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GALLERY: 906 / DATE: Aug 11 2016 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun little scene with Booted Ray and Tatau on Recon. Tatau was in San Francisco for the week and Booted Ray brought him over to the SeriousBondage Institute to try out our new bondage chair. What Tatau didn't know was that he would also be subjected to Ray's cigar training. Once Tatau was secured in the chair Ray brought out his best hand-rolled Cuban and lit it up. There's nothing better than an expensive stogie and a good looking boy who's bound and helpless! I think we will see Tatau again in the future.


GALLERY: 836 / DATE: Aug 6 2016 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 3

Here are three fun videos assembled from clips which were not used in videos we have already posted on the site. Sometimes we shoot scenes which are not long enough to make a complete video. Other times crazy stuff happens that we catch on camera but isn't part of the scene we were shooting. In any case, it's all fun stuff. The first video is titled 'Odds and Ends' and is made up of short clips. The second video is called 'Another Great Escape' featuring Rank and one of his rubber friends, and the third video is titled 'Behind the Prison Scenes' made of clips from the legendary Mens Central Prison in Los Angeles. As you will see, a good time was had by all!


GALLERY: 902 / DATE: Jul 30 2016 / IMAGES: 52 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a hot video featuring our friends TapedAndTortured (Recon) and Kink.com's fetish model Tony Orlando. TapedAndTortured lives within walking distance from the SeriousBondage Institute, and we see him on a regular basis. His specialty is duct tape bondage, and he's the only guy we know with a two-story dungeon.

In this video TapedAndTortured secures Tony to his newly built 'Kneeling Stand'. This stand is designed to invoke a feeling of extreme helplessness from the subject, and at the same time it is comfortable and can be tolerated for hours. Not only does Tony Orlando get taped to this new Kneeling Stand, his mouth is taped and then covered with a leather muzzle, his eyes are blindfolded, his ears are covered with industrial sound muffs and his neck is held rigid with a leather posture collar.

Once the poor boy is secured and completely vulnerable, TapedAndTortured applies severe procedures with a set of small suction cups, a handful of clips, and hot candle wax. TapedAndTortured enjoys this harsh form of play, and loves the moaning and thrashing about of his captive. I guess that's why his scene name is TapedAndTortured? A special thanks to Tony Orlando and TapedAndTortured for allowing us to film their hot scene.


GALLERY: 903 / DATE: Jul 24 2016 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 1

OK you guys, listen up. This video is pretty hot. We drove a few hours north of San Francisco to our friend Yossie's private jail cell. We had our video camera with us, and once we arrived we got excited about shooting a video with all the bondage gear that was available. So we shot this video featuring six different bondage scenarios with a kidnap theme. The idea was to try and fit in as much bondage as we could before we had to drive home. Two of the actors in our little story were BootedRay and FearSlave (recon). We had fun filming this little bondage gem. It turned out pretty cool and we hope you are entertained by our efforts. Check out FearSlave's blog HERE. A special thanks to Yossie for inviting us to his private jail cell facility. More videos like this to come, so stay tuned!


GALLERY: 804 / DATE: Jul 17 2016 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a cool mummification by our friend MummyEd while he was listening to the ball game on his iPad. Casual bondage can happen here at the Institute which is real fun when people come to visit. In this case Prima2 (recon) was visiting in his spandex and latex hood. I think he ended up going to sleep once he was mummified, or at least he was totally relaxed. I guess that's one of the reasons people love bondage and enclosure and tight mummification. It's like a mini vacation from the stress of daily life. Ahhhh....


GALLERY: 901 / DATE: Jul 11 2016 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 2

OK. This is a really fun video featuring our friends SFDom and PunMyOdes, both on Recon. SFDom is located in San Francisco and drops by the institute every few months. PunMyOdes is from Canada and has visited SBI a few times in the past. Recently they both happened to be around at the same time so we decided to use up the rest of our casting material and give these guys a lesson in fiberglass casting play.

