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GALLERY: 1104 / DATE: Aug 29 2019 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 2

For those guys who are interested in full body fiberglass casting, you should watch this video. This was shot a few years ago when I was at Bind's place in Iowa. We were shooting his Appleville movie series, and on this day we were doing fiberglass casting for some shots he needed. The shot was of four people completely casted from head to foot. In the center image above you can see the four casts. Three of the casts had people inside, the fourth cast in the lower left is a shell with nobody inside. This cast was made around Bind himself the prior year. We cut the cast off and used it in this shot.

This video is kinda hectic as I was shooting it as we casted the three guys. Since we were a few people short I had to stop the camera to help with the casting process, so some of the detail of the upper-body casting wasn't captured. However, you can clearly get the idea and see the process.

The three guys we casted turned out much more form-fitting than casts we have done in the past. In prior castings we used a lot more padding, so the outside form of the body in the cast weren't as defined. This time around we didn't use as much padding and Bind wrapped the fiberglass much more tightly. This allowed the fiberglass to conform much more closely to the bodies. We will have to experiment with this more in the future.

As you will see, once the subject is enclosed in the hardened cast there is absolutely no escape. This is the ultimate bondage experience. You are totally fucked. No way out without a cast saw. The cutting out process takes quite a while so the subject must be very patient and avoid panic. It's best to have two cast saws on hand in case one breaks down, and having two saws running at the same time makes the cutting out process go a lot faster. Check out the finished movie on Bind's site MenInChains.com titled 'Appleville Strain'. This update includes a preview video for Appleville Strain movie.

Full body and head casting with fiberglass can be quite dangerous. Do not use this video as a guide. This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you experiment with fiberglass casting, do so at your own risk.


GALLERY: 1099 / DATE: Aug 20 2019 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 4

I like that term 'bondage sitting'. I think SFDom invented the term, but maybe it was in existence well before he thought of it. Anyway, here are two more videos that fall under the bondage sitting category. The first video is of me at the Edge Dungeon in the solitary cell. I was in my favorite BlackStyle thick rubber faceless hood, and my hands were in two pairs of BlackStyle rubber mitts (one medium size mitt covered by one large size mitt).

The goal of this scene was to try out the new 'Cuff Protectors' from DecerningSpecialist.com. These special leather cuffs use Velcro to attach around your wrists, and then allow standard handcuffs - or in this case ankle cuffs - to be closed around your wrists and protect your wrists from the harshness of the cuffs for long term bondage play. Since the cuff protectors are made of thick leather, they add to the overall circumference of your wrist, so you need to use ankle shackles to fit around the wrist protectors, and 'oversize boot shackles' to fit around the ankle protectors. All these various size shackles can be found on the HandcuffWarehouse.com site, and the cuff protectors can be found on the DecerningSpecialist.com site.

In any case, my wrists were secured to bolts in the wall with the cuff protectors, and my ankles were secured to bolts in the floor using other metal shackles and no cuff protectors because I was wearing boots which protected my ankles. This was an awesome experience, it felt great and I felt totally helpless with the two layers of rubber mitts and then the feeling of the strict metal shackles locked to the wall. I was in bondage heaven. I was in the zone. and with the thick faceless hood and its rubber pressed against my mouth and eyes. I would like to try this overnight. As a side note, I would not feel comfortable going overnight in this hood if I were lying down because it's too easy to choke on my own saliva and not be able to catch my breath. But sitting up allows me more control of my swallowing and managing my breathing as I drift in and out of sleeping. If I drift off to sleep while lying down, and then awake abruptly and panic, it's too easy to choke and not be able to catch my breath because I forgot that my mouth is covered by the thick rubber and I can only breathe through my nose. Having said all of that, the experience of being chained to the wall in the thick hood and cuff protectors was totally fantastic! One other comment about the rubber hood from BlackStyle - the hood in this video is a size medium which I was borrowing from my friend Elise Graves. It is an older hood and it was labeled inside as LARGE. So I ordered a large hood for myself, but when it came it was too big for me, so I gave it to a friend. I will order a medium hood next. I guess the hood I'm borrowing was old and the BlackStyle sizing and labeling has changed over the years.

