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GALLERY: 806 / DATE: Apr 20 2015 / IMAGES: 568 / VIDEOS: 3

The Rawk Correctional Institution provides realistic jail and prison experiences for hire in the Los Angeles area. This unique facility includes three jail cells, psych observation room, and all the bondage gear needed to keep a visitor in check.

This update features photos and videos of Wired4Fun (FetLife) as he experiences a multi-day day stay at the Rawk Institution. Wired4Fun also wrote an article titled 'A Prison Bondage Experience' which details the fun and comradery he experienced during his stay which can be found HERE. The article explains in detail the videos and photos in this update. One of Wired4Fun's inmate buddies 'NoEscapeSlave' (Recon) wrote on the wall of his cell 'life is better in chains'. Might this be the case for those of us who enjoy the harsh reality of institutional restraints? NoEscapeSlave is featured in steel shackles and a custom metal helmet in the video in this update.

For more information about the Rawk Correctional Institution and their awesome setup visit their website at RawkCI.com. They provide the real deal in a safe and realistic setting. A special thanks to Wired4Fun, NoEscapeSlave and Rawk for allowing us to document these unique experiences.


GALLERY: 799 / DATE: Apr 14 2015 / IMAGES: 11 / VIDEOS: 1

Our good friends Jamie and Wired4Fun came for a visit. Since Jamie is rather short we decided to throw him into our small stock cage for a test. Before he got in the cage, Wired4Fun hooked Jamie's cock up with some Erostek e-stim gear. Jamie hadn’t had much experience with e-stim, so to be locked in a cage AND experience e-stim was quite a challenge.

Wired4Fun slowly ramped up the controls as Jamie squirmed and grimaced, but Jamie was up for more. Bring it on! What a trooper. Towards the end Jamie was pushing a level 80 on the e-stim dials, which was a respectful level for anyone who knows an Erostek box. Our hats off to both Jamie and Wired4Fun - who turns out to be a very safe, knowledgeable and skillful e-stim player.


GALLERY: 791 / DATE: Apr 8 2015 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

Many of us fantasize about being straitjacketed and restrained in a real institution. What would it be like to be forcibly strapped down to a bed and left in a room for observation? You feel like you have lost all control of your situation and the guards don't seem to be interested in hearing your story. It's as if you have been unplugged from the real world and can't seem to find a meaningful connection with anyone around you.

This is exactly the spot that Micky Mackenzie finds himself in. He is led to believe that he has visitors and once removed from his cell he is taken to the observation room in the mental ward. Struggling ensues and he finds himself strapped to a bed awaiting further review. The room lights are turned out and the guards monitor him through the door window with a bright flashlight. When will this nightmare be over?


GALLERY: 802 / DATE: Apr 2 2015 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 3

Mikey And Daddy Tony came for a visit over the New Year’s holiday. Naturally Mikey got tied up. Isn't that the point of visiting SBI? Mikey and Daddy Tony have been featured on this website many times in the past. However, a few years ago they moved from San Francisco to Seattle to pursue other career opportunities. This was quite a loss for us at SBI, and very traumatic for both Mikey and Daddy Tony because they could no longer stop by at a moment's notice and strap Mikey into some bondage gear.

So, their visit over the holidays was just like old times with Mikey being tied up and the rest of us messing with him. The resulting video is in three parts. Part-1 is strapping Mikey in the chair. Part-2 is messing with Mikey. Part-3 is Mikey and Daddy Tony messing with one of their friends they brought along. Ah... just like old times. You guys are so much fun. We miss you a lot!

As a side note, after Mikey and Daddy Tony moved to Seattle they started a weekly podcast called 'No Safeword'. Their free podcasts has grown in popularity and are now sponsored by Mr S. During their podcasts they interview many interesting people from the BDSM community. Occasionally humor and chaos presides over the podcast with Daddy Tony at the controls. You can tune in to their podcasts on their website NoSafeword.com. Check it out!