We didn't have enough casting material for a full body cast, so we improvised and did a half body cast including immobilizing the hands so PunMyOdes couldn't play with himself. As you will see in the video, this approach worked out well and should be used in the future with guys who can't control their urges. The finale to this scene was the old ice-cube-up-the-ass trick which SFDom pulled off without a hitch. Good work! As you can see, fiberglass casting provides many opportunities for fun and games. A special thanks to both of these guys for having so much fun! This update inclused 2 videos and 40 still images. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 807 / DATE: Jul 5 2016 / IMAGES: 568 / VIDEOS: 3

This update includes 3 videos and over 500 photos shot at the RAWK Correctional Institution (Rawk CI) a few years ago. The facility was located in Los Angeles but has since closed. It might be reopened in the future so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The facility was a dream come true for many of us to are attracted to jail cells, prisons, mental institutions and all of the associated gear that is used in those facilities. RAWK provided a unique service allowing people to book an overnight or multi-day incarceration experience with role playing scenarios and all the bondage gear you could handle. This was one of the rare opportunities for guys to pony up some money and have an experience of a lifetime. There are a few of these facilities located around the world but they are all created by kinksters who build them as a labor of love, and eventually the facilities close for one reason or another. Needless to say this is a niche market and isn't large enough to support a fully operating business with multiple employees.

In any case, these three videos were shot during some fun times at RAWK by Officer Hawk, Officer Rob, and inmates Spike and NoEscapeSlave. These videos are an example of the fun that guys can have when they get together for multiple days of bondage play.

Let’s hope that in the future another facility can be built and we can continue to have a place where guys can explore their bondage and incarceration fantasies in a safe environment. A special thanks to Officer Hawk, Officer Rob, Spike and NoEscapeSlave for allowing me to shoot these videos. These guys have way too much fun! This update includes 3 videos and 568 photos.


GALLERY: 888 / DATE: Jun 29 2016 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

The advancement of the isolation box continues with the addition of perforated steel rails around the inside perimeter under the inside cushions. These rails allow attachment points to be installed anywhere which can be super handy for most types of bondage. In this video Mark shows the rails and how they are used to secure our guest in a Maxcita canvas sleepsack. The Maxcita sack has metal rings sewn down both sides so there are plenty of points to use for securing the bag. Frankly, this is a totally hot setup if you have ever been in a latex catsuit and then zipped into a canvas sleepsack. The combination is quite a turn-on, and when you can see yourself restrained by multiple attachment points it takes the bondage experience over the top. The bondage is quite comfortable yet totally restrictive and you feel 100 percent helpless! Then add a gas-mask and a dark padded box and we have created the ultimate mind-blowing experience. Check out Mark's article he wrote years ago about the same experience on a bondage table. The article is titled 'In Deep' and can be found by clicking HERE. Ok, enough said about this combination of gear and restraints, check out the video.


GALLERY: 899 / DATE: Jun 23 2016 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

As summer approaches, it's starting to warm up in San Francisco. None of the locals are fooled however, because even at the peak of summer it can be really cold in the City due to air flowing inland from the ocean. In any case, the arrival of summer is cause to celebrate. Our friends BootedRay and Wired4Fun (both on Recon) were at the SeriousBondage Institute for a visit, and Ray decided that his friend needed to spend some time in our infamous underground deck cell. This is a cement cell under the backyard deck with bolts mounted in the walls for attaching chains and shackles.

BootedRay decided to have his friend don a Navy cold water survival suit and climb into the cell where his wrists were shackled to the heavy bolts. BootedRay filled the cell with water to see if the survival suit would really protect his friend from the cold. Well, the suit worked greatl and so did the gas-mask and air tank that supplied Wired4Fun with breathable air while BootedRay hosed him down with water. A good time was had by these two guys as we move into a luke-warm summer in San Francisco!


GALLERY: 898 / DATE: Jun 17 2016 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 1

These two boys were visiting our friend TapedAndTortured (Recon) who lives down the street from the SeriousBondage Institute. One thing lead to another and before we knew it these boys where restraining each other in our new Academy chair. Both of them are quite slender and fit in the chair very well. The boy in the spider suit is Trikoot, and the boy in the white gas mask and vinyl sleepsack is RbbrChrisSC, both on Recon. Did I mention the vinyl sleepsack? MummyEd stopped by during the bondage mayhem and put RbbrChrisSC in a unique vinyl sceepsack. The sleepsack was a gift from our friend Christopher Fetish in Los Angeles. (sorry for all the names, I know it's confusing) Anyway, a good time was had by all. A special thanks to everyone including Christopher Fetish for the special sleepsack. Check out Christopher's leathercrafter blog by clicking HERE. Christopher makes some mindblowing stuff.