The second video in this update is an old video from 2012 when Dalton was mummifying a visitor to his famous 'Gingerbread Board'. MummyEd showed up and told us he had a guy tied up in his van that was parked outside. So, I followed him outside with the camera to see this guy who had been tied up in the back of his van for hours. Unbelievable. Back in the early days of this website bondage seemed to be happening every day at the Institute, and you never knew who was going to walk through the door. Many people have passed through the Institute, and the bondage scenes we shoot have changed a lot since then. Originally, we weren't interested in shooting sex, just bondage. But many scenes we shot ended up with sexual play, so slowly came around to shooting the sexual play too. That said, the focus of this site remains on the bondage gear itself and they fun and excitement that can be experienced with the gear. And the more unusual or extreme the gear the better! I hope everyone enjoys the videos we present as much as we do shooting them. It's all a labor of love, for bondage and exciting gear. :-)


GALLERY: 1100 / DATE: Aug 11 2019 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

Throughout the history of this website our friend Yossie has been involved in our video shoots and trips, as well as visits to his home and jail in the mountains. With all the bondage people I have met, Yossie is the only guy I know who owns two jails. One is in his playroom in the basement of his house, and the other is in a cement building a few hours north of San Francisco, on his wilderness property located in the coastal mountains.

In this video Dalton and I drive up to Yossie's place in the mountains, and try to arrive in time to release a prisoner that is restrained in special time-release shackles. The prisoner has been in the jail cell at least 24 hours, if not longer, and we are responsible for releasing him and transporting him back to San Francisco with us. The special shackles he's wearing were made by Martin over at Cuff24.com. Martin was able to acquire some programable locks that have a special digital key which talks to the lock. The lock can be programmed to open at a certain time. In this case, the lock was programmed to open at a particular time, and only for a 15-minute window of time. If we missed this time window, we would have to wait eight hours for another 15 minute window of opportunity. If we got a flat tire along the way, the poor prisoner would be shit out of luck.

This video was shot back in 2010, and since then Yossie has constructed a second cell that has a wood door and front wall, and is completely pitch black inside. Maybe sometime we will shoot a video of someone in that bleak solitary hole.

While we were at Yossie's mountain facility Dalton strapped our prisoner to a spanking bench that was made by BDG Sales in Pennsylvania. BDG Sales is out of business, but their gear is still around. As a matter of fact, Dalton and I visited them years ago and shot a video of the two guys who ran the business, and their place. I will have to dig out that video, edit it, and put it up on the site. The guys gave us a complete tour of their three-story brick warehouse and showed us two different Academy Chairs that they had acquired over the years. One chair is the grey metal Academy Chair which I ended up acquiring. the other chair ended up with the Delta bondage group. Hopefully I can borrow it and shoot some videos with it.

Alas, I'm sorry to report that both guys who ran BDG Sales passed away a few years after Dalton and I visited them. They both died of natural causes, a year or so apart from each other. Their names were Dick and Tony, and they were well known in the gay leather bondage scene. They are missed. I will look for the video. Meanwhile, click HERE to read some history about Dick and Tony on the MetalBondNYC site. Enjoy the two videos in this update which were shot with our old video camera. Additionally, a special thanks to our friend Yossie for allowing us to visit and shoot at his secret mountain jail facility!


GALLERY: 1101 / DATE: Aug 2 2019 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 3

Last weekend I had my friends NoEscapeSlave and LukasTyler visit from Las Vegas. They were in San Francisco for the popular 'Up Your Alley' (formally known as Dore Alley) street fair. NoEscapeSlave is the owner of a new playroom in Vegas called No Escape Dungeon, and Lukas Tyler is the bondage model featured on Kink.com and MenInChains.com.

These two guys have been dating for a while, and decided it was time for Lukas to be collared by his daddy NoEscape. So, they came to the street fair to tie the knot, so to speak. They stayed at my house and we took an Uber to the fair the following morning.

Both Lukas and No Escape are the real deal. They both love bondage. I have known NoEscape for years and he's been on this site many times as a SUB. However, since the time he met Lukas and his playroom was built in Vegas, No Escape has decided to be a TOP. He's well versed in bondage so he's able to provide Lukas with as much restraint as he can handle. Lucas is a lucky guy, not to mention NoEscape.

The videos in this update highlight their stay at my house with Lukas restrained to my bondage platform, and the quick collaring ceremony at the Mr S booth at the fair. In addition, I have also included a preview video of the new bondage movie 'Bed And Breakfast' from MenInChains.com. Both NoEscapeSlave and Lucas stared in this movie, which was shot at Bind's jail last month. As one would expect, all the guys in 'Bed And Breakfast' had a good time!


GALLERY: 1095 / DATE: Jul 24 2019 / IMAGES: 70 / VIDEOS: 2

This is Part-2 of Rubber Show And Tell, featuring SFDom and our new Recon friend 'SlaveBornToServe'. BornToServe notified us in advance of his arrival in San Francisco, and had brought some of his unique gear to share. This video shows him climbing into his thick Regulation catsuit, faceless hood, gloves and booties. Once he's completely cocooned, SFDom locks him in our special 'V' bondage chair. Then he's clamped into his awesome Carrara posture collar. Wow. I love shooting gear like this, and wish I was in his place instead of being behind the camera!

