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GALLERY: 1060 / DATE: Nov 16 2018 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 2

This two-part video features Bind and I showing and discussing the various fetish garments which can be worn in his bondage coffin. These various methods of using the coffin are interesting and relate to how we dress in rubber, leather, hoods, gas-masks and other garments when we are enclosed or restrained.

This coffin was constructed by Bind last year, and I must say he did a good job with what he considered merely 'scraps' of wood. We have shown this coffin before, but in this update Bind and I discuss wearing neoprene, leather and even a hooded sleeping bag. All three of these offer different experiences of bondage cocooning. One comment that Bind makes during the video is that he built the coffin to generate the most 'extreme claustrophobic experience' possible. Well, he did a good job. I have been in this coffin, and it's indeed an intense experience. Luckily, he has a fan which provides air flow inside the head box of the coffin, which lowers the possibility of panic - at least for me. I can't wait to see what else Bind builds in 2019. He's talking about a padded room, and an underground cell similar to the infamous deck cell at the SeriousBondage Institute.

Check out Bind's website MenInChains.com and book some time at his real jail on HamptonJail.com. This guy is the real deal!


GALLERY: 1059 / DATE: Nov 11 2018 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 3

This is another installment of 3 videos from our recent trip to Edge Dungeon. This was a totally fun multi-day trip with a number of different guys including MikeCBT23, ModeNarr from Germany, SFDom, Dart_Tech, StrapWizard, Mister X, KinoPayne, RustyWoo and myself.

I'm trying to get more bondage time for myself these days. I have been working non-stop for the past 15 years trying to get my three bondage websites going after being laid off of my tech job in the early 2000's. For those who don't know, I run three bondage websites: SeriousBondage.com, SeriousImages.com and SeriousMaleBondage.com. Only recently have I started to enjoy my own time in bondage on the trip we do to the EdgeDungeon and Bind's jail in Hampton Iowa. It's great to be with groups of people who I can trust to lock me up and leave me for hours on end so I can enjoy my own solitary and helpless experience. I don't need to be tormented or played with, I just want to be in various pieces of rubber and bondage and locked away.

This update includes 3 videos totaling one hour. The videos capture some of the play we did over four days at the Edge. When you have this many people in one intimate location, multiple scenes are happening at the same time and we can only capture some of them on video. For me, the scene I did in the padded cell in my rubber, gas mask and Maxcita straitjacket was very satasfying. The other scene I did suspended in the solitary cell in my same rubber, gas mask and straitjacket was equally as great. I was able to do this same suspended straitjacket scene at Bind's place recently, in his basement and it was just as awesome. I was in my friend's StudioGum heavy rubber Prison Suit. I only wish I could have done this kind of heavy gear play in my 20's instead of my 60's. Oh well, I have some great bondage buddies now, and we have a great time going on these trips and playing in these awesome locations with awesome gear. Next month I'm going to the UK to visit Grimly_Feendish (FetLife) and MasterOfSin (Recon). I understand that MasterOfSin has a new dungeon and tons of new gear. I hope I can get tied up while I'm there! A special thanks to Maxcita for providing all the canvas straitjackets in this update.

One more thing - I sure hope you guys like my videos. I love shooting videos and still images of bondage play and unique gear and posting the images on my websites. I love sharing bondage play with people around the world. When I grew up there were bondage magazines, but no Internet. I really love to shoot my videos and share them with everyone, including people who might not be able to play as freely as I do or have access to bondage gear and people to play with.

  FROM 15 TO 13

GALLERY: 1058 / DATE: Nov 7 2018 / IMAGES: 52 / VIDEOS: 1

This video highlights Dart_Tech and his love of medical gear. Dart loves rubber hoses, tubes, braces, wires, sensors - basically anything that hooks to your body. In this video Dart uses a hospital ventilator, patient monitor, and Erostek 312 e-stim box to take his subject KinoPayne for a wild ride. Kino is secured to a rescue stretcher and 5-point restraint, various medical straps and limb braces, wrist splints, a non-invasive halo, and Humane Restraint cuffs.

