weighs a lot. When you're strapped in you really know there's no escape no matter how much you trash and struggle. Once AZ was strapped in by SFDom we took him into DungeonDaddy's newly remodeled bathroom which has a giant lighted mirror. Then AZ was put in the new walk-in shower, where PupJake joined him. There's nothing better than being in rubber in a shower, bathtub, hot tub or swimming pool. Sexy, erotic, kinky and fun! A special thanks to AZ and all the other guys in this video, and to Max at Maxcita.com for the canvas belero straitjacket. More videos to come of our visit to NoEscapeDungeon in Las Vegas!


GALLERY: 1254 / DATE: Feb 16 2022 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, it appears that the corona virus is subsiding. Keep wearing your mask though, as we aren't past the virus quite yet.

SFDom and I took a recent trip to Las Vegas to visit our friends at NoEscapeDungeon.com and shoot some videos including the one in this update. Of all the videos we shot when we were there, the one in this update might be my favorite one. It features PupJake in a 1.8mm StudioGum heavy rubber Prison Suit, secured in our heavy steel Bondage Crib. You might recognize the crib from previous videos. I love the visual image of PupJake in the heavy rubber suit, chained inside of the crib. We shot this video in February when it was cold in Las Vegas, but on this day, it was fairly warm which allowed PupJake to wear the rubber suit outside. You will see that the crib in in a gravel pit outside of the basement. This pit is designed as an emergency escape, with a steel ladder up to the ground level. Is is a cool setup because we can do outdoor bondage and not be worried about the neighbors seeing us. There are very few houses in Las Vegas with a basement.

I don't mind saying that later this summer when the temperature in Vegas hovers around 90-100 F, I would like to be in my rubber suit and restrained in the crib for hours, and maybe all night. I love being in heavy rubber and bondage, and the crib really turns me on. In addition to the heavy rubber and the crib, I really like the look of the leather mitts that PupJake is wearing. Totally helpless!

In any case, PupJake enjoyed his time in the rubber suit and crib. Naturally SFDom jumped in with some cock stimulation which he was able to administer through the top bars of the crib. Sometime in the future, maybe this year, we'll install some hinges and locks on the top of the crib. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1253 / DATE: Feb 3 2022 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 5

This is a fun little video featuring a hot combination of gear. The video was shot in Bind's padded cell and features an unusual piece from Best Fix Systems in Germany called 'Spreader Pants'. This device was originally designed for adult baby play but has since become popular with bondage fans. Although it doesn’t look like pants, it is very effective at spreading the legs wide apart. The spreader pants have a harness that locks around the upper body with Segufix magnet locks. The spreader pants look a little like diapers, with padding between the legs. The pants have an adjustable steel bar that spans the opening between the legs and can hold a dildo or vibrator. You can order two of these bars to hold both a butt plug and vibrator, and the bar positions are independently adjustable. As you will see in this video, the spreader pants are very secure, and when combined with a straitjacket make a really hot scene.

Included in this update are 4 promo videos from Bind's website MenInChains.com. Bind produces some great Hollywood style bondage videos. Also, check out the BestFixSystems.de website for various versions of the Spreader Pants. If you order one tell'em you saw it on SeriousMaleBondage.com. Thank you!


GALLERY: 1252 / DATE: Jan 26 2022 / IMAGES: 76 / VIDEOS: 6

Hey guys, this Omicron virus is raging in parts of the US, so please get your vaccine shots and booster, and continue to wear your mask. The medical folks say that cloth masks are no longer effective, and everyone should wear a real N-95 mask to avoid contracting the Omicron.

During this pandemic I'm working my way through the site and trying to clean up and condense some of the older updates. So, I combined the six Dore Alley 2012 videos into this update. You may have seen one or two of these videos, but maybe not all of them.

Dore Alley is a yearly San Francisco leather event which is similar to the popular Folsom Street Fair, only it is much smaller and originally held in Dore Alley. As years have passed, the Dore Alley event got bigger and spilled onto the adjacent street. So, people come to San Francisco for both the Folsom Street Fair and the Dore Alley event. The videos in this update feature some fun we had during Dore Alley 2012. Both of these San Francisco street fairs allow us to do bondage in public, have some fun, and shoot videos. At some point in the past, the Dore Alley name was changed to 'Up Your Alley Fair' but most people still refer to it as the Dore Alley fair.