I really appreciate our visitor bringing this gear, and I invite others to bring cool gear for us to film. I don't have the money to buy every piece gear on the planet, so I rely on guys to bring their own. Alternatively, after I get myself setup in Las Vegas I will be able to travel to meet up with guys and film them in their homes, clubs and playrooms.

Once SlaveBoundToServe was fully secured, SFDom pulled his hard cock out of its rubber pouch and tormented him with a vibrator. Moans are heard from this helpless and faceless subject. The only openings in his rubber suit are the two nose tube holes in his hood, and his zippered cock pouch. What a sight. We all wish we could be in his position.

Sometimes using one vibrator isn't enough to get someone off, so SFDom has come up with the idea of using two vibrators at the same time. So far, this new procedure seems to get guys off every time, and this scene was no exception. Our friend SlaveBoundToServe couldn't hold back his excitement, and shot his load fairly soon after the second vibrator was applied. I'm sure we would all do the same, right? Being encased in tight black rubber and bondage would take any of us over the top. Our hats off to our Recon visitor SlaveBoundToServe, and to SFDom and his nameless assistant for orchestrating such a hot scene!


GALLERY: 1098 / DATE: Jul 16 2019 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 4

I believe that SFDom has come up with a new term called 'Bondage Sitting'. This describes someone who watches over a person in bondage. The person in bondage is totally helpless and unable to escape, and they are relying on the 'Bondage Sitter' to release them when asked. The term Bondage Sitting is a takeoff from the term 'baby-sitting'. Baby sitters are people who watch over children.

There's nothing exceptional about the words 'Bondage Sitting' except that this term quickly and accurately describes someone who will watch over you in a solo bondage experience. As an example, I would like for someone to put me in bondage and then watch over me, but not play with me. I love the experience of bondage, but don't need someone to top me or stimulate me, I just want to enjoy the experience of the gear and being helpless.

Many of us experiment with self-bondage to provide a solo bondage experience. However, if we aren't 100% locked in and completely helpless the experience isn't as satasfying as we would like. If we use some type of remote-control or time-release bondage gear, there's always the danger of unexpected panic, chocking, loss of circulation, or something going wrong like dropping the key, house fire, earthquake, etc.

Recently I have mentioned to SFDom that I do self-bondage, and he suggested that he could come to my house and 'bondage sit' me for a while. We laughed at the sound of this new term. However, surprisingly, since he invented this term, he has come to my house a number of times to bondage sit me while I enjoy my solo bondage experience.

We decided to shoot this video about 'Bondage Sitting' to show how I do self-bondage, and how SFDom bondage-sits me. Thanks to SFDom's willingness to watch over me, I have been able to enjoy some 100% helpless and inescapable bondage experiences on a regular bassis. Hopefully, using this new term 'Bondage Sitting' will allow others to ask their bondage friends or Dommes to provide them with this same favor. You can nogotiate a trade for bondage-sitting like returning the favor to your bondage-sitter, or treat him to dinner, a movie, etc. For some reason I feel that using this innocent term 'bondage sitting' takes the edge off of asking someone to tie me up. The term 'bondage sitting' sounds so innocent I might ask some of my non-kinky friends to watch over me! I hope you enjoy this 90 minute video as much as we did filming it.


GALLERY: 1096 / DATE: Jul 7 2019 / IMAGES: 107 / VIDEOS: 1

In the early days of this website our friends Mikey and Daddy Tony were featured quite often in our videos. These two guys lived ten minutes from the SeriousBondage Institute (SBI) and visited us on a regular basis. Mikey was a bondage Sub and went by the name 'Bondage Kid'. His partner 'Daddy Tony' was a sadistic Top who enjoyed tormenting Mikey whenever he could. They were a great couple, and we were sorry to see them move away because of job demands. We had some fun times together though, and did some great bondage scenes.

This video was shot ten years ago, with an old video camera, on the backyard deck of the Institute. We had a bunch of guys come over that afternoon, and some of them were from out of town. And, as usual, Mikey was the one who got tied up. Mikey was so willing to be tied up, and he was always game for anything we could come up with. Naturally, Daddy Tony went along with the program and always stepped in to do the tormenting after Mikey was totally helpless.

As you can see in the pictures above, Mikey was first put into the deck stocks, and later into a really nice Mr. S leather sleepsack. This video captures the fun a bunch of bondage guys can have when they get together. Watch this video and see for yourself. It's a classic!


GALLERY: 1094 / DATE: Jun 30 2019 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 3

We love visitors who bring unique gear to share with us. This is the case for a Recon guy 'SlaveBornToServe' from the UK. This guy hit the nail on the head when he pulled out a heavy StudioGum hood, Carrara chastity belt and posture collar, and a heavy rubber Regulation cat suit.

