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GALLERY: 1131 / DATE: Feb 28 2020 / IMAGES: 69 / VIDEOS: 2

Steelwerks chastity cageBlackStore.com 4mm heavy rubber straitjacketFun with a rubber gimp
These two videos feature some amazing scenes and gear. Part-5 covers our host RubNGum in his catsuit with a 3-port StudioGum hood. His neck is surrounded and locked with a Carrara metal posture collar which keeps his head at rigid attention and upright. His cock is locked inside of a SteelWerks chastity cage and his wrists are cuffed behind his back with with Clejuso heavy weight handcuffs. Once he is completely helpless, SFDom attaches a leash to the end of his cock chastity cage, and threads the leash through a ring bolt in the floor. As SFDom pulls on the leash, RubNGum's cock is pulled towards the floor and he's forced to bend his knees to relive the tension. Naturally RubNGum is unable to resist the pulling of the leash, and it's all he can do to moan and try to relive the tension by bending his knees even more. Poor Gimp!

Later on in Part-6, our friend RopeDreams (Recon) is strapped into a super-heavy 4mm thick rubber straitjacket. This is a very cool straitjacket. I've never seen one so thick and heavy. As a matter of fact, the sleeves of the straitjacket have a pre-made bend at the elbows in order to prevent the heavy rubber from creasing and cutting off blood circulation down the arms to the hands. This is about as thick of a straitjacket as you will find, because any thicker rubber would be impractical.

Once RopeDreams is secured in the jacket and a heavy RubbersFinest hood is laced on to his head, he's ready for the bondage table. SFDom and SlaveBoundToServe strap and chain him to the table, and a vibrator is then used to edge this poor rubber-covered slave. As the slave gets more excited a whistle sound can be heard from the little ports of the hood during each of his exhales. It sounds like a tea kettle on the boil! The slave's balls are stretched to the end of the bondage table by a small chain so he can't struggle too much. He's forced to lie still and enjoy SFDom's famous edging techniques.

We really had a fun time at this amazing rubber studio in Switzerland. A special thanks to everyone who attended and to our host RubNGum. Check out his website BlackStore.com where you can find some cool and unusual pieces of gear including the super-heavy 4mm straitjacket shown in this video. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1120 / DATE: Feb 19 2020 / IMAGES: 91 / VIDEOS: 1

Inflatable rubber suitInflatable rubber suitRubber neck corset
This is the second of four videos which SFDom and I shot in Switzerland recently, featuring our new friend HeavyRubberSlave and his rubber and fetish gear. You can find HeavyRubberSlave on Instagram under the same name.

HeavyRubberSlave loves rubber and bondage. His collection of fetish gear gets more unusual and bizarre with each purchase. Like many of us, he gets lost while playing in his rubber. Maybe it's a guy thing. Playing with fetish gear allows us to experience a sensual/sexual high, and bondage allows us to extend out sexual high by preventing us from stimulating ourselves. And, since we are restrained and unable to stimulate ourselves, that predicament itself creates more sexual arousal. At least that's the way I see it.

In any case, this video is an example of pure fetish. The gear is the focus of HeavyRubberSlave's turn-on; the extreme corset, boots, neck corset and inflatable gear. In the final scene of this video SFDom applies his famous edging skills to bring HeavyRubberSlave to the highest sexual peak - only to back off at the last second. Lucky for us, SFDom's secret edging technique was finally captured live on film. Each time the pitch of HeavyRubberSlave's moans rise, SFDom backs off and lifts his arms into the air to dissipate the sexual energies into the room. SFDom's backpack and gas-mask allow him to sense HeavyRubberSlave's fetish vibrations, which amplify the sexual energies between them. Finally, the sexual energies can no longer be contained and HeavyRubberSlave shoots his load.

A special thanks to both HeavyRubberSlave and SFDom. All in all, everyone had a good time including me, the photographer! Later, HeavyRubberSlave told me that his black catsuit was from BrightAndShiny, red waist corset from FantasticRubber, red neck corset from LatexCatfish, spike heel boots from PleaserShoes, inflatable suit from DeMask, inflatable ball hood from SlinkySkin. HeavyRubberSlave made the bubbler bottle backpack himself, for use at rubber parties and events. Fantastic.