GALLERY: 717 / DATE: Mar 27 2015 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

This was the second try by our friend NoEscapeSlave (Recon) to experience the metal bondage frame and the dive helmet. The first try was cut short because the compressed air tank ran out of air. Luckily we had a second tank on hand. NoEscapeSlave really enjoyed the experience and would have stayed in full bondage with the helmet all night but the air tank only lasts for an hour or so. Damn!


GALLERY: 793 / DATE: Mar 21 2015 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 2

The two videos in this update highlight the fun we have around the SeriousBondage Institute. In one video our friend MummyEd opens a box of goodies which a fan of the website sent us. Yes Ed, there is a Bondage Claus!


GALLERY: 763 / DATE: Mar 15 2015 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend Rank entertains a number of rubber guests throughout the year who come to San Francisco on vacation. Rank invites them into his private rubber den - and they they aren't seen again for days! I guess this isn't all bad though, because they all seem emerge with smiles on their faces. No wonder so many rubber guys come to San Francisco for vacation! Visit Ranks blog RankInSF.


GALLERY: 796 / DATE: Mar 8 2015 / IMAGES: 58 / VIDEOS: 2

These are two really cool videos featuring our friend Bind. He found an old vintage bondage board with two leather boots bolted to it, which is something I saw years ago in a Checkmate magazine. We experimented with the board in two scenes, one with Bind suspended overhead, and the second with the boot board bolted to the floor. Frankly this boot board is a really great and inexpensive bondage device, and it feels really amazing when your feet are secured to a rigid piece of board like this. The two videos in this update are titled 'Spin Test' and 'Really Stuck' Check it out.


GALLERY: 776 / DATE: Mar 2 2015 / IMAGES: 113 / VIDEOS: 3

In the fifth and final part of our interview series with Chris from Steelwerks chastity, we take a close-up look at two rubber men who each try on a chastity device. A short time later one of the guys decides to up the ante and experience a ureteral chastity. We see close-up images of the insertion and extraction of the tube, and hear his reactions to the whole device as it is locked in place.

In a second video we see another volunteer try on an ultra-lightweight titanium device and hear his reaction to its comfort and wearability. If you are considering the purchase of a chastity device from any manufacturer, review this entire video series for valuable points to consider before ordering. This is the fifth and final installment of videos highlighting Chris from Steelwerks and his customers. A special thanks to everyone who participated in the production of this unique video series. Visit the Steelwerks website at SteelWerksExtreme.com.


GALLERY: 795 / DATE: Feb 24 2015 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 3

I have had a fascination with medical braces ever since I was a kid. Although people who need to wear them for medical reasons may not feel any fascination, as a serious bondage enthusiast I find their severity and restriction quite attractive.

We recently connected with a guy on FetLife by the name of StrapWizard who collects medical braces, sports gear, industrial safety harnesses and motorized wheelchairs - things which restrict or immobilize the human body. This guy is a walking encyclopedia on medical braces, throwing around terms like 'cervical torso orthosis' and 'non-invasive halo' like he was a certified medical professional.

In this 60 minute video StrapWizard demonstrates four different off-the-shelf braces on our volunteer Jamie. He talks about the manufacturer names and models, pros and cons of each brace, and the new and used (Ebay) prices for each.

Towards the end of his demonstration we incorporate handcuffs and a then a full-blown spread eagle bondage scene on our poor volunteer Jamie, just to see the effect of incorporating bondage with a torso brace. The results were fantastic, and we are already cruising Ebay and CraigsList for a used “Lerman Non-Invasive Halo” brace. A special thanks to the StrapWizard for sharing his gear and knowledge, and to our volunteer Jamie for being such a good sport. For all you gear-heads out there, this is a really cool video.


GALLERY: 783 / DATE: Feb 18 2015 / IMAGES: 56 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend Sqirm at RubberZone.com filmed this hot bondage scene in the playroom of TapedAndTortured (Recon) here in San Francisco. The oak bondage chair was made by an anonymous guy and shipped to us to use in our videos. It is an awesome chair and TapedAndTrotured ads his own unique style of anger and aggressiveness when he restrains this poor rubber dude down for the night. TapedAndTortured has restrained many guys in this chair. Maybe you could be next? This scene can conjure up a lot of fantasies for those who love combining rubber and bondage.