Since this opportunity doesn't come up very often, SFDom and I invited our visitor to tell us about his gear while we filmed this impromptu show-and-tell interview. As I've said before, I'm a gearhead, and I love any chance to see and feel unique gear. For some reason I'm attracted to unusual gear which has been manufactured specifically for bondage and fetish, and our visitor's hood and metal Carrara gear was really getting me excited.

On the day we got together to shoot the interview, SFDom brought another boy who wanted to be in the video but couldn't show his face. So, we decided to turn him into 'eye candy' by putting him in another rubber hood our visitor had brought and locking him in our metal 'V' Chair.

The show-and-tell interview ran over two hours, so we split it into two parts. The first part, which is this update, features our visitor 'SlaveBornToSreve' showing us his gear, explaining the details, and trying on the StudioGum hood and posture collar. The second part, which will be posted on the site in the future, shows our visitor putting on his cat suit, chastity belt, a different faceless hood, and the posture collar. What a great combination! I hope you enjoy this update, along with the second update. It's always fun to have a fellow kinkster share their gear with us. A special thanks to 'SlaveBornToServe', SFDom and his last-minute friend BoundMike for helping to make this a fun and interesting video! The gear manufactures are: StudioGum, Regulation, and CarraraDesigns.


GALLERY: 1091 / DATE: Jun 20 2019 / IMAGES: 201 / VIDEOS: 2

This is the final installment of 'Fun At Bind's Place' which continues to show the fun we had during our two week stay. As we said in the video, one of the most popular rooms at Bind's place in the basement with the big steel eye bolts anchored in the concrete floor. I installed these bolts myself. These four bolts are setup for spread-eagle bondage, and everyone who visit's Bind's place has to try spread-eagle at least once. It's really exciting to be spread on the cement floor, and the eye bolts are big and solid, so when the shackle chains are locked to the bolts it creates a really wonderful feeling for the subject. There are a number of guys spread-eagled on the concrete floor in this video, including myself in heavy rubber and gas-mask. It was like a spiritual experience, especially when I'm left for hours in the dark with nobody around.

Another hot scene is this video is when we clamped Bind in the 'Split V Chair' with his head in a metal helmet suspended from overhead with a chain. He was totally fucked, colpletely unable to escape. I hope you guys like watching these video clips. Sometimes I need to pinch myself to make sure that all the bondage play we do at Bind's place is really happening. I've never had a better time in all my years of running this website. NOTE - the black bungee straps used with the guy spread-eagled on the floor are from DecerningSpecialist.com.


GALLERY: 1090 / DATE: Jun 13 2019 / IMAGES: 201 / VIDEOS: 2

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Bondage is not only exciting, it's also a lot of fun. That's hard for most people to wrap their head around. Back in the day, they referred to us kinksters as 'perverts'. Bondage was very taboo, and so was playing in rubber suits, gas-masks, tight spandex, handcuffs, etc. But last week I came to the conclusion that bondage is fun. It has taken me 45 years to realize that, and be confident enough to say it out loud "BONDAGE IS REALLY FUN AND EXCITING, AND I LOVE TO BE CHAINED UP ALL NIGHT WEARING HEAVY RUBBER AND WEIRD GAS-MASKS!"

Okay. Enough reflection on the past. This update features two more videos from our visit to Bind's place. These two videos are a collection of short clips showing some of the stuff we did. We just picked up the camera if we had time and shot whatever we were doing. I hope these videos are interesting and fulfilling for those who may not have the opportunity to play with bondage.

The funniest scene in this update is when Strap Wizard puts one of his safety harnesses on Bind, then attaches him to the opposing walls in the jail cell. Bind was totally helpless because of the Humane Restraint mitts his that hands were locked into. It didn't occur to any of us until Bind was fully secured that he didn't have enough slack to sit down, or even lie down. This was really hilarious, so we grabbed the camera and documented the perdicament he was in. Frankly, this short scene is really hot. I love the idea of being in a small jail cell, connected to the wall with a short teather, like a dog on a leash, and my hands are locked in helpless mitts at my sites. I can stand up, sit down or lie down, but my teather is short and combersome and extremely limiting. A muzzle with a gag would be good too, and leave me there all night! Our friend Strap Wizard likes to collect these safety harnesses. I wasn't very interested in harnesses until I saw this scene with Bind. The ring on the back of the harness could also be attached to the floor or ceiling. Bring it on!

