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GALLERY: 1076 / DATE: Feb 23 2019 / IMAGES: 47 / VIDEOS: 2

It is my pleasure to introduce our friend RubNGum from BlackStore.com in Switzerland. He came to California for a visit and stopped in San Francisco to meet us. As you would expect, RubNGum had a lot of gear with him including a new ultra-heavy 4mm straitjacket and sleepsack. During the last year I have started to see guys buying ultra-heavy gear like this from various manufactures around the world. RubNGum's 4mm straitjacket and sleepsack are available on his BlackStore.com website, and I imagine he will have other new and exciting 4mm gear to offer in the future.

RubNGum is one of us. He's a gear head. He loves to collect unique and unusual BDSM gear. He's also into the color black. That's why is retail website is called BlackStore.com. He also has a video website at RubNGum.com, and as you will see, black rubber is the driving theme. I guess he likes the starkness of black gear. So do I, however, RubNGum has taken his attraction to the color black to the next level by owning an all-black electric toothbrush! Yep! I didn't know that black electric toothbrushes were even available. I don't think he spray painted it either, I think he bought it that color. This guy is the real deal!

Anyway, RubNGum flew into Los Angeles first to visit some friends. His plan was to drive up the California coast to San Francisco, so I suggested we meet up at EdgeDungeon which was along his way. Sure enough, his rental car was full of suitcases filled with gear. We decided to shoot a video showing us all of his gear. That video is coming in the future. For now, the video in this update shows RubNGum in his 4mm ultra-heavy straitjacket. If you look closely, you will see that the straitjacket arms have built in pre-bent elbows. This is required because the rubber is so thick that the crease that develops in the rubber where the elbow turns would cut off your circulation. This is a great idea and allows you to comfortably wear the straitjacket for a long time.

So, we strapped RubNGum into his straitjacket over a thin black neoprene suit he was already wearing. He also had on a rubber hood with a special Swiss army gas-mask. He told us this was a unique prototype gas mask he had acquired, which are not available once the gas-mask went into production. The three ports of the gas-mask can be either inhale or exhale ports by simply removing the one-way check valve and turning it around.

Once RubNGum was in all his gear, we secured him to a vertical bondage post and Dart_Tech attached his inhale hose to the laptop breath control program. RubNGum had expresses interest in trying the laptop system before we had even met him. He has a similar system for sale on his BlackStore website.

As you will see in the video, RubNGum is also wearing a Latowski chastity belt with internal dildo. This chastity belt looks really hot over his black neoprene suit. RubNGum was traveling with his friend, and his friend was at the controls of an Erostek box which he adjusted during this bizarre session. When the laptop would cut off RubNGums air, his friend would turn up the Erostek box to add additional torment through the Latowski belt. What a unique scene!

Visit RubNGum's two websites BlackStore.com and RubNGum.com for a selection of unique gear and videos. We hope to have RubNGum visit us again, and we are already talking about visiting him in Switzerland. So, stay tuned for an eye-popping selection of videos featuring RubNGum and his unique gear in the future. A special thanks for the folks at EdgeDungeon.com for allowing us to shoot this video in their amazing facility.


GALLERY: 1075 / DATE: Feb 16 2019 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video featuring BootedRay, FearSlave, and our awesome transparent head box. BootedRay loves to wear his leathers and officers cap, and occasionally he likes to smoke his cigars.

The beginning of this video highlights my favorite combination of gear: rubber ball mitts from BlackStyle and handcuffs are applied behind FearSlave's back which renders him totally helpless. I love the look and feel of this combination of gear. FearSlave's head is locked in the overhead suspended head box, which looks really hot. I only wish this scene was longer.

The headbox has been moved to Las Vegas along with the rest of my gear, so we will will use it again in future videos.


GALLERY: 1073 / DATE: Feb 10 2019 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

Okay you guys. I'm in Las Vegas, at my friend NoEscapeSlave's place, working on his new playroom in his basement. I have moved all of my gear from the famous SeriousBondage Institute in San Francisco (my house) to his place in Vegas, and will be shooting and playing here in the future. I was tired of having all the rooms in my house clutteered with gear, and having people coming and going all the time, so the opportunity to setup shop in Vegas came at the right time. Besides, NoEscapeSlave and I are combining all of our gear to create the ultimate selection of bondage equipment. You guys may have seen that padded isolation box I built a few years ago. That isolation box is now in Vegas too. More info and video to come.