GALLERY: 786 / DATE: Feb 12 2015 / IMAGES: 45 / VIDEOS: 2

Three of our friends from the infamous Rawk Correctional Institution in Los Angeles came for a visit. As I have said before, these guys are mature and responsible but they often act like kids in the back seat of a car on a long trip - they can't leave each other alone! One thing always leads to another and it usually involves bondage. In this case they gang up on their buddy FrostKnight (Recon), secure him spread-eagle to a bondage bed, and pull out his chest hair one-by-one. Later they suspend him in a Maxcita sleepsack, and just like an act from Cirque du Soleil they use winches to gracefully turn him upside-down. Bravo! It's a pleasure to watch these guys having fun with bondage. This update includes two videos.


GALLERY: 743 / DATE: Feb 6 2015 / IMAGES: 58 / VIDEOS: 1

This scene recreates a hot video which we shot years ago. A dude is fully encased in latex, chained down spread-eagled to our bondage table, and then left to experience his helpless predicament. The real turn-on to this scene is the intense spread-eagle bondage and the heavy rubber anatomical hood with no eyes or mouth openings which he is wearing. The rubber seems to mold to the contours of his face. In his mind’s eye this dude is exactly where he wants to be. This scene was at the top of his bucket list and many would agree with that. A special thanks to our friend Rank who brought this all together.


GALLERY: 782 / DATE: Jan 31 2015 / IMAGES: 137 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend Mister-X on Recon wanted to try some naked outdoor metal bondage. This is a strange request because it is usually cold in San Francisco and people are more inclined to wear multiple layers even on a warm day. Nonetheless, we waited for a sunny day and ran Mister-X through his paces. This is a great video because it's all about metal bondage and highlights how helpless the human body can be against the harshness steel. Unlike leather or rope, metal does not flex at all, so you can immediately feel the limits of your bondage through your bones. The rattle of the metal chains seems to be transmitted through the bones of your body and so can immediately sense its unforgiving, relentless and restrictive qualities. Metal bondage can be scary because it feels inhuman and unemotional, whereas other materials like leather, rope, rubber and wood have an organic feel and give ever so slightly when stressed.

In any case, on this sunny afternoon Mister-X experienced a number of metal bondage positions and scenarios and at one point he even put on a MetalBond NYC tee-shirt to salute his favorite website. The guy who runs MetalBondNYC.com is always complaining about the use of carabineers for bondage and how lame that can be because you can simply unscrew them and escape. He prefers metal padlocks instead. OK, we hear you. Hopefully this video will satisfy his preferences because we did not use carabineers! Our thanks go to Mister-X for volunteering to bear the chilly San Francisco weather to bring us this unique bondage video.


GALLERY: 773 / DATE: Jan 28 2015 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 6

For those who have followed this website and our other sites SeriousImages.com and SeriousBondage.com, you have probably seen Dalton's unique rigging skills and insightful articles. In late 2014 Dalton decided to pull up stakes, say farewell to our bondage family, and pursue his other life interests. In this farewell video MummyEd and Mistress Alice join Dalton and I in reminiscing about how our websites got started and some crazy times we had along the way. During our discussion we are joined by our German friend ModeNarr via Apple's FaceTime. Although ModeNarr couldn't show his face, he joined in the discussion from his home in Germany and added his own feelings about Dalton's departure.

Our small bondage business could not have made it this far without Dalton's help, and we will really miss his great articles, creative bondage, comradery and the unique gear he had built. Our hats off to Dalton, he will be missed. If you wish to communicate with Dalton he can be contacted on FetLife as Dalton_Ott or contact him via e-mail at: dalton@seriousbondage.com. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy this six-part video which highlights the behind-the-scenes life of people who enjoy bondage as a business and lifestyle.