The two bondage highlights for us during Dore Alley 2012 were fiberglass casting our friend Mumman, and filming our friends Chuck and Bind being cold riveted into 5-way shackles at Yossie's house. Yossie made these shackles himself and enjoys hammering over aluminum rivets that permanently lock the shackles onto his prisoners. Both Chuck and Bind get really excited about wearing permanently riveted shackles. Later on, the shackles can be removed by cutting the rivets with a saw or cold chisel. As a side note, I was talking with Yossie about using induction heating to heat some steel rivets until red hot, and then hammering them over on the shackles. This would much more fun, exciting, realistic, and more difficult to remove! Stay tuned for this in the future.

Regarding the fiberglass casting on our friend Mumman, we casted him in an unusual position with his arms folded together in front and away from his body. Mumman is game for almost any kind of bondage, and this scene looked over the top once we were at Dore Alley. Our friend Mister X led Mumman around the fair and were stopped by many onlookers taking pictures. The only difficulty was taking Mumman into the public porta-potty to take a piss. Mumman has years of experience with severe, extreme and long-term mummification so this fiberglass cast was not a big challenge for him. Can you imagine being casted like this? The cast is extremely rigid and there would be no escape for you. You would be totally helpless and dependent on others for your survival, not to mention your ass and cock would be completely available for torment and CBT. And, if you were in a catheter and fed liquid protein drink through a straw, you could stay in the cast for 24 hours or so. Serious fun! This cast used around $150 of fiberglass and synthetic padding. It took around 2 hours to cast Mumman and around 60 minutes to cut him out with a vibrating saw.

Once we returned to the SeriousBondage Institute the guys continued to play in our studio while our casted friend Mumman was suspended from overhead to take a load off of his feet. At the end of the day, we cut the cast off Mumman, but for some reason that part of the video was misplaced. If I run across it, I'll be certain to add it to this update. I hope everyone gets a kick out of seeing all these videos in one update.

The six videos in this update are in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing these videos, install the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 375 / DATE: Jan 13 2022 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey everyone, the Omicron virus is spreading like wildfire. Make sure you wear an N-95 mask, because other masks are not very effective against Omicron. Be well!

This is a really old video from the archives featuring our friend Mumman and our ultra-heavy stocks. The camera work in this video isn't very good, but I like showing idea we had to screw down our heavy wooden stocks to the backyard deck. I built these stocks for myself years ago before I started the three websites SeriousBondage.com, SeriousImages.com and SeriousMaleBondage.com.

I carved the stocks from heavy 4x6 pieces of wood. It took me quite a while to carve the holes with a Sawzall, then file the holes with a wood rasp, then finish them off with sandpaper. Each time I made a cut in the wood I had to carry the stock into the house and try it out on my own body. This took a lot of time, but the holes I cut were smooth and provided a wonderfully snug and rigid fit. I made stocks for my ankles, knees, waist and neck/wrists.

Also, I made the stocks such that I could put myself into them for self-bondage. You can see this self-bondage process by watching my friend Bind in the video titled 'The Key Element' which can be found on this site with the upper-left search window at the top of this page. Along with the massive wood stocks, the hasps and padlocks are massive as well, which adds to my own personal excitement. I have not seen any other stocks made as heavy as these. These are the same stocks that we have shown in other videos, mounted both horizontally and vertically. You can see all the videos featuring these stocks if you search for the word 'stocks' in the upper-left search window.

In this video Mumman barely fits into the waist stocks because of his thick neoprene wetsuit. Since the stocks are screwed down to the deck, they can be positioned to accommodate either tall or short people. And, if someone's waist is too big, we can simply leave the waist stock out and still capture their wrists and ankles. Same for the knee stocks, and even the neck stock. In this video, we left the knee stocks out, and moved the wrist/neck stock up above his head because his neck diameter was too big to fit because of the thick neoprene. You will also notice a second set of wrist and ankle holes in the stocks. These holes are a bit smaller in diameter to fit people with smaller limbs. Cool, eh?

Experiencing these stocks was on Mumman's bucket list, minus the water hose treatment. Even though this video is kinda funky, I hope you enjoy seeing the stocks mounted on the deck and appreciate how rigidly they hold our friend Mumman. Take my word for it, the rigid grasp of the stocks on your body is very exciting! This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1250 / DATE: Jan 2 2022 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 1

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had nice holidays. If you haven't already, please get your vaccination and booster shots, and continue to wear your mask. We need to get past this virus as soon as possible!