We also experimented with some new products called 'Cuff Protectors' and 'Tension Straps'. These are available from our friend at DecerningSpecialist.com. I especially like the cuff protectors and will play with them more the next time we are at Bind's place or the Edge Dungeon. The heavy rubber straitjacket suit is from StudioGum, and the thick black faceless hood is from BlackStyle. The brown leather cuffs and helpless mitts are from Humane Restraint.


GALLERY: 1092 / DATE: Jun 6 2019 / IMAGES: 70 / VIDEOS: 2

Here's a 3-part video from the early days of the SeriousBondage Institute (SBI). Back then we were just learning how to shoot videos. We had a DV camera which recorded on cassette tapes in the old TV format. Sometimes we would film half of the scene and forget to shoot the rest. I don't know what we were thinking.

Anyway, the guy in this video was a visitor and couldn't show his face in our videos. He wanted to be put in bondage and taken around San Francisco in the back of MummyEd's van. I think he wanted a tour of the City just in case anyone asked him what he did on his vacation. So, we gave him the tour but he didn't see anything because he was lying on the floor of the van the whole time. Lol!

In any case, our visitor put on a zentai suit, hood, helpless mitts, and we strapped him down to a padded table using leather straps from Mr S and a special strap harness from Maxcita.com. This really worked for him, and he looked great in the blue zentai, black straps and lying on the orange bondage table.

In another scene MummyEd wraps our guest in multiple layers of gear: zentai, plastic wrap, pallet wrap, duct tape, rubber hood and cervical collar, all at the same time! We then secured him on the same padded table. This guy was totally cocooned, helpless and fucked. He couldn't move at all, and he loved every minute of it. It was just another day at SBI!

The canvas straitjacket, canvas hood and strap harness used on the padded table are from Maxcita.com. The rubber hood is from Cocoon in the UK.


GALLERY: 1089 / DATE: May 30 2019 / IMAGES: 201 / VIDEOS: 2

Here's another pair of videos from Bind's place. I must say, I really look forward to visiting Bind in Iowa. I visit him at least twice a year, and in this series of videos I was there for two weeks along with eight other guys. For me and the other guys, this is like a bondage vacation. There is bondage happening day and night, and most everyone sleeps in bondage. During the summer months the Iowa weather is hot and muggy, so it's no problem to sleep in bondage and be comfortable. Bind has air conditioning but being on the warm side all the time is best because you can wear minimal clothes and be stationary in bondage for long periods without the worry of getting cold.

The comradery among us is fun. We help each other in and out of whatever bondage we want to experience. I encourage everyone to pick up my video camera and shoot a few minutes of each scene, but there is WAY more play than what is shown in these videos. This is similar to bondage parties and events, and private get-togethers in people's homes.

The only logistical challenge at Bind's place is that some of us bring a lot of gear. As a result, there are suitcases and piles of gear all over the place, and sometimes your pile of gear needs to be moved in order to make room for a bondage scene that takes up a lot of room. Bind's house is three floors, plus the jail facility, so after a few days you can forget where you left some of your gear. Bondage seems to happen in every room except for the bathrooms and laundry room, so your stuff can get easily misplaced. Bind also has a 2-car garage which is filled with junk. In the future when the garage is fixed up, it can be yet another place to misplace your gear. I'm not complaining though.

Sometimes we cook meals in Bind's kitchen and other times we go out. The town is quite small so there are only a few restaurants. As far as I know, there's only one place that serves breakfast and all the restaurants are within easy walking distance. For me, the only downside is that there's no place to get a latte without driving 40 miles.

A special thanks to Bind and all the guys for being willing to share their play on video. Both Bind and I are serious 24/7 bondage lifestyle players and run our own websites, so filming the bondage play at these get-togethers helps to pay our rent.

When I first started running my bondage websites, my house was filled with bondage gear and I shot videos in almost every room. As you may recall, I also shot videos on my back deck, in the basement, and on the side of the house too. I had bondage parties and gatherings around the Folsom Fair and Dore Alley when people came to San Francisco. Someone called my house the ‘Serious Bondage Institute’ or SBI, and later we referred to it as just the ‘Institute’. Many guys who didn’t know me and had never been to my house thought that the Serious Bondage Institute (SBI) was a giant warehouse somewhere, setup for bondage play.

Nowadays, I no longer film at my house. As time passed by, I concluded that shooting at other people’s places was more interesting for both myself and the members of this website. So, I have given all my gear to my Recon friend ‘No Escape Slave’ in Las Vegas. We setup a giant playroom in his basement which we call the ‘No Escape Dungeon’ or ‘NED’ for short. Additionally, over the last few years I have helped build and setup the Edge Dungeon located in the mountains South of San Francisco. So, rather than filming at my house I have access to Bind’s place, the No Escape Dungeon, and the Edge Dungeon, not to mention filming at friends’ houses around the world. As bondage becomes more popular, it’s easier to find cool places to shoot videos. My continued goal is to shoot cool and unique gear, scenes and videos for all of us to enjoy, and, to pay my rent! So far it’s working, and I look forward to updating my original website SeriousBondage.com on a regular basis once I finish turning the ‘SeriousBondage Institute’ back into a normal house.