Not only is Kino totally restrained and helpless, his head is covered by a faceless rubber anesthesia hood which is connected to the hospital ventilator. The ventilator has been modified so that Kino can only inhale when the ventilator pushes a breath of air to him. Between cycles of the ventilator, Kino is not able to inhale. Dart_Tech can adjust the settings of the ventilator to control the number of breaths per minute that Kino can take, and the volume of air he can inhale on each breath. So, the title of this video ‘From 15 to 13’ refers to adjusting the ventilator from 15 breaths per minute to 13 breaths per minute. The challenge for Kino is to remain calm and stay in step with the number of breaths the ventilator is set to deliver. Here’s the test for Kino - as Dart_Tech increases the e-stim, Kino wants to take breaths more frequently, but his breathing is regulated by setting of the ventilator. If Kino speaks, yells or moans, he uses his air to make the noise, and must wait for the ventilator to give him his next breath. As the breaths-per-minute setting is decreased Kino can’t afford to make a noise or get out of step with the ventilator.

NOTE - This is a fiendish setup created by Dart_Tech that KinoPayne wanted to experience. This is a real scene that actually happened, with real gear as described above. However, in the video it appears that Dart_Tech is the only person in the room, but several of us were just out of the camera’s eye ready to jump in and pull the hose off the anesthesia hood. In addition, we had to stop a few times to adjust the gear and give Kino a break. Please enjoy this video for its erotic entertainment value only. DO NOT USE THIS VIDEO AS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW TO DO BONDAGE, BREATH OR EDGE PLAY. Breath restriction is dangerous and quite possibly fatal. This is a hot video. Feel free to jerk off to the video, but DO NOT try to recreate this scene. Play safely and play at your own risk.

This update includes 2 videos. The second video is a preview of the new ‘Appleville Strain’ movie coming to Bind’s website MenInChains.com.


GALLERY: 1057 / DATE: Oct 27 2018 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 2

We enjoy having Jimmy USMC visit us. He's really into bondage and is agreeable to most bondage scenarios we throw at him. In this video he was restrained to a ambulance gurney with Segufix gear. The gear was owned by Officer Hawk, who has a keen interest is medical restraints. Hawk owns a ton of Segufix and Humane Restraints, along with some Posey and Maxcita gear.

In addition to the medical restraints, Jimmy was fitted with a Lerman non-invasive halo brace which was supplied by our friend Strap Wizard. Strap into medical braces, body harnesses and straps. The Lerman halo brace is quite kinky and a lot of fun to play with. It holds your head rigid, in one position. Personally, I enjoy putting the Lerman on someone, and then handcuffing their hands behind their back. I don't know what it is about this combination, but it's really hot!

Anyway, Jimmy USMC finds himself secured to the gurney with the Lerman halo brace holding his head rigid. He's unable to raise his head and look around, so it's hard for him to see what's coming next. Jimmy is an attractive, sexy and muscular guy with loads of ink, and the restraints are such that we can easily see most of his tattoo work.

Jimmy's torment seemed to come mostly from the cold water. His gurney was wheeled into the hose-down cell where he was subjected to water from the shower nozzle and a garden hose. This cell was setup specifically for water play, and poor Jimmy was not in a position to resist. I'm not sure Jimmy had fully considered the consequences of being in bondage around so many Tops. The cold water seemed to flow from all directions as each Top took their turn hosing him down. Jimmy was shivering by the end, but I think he had a good time. I know everyone else did! A special thanks to EdgeDungeon for allowing us to use their facility.


GALLERY: 1056 / DATE: Oct 20 2018 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

For the last year we have posted a lot of videos from Edge Dungeon, and here is yet another. I helped built this facility, and since it has been completed I have been excited to spend time there shooting videos and playing. This play space turned out better than I had ever dreamed. Not only does it contain two jail cells to play in, but it also has a solitary confinment cell and a padded cell. The place is neat, clean and well kept.

Since we play at the facility quite often, we sometimes bring the camera and shoot our own personal play. This is the case with the two videos in this update. One guy is in the wooden bondage chair, the next scene is our friend showing us his SteelWerks chastity device, and the scene after that is a guy being strapped into a Maxcita Straitjacket and restrained to the bed. All is all, everyone had a good time which you will see in these two videos, and six more videos to come. It's a pleasure to have these kinky bondage friends to hang out with.

A special thanks to 'SelfBondageChair' on FetLife for supplying the bondage chair, Maxcita for the straitjacket, and Steelwerks for their bizarre lip clamp and beautiful chastity cage. Also, thanks to EdgeDungeon.com for the use of their awesome facility.