Anyway, this update features a fun video from the archives featuring Rank and one of his rubber gimp friends. The gimp is strapped into an 'Inside-Out' straitjacket from Maxcita.com, and hoisted off the floor with two overhead whiches. I like how Rank used a spreader bar to pull the gimp's legs up behind him. The gimp is totally helpless!

A special thanks to Rank and his rubber friend, and to Max at Maxcita.com for supplying the Inside-out straitjacket. Check out his website for all of his amazing bondage products. Wearing rubber under a Maxcita straitjacket or sleepsack is a great feeling! NOTE - this video was shot in the old DV 4x3 TV screen size. If you have problems viewing this video please load the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1074 / DATE: Feb 3 2019 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 1

Head's up you guys! My friend Master of Sin in the UK has decided to open his own pro-domme business. You might of known him by his previous name 'At My Disposal'. As far as I know, he's the only gay pro-domme who specializes in bondage, has a professional-looking website, owns tons of gear, and has a clean and well organized 2-story dungeon playroom.

I have shot a few videos with Master of Sin in the past, but I can't wait to see his new dungeon studio and shoot with him again. As you will see in this video, his new dungeon studio looks awesome, and his selection of Fetters bondage furniture and a 2-story hoist set him apart from most other straight pro-dommes. This video also highlights his soothing British voice which will have you relaxed and submitting to his wishes in no time. He's also tall and handsome!

I believe that Master of Sin's new business is another example of the expansion and acceptance of kink in the mainstream. The Internet and social media are allowing people like my friend to break out of the traditional job market and follow their passion to do what makes them happy. Master of Sin loves to dominate men and has a passion for putting guys in heavy bondage, which he finds way more fullfilling than the 9-5 grind.

When my friend recently opened his business, I asked him to send me a few shots of his studio with his cel phone. The video in this update includes the shots from his phone, and his awesome and mind-blowing promotional video - which he created himself.

Let's help support Master of Sin and allow him to share the joys of BDSM with people who have an attraction to the joys of bondage and submission. You can book a session with the Master from his website MasterOfSin.co.uk. This is the first of many videos I will be shooting with him in his new and fully-equipped studio. By the way, a special message to my other UK friend SteveLovesKink - you gotta visit Master Of Sin! Lastly, check out Fetters for a great selection of bondage gear.


GALLERY: 1072 / DATE: Jan 29 2019 / IMAGES: 57 / VIDEOS: 2

Hey everyone, I am on the road and updating the website from my phone. I will write a detailed description of this update when I am back home. Please enjoy this video from the archives. Mark


GALLERY: 1069 / DATE: Jan 20 2019 / IMAGES: 99 / VIDEOS: 2

I love the comradery that we feel when we get a bunch of guys together for bondage. Everyone switches between the Top and Bottom role, and we all have fun and get our bondage needs met. We are lucky to have the Edge Dungeon located in the San Francisco area, where we can spend an entire weekend playing with bondage in the privacy of the Santa Cruz mountains. I feel lucky to have three friends who own jails: HamptonJail.com, Edge Dungeon.com, and my friend Yossie the handcuff collector and his private jail way up in the hills of Northern California.

My favorite cell at Edge Dungeon is the solitary cell. Actually, most everyone who comes for a visit likes this cell the best. That's probably because it's so scary and intimidating. The walls, floor and ceiling are cement, and it has eye-bolts drilled into the cement for bondage attachment points. There are two doors to the cell: a heavy outer steel door that has small openings. and a heavy inner jail door that slams shut with a loud clank noise. I love being chained in this cell for hours on end. It's very exciting!

Anyway, the two videos in this update are just shots of the playing we did over a long 3-day weekend. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did playing! A special thanks to the guys who run Edge Dungeon for allowing us to use their facility. Check out their website EdgeDungeon.com and book a weekend for your own fun. :-)


GALLERY: 1068 / DATE: Jan 14 2019 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 2

This 2-part video features SFdom and his friend Alex Colby as they test a pair of unique straitjackets. Both straitjackets are made for people with long and slender torsos. The first straitjacket is made with traditional canvas by the hospital restraint manufacturer Posey. It's possible that this straitjacket is a normal product from Posey, but it sure looks long to me when Alex tried it on. The straitjacket also has a very wide collar which I have not seen before. Before Alex is strapped into the straitjacket we put a medical head/neck brace on him to enhance his since of helplessness. The big collar allowed the head brace to fit easily under the straitjacket. This combination of gear is really hot. Alex is unable to move his head left, right and downwards. And, as you will see, the straitjacket fits his body perfectly all the way down to his crotch.