GALLERY: 873 / DATE: Jun 10 2016 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 4

For those who may not be familiar with heavy rubber gear, here is an opportunity to see a lot of different gear in one video, described in detail. We asked our friend Guminese (Recon) to try on a number of heavy rubber suits and hoods as Mark talked about each piece. It's uncommon for us to have this much gear at the Institute at one time, so this seemed like a good idea to make a video about the gear and share it with the members.

During this 4-part video Mark and Guminese show the following: 1) orange StudioGum full-enclosure suit with interchangeable hoods, 2) black StudioGum full-enclosure suit with attached hood, 3) black StudioGum full-enclosure suit with straitjacket arms, 4) black RubbersFinest ultra-thick faceless hood, 5) black StudioGum full-enclosure suit with no eyes/mouth faceless hood, 6) black StudioGum sleepsack, black RubbersFinest ultra-thick faceless hood with chest mounted aroma bag, 7) orange StudioGum inflatable suit with inflatable mitts and Polymorphe gas-mask hood.

Like most serious bondage gear, heavy rubber is not inexpensive. The suits in this video run around $800 to $1500 and similar prices for the ultra-thick RubbersFinest hoods. We hope you enjoy this video and learn something about the sounds and feel of heavy rubber play. WARNING - if you cum in a heavy rubber suit you will acquire a fetish attraction to the smell and feel of natural rubber and will be forever spending your money on new gear. :-)


GALLERY: 821 / DATE: Jun 2 2016 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's a fun video which we shot a few years ago at the Rawk Correctional Facility in Los Angeles. Officer Bind sets up a bondage challenge between two of his inmates. Whoever loses must spend time in the box. With loads of chain, padlocks, sweat and yelling, the challenge went fairly quickly with inmate Micky Mackenzie coming out on top. The looser inmate gets crammed into the small box and Officer Bind gets his entertainment for another day.

The Rawk Correctional Facility is the most realistic prison setup I've seen. The heavy rolling jail doors are the real deal, and lots of people have spent time behind their bars for a recreational weekend experience. There are only a few of these facilities in the world, created by guys who have a passion for jail cell play.


GALLERY: 857 / DATE: May 27 2016 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a re-edited version of JG-Leathers in his famous 'Creature' rig shot a number of years ago at the SeriousBondage Institute. Although his rig consists of various pieces of kinky gear, the most unique part are the springs which hold him suspended in mid-air with no solid points of reference with which to get his bearings. With no point of reference he bounces helplessly as e-stim and vacuum pumps poke and prod his body in various erotic and repulsive ways. He flails helplessly and no matter how hard he pulls on the springs they always win by returning him limbs to where they started. As you can imagine, struggling against the springs is futile but allows him to convulse in all directions without hurting himself. As special thanks to JG-Leathers for sharing his unique rig with our cameras.


GALLERY: 891 / DATE: May 21 2016 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a video from the archives which we recently re-edited. Our friend Chuck gets his head cocooned in plaster so a cement positive of his head can be made. The positive would be used as a template for creating a custom form-fitting metal helmet.

As you will see, plaster head casting is a lot of fun - especially when the subject is restrained in bondage and can't escape. Our friend Yossie was in charge of this casting session because he was the guy who wanted to create the helmet. As it turned out the helmet was never made, but Chuck's cement head sits on promently on Yossie's fireplace mantel in his living room! Check out Yossie's famous handcuff collection by clicking HERE.


GALLERY: 896 / DATE: May 14 2016 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 2

We have new a SeriousMaleBondage office headed up by AtMyDisposal (Recon) in the UK. He is a tall, handsome and strict bondage top with a voice which makes most subs melt in his presence. AtMyDisposal is well versed in fetish and kink, and owns a ton of gear himself. It is our pleasure to be working with him and we look forward to presenting his videos on this website.

In this update AtMyDisposal drives 2 hours to the seaside town of Brighton with his slave FastRunner (Recon) in the boot of his car. FastRunner has been shackled, blindfolded and gagged for the entire trip. Once released, he is changed from street clothes to heavy leather and is subjected to Disposal's firm and controlling hands. FastRunner is a little disoriented at first, but soon learns to submit to the wishes of his captor.