GALLERY: 1055 / DATE: Oct 13 2018 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 1

As most hospitals will tell you, it takes more than one orderly to put a straitjacket on a patient. Such is the case in this video as officers Rob and Hawk try to restrain Jimmy USMC. Jimmy is a muscular and buff guy, so this wasn't an easy task to apply a straitjacket. That said, Jimmy was already wearing a leather muzzle which put him at a distinct disadvantage. Rob and Hawk used a combination of deep-tissue torment, tickling, humor and other shenanigans to subdue Jimmy, which seemed to be effective. After a lot of laughter, sweat and panting, Jimmy was rendered helpless. By the way, during the struggling, Jimmy made a bolt for the door and almost got away, but unfortunately I didn't catch that on camera. Anyway, to prevent further escape attempts, Rob and Hawk locked Humane Restraints on Jimmy's ankles and pulled his feet up behind him, which guaranteed he would stay put.

All in all, everyone had a good time including Jimmy, who had never spent time in a padded cell. A special thanks to Officer Rob and Hawk for showing us how professionals apply straitjackets. The secret to applying a straitjacket crotch strap was revealed when Officer Rob said, “you have to think of starting a lawn mower when you tighten crotch straps”. Hilarious! A special thanks to Jimmy too, for putting up a good fight. Jimmy’s straitjacket was supplied by Maxcita.com, his leather muzzle was supplied by Top-To-Bottom, and the padded cell is part of the facility at EdgeDungeon.com. Check it out!


GALLERY: 1054 / DATE: Oct 9 2018 / IMAGES: 47 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a strange video featuring Dart_Tech and Strap Wizard, both on Fetlife. Strap Wizard likes to collect safety harnesses, wheelchairs, neoprene suits, medical braces, and other types of restrictive gear. In this video he has a medical evacuation stretcher which includes a 5-way torso harness, along with a aircraft pilot oxygen mask and visor. Strap Wizard likes the feeling of being strapped down, so Dart_Tech secures him to the stretcher with the 5-way harness, a Lerman non-invasive halo head brace, and horse hobble cuffs to restrain his arms and wrists.

Once Strap Wizard is totally helpless, Dart connects his oxygen mask to a Scuba tank and regulator. Breathing through a gas mask hooked to a Scuba tank is pretty fun because of the hissing and suction noise the regulator makes each time you inhale. Dart then dons his own gas mask which is hooked to a second Scuba regulator, and both guys get hosed down with a garden hose. It's really fun to breathe from a gas mask hooked to a Scuba tank while in a swimming pool or being hosed down with water.

In any case, these two guys had a lot of fun playing with their gear on the back deck of the SeriousBondage Institute. Our cutting-edge research and experimentation continues.


GALLERY: 1053 / DATE: Sep 27 2018 / IMAGES: 56 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a hot video featuring a cast of characters including JimmyUSMC, Officer Hawk, Officer Rob, KinoPayne, StrapWizard and a few extras. We were spending the weekend at Edge Dungeon when Officer Hawk had an idea on how to Restrain Jimmy using chains and turnbuckles in the solitary confinement cell. We jumped in the car and drove to the local hardware store to get the turnbuckles while the guys sorted out lengths of chain. As it turned out Hawk had to cut come of the chair with bold cutters, but his idea worked, and it turned out great. Jimmy couldn’t move at all. He was connected tightly in all four directions using metal shackles, metal waist belt and metal collar. The solitary confinement cell is 5 x 5 feet and has anchor points all over the walls, so Hawk was able to attach and tighten the chains in all four directions.

Once Jimmy was completely restrained and helpless, the attention turned to KinoPayne who ended up chained to the cement wall outside of the solitary cell. The poor guy was worked over by Hawk, and he loved every minute of his torment. Hawk was in his element, harassing Kino and telling him that this treatment was for his own good. I'm glad that Officer Rob and Hawk are so concerned the safety and wellbeing of their patients and prisoners.

At last the attention returned to Jimmy as he tried to reach a handcuff key which had been thrown on the floor. Since Jimmy was still connected to the walls with the chains and shackles he had to be resourceful in trying to retrieve the key which he could use to unlock his restraining padlocks. Jimmy kept his cool while he worked his way through releasing himself and received applause when he was free. All in all, everyone had a good time. Look for more videos from this hot bondage weekend coming in the future.