The second straitjacket is made of leather by Christopher Fetish on Fetlife. Christopher also has a popular Tumblr blog called Fetish Leathercrafter's Journal. Christopher has been making unique and custom bondage gear for quite a while. Check out his blog for some amazing and eye-popping projects. Even though Christopher is heterosexual, the stuff he makes for women in mind blowing so scroll through his entire blon to see the good stuff. The straitjacket he made for this video has a unique lace-up binder that secures the arms together in front of the jacket, an attached hood, and a realloy hot cod pouch that covers the cock. We didn't fully and tightly lace up the back of the straitjacket because Alex is fairly new to hoods and was a bit claustrophobic. In any case, he looked really hot in both of these straitjackets because they fit him so well and enhanced his long slender torso. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1067 / DATE: Jan 4 2019 / IMAGES: 64 / VIDEOS: 2

I would like to report that I am FINALLY getting some play time of my own. Instead of shooting videos all the time, I have decided to chill out and get some play time of my own. Yay! I used to like leather bondage, but over the years I have been leaning more towards combining heavy rubber and metal bondage. Part of this has to do with playing in Bind's jail cells at HamptonJail.com, and playing at the new EdgeDungeon.com space in the San Francisco area. I don't know what it is about heavy rubber and heavy metal shackles, but it really works for me.

In this video I'm in a StudioGum one-piece suit with attached faceless hood. I'm also in a safety harness supplied by my friend Strap Wizard on Fetlife, which is anchored overhead by heavy chains. In the first part of the video I'm secured in a RigidCuff metal bondage 'V' chair, and in the second half I'm just in the safety harness with a metal ankle spreader. The still photos in this update are a little different than the video because we shot the stills and the video at different times.

Both Bind and I have decided to shoot a little less and play a little more. I am moving all my bondage gear from my house to a friend's house in Las Vegas. My Vegas friend has been on this website before. He is 'NoEscapeSlave' on Recon. So, I won't shoot videos at my house anymore, and instead will help my friend build an awesome play room in his basement in Vegas. So, in the future you will see videos shot in his new playroom. Stay tuned!

This update consists of two videos. The first is of me in the rubber and safety harness as mentioned above, and the second video is a test we did with a new product on the market called 'Tension Straps' made by DiscerningSpecialist.com. These are like bungee cords, only they are specifically made for bondage play. They are assembled and sewn by a professional company that specializes in straps and webbing.

The idea of the Tension Straps is to allow your submissive to have limited mobility, but have enough tension so that once your submissive gets tired of pulling on the straps he is stretched back to a tight spread eagle position. This is fantastic for tickling, as your submissive can struggle all they want but can't escape and eventually they get tired of pulling against the straps. Fun! This is the first of many videos we will shoot using these straps. As Bind will tell you, they work great for spread eagle bondage on his own bed - as he learned firsthand! These straps were commissioned and specifically manufactured by DiscerningSpecialist.com for bondage play, so they are not available anywhere else. They are made with professional industrial sewing machines and are very solid. If you decide to buy some, get at least four of them for spread eagle bondage, and get four more to give to your friends who will want some as soon as they see them in action! These straps are REALLY FUN. Check’em out at DiscerningSpecialist.com.


GALLERY: 1066 / DATE: Dec 27 2018 / IMAGES: 9 / VIDEOS: 2

This is a fun video featuring eight bondage chairs at the same time! Yep! When was the last time you saw eight bondage chairs in the same room?

A group of us were visiting Bind at his Jail in Iowa when one night we realized that there were 8 bondage chairs available to us to play with. This unusual number of chairs was only available for one day, as some chairs were being moved to other locations the following day. So, we had enough guys to secure everyone into their own bondage chair.

This idea didn't occur to us until late in the evening, so we got out the video camera and started strapping everyone into a chair. We soon realized that if all of us were secured in chairs there would be nobody to shoot the video, so we asked our friend who didn't want to be in the video, to shoot the last scene with everyone fully restrained. Since he doesn't want to be in our video we decided to refer to him as the 'pizza delivery guy'. As you will see, fun was had by all. Check out Bind's bondage website MenInChains.com, and his jail website HamptonJail.com.