GALLERY: 780 / DATE: Jan 25 2015 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

In the fourth part of our interview series with Chris from Steelwerks chastity, we take a close-up look at a customer who commissioned a unique and scary chastity device called 'The Grinder'. This harsh device features a set of 6 screws which dig into the head of the cock as it begins to get hard, and a urethral tube for maximum invasion and control. This bizarre contraption is a indeed mean piece of work, and the owner loves every minute of its torment. Ouch! If you are considering the purchase of a chastity device, review this video series for valuable points to consider before ordering from any manufacturer.

This is the fourth installment of videos which highlight both Chris and his customers who show and talk about their own Steelwerks gear. A special thanks to everyone who participated in the production of this unique video series. Visit the Steelwerks website at SteelWerksExtreme.com.


GALLERY: 785 / DATE: Jan 19 2015 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 2

Our friend 'TapedAndTortured' (Recon) entertains many visitors from out of town. As his name implies, the visitors are subjected to a special brand of duct tape mummification, bondage and torment. In this update we see one of TapedAndTortured’s guests confined in a small cage and run through his notorious induction ritual. We understand the poor lad is returning next month for another visit, so the torment he received couldn't have been all that bad? Check it out in this two-part video.


GALLERY: 779 / DATE: Jan 13 2015 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

For years we have been fascinated by a pair of unique bondage devices called McKenzie Mitts, invented around 1920 by Jacob McKenzie. These metal mitts were used to transport prisoners. They were locked around the prisoner's hands limiting his grip and dexterity. Unfortunately the mitts were not very popular among the prison guards because they had to hold the prisoner's penis when he was using the restroom.

There are a limited number of these mitts in existence in the world today, so they have become collector's items and are quite expensive. The original mitts were not very robust anyway, so we asked our metalworking friend to make a pair. He came up with welded stainless steel hand cages which perform the same function as the originals. They lock with a hex screw and are quite sturdy.

This video features TapedAndTortured (Recon) and his friend who came to try out a heavy rubber Studio Gum suit we had recently acquired. Once the dude was fully encased in the suit we clamped the new McKenzie Mitts over his heavy rubber gloves, and then chained the mitts to the bondage bed frame. The result was absolutely fantastic! The mitts and the rubber suit were a hot combination because there are no pressure points to the bondage, no possibility of damaging the rubber suit during heavy play, and the mitts make a wonderful clanking noise when the dude is thrashing about. We hope you enjoy this video and stay tuned for more scenes with our new mitts. A special thanks to TapedAndTortured and his friend for being in our McKenzie Mitt test!


GALLERY: 762 / DATE: Jan 7 2015 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 1

Our friend Rank entertains many visitors each year who come to San Francisco. The visitors are attracted to his large collection of rubber, his unusual bondage devices, and his unique style of play. In this video Rank confines his guest in a small cage with stocks that close and lock around the neck and wrists. Once the boy is secured in the cage he becomes completely helpless and under Rank's control - which is exactly where he wanted to be since he arrived. It’s impossible to say just how long this poor boy was in the cage but he probably enjoyed himself. This is a fun video. I think every playroom should have a cage like this. Check out Rank’s popular rubber blog at RankInSF.com.


GALLERY: 777 / DATE: Jan 1 2015 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

Some friends from the Rawk Correctional Institution came for a visit. During their stay FrostKnight (on Recon) wanted to spend some time in our underground the deck cell. Naturally it wasn't long before his friends Officer Hawk and Officer Rob were at work securing him with shackles and chains to some bolts in the cell walls. Along the way someone got the idea to wrap FrostKnight's fingers and hands with duct tape to give him an additional sense of helplessness. Once he was completely restrained the cell cover was closed and locked we retired to the office to watch him on the TV monitor. Then we got an idea... the next time FrostKnight comes for a visit we will hook him up to some remote control e-stim gear. In this way we can sit in the comfort of the office and torment him while watching his reaction on the TV monitor. Yes! Stay tuned for more.
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