A special thanks to JimmyUSMC, Officers Rob and Hawk, and all the others who made this weekend so fun. Also, thanks to the folks at Edge Dungeon for allowing us to play and shoot at their facility. Check out their website EdgeDungeon.com for information on renting their fantastic play space. Lastly, thanks to DungeonDelights.com for supplying the wrist and ankle shackles, waist belt and collar. These guys make some great gear.


GALLERY: 1052 / DATE: Sep 21 2018 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 2

Here's another look at Dart_Tech's laptop breath control system with MikeCBT23 (Recon). Mike is secured to our 8020 chair with a large selection of Humane Restraints. He's in a custom rubber catsuit and connected to the laptop system with an aviation gas-mask, natural rubber hoses, and a battery driven PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) gas-mask blower.

The laptop system was created by Dart_Tech and seems to be quite popular with our visitors. It's on and off times can be preset, or set to be random within upper and lower time limits.

The chair is made of 8020 extruded aluminum which is quite expensive. 8020 is used by R&D labs and scientific research facilities to construct one-off prototypes. It works quite well for creating bondage devices, although it is quite expensive. I generally use a cheaper alternative called Unistrut.

This video is titled 'Maximum Frustration' because MikeCBT23 never actually gets off, although Dart_Tech gives it a good try. Personally, I rarely get off in bondage. I just like the feeling of the bondage and the overall experience. It's not necessary to cum in every bondage scenario we create. The point is to have a good time with the gear and not worry about getting off for the camera. :-)


GALLERY: 1051 / DATE: Sep 14 2018 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

Here are some miscellaneous video clips I edited together into one video. These are fun clips which weren't long enough on their own. The clips include our favorite rubber guy RootT and his awesome suit, FearSlave, TapedAndTortured, RubberChris, Bind and his friend Greg. We have a lot of fun shooting bondage and rubber videos, and I never get tired of the variety of locations, gear and people we come across. A special thanks to all the guys who appear in our videos. Everyone seems to have a good time. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1050 / DATE: Sep 8 2018 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun little scene with Dart_Tech, Strap Wizard, and our friend from Arizona who comes to visit us once or twice a year. He can't show his face, and doesn't mind being in our videos so long as his face is covered. When our friend comes to visit, he's in constant motion playing with gear and tying himself up. I think he uses bondage to relax and slow himself down.

In this video our Arizona friend wanted to try on one of our neoprene survival suits. I think these suits were designed to keep someone alive in cold water. They're heavy, kinda fun, and kinky. We also bring them to our annual rubber pool party which we have each year around Folsom Fair time.

Dart_Tech and Strap Wizard proceed to chain our friend down to the padded bondage mat in the back room using a heavy steel waist belt from Dungeon Delights, unique Clejuso grabber cuffs from Handcuff Warehouse, and our snowboard binders for his feet.

As a side note, our friend sent us our first pair of snowboard binders which he found at a flea market. When I opened the box and pulled them out, I wondered what we were going to use them for. However a few years later we have used them quite a bit to secure someone's feet when they are wearing boots. The snowboard binders are quite effective at restraining the feet, and work really great when they are anchored to something stationary. However, in the video we tried to anchor his neoprene covered feet in the bindings, which didn't work very well. In any case, he was totally secured by the Clejuso cuffs and the steel belt. I particularly like the way the Clejuso cuffs look around his neoprene mitts. He is totally fucked with no dexterity whatsoever. All in all, everyone had a good time, and our friend was left in his bondage so he could get a little downtime.


GALLERY: 1049 / DATE: Sep 1 2018 / IMAGES: 60 / VIDEOS: 3

Okay you guys, here's another opportunity to have a look at the popular bondage model JimmyUSMC. For those who are unfamiliar, Jimmy came onto the bondage scene a year or so ago, and has been a hit on Tumblr, Twitter, MenInChins.com, and this website.

Jimmy was first discovered on FetLife by Bind at MenInChains.com. Jimmy was just getting of the Marine Corps when Bind invited him to be in a bondage video, and Jimmy's popularity exploded from there. Jimmy is heterosexual, but that didn't really matter to Bind because his videos don't feature sex, just bondage. The first video that Jimmy starred in was Bind's full length feature video titled 'Appleville'. Check it out on MenInChains.com. There's a ton of bondage scenes starring Jimmy, and Bind is now working on Appleville 2.