GALLERY: 1065 / DATE: Dec 23 2018 / IMAGES: 78 / VIDEOS: 1

This is one of my favorite videos featuring my new rubber friend HotHardHat (FetLife). He's into heavy rubber and hazmat suits, and we met at Bind's jail in Iowa earlier this year.

HotHardHat is wearing a StudioGum heavy rubber 'Prison Suit' over a neoprene wetsuit. HARD-HAT loves to be hot and sweaty in his rubber. His StudioGum suit features a zip-on anathesia mask that covers the attached rubber hood. The anathesia mask didn't completely seal against his face because of his facial hair, but it was close enough to work for him. He was wearing a pair of over-size heavy rubber boots which he probably got on Ebay. I would like to get a pair myself. These boots allowed him to walk around freely and not worry about taring or puncturing the rubber booties which are part of the suit.

Once HotHardHat was gagged, blindfolded and covered by the outer rubber anathesia mask, we added a pair of StudioGum rubber ball mitts over his gloved hands, which made him completely helpless. He was in his own inner world, cocooned in heavy rubber with no way out. He made cooing noises indicating his happiness. I hake the same noises when I'm in my own rubber and bondage. It's like an escape into a warm and familiar place, escaping from everyday life and stresses. The smell of natural rubber engulfs his senses, and only the sound of his restricted breath whispering in and out of the rebreather bag. He was in heaven.

Next we took him into one of Bind's jail cells where Strap Wizard (FetLife) outfitted him with a Humane Restraint collar and wrist cuffs. His collar was connected to a chain that theathered him to the wall, and his wrist cuffs were connected together with another chain behind his back. He was completely helpless and at peace. We hung a baby monitor on the inside of the cell door so we could monitor him, and left HotHardHat by himself to enjoy his solitude. Next time we visit Bind I would like to try this myself! Check out Bind's website MenInChains.com for more bondage videos, and his website HamptonJail.com for real jail experiences.


GALLERY: 1064 / DATE: Dec 15 2018 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

This is one of my favorite videos. My friend Bind created it a few years ago. The video is about a guy who finds himself helt prisoner in a hostile foreign nation. As you might expect, the primise of the video is just an excuse to show some cool steel shackle bondage, which is what I like. I love the thought of being locked in steel shackles in a stark and lonely jail cell. There's something about that scenario which is very attractive to me.

I grew up as a somewhat introverted kid. Daily life and the world in general seemed overwhelming to me, so playing with bondage was my way of escaping reality. That's why the harsh bondage in this video is so attractive to me. I had fantasies of being locked up like this when I was young, and I continue to pursue those experiences today. Lucky for me, I have three friends who own jails where I can go to get my bondage and confinment fix. As my friend Bind says, he feels 'at home' when he's chained up in one of his own jail cells. I know what you mean Bind! Here are two of the three jails I know intimately: HamptonJail.com and EdgeDungeon.com.


GALLERY: 1063 / DATE: Dec 11 2018 / IMAGES: 20 / VIDEOS: 1

This video features a slightly larger-than-normal rubber vac-rac from KinkEngineering in Canada. Many of you have seen vac-racks, so this video is nothing new. We were visiting Bind at his HamptonJail in Iowa, and a guy brought this vac-rack along for us to play with.

The only thing that may be unusual about this vac-rack is that is a bit larger than normal to accommodate large guys. In the first few minutes of this video you will see how we assembled the vac-rack, and then we sent a few guys into the basement to get Bind. Bind was spending time in his wood coffin so once he was pulled out and shackled we took him upstairs to try out the vac-rack. Bind is agreeable to most any bondage experience so we slid him into the vac-rack face up and sealed him in. We used a fairly powerful vacuum cleaner so the suction was effective in outlining his body in rubber.

If you haven't tried a vac-rack, the exciting part of the experience is the last few seconds of the first suck-down when the rubber fully conforms to the outline of your body. Within that last few seconds your experience the sensation of being pinned down tightly by the rubber, trapped in whatever position you were in. After the rubber is sucked down, you are completely trapped and unable to move. The only part that was missing from this vac-rack setup was the one-way check valve that would have allowed us to turn off the vacuum cleaner while maintaining the suction in the vac-rack. The owner of the vac-rack had misplaced that part, but he could order a replacement from KinkEngineering without a problem. All in all, everyone had a good time playing with this vac-rack, especially Bind! Check out Bind's website at MenInChains.com.