GALLERY: 1116 / DATE: Feb 10 2020 / IMAGES: 51 / VIDEOS: 1

This is the final part of the visit to Elise Graves, featuring a bondage rig we call the FuckCart. The main part of this crazy Rube Goldberg style cart is the padded 'Y' cushion that the subject lies face-down on. The shape of the cushion was originally invented by my friend ChristopherFetish (on FetLife) who has the blog FetishLeathercrafter. The shape is designed to support someone who's in a hogtie with their knees spread. This upholstered cushion was such a great idea that I created the whole bondage FuckCart. The cart is on wheels and has an overhead metal structure for additional tying, and a massage table face cushion for additional comfort. We named this crazy rig the 'FuckCart' because it lends itself so easily to fucking someone from behind while they're secured in a hogtie.

Our test subject who's restrained on the FuckCart is MikeCBT23, and his top is SFDom, both on Recon. In the background is our friend SoldierBoy (also on Recon) in the bondage chair, and in the far background is Jimmy USMC  (FetLife) in the wooden stocks. If you look for the previous updates titled Bondage Museum Parts 1-4 you can see more about these pieces of bondage gear.

As you know, SFDom loves to play with guys who are helplessly restrained in bondage. So, he goes to work tying MikeCBT23 to the FuckCart while SoldierBoy looks on from the bondage chair. As the scene progressed I was surprised to see that MikeBCT23 had a butt plug up his ass. Somehow I missed that. Anyway, SFDom went to town with the Hitachi vibrator which I'm sure felt good when it touched the butt plug.

All in all, everyone had a good time. A special thanks to Elise Graves for inviting us to play with her gear, and for shooting this part of the video. This 5-part video is titled 'The Bondage Museum' because it features some one-of-a-kind bondage gear which I built years ago. I love gear that's specifically made for bondage. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1123 / DATE: Jan 30 2020 / IMAGES: 45 / VIDEOS: 1

Maybe this is a first? Self-stimulation in a bondage chair. Our friend SlaveBoundToServe on Recon gets a ride in RubNGum's cool bondage chair, along with some experience with rebreather bags and breath control. I'm not really a fan of breath control, but the hood he's wearing is sure made for it. The hood is from StudioGum, and the bondage chair is from StyleFetish. I love the hood and the way it looks with the rebreather bag. The rebreather bag is ok so long as the lower end of the bag is open and you can breathe through it because it gives your inhale air an intense aroma of rubber.

In addition to SlaveBoundToServe in the chair, RubNGum tries on BoundToServe's Carrara posture collar. This posture collar is very popular, especially among rubber people because it looks so cool against black rubber. This video was shot in BlackStore's photo studio in Switzerland, and I must say, we all had a good time on this trip. RubNGum owns BlackStore, and he has a collection of gear that's endless. This guy has a true fetish for black gear and it was a pleasure to be able to spend a week trying out all his stuff. In this video, RubNGum is in the white shirt, but he doesn't want to show his face. It's so cool to hang out with a group of guys who are all interested in playing with the same kind of gear. Many of us brought our own gear. In addition, Hans-Peter from Studio Gum showed up with a ton of gear, and so did Michael/BackStreet2001 (Recon) from RubbersFinest. This trip was truly a meeting of the rubber minds. Enjoy! WARNING - this video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not use this video as an example or guide. Breath play is dangerous and possibly fatal. If you experiment with breath control, do so at your own risk.


GALLERY: 1121 / DATE: Jan 20 2020 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

This update is a departure from the dark and heavy bondage videos which I usually post. This video was shot during our recent trip to Switzerland, and features two guys who like fetish rubber, crossdressing and retro bondage play. Don't worry, SFDom and I only shot a few of these videos so please don't cancel your membership.