The video in this update features SFDom, StrapWizard, and JimmyUSMC at the new EdgeDungeon.com jail facility. We decided that Jimmy looks good in chains, so SFDom and StrapWizard went to work. Frankly, this video is a little corny, but we get to see Jimmy restrained in chains and secured to the jail bars. That's really all that matters. As a side note KinoPayne was working with us shooting inside of the jail cell. In the photo above you can Kino in the background.

We all had a good time, and SFDom got what he wanted, which was to tie up Jimmy. More videos featuring Jimmy are in the pipeline, so stay tuned!


GALLERY: 1043 / DATE: Aug 25 2018 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a hot video from the archives featuring Dalton and a visitor to the Institute, a bondage chair borrowed from a local dominatrix, and a sensory deprivation hood from Top-To-Bottom Leathers in the UK.

As you will see, Dalton is an expert in applying bondage gear. Many guys have commented that they miss Dalton and his ability to put them into comfortable and effective bondage. He could see where the bondage needed to be applied and did so with great effectiveness.

The 2-inch wide leather straps are from Mr S in San Francisco, and as I said above, the padded hood is from Top-To-Bottom. Is is an amazing hood which is supplied with a stiff leather face cover which compresses the hood against the face. It feels great, and looks great too. The round mouth hole is the right size for a breather gag or an inflatable gag, and as you can see, once you are laced into the hood there is no way to expel the gag. The gag is forced tightly into your mouth by the rigid leather face-plate.

There are many versions of bondage chairs in the BDSM world. Clearly, this chair was made by someone in the garage, as most bondage furniture tends to be. Years ago BDSM furniture - including this chair - was made by a submissive for their favorite domme or dominatrix. Bondage chairs are usually made by someone who wants to be strapped into the chair themselves. As a matter of fact, I can't think of a single chair that was made by a non-kinkster!

In any case, this video is great because of all the leather creaking and breathing noises. As you will hear, once this guy it totally strapped in and secured, you can hear him let out a big sigh. He's exactly where he wants to be.


GALLERY: 996 / DATE: Aug 19 2018 / IMAGES: 76 / VIDEOS: 1

This is the first video we had shot at the Edge Dungeon facility last year. Our visiting test gimp was RootT (Recon), and other than the electricity going out for a few hours, we all had a good time.

This was a collective effort by a number of people including Yossie Silverman, his friend BDSMdude (Recon), RootT (Recon), FearSlave and SMboy (Recon), and myself. This gathering came together because we had just received a new bondage chair from Germany, and everyone showed up to assemble it and try it out. The new bondage chair was built by a guy on Fetlife called 'SelfBondageChair'. He is located in Germany and has been building the chairs for the past few years. So, to celebrate the opening of the new Edge Dungeon facility, the owner purchased the chair which took a few months to be built and shipped to the dungeon.

For those who are unfamiliar with Edge Dungeon, it's a new play space for rent which includes two jail cells, padded room, water hose-down cell, solitary confinement cell, and a nice playroom. The location of the place is two hours south of San Francisco in the coastal mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here's the website: EdgeDungeon.com.

Just when we started to assemble the chair the electricity went out. It was a windy day and I guess a tree fell in the power lines somewhere nearby. This happens occasionally because the dungeon is way up in the redwood mountains in a remote location. So, we had to use flashlights and cel phone lights to assemble the chair. Yossie and DBSMdude worked on the chair while I shot video and the rest of the guys held the flashlights. Naturally, after we were finished assembling the chair the electricity came back on. This was the first time we had met RootT, and he must have thought the whole adventure was crazy. In any case, once the power came back on we strapped RootT into the chair, and one of the guys hooked a Venus 2000 to his cock and got him off. Well done! RootT was looking great in his custom heavy rubber suit from BlackStyle (I really want one of these suits), and once he was restrained in the new chair the combination looked really hot.

A special thanks to RootT and the rest of the guys for helping out and making a fun video. If you are interested in ordering one of these bondage chairs, contact the guy via his profile called 'SelfBondageChair' on Fetlife. If you are interested in renting the dungeon, check out the website  EdgeDungeon.com. NOTE - no services are provided at the dungeon, so you need to bring your own top, domme or master. This was the first of many videos we have shot at this cool facility since it opened last year. In addition, the orange rubber hose hooked to the SCUBA regulator in this video was from StudioGum.com.