GALLERY: 1062 / DATE: Dec 2 2018 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 2

This is one of my favorite videos which we shot years ago with our friends Mikey and Daddy Tony. These guys were a lot of fun, and visited the Institute many times to play. Alas, they moved out of San Francisco to pursue job opportunities and we have missed them ever since.

In this 2-part video we first see Mikey restrained in a unique neoprene 'Walk Sack'. This is a sleepsack with attached hood, but the lower part of the sack is like shorts rather than having the legs enclosed. This allows the Mikey to stand up and walk around, but his arms are held at his sides in the traditional internal arm sleeves. In addition, the attached hood has nose openings only, so even though Mikey is mobile he can't see where he's going. Poor Mikey is always at a disadvantage, and as you will see, Daddy Tony loves to take advantage of Mikey's helplessness. To raise the ante, Daddy Tony added heavy shackles to Mikey's ankles, and a heavy collar to his neck which was attached to an overhead chain. With this bondage configuration Mikey could only take a few steps in any direction before being stopped by the short neck chain. Hot! This is one of the best bondage scenes I have shot in a long time. I hope you enjoy watching Mikey and Daddy Tony and their loving play. They are a great couple.

In the second scene, Daddy Tony straps Mikey in a heavy Mr S straitjacket, Bishop face mask and posture collar. Mikey is then locked in a vertical cage, where Daddy Tony uses a vibrator to get him off. These two guys sure have a lot of fun, and it's plain to see they have a warm and loving relationship. A special thanks to them for sharing their intimate play with our camera. We wish them well.

This video is from our archives and was shot with an old camera in the 4x3 television screen ratio. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1061 / DATE: Nov 27 2018 / IMAGES: 134 / VIDEOS: 1

Rubber Freak and Rusty Woo are two rubber guys who we met last year. As I recall, they didn't know each other until they met at the SeriousBondage Institute. Both of them love rubber and gas-masks.

There are two scenes in this video. The first is Rubber Freak restrained in our 8020 bondage chair, with Dart_Tech playing with his cock. As most bondage guys will tell you, having your cock played with while you are tightly bound feels great. The helplessness you feel somehow makes your cock more sensitive. In this video, Dart_Tech is wearing rubber gloves which makes his touch of Rubber Freak's cock feel even more erotic. In addition, Rubber Freak's tight rubber and gas-mask adds another layer of erotic and fetish delight to his predicament. Fun!

The second scene in this video is Rubber Freak and Rusty Woo restrained side by side. Not only are they chained down with metal shackles, they are wearing heavy safety harnesses which add an additional level of restraint. Both have on rubber helpless mitts and gas-masks, but the real clincher is when their gas-masks are connected to a cylinder of compressed SCUBA air. Their air is fed from a pair of SCUBA regulators which are connected to the SCUBA tank. With this setup, both of these rubber gimps are completely isolated from the outside world. No part of their body is in contact with the ambient room air. The SCUBA regulators supply them with breathable air adjusted to the ambient room pressure. The regulators make a delightful whooshing sound as each of these gimps inhale. Both of them are in rubber and bondage nirvana.


GALLERY: 1060 / DATE: Nov 16 2018 / IMAGES: 28 / VIDEOS: 2

This two-part video features Bind and I showing and discussing the various fetish garments which can be worn in his bondage coffin. These various methods of using the coffin are interesting and relate to how we dress in rubber, leather, hoods, gas-masks and other garments when we are enclosed or restrained.

This coffin was constructed by Bind last year, and I must say he did a good job with what he considered merely 'scraps' of wood. We have shown this coffin before, but in this update Bind and I discuss wearing neoprene, leather and even a hooded sleeping bag. All three of these offer different experiences of bondage cocooning. One comment that Bind makes during the video is that he built the coffin to generate the most 'extreme claustrophobic experience' possible. Well, he did a good job. I have been in this coffin, and it's indeed an intense experience. Luckily, he has a fan which provides air flow inside the head box of the coffin, which lowers the possibility of panic - at least for me. I can't wait to see what else Bind builds in 2019. He's talking about a padded room, and an underground cell similar to the infamous deck cell at the SeriousBondage Institute.

Check out Bind's website MenInChains.com and book some time at his real jail on HamptonJail.com. This guy is the real deal!


GALLERY: 1059 / DATE: Nov 11 2018 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 3

This is another installment of 3 videos from our recent trip to Edge Dungeon. This was a totally fun multi-day trip with a number of different guys including MikeCBT23, ModeNarr from Germany, SFDom, Dart_Tech, StrapWizard, Mister X, KinoPayne, RustyWoo and myself.