This is a fun video we shot recently with SFDom and his friend 'EWMR' on Recon. We were visiting Wired4Fun in Pennsylvania and filmed his amber rubber gimp suit on his rubber-covered bed. I don't know anyone who has rubber sheets on their bed. I know lots of people who talk about buying rubber sheets, but Wired4Fun actually bought some and uses them daily. In any case, EWMR stripped off his clothes and SFDom zipped him into the suit. I like the amber color rubber. It looks so weird and kinky.  EWMR had a SCUBA mouthpiece and short PVC pipe in his mouth which allowed him to breathe easily even though his face was fully covered by rubber. Wired4Fun told us that he purchased the gimp suit from RubAddiction, however the suits on their website don't look quite the same. Also, I think Wired4Fun made his own SCUBA mouthpiece.

I knew that the thickness of the suit's rubber slipping and sliding over EWMR's cock would turn him on and that being sealed in the suit would provide ample cock lubrication. I also knew that SFDom is an expert at edging and topping guys, and this would be a good scene. Not to mention, EWMR was really excited to be working with us!

SFDom and his rubber gimp connected quite well. I love the intimacy of their interaction. SFDom is a gentle and trustworthy domme, with a selection of guys in every port. This video captures how SFDom brings his gimp to a fever pitch and allows the gimp to ride his own wave of sexual excitement. EWMR tries to communicate through the mouthpiece, but it was hard to make out what he was saying. The gimp's continued moaning told SFDom he was on the right track. EWMR's moans rise in pitch when he gets close to cuming which was a great for edging as SFDom could take the vibrator off his cock.

At one point SFDom and his gimp trade multiple breaths through the breathing tube. Wow, what a strange experience for EWMR as he's both helpless and can't see through the heavy rubber.

SFDom continues to block his gimp's breathing by putting his finger over the end of the tube. EWMR loves the lack of control and submitting to SFDom, and he rides his sexual high as hormones course through his veins. He's in a truly submissive state.

Eventually the suit's zipper is opened and the gimp's cock is pulled out for direct stimulation with the vibrator, and it doesn't take long for him to cum. As he calmed down his sensitive cock was subjected to SFDom's post orgasmic milking. Poor guy! Just when we thought the scene was over, our friend BikerJ came into the room and started tickling the gimp and reciting the 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' nursery rhyme. All hell broke loose as the gimp thrashed about helplessly. Finally, the tickling ended when the gimp shouted out something that nobody could understand. SFDom thought he was shouting a safeword, but he was actually shouting "cramp"! In any case, fun was had by all. A special thanks to EWMR, SFDom, Wired4Fun and BikerJ for a great time!


GALLERY: 1249 / DATE: Dec 22 2021 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 2

Happy holidays everyone. I hope everyone is well. Keep wearing your masks, and hopefully this Omicron virus will be the last round!

The video in this update features a wooden bondage chair which was built many years ago and featured in the popular 'Academy' BDSM videos from the late 80's. I think these videos were distributed on VHS, then later on CD and DVD. The bondage chair in this update is one of three chairs built for use in the series of Academy videos. Do a Google search for 'station house academy bdsm videos' to find video clips and links.

Years after the Academy stopped producing videos, the chair in this update ended up in the possession of two guys who ran a retail BDSM website called BDG Sales. Unfortunately, both guys passed away, and the chair was sold to a private bondage group called Delta. I knew some guys in Delta, so asked them if I could borrow the chair to use in my videos. To make a long story short, they said yes, and the video in this update is one of 5-6 videos we shot of the chair.

The chair is simple wood construction, but I can tell that whoever made the chair was a cabinet maker. The four things that separate this chair from other chairs on the Internet are the chin bar, the HumaneRestraint mitts, the wood calf stock and the custom foot enclosures. I have seen early pictures of this chair from years ago and noticed that it also had a 'V' shaped thigh spreader which fit snugly in the crotch area, mounted to the seat. However, when we borrowed the chair, it didn't have this piece.