GALLERY: 1040 / DATE: Aug 11 2018 / IMAGES: 82 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a hot video from the archives featuring Rank and the Bishop Device. You guys who have been around the site for a long time remember this device which was built by Dalton and featured in a few of our videos. The device was named by a heterosexual bondage artist 'The Bishop' who was popular in the 70's and 80's. He had worked as a mechanical illustrator in Detroit and had a great imagination for drawing helpless women in various bondage devices. You could tell by looking at his artwork that he had an understanding of mechanical design and illustration. His artwork was an inspiration for many of us bondage kinksters at the time. Dalton, who was also inspired by the Bishop, built this device after remembering a similar device drawn by the artist.

In this video Rank straps a poor gimp to the device and takes him down the rabbit hole for a taste of extreme rubber, helplessness and sensory isolation. The gimp's eyes are covered with medical bandages and then further covered with welding goggles. his mouth is filled with a rubber penis gag, which is held in with a rubber muzzle. Finally, his ears are covered with noise reduction headphones. As you can see in the photos above, this gimp is totally helpless, including rubber mitts on his hands. Rank then applies e-stim to his cock and strokes him with his rubber-covered and lubed hands. Hot! I wish I could try the Bishop Device myself, but it's long gone, recycled and turned into other bondage gear.

This video shows Rank's originality and skill as a rubber top, The Bishop's creativity as a bondage artist, and Dalton's handywork assembling the device. The video was shot in the old analog TV 4x3 format. If you have problems playing the video, try installing the free open-source VLC Media Player. This video is a classic and not to be missed. More information about The Bishop can be found by searching for 'the bishop, bondage', including a ton of images on Google images. Check it out!


GALLERY: 1046 / DATE: Aug 3 2018 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 2

Hey guys, I'm doing this update from Bind's jail in Hampton Iowa. We have 10 guys here shooting a marathon video with rubber, fiberglass casting and medical braces.

Check out this week's update titled Sports Therapy. This guy likes to be tied up in football gear. By the time we were done with him he couldn't move. Check it out!


GALLERY: 1048 / DATE: Jul 27 2018 / IMAGES: 49 / VIDEOS: 2

Here is a crazy video we shot last year with a group of guys at Bind's place in Iowa. It is becoming apparent that Bind likes to shoot bondage videos that have a story, whereas I shoot more of a documentary style capturing play scenes as they happen. This video is a story about three prisoners who harass the guard by stealing his glasses. Actually, only one inmate stole the glasses, but all three enjoy giving the guards a hard time. Bind and SFdom are the guards, and MikeCBT23, Erador and York are the prisoners (all on Recon).

The video highlights the outside common area of the jail, and the handcuff slot in the bars. For those who are unfamiliar with handcuff slots, the slot us used to handcuff the prisoner from outside of the cellblock, which protects the guard from violent outbursts of the inmates. Also notice how the master locking lever is used to lock and unlock the cells from outside of the cell block. By combining the lever and individual padlocks on each cell, the guard can safely control the movement of the prisoners as a group or one at a time without exposing himself to a potential attack.

As the story progresses we find that York is the meanest of the prisoners and as a result finds himself strapped into a prisoner transport chair. As his attitude worsens Bind pulls a 'spit guard' over his head and uses duck tape to further secure his head to the chair. The spit mask is used in jails and prisons to prevent the inmate from spitting. As you will see, the mask is very humiliating but quite effective.

Ultimately, all three prisoners are in bondage with York in the transport chair, MikeCBT23 is gagged with duct tape and hogtied on the floor in shackles, and Erador is handcuffed and strapped to the jail bars. Unfortunately, the bondage was not severe enough to extract the whereabouts of Bind's glasses. Nonetheless, everyone had a good time.

A special thanks to all the guys for going along with this crazy video. Frankly, we all enjoy playing in Bind's jail. The jail is a real as it gets. It was built for Maximum security in the late 1800's and when you are locked behind the bars you feel a special thrill because the bars and doors are so massive and intimidating. I wich I owned a jail like this. I would spend every night locked up in shackles and chains in one of the cells.