The way these guys play is reminiscent of the 70's when the hetero style of The Bishop, Centurians and HouseOfGord were popular and available by mail order. This style of bondage has an unmistakable look on both men and women, and it’s this look which inspired me to build my own bondage gear and create my first website SeriousBondage.com.

The reason for posting this video on SeriousMaleBondage is to highlight this beautiful and stringent hogtie that we just don't see any more. Sure, you see rope hogties all the time, but how often to you see a hogtie like the one in this video? This hogtie incorporates the classic combination of fetish gear including a single sleeve arm binder, ring gag head harness, and heel-less ballet boots. In addition, the submissive is secured with leather straps, chains, cuffs, and steel eye-bolts which are screwed into the floor. You just don't see this combination of gear used these days. In addition, the room they are playing in was especially built and outfitted for this style of fetish bondage play.

So, even though this video is different than the content I usually post, I hope you appreciate the uniqueness of the scene these two guys did for our camera. A special thanks to Aski and HeavyRubberSlave, my assistant SFDom, and to RubNGum from BlackStore.com for introducing all of us. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1127 / DATE: Jan 10 2020 / IMAGES: 57 / VIDEOS: 1

For some reason, gym workout machines always remind me of bizarre and fiendish bondage devices. These machines are made of heavy metal and have padded cushions in all the right places. All you need are a few leather straps and cuffs to secure someone, and you're ready for action.

This was the case in the private playroom of sadOsam.com in Zurich Switzerland. SadOsam is a free-access on line zine featuring news, information and videos about the world of gay BDSM. We visited sadOsam during our recent visit to Switzerland, and were invited by the owner to shoot a few videos in his secret playroom. The playroom has gym gear, racks, bondage furniture and glory holes, so I'm sure the private parties held at this location are really great.

We were traveling as a group of three: SFDom and BackStreet2001 on Recon, and myself. Once we got a tour of the facility, we were ready to shoot some bondage videos. First up was for use was the gym workout machine. Our friend BackStreet2001 had brought with him a cool heavy rubber hood from RubbersFinest in Germany. BackStreet actually works at RubbersFinest, so naturally he owns a lot of cool gear. This particular hood has internal tubes that run from the nose to the top of the hood, so your inhale and exhale air passes through the four holes at the top. These holes, along with the transparent lenses, make the hood look very alien. In addition, the hood looks really great when combined with the gym machine. And, as you will see in the video, the hood's rubber is so thick you can barely understand the person inside when they talk.

BlackStreet 2001 was wearing a nice latex catsuit with an attached cock sheath. If you have never tried a suit like this you're really missing something. It's a wonderful feeling to have your cock and balls enclosed in rubber, and when you stroke yourself, the feeling is out of this world. Plus, with a little lube or pre-cum in the sheath, the inside gets all slick and slimy which feels fantastic.

SFDom uses a handful of leather straps to secure BackStreet to the workout machine. I wish I was in BackStreet's place. He looked so cute in the hood, and was so willing to be restrained, including directing SFDom on tightening the straps. I would have done the same thing!

Once BackStreet was secured, SFDom moves into what he does best which is edging and tormenting. Frankly, some of the dialog in this video is hilarious. BackStreet confided is us that he hadn’t had a good bondage experience in quite a while, so SFDom and I were focused in giving him a good ride. As you will see in future videos, we shot four scenes with BackStreet while we in this playroom, so we feel that his bondage needs were more than satisfied.

As I was editing this video it occurred to me that it was a little long, but I decided to leave it that way. It's a good jerk-off video because of the great rubber and bondage, and SFDom's continuous edging. SFDom does that really well. If every gym provided these intimate services by a personal trainer like SFDom maybe more people would be inclined to work out!

A special thanks to BackStreet2001 for meeting us in Zurich and bringing his cool gear. BackStreet2001 is on Recon under that same name, and he's on Instagram as 'elegance-so-different'. He's also works with RubbersFinest so you will likely communicate with him if you place an order. Check out their website at Rubbers-Finest.com.

Also, a special thanks to sadOsam for inviting us to visit their great play space and shoot these fun videos. Check out their website for some interesting and insightful kink information at sadOsam.com.