I've followed this chair for years as it was passed from one owner to another, and I was finally able to arrange to borrow it. I wanted to borrow the chair partly because I wanted to feature it on this website, and partly because the chair turns me on! In this video, I’m the guy restrained in the chair. I'm in a StudioGum full enclosure 1.8mm rubber suit. I had a few problems with the nose holes in the suit, which we fixed with a pair of small scissors by our friend Wired4Fun. Wired was also the guy who strapped me into the chair. I was in the chair for a few hours but could have gone much longer. I really liked the feeling of the chin bar and my hands held securely in the flat mitts.

Once I was restrained in the chair, the guys went into the back room and played with a boy who was in a leather sleepsack and isolation box. This is a well-made padded box, and is slightly larger than the one I built myself a while back. Wired4Fun put on a thick rubber hood with no eyes or mouth, and navigated his way to the back room where he played with the boy in the box. As you will see, the boy has really big nipples, so they were easy for Wired4Fun to locate and play with. All in all, everyone had a good time. Our host for the week was our friend HotHardHat, and we appreciate his invitation to film the Academy chair in his basement. More videos to come.

Altogether, I believe there were three Academy chairs built during their heyday. The first one, made of wood, is in this video. Then, I believe there was a second chair, built of heavy welded steel, painted gray, which is currently at EdgeDungeon. Videos of this steel chair can be found on this website by searching for the word 'Academy' in the upper-left search window. Lastly, I believe there was a third chair built that was white with black straps. At first glance this chair appears to be made of metal, but I think it's actually painted wood. Maybe I'll run across this chair and try to shoot some videos of it before it disappears in time. If anyone knows who owns this chair, please let me know!

A special thanks to the Delta group for loaning me this chair, to Wired4Fun for strapping me in, to SFDom for shooting this video and helping me arrange this trip, and to HotHardHat for allowing us to film in his basement. Additionally, thanks to all the other guys who were in this video and the other videos we shot of the chair. More to come. I'm glad we were able to film this chair before it to, disappears in time!


GALLERY: 1216 / DATE: Dec 12 2021 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, I'm having some technical problems with the secure certificates on the server that delivers this website to your browser. I'll have it fixed in a few days.

This is a special video that captures an honest and sincere moment with our friend Bind when he's chaining himself in his jail cell for the night. Bind loves to be locked in shackles and a collar most every night, and this time he reflects on his past when coming out as gay and embracing his interest in being restrained in bondage.

I have known Bind for eight years and have seen him make a transition from being straight, married and a Mormon to being gay, having a partner, and owning a real jail and running a bondage website. He made a big transition in a relatively short period of time, and I salute and respect him for his courage to make these enormous changes.

I'm sure there are guys out there who would like to hear Bind tell his story. In the way that Bind describes his changes and discovering a new way of living his life, there are many other guys who are changing and discovering as well. Websites like this one, along with social media, allow the word to spread quickly and for guys to consider making changes in their own lives.

Personally, I love bondage to, and sometimes tie my self up as many as 5 nights a week. I don't go all night, but for 3-4 hours at a time I enjoy the solitude and escape from my daily stresses.

This video isn't as much about bondage as it is about Bind sharing his impromptu thoughts and experiences on the subject. I hope you enjoy this video. Check out Bind's website at MenInChains. Bind's shackles are from DungeonDelights.


GALLERY: 1246 / DATE: Dec 3 2021 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 1

This is another electromagnet time-release video, this time featuring a system invented by our friend Yossie. Yossie is a smart guy, and works as a coder for a high-tech company. But, as you may know by looking at other videos of Yossie on this website, he is a self-taught guy in many subjects including welding and metalworking, electronics, bondage, piercing and out-of-body and spiritual rituals. If you would like to see other videos featuring Yossie, just do a search for his name in the search window at the upper-left corner of this page.

Yossie has used an electromagnet drawer lock made in China to create an anchor point in the wall of his jail cell which a chain can be locked to. The anchor point is nothing more than a steel eye-bolt loop welded to a steel pin that fits into the electromagnet drawer lock. When the electromagnet is energized with 12 volts, it grabs the steel pin with 150 pounds of force. So, your submissive can be locked to the eye-bolt with a chain, collar or shackles, and they will be stuck to the wall until the power to the electromagnet is turned off.