I'm trying to get more bondage time for myself these days. I have been working non-stop for the past 15 years trying to get my three bondage websites going after being laid off of my tech job in the early 2000's. For those who don't know, I run three bondage websites: SeriousBondage.com, SeriousImages.com and SeriousMaleBondage.com. Only recently have I started to enjoy my own time in bondage on the trip we do to the EdgeDungeon and Bind's jail in Hampton Iowa. It's great to be with groups of people who I can trust to lock me up and leave me for hours on end so I can enjoy my own solitary and helpless experience. I don't need to be tormented or played with, I just want to be in various pieces of rubber and bondage and locked away.

This update includes 3 videos totaling one hour. The videos capture some of the play we did over four days at the Edge. When you have this many people in one intimate location, multiple scenes are happening at the same time and we can only capture some of them on video. For me, the scene I did in the padded cell in my rubber, gas mask and Maxcita straitjacket was very satasfying. The other scene I did suspended in the solitary cell in my same rubber, gas mask and straitjacket was equally as great. I was able to do this same suspended straitjacket scene at Bind's place recently, in his basement and it was just as awesome. I was in my friend's StudioGum heavy rubber Prison Suit. I only wish I could have done this kind of heavy gear play in my 20's instead of my 60's. Oh well, I have some great bondage buddies now, and we have a great time going on these trips and playing in these awesome locations with awesome gear. Next month I'm going to the UK to visit Grimly_Feendish (FetLife) and MasterOfSin (Recon). I understand that MasterOfSin has a new dungeon and tons of new gear. I hope I can get tied up while I'm there! A special thanks to Maxcita for providing all the canvas straitjackets in this update.

One more thing - I sure hope you guys like my videos. I love shooting videos and still images of bondage play and unique gear and posting the images on my websites. I love sharing bondage play with people around the world. When I grew up there were bondage magazines, but no Internet. I really love to shoot my videos and share them with everyone, including people who might not be able to play as freely as I do or have access to bondage gear and people to play with.

  FROM 15 TO 13

GALLERY: 1058 / DATE: Nov 7 2018 / IMAGES: 52 / VIDEOS: 1

This video highlights Dart_Tech and his love of medical gear. Dart loves rubber hoses, tubes, braces, wires, sensors - basically anything that hooks to your body. In this video Dart uses a hospital ventilator, patient monitor, and Erostek 312 e-stim box to take his subject KinoPayne for a wild ride. Kino is secured to a rescue stretcher and 5-point restraint, various medical straps and limb braces, wrist splints, a non-invasive halo, and Humane Restraint cuffs.

Not only is Kino totally restrained and helpless, his head is covered by a faceless rubber anesthesia hood which is connected to the hospital ventilator. The ventilator has been modified so that Kino can only inhale when the ventilator pushes a breath of air to him. Between cycles of the ventilator, Kino is not able to inhale. Dart_Tech can adjust the settings of the ventilator to control the number of breaths per minute that Kino can take, and the volume of air he can inhale on each breath. So, the title of this video ‘From 15 to 13’ refers to adjusting the ventilator from 15 breaths per minute to 13 breaths per minute. The challenge for Kino is to remain calm and stay in step with the number of breaths the ventilator is set to deliver. Here’s the test for Kino - as Dart_Tech increases the e-stim, Kino wants to take breaths more frequently, but his breathing is regulated by setting of the ventilator. If Kino speaks, yells or moans, he uses his air to make the noise, and must wait for the ventilator to give him his next breath. As the breaths-per-minute setting is decreased Kino can’t afford to make a noise or get out of step with the ventilator.

NOTE - This is a fiendish setup created by Dart_Tech that KinoPayne wanted to experience. This is a real scene that actually happened, with real gear as described above. However, in the video it appears that Dart_Tech is the only person in the room, but several of us were just out of the camera’s eye ready to jump in and pull the hose off the anesthesia hood. In addition, we had to stop a few times to adjust the gear and give Kino a break. Please enjoy this video for its erotic entertainment value only. DO NOT USE THIS VIDEO AS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW TO DO BONDAGE, BREATH OR EDGE PLAY. Breath restriction is dangerous and quite possibly fatal. This is a hot video. Feel free to jerk off to the video, but DO NOT try to recreate this scene. Play safely and play at your own risk.