GALLERY: 1122 / DATE: Dec 31 2019 / IMAGES: 29 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a hot scene with SFDom and his helpless rubber gimp GearGymFreak (Recon). GymFreak is secured to a rotating cross made by StyleFetish in Germany. He's in a thick StudioGum hood with tinted lenses, with a Scott British GSR (general service respirator) over the hood. He looks like Darth Vader and loves how he looks in a mirror. I must say, I like they way he looks too. Totally hot!

GearGymFreak is indeed a gym rat, so he's in good physical shape to survive being rotated at any angle while encapsulated in his rubber. His rubber-gloved wrists are restrained to the metal structure which prevents him from loosing track of the two hand posts. His bizarre predicament is a reminder of the tests that NASA performed on astronauts in the early days of the space program.

The only difference between the old NASA tests and our friend lashed to the rotating cross is the vibrator. Under SFDom's watchful eye, GymFreak is vibrated right-side up and upside-down, and all increments in-between. This is a scene you don't see every day. Finally, after enduring every rotational angle and wearing out SFDom's arm, GymFreak shoots his wad all over the place. Luckily, none of his spluge got on the camera lens.

This is one of many unique pieces of bondage gear that our host RubNGum has in his BlackStore.com photo studio. You can see all the gear he has in the background of this video. We were there for 7 days and played with only 25% of his gear. I guess we will have to visit again to film the rest of this cool stuff. A special thanks to GearGymFreak for allowing us to film his scene, and SFDom for going beyond the call of duty to get GymFreak off. Additionally, to RubNGum for inviting us to visit his unique play space. Lastly, to the rest of the guys for helping facilitate these scenes. A fun time was had by all. Check out RubNGum's BlackStore.com website for a selection of cool (and mostly black) rubber and bondage gear. He's the only guy I know who uses a black electric toothbrush. I wonder if they make black toothpaste?


GALLERY: 1110 / DATE: Dec 22 2019 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's a video featuring the new style of Segufix locks. The old style of locking caps were black in color and the magnet key was red. The new style has green caps and yellow magnet keys. The new style is much more reliable, functional, and is of a higher security because the key uses multiple magnets aligned with opposing polarities. I would suggest only buying the new Segufix locks, as they work much more reliably. If you're interested in buying Segufix gear, order from the website of my friend Harry Tasker. You can't buy direct from Segufix as you need to be a licensed medical professional.

This video was shot at NoEscapeDungeon.com in Las Vegas with my friends Bind and Dart Tech, and I'm the guy in the total enclosure rubber suit. This Segufix bondage session was way too short for me, only lasting an hour or so. Maybe I can do it again in a few months when I meet up with Bind for another video shooting marathon.

The rubber suit is from StudioGum, and is around 1 or 1.2 mm. This is my favorite suit. The bondage board I'm restrained to was something I built a long time ago for another scene. It's been modified a few times, most recently by my friend Strap Wizard who added the Unistrut railing around the outside perimeter to create a continuous anchor point.

As you might imagine, my Segufix restraints felt fantastic and I quickly moved into sub space and zoned out into my own private world. The room noises and conversations faded away and I experienced pure bliss. This type of play is not for everyone, and it requires a lot of experience and trust of those around me. I love this type of bondage. It's both erotic and overwhelming, and knowing that I'm safe and can call it quits at any time allows me to sink into the experience and enjoy my predicament. It's a totally fulfilling and fantastic feeling and I can't wait to do it again. Maybe every night?


GALLERY: 1118 / DATE: Dec 13 2019 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 2

This is the first update from our recent trip to Switzerland. SFDom and I went to visit RubNGum, the owner of BlackStore.com, and play in his photo studio full of gear. Our trip spanned 11 days and during that time we met a ton of heavy rubber guys and shot videos in four different locations around Zurich.

We had a great time, and the comradery we felt among all the guys was quite special. We were honored to be in the presence of some of the big names in rubber including RubNGum and his website BlackStore.com, as well as BackStreet2001 from Rubbers-Finest.com, and Hans-Peter from StudioGum.com. There were around 10 guys who we met and played with while we were there.