In the previous electromagnet videos, I used a mechanical timer to control the power to the magnets, but in Yossie's configuration he used a Wi-Fi 'Smart Plug' that's controlled by Amazon's Echo Alexa. As you will see in the video, Yossie or SFDom can say "echo, drawer lock on" and Echo will send an instruction to the Smart Plug to turn on, which will turn on the 12-volt supply which will energize the magnet and grab the eyebolt. Yossie said he has locked guys to the eyebolt and then gone upstairs to wait for them to come up to join him. I guess Yossie instructed Echo to wait a predetermined time before turning off the Smart Plug. Pretty cool, eh? A special thanks to Yossie, SFDom and KinoPayne for helping to create this video. I hope you enjoy my series of Self Bondage Electromagnet videos. I'm a true geek at heart!

WARNING! Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover the dangers once you're secured and helpless. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this video as an example or guide. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1244 / DATE: Nov 21 2021 / IMAGES: 61 / VIDEOS: 1

The video in this update is one of the hottest videos I have ever shot. The video features my friend Bind doing a self-bondage scene with the electromagnets and timer box I built for him. Let me stop right here and remind everyone that self-bondage is extremely dangerous, and I don't suggest that anyone do it. However, self-bondage is a great fantasy and I must admit that while I was editing this video I had to stop and jerk off.

I have been doing bondage all my life, and now that I'm 66 I look back and realize that I've missed out on a lot in life because I've been thinking about bondage, fantasizing about bondage, playing with bondage, building bondage websites and photographing bondage, and building bondage gear. Years have gone by, but the thing that keeps me going are videos like the one in this update. I have shot thousands of bondage videos, and occasionally one of the videos touches my core kink. This video is one of them.

This video captures the emotional rollercoaster that Bind experiences while setting up the gear for this scene, as well as the shock and panic he feels when he locks himself in. This is the essence of self-bondage play. It's walking on the edge of danger and sexual excitement. Your critical thinking goes out the window and all you focus on is the excitement and helplessness of your predicament, the feel of the bondage gear, a fluttering heartbeat, quick breathing, exhilaration, adrenaline rush and sexual excitement. The adrenaline released in your body mixes with your hot sexual juices which creates a potent cocktail of drugs delivering you a natural high. At least that's what I experience. Unfortunately, I experienced this bondage high at the early age of 10 and got hooked on the feeling, which sent my life trajectory in unusual directions. When it comes to bondage, I guess I’m OCD. My bondage obsession drives me to shoot these videos, write this text, and built bondage gear like the electromagnets in this video.

In this video you will see Bind plan out the self-bondage scene in his head, check and arrange the gear, test the electromagnets, and hesitate a number of times along the way. The driving force that overcomes all of his hesitation is the natural high he's experiencing as the cocktail of adrenaline and sexual juices course through his veins.

This video captures exactly what I would experience if I did the same self-bondage scene, which is why I like it so much. I hope you enjoy it as well. Bind's shackles are from DungeonDelights, the metal helmet is from BlackStore, and the electromagnets and timer box are DIY home made.

WARNING! Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover the dangers once you're secured and helpless. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this video as an example or guide. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1243 / DATE: Nov 8 2021 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

A few years ago, Kink.com had a prop sale where they sold off various unused props which they had collected over the years. This sale was held at their famous and iconic Armory building in San Francisco. I attended the sale and bought a few items for EdgeDungeon.com, and while I was looking around, I spotted a bizarre antique optometry chair. I couldn't pass it up, so I bought it and stored it in my garage. Now, since I'm spending so much time at home because of the covid pandemic, I pulled out the chair and restored it as best I could.

The hot little video in this update features SFDom and his boy SigmaOne playing with the chair. As you will see, the chair has a lot of kinky bondage possibilities. SFDom secures Sigma in a Mr S leather straitjacket and muzzle, then straps him down to the chair. The base of the chair has a bizarre vertical arm with a spring-loaded loop at the top which SFDom uses to stretch Sigma's balls. Sigma seems to enjoy CBT, so SFDom stretches his balls even further with the overhead loop. As we all know by now, SFDom is a master at edging, but Sigma was so excited he shoots his load sooner than expected. It appears that the ball stretching feature of this old chair works great! A special thanks to both SFDom and SigmaOne for testing this beautifully restored chair from Kink.com. More testing to come.


GALLERY: 424 / DATE: Oct 29 2021 / IMAGES: 176 / VIDEOS: 5

This 5-part video is from the archives and documents a three-day trip we made in 2012 while transporting a jail cell and other heavy gear from a storage locker to Yossie's 'Blacksteel Correctional Facility' in the remote hills of northern California. The adventure required eight men, a 3-ton rental truck, fork lift, pickup truck, and a straitjacket - which kept us amused during the long hours on the road.