Visit Bind's website MenInChains.com for more of his story videos. Also, if you are interested in spending some time in his jail, check out his website HamptonJail.com. Bind is a real 100 percent bondage guy.


GALLERY: 1045 / DATE: Jul 20 2018 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 2

Self-bondage is something we all think about and many of us try. The fantasy of closing the padlock and making yourself helpless can be very intoxicating. The drive to do self-bondage can be very powerful, and many of us have stories to tell about our experiences and near fatal mishaps. Although self-bondage appears to be simple and safe, it's allure is misleading. People often refer to "thinking with your small head" (meaning thinking with your cock instead of your brain) when contemplating self-bondage. The more you think about self-bondage the more excited you can get. The magical mixture of expectation, sexual excitement and the adrenaline rush can be overpowering, so thinking logically and evaluating the dangers of self-bondage go out the window.

Some people are alive today to tell us about their mishaps with self-bondage, while others are not. There are so many things that can go wrong that they are hand to list, but here are a few: cramps, exhaustion, dropping the key out of reach, choking, asphyxiation, passing out, house fire, panic. The video in this update shows a self-bondage rig that Bind created. Do not use this video as an example or guide for how to build self-bondage rigs. This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you play with self-bondage, do so at your own risk. You are responsible for your own actions.

In this video Jimmy USMC and I look at a wood coffin that Bind built and the time-release electric lock that we installed on the box which allows Bind to lock himself in the box for up to one hour. The time-release lock has three timers so there's plenty of safety backup.

Videos of this coffin box have been shown on this website in the past, but this video covers the details of the time-release lock itself. Self-bondage is equally as exciting as it is dangerous, and Jimmy and I discuss this in the video. As Bind and I will tell you, the allure of self-bondage is very powerful and can lead to unforeseen dangers, mishaps and fatalities. Bind is quite experienced with bondage and has been playing for years. He always has people around as a backup when he plays with his self-bondage coffin. Visit Bind's website MenInChains.com for a selection of his 'no pron' bondage videos, and book time is his Hampton Jail jail if you want a real incarceration experience. This guy is the real deal!


GALLERY: 1044 / DATE: Jul 14 2018 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 1

In this 2013 video we get a chance to see Dalton Ott in action as he restrains a poor rubber gimp. Dalton worked with me the first few years the SeriousMaleBondage.com website was online. Most guys consider Dalton to be a bondage expert. He was able to apply straps in such a way that the guys always came back for more. Such is the case with this rubber gimp.

All the straps and cuffs in this video are used, purchased on Ebay. I guess they were used for many years in a real hospital and have plenty of ware to show. The white leather helpless mitts are from ChurchOfSinvention.com in Canada.

As bondage people will tell you, they enjoy the creaking sound of the leather bondage gear. There's lots of creaking sounds in this video. The tied-off cord of the vibrator is hilarious and shows Dalton Ott at his finest. This is the art of good bondage. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1042 / DATE: Jul 8 2018 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 1

Two hours doesn't seem like much, but when KinoPayne was straitjacketed and shackled in the underground deck cell, in the dark, it felt like much longer than a few hours. This is a hot video featuring Dart_Tech and our new friend KinkPayne (both on FetLife). Kino is a Shibari rope bondage sub, but he is expanding his interests to include other types of bondage. He was interested in experiencing our deck cell, so Dart_Tech picked out the gear and setup an infrared GoPro camera so we could monitor Kino.

The two hours passed without a problem. Kino did a lot of struggling, which allowed him to enjoy the feeling of the restraints. Our GoPro recording device crapped out not long after we started the scene, so we only captured a few minutes of Kino's grueling ordeal. This wasn't a problem though, because the best part was yet to come.

When it came time to pull Kino out of the cell, Dart_Tech grabbed the garden hose and completely drenched him with cold water! I was shooting the video, and I couldn't believe he was doing this. Kino was completely soaked and had no way to dodge the water shooting from the hose. Frankly, this was a hot scene, and I'd like to try it sometime later in the summer when it's warmer weather.

In any case, a good time was had by all, as indicated by Kink's smile as he was drying off. A special thanks to Dart_Tech and KinkPayne, and to Maxcita.com for supplying the canvas straitjacket and psycho hood. Check out Maxcita.com for the best straitjackets and sleepsacks on the market!
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