This update includes 2 videos. The second video is a preview of the new ‘Appleville Strain’ movie coming to Bind’s website MenInChains.com.


GALLERY: 1057 / DATE: Oct 27 2018 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 2

We enjoy having Jimmy USMC visit us. He's really into bondage and is agreeable to most bondage scenarios we throw at him. In this video he was restrained to a ambulance gurney with Segufix gear. The gear was owned by Officer Hawk, who has a keen interest is medical restraints. Hawk owns a ton of Segufix and Humane Restraints, along with some Posey and Maxcita gear.

In addition to the medical restraints, Jimmy was fitted with a Lerman non-invasive halo brace which was supplied by our friend Strap Wizard. Strap into medical braces, body harnesses and straps. The Lerman halo brace is quite kinky and a lot of fun to play with. It holds your head rigid, in one position. Personally, I enjoy putting the Lerman on someone, and then handcuffing their hands behind their back. I don't know what it is about this combination, but it's really hot!

Anyway, Jimmy USMC finds himself secured to the gurney with the Lerman halo brace holding his head rigid. He's unable to raise his head and look around, so it's hard for him to see what's coming next. Jimmy is an attractive, sexy and muscular guy with loads of ink, and the restraints are such that we can easily see most of his tattoo work.

Jimmy's torment seemed to come mostly from the cold water. His gurney was wheeled into the hose-down cell where he was subjected to water from the shower nozzle and a garden hose. This cell was setup specifically for water play, and poor Jimmy was not in a position to resist. I'm not sure Jimmy had fully considered the consequences of being in bondage around so many Tops. The cold water seemed to flow from all directions as each Top took their turn hosing him down. Jimmy was shivering by the end, but I think he had a good time. I know everyone else did! A special thanks to EdgeDungeon for allowing us to use their facility.


GALLERY: 1056 / DATE: Oct 20 2018 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 2

For the last year we have posted a lot of videos from Edge Dungeon, and here is yet another. I helped built this facility, and since it has been completed I have been excited to spend time there shooting videos and playing. This play space turned out better than I had ever dreamed. Not only does it contain two jail cells to play in, but it also has a solitary confinment cell and a padded cell. The place is neat, clean and well kept.

Since we play at the facility quite often, we sometimes bring the camera and shoot our own personal play. This is the case with the two videos in this update. One guy is in the wooden bondage chair, the next scene is our friend showing us his SteelWerks chastity device, and the scene after that is a guy being strapped into a Maxcita Straitjacket and restrained to the bed. All is all, everyone had a good time which you will see in these two videos, and six more videos to come. It's a pleasure to have these kinky bondage friends to hang out with.

A special thanks to 'SelfBondageChair' on FetLife for supplying the bondage chair, Maxcita for the straitjacket, and Steelwerks for their bizarre lip clamp and beautiful chastity cage. Also, thanks to EdgeDungeon.com for the use of their awesome facility.


GALLERY: 1055 / DATE: Oct 13 2018 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 1

As most hospitals will tell you, it takes more than one orderly to put a straitjacket on a patient. Such is the case in this video as officers Rob and Hawk try to restrain Jimmy USMC. Jimmy is a muscular and buff guy, so this wasn't an easy task to apply a straitjacket. That said, Jimmy was already wearing a leather muzzle which put him at a distinct disadvantage. Rob and Hawk used a combination of deep-tissue torment, tickling, humor and other shenanigans to subdue Jimmy, which seemed to be effective. After a lot of laughter, sweat and panting, Jimmy was rendered helpless. By the way, during the struggling, Jimmy made a bolt for the door and almost got away, but unfortunately I didn't catch that on camera. Anyway, to prevent further escape attempts, Rob and Hawk locked Humane Restraints on Jimmy's ankles and pulled his feet up behind him, which guaranteed he would stay put.

All in all, everyone had a good time including Jimmy, who had never spent time in a padded cell. A special thanks to Officer Rob and Hawk for showing us how professionals apply straitjackets. The secret to applying a straitjacket crotch strap was revealed when Officer Rob said, “you have to think of starting a lawn mower when you tighten crotch straps”. Hilarious! A special thanks to Jimmy too, for putting up a good fight. Jimmy’s straitjacket was supplied by Maxcita.com, his leather muzzle was supplied by Top-To-Bottom, and the padded cell is part of the facility at EdgeDungeon.com. Check it out!
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