GALLERY: 1088 / DATE: May 23 2019 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 1

You should always be careful about signing up to participate in a medical research project. You see ads all the time looking for people to be a test subject in research, and they are willing to pay some minimal amount for your time. Don't get me wrong, participating in medical research is a noble thing to do, but you should always read the fine print before signing up.

In this video we watch as a poor young man volunteers to be the subject of an unknown experiment for $50 cash. He becomes a little nervous when he's strapped down to the table, and he admits to the researcher that he didn't actually read the contract word for word, he only 'skimmed' it. Here in lies the problem. It's hard to do a quality test when the volunteer has changed their mind and no longer wants to participate. Too late my friend, there's no turning back!

As the research experiment starts, the poor lad suddenly realizes why he's restrained. It becomes clear that the research staff is a bit quirky. Any normal person would simply walk out the door, but that's not an option in this case. So, what's this crazy experiment all about? You'll have to watch the video and find out! Just remember, always read the fine print. By the way, the leather cuffs, hand mitts, wide cotton straps and leather connecting straps used in this video are manufactured by Humane Restraint and available from many BDSM retailers.


GALLERY: 1087 / DATE: May 15 2019 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's a fun new set of bondage straps which we haven't shown very often. They’re called Bungee Tension Straps, manufactured and available from our friend who runs DiscerningSpecialist.com. These straps are made especially for bondage. They are safe and fully load-tested, and can be looped around themselves when attaching to D-Rings or Humane Restraint cuffs like we did in this video. The cool feature of these straps is that they allow the bound subject to pull and yank on his restraints, but the straps always pull his limbs back to the taut spread-eagle position. There is no relief. The bungee straps always win.

As you will see in this video with SFDom and SigmaOne, when the poor boy is tickled, he can thrash about helplessly, but when he gets tired the bungee straps pull him back taut. How fun is that? I don't think Sig knew what he was getting into when he agreed to participate in our strap test. In addition to the tension straps, we chained his chastity cage to each side of the cell, which further restricted his movement and enhanced his helpless experience. Hot!

A special thanks to DiscerningSpecialist.com for sending us these fun straps. Maybe they should be called 'Tickle Straps' or ‘Struggle Enhancement Straps’ instead? In any case, if you order some, make sure you order at least four. They aren't that expensive and will be a hit at any bondage party. I ordered eight straps and immediately gave four of them to my friend Bind. Bind used the straps to attach his steel waist belt to the wall in his jail cell. He used two of the straps attached together which allowed them to stretch twice as far. He could lunge at the jail guards, but the straps would yank him back. Fun!

As a side note, I also ordered their ‘Leather Cuff Wraps’ for the wrists and ankles. These leather and Velcro cuffs protect your submissive’s wrists and ankles when using handcuffs and leg shackles. The metal shackles close over the leather cuffs, and ridges sewn into the leather cuffs prevent the metal shackles from slipping off. This means you can play hard with your submissive without worry of injuring their wrists and ankles. The ridges sewn into the leather cuffs are spaced far enough apart to allow two shackles to be closed side-by-side for extra security. Just remember to leave the key holes pointing out, not in! The only downside to these cuff protectors are that since they are made of thick leather (for your protection), you need to use standard size ankle shackles to fit over the wrist protectors, and over-size ankle cuffs to fit over the ankle protectors. That said, they are quite comfortable, and a real turn-on because you can pull and struggle against the shackles without hurting yourself. I ordered the standard size and over-size ankle shackles from HandcuffrWarehouse.com, which are available with various length chains. Have fun! One more thing - thanks to EdgeDungeon.com for allowing us to shoot this video in their amazing facility!


GALLERY: 1086 / DATE: May 5 2019 / IMAGES: 71 / VIDEOS: 2

When guys come to the Institute for a visit, they all have one thing on their mind - to be tied up. This is the case with the three guys in this video. Notice that they are more than willing to be put into any gear and even help to put themselves in. One of these guys referred to the Institute as a 'Disneyland' for bondage!

This video starts with our friend Bind delivering a two-part cage. The cage locks together to create a full-length cage for either standing or lying down. The fact that it's made in two parts allows it to be easily transported. Once the cage is setup, no time is wasted in shackling Bind inside the cage and locking the doors. It so happened that we also owned a standing cage, so we put our cage in top of Bind's cage. We then zipped our second friend Mumman into his 665 neoprene sleepsack and Mr S neoprene hood, and then strapped him to a padded board inside the cage using long leather straps, again from Mr S. Once he was fully cocooned and restrained, we slammed the cage doors shut and locked them with giant padlocks.