This video is virtually unedited and highlights the fun we had - including our straitjacketed friend Bind in the back of the moving truck, driving through mud and fog at midnight, a phone call from President Obama, metal bondage experimentation, and channeling the comedian Rodney Dangerfield through our friend Chuck.

The tidbits of bondage during this trip was certainly fun, but the real enjoyment was the camaraderie between the guys. Some of them had not met until the beginning of the trip, and, even though some were gay and some were straight, the focus was transporting the steel gear and a bit of bondage along the way. We are lucky to have such good friends who are willing to lend a hand during our adventures. As usual, a good time was had by all.

There's a lot of conversation in this video, so if you don't want to hear it, just scroll forward to the next bondage part. This update includes 176 photos and 90 minutes of video in the old Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing these videos, try installing the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1177 / DATE: Oct 16 2021 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 3

Hey everyone, I'm currently at Bind's jail in Hampton Iowa attending his year-end gathering of bondage people. Bind closes the jail at the end of October and heads back to Arizona to spend the winter with his partner. It's just too cold to spend the winter in Iowa with the snow when he could be enjoying the warm sun in Arizona.

This update consists of three videos. The first video is from Bind's website MenInChains.com and features some ice locks I gave him a while back. The ice locks were from Mr S but I'm not sure they sell them anymore. In any case, this video shows the ice locks being used to restrain Bind in his cage. The ice locks are attached to a pair of stainless steel wire hand mitts that a guy made for me years ago. The ice locks are primarily used for self-bondage, an activity that I don't encourage because it's so dangerous. However, in this video the ice locks are used under supervision which is a safer way to play.

For those who are unfamiliar with ice locks, the idea is that a metal cylinder is filled with water and frozen. The tube contains a metal rod that becomes captured in the ice, and the metal rod is connected to the bondage mitts. So, until the ice melts and the metal rod is released, you are stuck in your bondage position. The length of the ice lock cylinder and the amount of frozen water it contains determines the amount of time before you're released. There are various ice locks on the market today, mostly made of stainless steel so they don't rust. I remember some ice locks sold by MEO that were very well made and came in a few different sizes for different time durations. Some ice locks come with insulating jackets that slip over the cylinder which greatly increases their melt/release time. The insulation jacket slows the thawing of the ice. The only drawback to ice locks is that they're a bit messy because the thawed water drips out of the cylinder. As time goes by I see more self-bondage devices on the market. My only advice is to not do self-bondage by yourself because it's too dangerous. Lastly, I prefer electromagnets over ice locks!

The second video in this update is also from MenInChains.com and features the use of bungee tension straps made by DecerningSpecialist.com. These straps are quite strong and allow fun to be had by attaching them to your shackles so you can struggle and thrash about without hurting yourself. When you pull on the straps you feel like you might be able to escape, only you can't. They're especially fun when used in a spread-eagle bondage position. In this video they aren't used in a spread-eagle, but you can find other videos on this site that show the spread-eagle scenario. Search for the keywords 'tension straps' in the search window at the top-left of this page. I believe there are a few other manufactures of tension straps on the market now, but the original idea was from DecerningSpecialist.com. Check'em out on their website.

The third video in this update features a short video trailer made by my friend in Switzerland, HeavyRubberSlave. I was traveling with SFDom in Switzerland at the end of 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic, and we shot this cool video with Aski and HeavyRubberSlave. The video in this update is just a short eye-candy trailer containing short clips from the video we shot. If you want to see the full video, search for the keyword 'Aski' in the top-left search window on this page. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1218 / DATE: Oct 5 2021 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 2

Hey guys, just an update. I'm in Las Vegas visiting my friends at NoEscapeDungeon, and I'm getting my Pfizer booster shot today. For those who haven't got their shots, please, please get your shots. You owe it to yourself because if you get sick there's a good chance you will die in the hospital, and I don't want any of my bondage friends to suffer that outcome. Getting the shot is no big deal, even if you don't feel good the day after. I experienced that after my first shot, but it wasn't a big deal. Once you catch covid you're fucked, and it's too late to get the shot after you get sick. Just get your shots so you can continue to enjoy my bondage videos!