A special thanks to these two kinksters for sharing their fun video with us, and we look forward to seeing more of AtMyDisposal's adventures in the future!


GALLERY: 894 / DATE: May 9 2016 / IMAGES: 47 / VIDEOS: 2

OK, for the guys who have not been to the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair, listen up! This video is the next best thing to being there. Our friend Felix (RubCop on Recon) came for a visit during the Folsom weekend, so we outfitted him in an orange StudioGum suit, high wader boots, invasive halo head brace and a GoPro camera, then sent him on his way to the fair. We love to have Felix visit the Institute because he's usually game for anything.

I walked around the fair with Felix and my video camera to keep him company and assist him if he needed help. It would be hard for him to get out of the suit by himself. Felix was a show-stopper. He was constantly stopped to have his picture taken. Felix loved every minute of it. We even ran into BoundGod's Van Darkholme who was impressed with Felix and his rubber. The Folsom Fair is a place where you can strut your stuff and show off your kink. The staff of the fair checks ID's on the way in so no under-age people are allowed which means they can sell alcohol and nudity is OK. Check out this two-part video and try to attend the Folsom Street Fair in the future. It's a blast! These two videos are intercut between my camera and the GoPro camera on the top of Felix's head.


GALLERY: 897 / DATE: May 3 2016 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 2

This update consists of two videos, each featuring a different visitor to the Institute. The first video is titled "The Foam Encasement Project" which covers an experiment we did with some 4-inch foam and a foam saw. We cut out the silhouette of our visitor PunMyOdes (Recon) in the foam so he had a custom enclosure to sink into when inside of our isolation box. As you will see in the video, the foam cutouts worked quite well. The end result was a really cool bondage scene which I would like to try myself sometime.

The second video features Yossie Silverman and his friend BondageAdventure on Recon. Yossie lives a few minutes from the SeriousBondage Institute and drops by once in a while to see what we are doing. In this case his visitor wanted to try our new Academy chair and steel stocks, which Yossie was more than happy to secure him into. During the process Yossie commented that the Academy chair reminded him of the restraint devices used in today's rollercoasters, to which we all agreed!

Naturally, a good time was had by all. Visit Yossie's famous handcuff website by clicking HERE. Thanks to all the guys for participating in these fun videos.


GALLERY: 848 / DATE: Apr 26 2016 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 1

More fun with Rank, rubber, and our isolation box. A UK visitor to the Institute is zipped into a StudioGum sleepsack and gas-mask hood and then tormented with some friendly breath control. Rank always looks good in his yellow rubber waders and I'm sure the view the gimp had through the gas-mask lenses wasn't bad either! Check out Rank's rubber blog at RankInSF.com.


GALLERY: 869 / DATE: Apr 20 2016 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

Our research and development department has come up with some unusual modifications to a small cage which you have on this site in the past. The cage has wooden stocks that slide into the top and hold the neck and hands. Thanks to a suggestion from a fan of the site we added a steel head ball and a pair of hand balls to the stocks. The head and hand balls lock into the stocks, so once they are closed they cannot be opened or removed. In addition, as a result of a suggestion from another member of the site, we added a transparent bottom to the cage.

This video covers a test by MummyEd and his friend FearSlave of these cage modifications. As you can imagine, the head and hand balls are very severe and add to the confinement and discomfort of the person confined within. Naturally every part of the cage locks, so there is no way out. MummyEd’s test run was successful, so look for the use of this cage in future videos. The steel head and hand balls are from ExtremeRestraints.com.


GALLERY: 711 / DATE: Apr 13 2016 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

We miss Bouncer Pup, who we haven't seen in a while. This is a video from a few years ago when Bouncer was secured to an inflatable mattress by Rank. Once Bouncer was fully restrained by cuffs and rubber strips, Rank turned on the blower and inflated the mattress which raised Bouncer up from the bed which tightened all of his restraints. Once the inflation was complete Rank attached E-stim pads to the soles of his feet and turned up the juice to make Bouncer giggle and scream. What a creative bondage scene. These guys have way too much fun. During his torment, Bounder yells “don’t stop!” but if you listen carefully, Bouncer yells “there’s a comma in there!” Rank didn’t hear him and thinks he wants more. Hilarious!
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