Meanwhile, I guess our third friend was feeling left out, so he volunteered to be strapped down on top of the cage we had just closed and locked. Naturally, lying on the steel bars of the top cage wasn't very comfortable, but he sacrificed his comfort to be included in this scene and get some bondage time. So, using a selection of Humane Restraint belts and straps we managed to secure him with plenty of overkill. Once we were done, this scene looked like a three-person bondage sandwich. We turned off the lights and left the guys to enjoy their unusual predicament.

Later that same evening, Mumman secured Bind into our famous SeriousBondage chair, including a serious padded leather hood. Taking a lesson from our friend Dalton, Mumman rummaged around in the gear room and found more leather straps to use on Bind. Finally, I think Mumman ran out of places to add straps on Bind. The result was over-the-top bondage for Bind, who could barely move when he tried to struggle in the chair. This was probably the most straps I have ever seen used on the chair, and what a sight it was against Bind's orange prisoner jumpsuit. For those who have not experienced this level of bondage, struggling does two things: it gets you all worked up and turned on, and it reminds you of how severely you are restrained. If you sit motionless, you forget how immobile you are, so struggling allows you to feel all the points on your body that you are restrained, including your head.

A special thanks to all the guys in this video for creating a fun bondage adventure for us to watch and enjoy. Additionally, thanks to our friend in the black leather pants for providing some comedy relief with his Rodney Dangerfield impersonations. :-)


GALLERY: 1085 / DATE: Apr 29 2019 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 1

It's really fun when I bunch of us bondage guys get tohether. In this case everyone was at the SeriousBondage Institute (SBI) for the weekend, and we had just received a unique bondage chair from Germany. This bondage chair was made by a guy on FetLife. His profile name is 'SelfBondageChair' and his day job is a cabiner maker, so he has a lot of experience with wood. It so happens the guy is kinky as well, so he was able to design a chair of his own - for himself I assume? In any case, he shipped a chair to us at the Institute to try out.

The guy in the chair in the video is our friend Soldier Boy on Recon, and the guys strapping him into the chair include SFdom, MikeCBT23, Bind, JimmyUSMC, Dart_Tech on the camera, and myself. We all had a lot of fun tormenting Soldier Boy, and from the look of things he enjoyed every minute of it. The muzzle that Jimmy secured onto Soldier Boy's head was from either TopToBottom or Fetters, I can't recall. Bondage chairs are the classic icon for serious bondage players, much like the hogtie is the classic icon for traditional rope bondage and kidnapping scenes in the movies. In any case, this bondage chair from Germany was 100% restrictive, totally inescapable, and a complete turn-on. Check out SelfBondageChair on Fet:ife for more information.


GALLERY: 1083 / DATE: Apr 21 2019 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 2

In running a website like SeriousMaleBondage, we end up with a large assortment of gear. Some of it belongs to us, some is given to us by manufactures, some of it is on loan to us from other kinksters, and some we have no idea where it came from.

In the first video of this update titled 'Canvas Asylum', our friend Mind Drive is put into an asylum muzzle from Mr S. Since this video was shot years ago, I don't think they make this style any more, but they make something similar. Search for 'asylum' on their site. Next, we put him into a Maxcita 'Psycho' straitjacket and leg boot. The boot was made for our German friend and is way too big for Mind Drive, but we made it work anyway.

The cool thing about Maxcita gear is that its straps are made for suspension. We have an overhead crank hoist and suspension bar (from Mr S) which we lowered and attached to the suspension straps of the straitjacket. Notice that once Mind Drive is hoisted off the floor he rotates around quite freely and easily. This is due to the ball-bearing swivel we used. You can find these swivels by doing a Google search for 'rock climbing swivel'. If you are going to buy one, I suggest buying the heaviest and most over-rated swivel. Don't buy a smaller one even though it may have adequate specifications. Anyway, these swivels are totally awesome and are completely silent, and allow the suspended person to be rotated effortlessly.

After a while we lowered Mind Drive onto a unique padded board which was on loan to us. As you will see, the padding on the board's surface is cut to the outline of a sleepsack, and there are hooks all around the padding which are used as tie-down points. When this board was loaned to us, we didn't get the straps with it, so we used some red cord to secure Mind Drive. He was cocooned, restrained, secured and totally helpless, which is exactly where he wanted to be!