As you probably know, I'm still going back through and posting videos which I shot before the pandemic, and this is one of them. This video highlights me at Bind's jail a few years ago, being chained and locked in cell-3 which is the maximum security cell. It's the most exciting cell and everyone wants to spend time in it. I got a rubber hood from StudioGum with a mouth insert and nose tubes, and I wanted to be in the hood, chained to the wall in cell-3, and left for a while, which is what this video is about. However, as you will see, I encountered some problem with the hood early on, and I had to request that the hood be removed. The more I play with this good the more comfortable I get with it, but for me, panic is always near so I have to be careful.

In this video I use double police shackles on my wrists and ankles, and the leather cuff protectors from DecerningSpecialist.com. In addition, I have double rubber mitts over my hands before the shackles are locked on. These mitts are really exciting and also look very hot. They are from BlackStyle in Germany. I have multiple sets of these mitts in sizes small, medium and large. In this video I first put on the medium mitts, and then the large mitts are pulled on over them. The two layers make it totally impossible to feel anything and gives me an even stronger feeling of helplessness.

The cuff protectors are used on both my wrists and ankles. Since the protectors increase the diameter of my wrists and ankles, bigger police cuffs must be used. So, I use oversize police cuffs from HandcuffWarehouse.com. Oversize cuffs come in various sizes and chain lengths from various handcuff manufactures on the HandcuffWarehouse website. So, I have an assortment of oversize wrist and ankle cuffs to use with the cuff protectors. Recently I have seen other people starting to make and sell cuff protectors under different names. In any case, cuff protectors allow me to be restrained with police handcuffs and enjoy their feel without suffering the harshness of their metal. Cuff protectors are also great when used over rubber. One last thing, I ordered a pair of extra long cuff protectors to use over my boots, and extra big police shackles to fit over the cuff protectors. This seems like a lot of details and added expense, but it's worth it to be able to mix and match my bondage gear and experiences.

As I said above, I'm currently in Las Vegas at NoEscapeDungeon. From here, I'll head back to Iowa to visit my Bind at MenInChains.com at his historic jail. I have shipped my time-release electromagnet bars to the jail where we will test them again. In a previous video we discovered that the magnets weren't strong enough to hold BoyBlake, so I shipped the magnets back to San Francisco and installed stronger magnets. Ultimately I might discover that I have to use bigger electro-magnets, but we'll see how this test goes. Stay Tuned!


GALLERY: 1240 / DATE: Sep 23 2021 / IMAGES: 59 / VIDEOS: 1

This is another fun video featuring SFDom and his hot submissive Mr Kristofer Weston. Kristofer is popular bondage model who has been featured on many bondage websites as well as the Mr S retail website. Mr Kristofer has been involved in the San Francisco leather for years and can be found on all the major social media sites including Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and OnlyFans. I think he has a blog and podcast as well. What a popular guy!

This video was shot fairly recently, which was a joy after more than a year of covid lockdown. I still think we have a long way to go with the virus, but hopefully this video will bring some joy to all of us bondage fans worldwide. The first thing about this video is the idea of someone being kept in bondage in the basement. I'm a switch, so I can appreciate slave storage from either the Top or Bottom perspective.

Many of you have seen SFDom in his classic Top role, dishing it out to helpless guys in bondage. This video is no different. SFDom loves to top and edge guys, and I feel safe in saying that he could do it all day long and never get tired. He's played with Mr Kristofer many times before, and as you will see they have a smooth interaction and play style.

Mr Kristofer is a big strong guy, so ultra-heavy wrist and ankle shackles are needed to keep him in his place. I found a flat plywood wall in SFDom's basement that that looked right for mounting ultra-heavy eye bolts, so I drilled some holes and screwed them in. The shackles themselves are from Parus-Leder in Germany. They have a nice selection of chains and shackles, and if you buy something tell the owner Arek that you got his store name from this website.

You can find other videos on this website featuring Kristofer by doing a search for his name in the search window at the top-left of this page. Like many of us, Kristofer is hooked on bondage and can't seem to get enough of it. He told us that he hadn’t had much bondage since the virus pandemic, and as you can see, his boner indicates that he liked it. A special thanks to both SFDom and Mr Kristofer Weston for a really great video as we all emerge from this global lockdown. Please get your vaccine shots and continue to wear your mask as we're still in the grip of this pandemic!