The second video of this update is titled 'Transport Chair Test'. We had cobbled together this chair by using a hard-plastic police transport seat which someone gave us. This seat is used in the back of police cars to restrain prisoners who are handcuffed behind their back. There are special cutouts in the back of the chair which make room for the prisoner's arms and cuffed hands. We used some Unistrut metal to build a frame for the chair, mounted the frame on plywood, bolted on a pair of snowboard bindings, attached a 5-point racing harness, and added wheels to the bottom of the plywood.

Our test subject was the famous 'Mister X' who writes stories for MetalbondNYC.com. We secured him in a Mr S leather straitjacket and hood, then used the 5-point harness to secure him in the chair. The snowboard bindings weren't very effective because he was in his socks. In any case, we rolled him around the Mr S store, and everyone seemed to enjoy this bizarre bondage sight. Before we shot this video, we had loaned the bondage chair to the store for a few weeks, so most of the employees had already played with it. In any case, fun was had by all. After we got tired of playing with the chair, we gave it to our friend Bind of MenInChains.com, who is still playing with it. Who knows where the chair will end up next!

These videos were shot in the old 4x3 analog TV format. If you have problems playing the videos, try loading the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1082 / DATE: Apr 14 2019 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 3

Here's a cool video featuring our friend MummyEd and his visitor 'MyIdd' on Recon. MummyEd's primary interest is mummification, but this time he used some gear to complement his wrap including the head box, stainless steel McKenzie Mitts, clothespins, hospital ventilator and gurney. I'm not sure MyIdd knew what he was getting into, but it was too late for him to turn back.

MyIdd was first secured in the suspended headbox, and his hands were made helpless by a pair of unique McKenzie Mitts. The headbox is built with 8020 extruded aluminum and one inch think transparent plastic. It weighs a ton. It's suspended from a lattice of channel steel which is bolted to the ceiling. The McKinzie Mitts are one-of-a-kind made in stainless steel by a private player in Arkansas. They were modeled from the original McKinzie Mitts which were used in 1925 to transport prisoners. Once the mitts were locked on, the prisoner has no use of their fingers. As you will see in this video, MyIdd tries to jerk off but there was no way he could while wearing the metal mitts. This was hilarious! Google 'McKinzie Mitts' for more information.

MummyEd takes his time wrapping MyIdd. As we can see by the pre-cum dripping from MyIdd's hard cock, he is really turned on by his helpless predicament. Once MyIdd is fully wrapped and duct taped, he is removed from the head box and laid out on a gurney. (we didn't film this part because it took both MummyEd and I to move him) MymmyEd then uses leather straps to secure him. At this point we can see that MummyEd has become quite a mummification artist.

All in all, all three of us had a good time doing this scene, but especially MyIdd. He seemed to be quite turned on by the bondage he was in. I think this scene was more than he expected. As you will see, he was also fascinated by staring into the camera lens. These are fun times at the Institute.


GALLERY: 1084 / DATE: Apr 7 2019 / IMAGES: 183 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a great bondage and shaving scene by Rank and his MIR (Mister International Rubber) friends. In order to create the perfect rubber gimp, the gimp must first have a full body shave which allows a rubber catsuit to slip on easily.

In the case of this shaving scene the gimp is first restrained in a suspended metal stock. This allows Rank to shave under his arms with ease, and prevents the gimp from resisting or flinching. Fist mitts create an additional sense of helplessness. Notice that Rank is dressed appropriately with rubber booties and an apron.

The shaving went well, but the subsequent wash-down was done with wet towels doused in ice water. This got quite a reaction from the helpless gimp but he was soon covered with a skin-tight latex catsuit which looked fantastic. These MIR guys know how to do it right. Check out the MIR website at MIRubber.com. They hold an annual rubber event in Chicago which includes play and a contest to select the new Mister International Rubber.


GALLERY: 649 / DATE: Mar 31 2019 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 2

Here is a fun video from my friend Bind. He created a number of videos titled 'Bind's Bondage Report' which can be found on his website MenInChains.com, and this video is number 6. I like how we can share our bondage gear and ideas in videos on the Web. It allows us to get new ideas for our own play, and see new gear.

Over the last 10 years or so Bind and his friends have built a few different jails in the Los Angeles area, one of which Bind refers to in this video as Mens Central Prison (which is no longer in operation). I salute these guys for having the ambition, knowledge and resources to build these facilities. Currently, I know four guys who have their own personal jails in the US: Harold and Bob's infamous Mountain Correctional Facility, Yossie - who owns two jails, Edge Dungeon, and Bind's Hampton Jail in Iowa. There are probably more which I don't know about, and I hear about jails around Berlin Germany which I would like to shoot sometime. Anyone have a contact for them?

A special thanks to Bind and the guys in this video. I hope you enjoy it and get some ideas for your own play. Better yet, build your own jail and let me know when I can come visit!
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