GALLERY: 1232 / DATE: Sep 12 2021 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 1

This is the final video of the Switzerland In December series. We took this 2-week trip to Switzerland in December of 2019 and had a great time meeting all the guys you see in the videos. Not long after we returned, the corona virus too off in March 2020 and we haven't done any overseas traveling since.

The main focus of our Switzerland trip was to hang out with friend RubNGum, who runs the retail website BlackStore.com (not to be confused with BlackStyle.de. RubNGum owns a lot of gear and a cool studio where he plays, shoots videos for his website, and takes photos for his retail website. RubNGum is a 'gear head' much like the rest of us. He's obsessed with having one of everything which makes his studio a really fun place to play.

In this video we see Lukas Tyler in head-to-toe rubber and strapped down to RubNGum’s fuck bench. As I recall, this bench is made by StyleFetish.de. We have seen this piece of gear in earlier videos in this series, and this is the last glimpse for now. Many rubber men have a fantasy of being bound and fucked by an anonymous rubber gimp. You're a rubber covered subject, and you have been strapped down to this fuck bench against your will. The steel cuffs and rubber straps hold you in a secured and vulnerable position. There's absolutely nothing you can do as a rubber clad male approaches with his rubber covered member protruding erect and ready to penetrate your ass. No amount of howling, struggling or whimpering will change your predicament. After the gimp is satisfied with fucking your hole, he turns the job over to a motorized fucking machine which continues to fuck you and never gets tired.

The next scene features a fan of this website who met up with us at RugNGum's studio after SFDom invited him. He didn't want to show his face so he remained hooded in all of the videos we shot. Before he left, he wanted to try the rotating cross with SFDom in charge of the vibrator. During the scene the cross rotated one full revolution but during the second rotation it stopped working and left our friend stuck at 90 degrees. RubNGum was out of the building, so after a bit of discussion we all got together and held our friend while others unbuckled all the straps and freed him from the cross. It turned out that once RubNGum returned we figured out that the cross was hung up on a power cord which prevented it from turning any farther than 90 degrees. Once we disentangled the power cord the cross worked fine. As you can imagine, this would have been a BIG problem is nobody was around to help rescue our friend.

After the rotating cross emergency, I wanted to try the bondage chair while I was wearing a full-enclosure rubber suit which I had just purchased from Hans-Peter a few days before. Hans-Peter is the owner of StudioGum and if you look back in this series of videos you will see him. He's a pleasant and knowledgeable German guy who purchased the StudioGum business from the original owner 10 years ago. The exciting addition to this chair are the leather hand mitts, which are modeled after the original Humane Restraint mitts first made years ago. The other unique addition to this chair is the eye and nose shield. Although it was fun, I wasn't as excited about this piece. I'm not sure what the nose fitting was for except to attach a hose and feed popper smell to the subject in the chair. Poppers aren't my thing, but as you can see in the video this chair is amazing. It was built by a guy in Germany who goes by the name 'SelfBondageChair' on Fetlife. Look him up if you want one of these chairs. I think he's still accepting orders for them. Tell him Mark from SeriousMaleBondage sent you!

The last scene in this video is of Lukas Tyler in a StudioGum rubber hood and straitjacket. His partner DungeonDaddy attaches suspension cuffs over his shoes and attaches the cuffs to a suspension bar connected to an overhear hoist. With the push of a button Lukas is hauled into the air upside-down. It turns out that the chains between the suspension cuffs and the suspension bar were too long, so Lukas' head was still touching the floor, so the guys had to lower him back down and shorten the chains. Once that was done Lukas was able to hang upside-down with a few inches of clearance between his head and the floor. A lot of guys want to try being in bondage and hung upside-down, including Lukas. He was in pretty good physical shape, so he was able to tolerate it, but after a few minutes he wanted down. That's OK, he got to try it out. During this whole suspension scene I was still tightly restrained in the bondage chair unable to see anything.

This ends our Switzerland series. We are looking forward to visiting Switzerland again, with a stop in Germany, as soon as we feel it's safe to travel. Our tentative plan is travel again in March of 2022 but we will have to see how the virus is by then. Meanwhile, a special thanks to all the guys who were in this video series, and to RubNGum and his business BlackStore.com, and to Hans-Peter at StudioGum. You can find the other videos of this series by searching for the word 'Switzerland' in the search box in the upper-left corner of this page. Enjoy!
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