The updates I will post on this site aren't in the order they were shot. I simply sort through the content and randomly pick a scene to edit. The scene in this update features HeavyRubberSlave from Zurich, SlaveBoundToServe from the UK, GearGymFreak from Austria, and SFDom from San Francisco.

HeavyRubberSlave is secured in a 4mm heavy rubber sleepsack from BlackStore, and a 2mm StudioGum hood. Note - we're talking heavy here. 4mm rubber is a step into the world of super-restrictive and super-heavy-weight gear. As I explain in the video, these days I’m seeing a move by manufactures towards producing heavier rubber gear. Naturally, heavy rubber is more expensive and it's not for everyone. Heavy rubber is a new over-the-top fetish for those who are attracted to natural latex bondage gear. It's completely overwhelming and unescapable, and its sheer weight is unbelievable. I suppose the new dividing line could be 2mm. Heavy rubber is anything over 2mm?

In addition to the heavy sleepsack, GearGymFreak is put in a Darth Vader style gasmask and secured to a rotating cross. The rotating cross turned out to be a big hit and was used by a lot of the guys during our visit. As I comment in the video, RubNGum has way too much gear for his own good. However, the truth be told, all of us gearheads subscribe to the same philosophy: more is better!


GALLERY: 1115 / DATE: Dec 4 2019 / IMAGES: 68 / VIDEOS: 2

Hey guys, I am in Switzerland shooting with SFDom,  RubNGum from BlackStyle.com, Backstreet2001 from RubbersFinest, NoEscapeSlave and Lukas Tyler, and Hans-Peter from StudioGum.com.

Here is the second part of the Bondage Museum featuring Jimmy USMC in the wooden stocks I built years ago. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1117 / DATE: Nov 24 2019 / IMAGES: 36 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's another look at the 2mm MDLatex suit on our young model Blake Allen. Blake is rather new to our little club of bondage guys who visit Bind's jail each year. Our rubber friend HotHardHat is the owner of the suit, who talks about it as he seals Blake into the heavy cocoon. Notice how thick the suit is and how the rubber resists bending and folding. The suit has molded gloves and booties of a slightly less gauge of rubber to allow dexterity. The suit takes a bit of effort to move around in because you need to push against its natural shape. So, to achieve the greatest comfort, lying flat on your back is the way to spend a lot of time in the suit.

This suit might be thicker than 2mm, but I've just started learning to judge rubber thickness. There seems to be a growing interest in thick rubber, so as time goes by, we will probably see more straitjackets, sleepsacks and suits made from latex above 1mm.

As you may know, my interest is to be confined in heavy rubber and then bound with metal shackles. This is my favorite scene. With my Texas Catheter I could spend hours and even days like this; back to the womb, protected from the outside world, helpless, and in a constant state of sexual arousal.

As I may have said in the past, I once had a conversation with Fakir Musafar about our mutual attraction to rubber. He told me that occasionally, during his out-of-body experiences, he would try to pass through rubber and was not able to do so. This is the only part of the conversation that I remember. Could it be that wearing rubber somehow contains or encapsulates our spirit or life-force? Is this why we feel a special sensation when wearing rubber? Is this why thicker rubber is so attractive? Maybe our attraction to heavy rubber is a spiritual response? This is food for thought.

On a similar note, next week I'm going to Zurich Switzerland, where I'll meet up and shoot rubber videos with RubNGum from BlackStore.com, Hans-Peter from StudioGum, and a new staff member 'BackStreet2001' of RubbersFinest. In addition, DungeonDaddy, Lukas Tyler, SFDom, SlaveBoundToServe, and HeavyRubberSlave will be with me. I hope to return with some amazing stories and mind-blowing heavy rubber videos!

A special thanks to HotHardHat, Blake Allen and Bind for shooting the video in this update. Check out the MDLatex website for more of their heavy rubber suits, and Ebay where they also sell their suits.


GALLERY: 1114 / DATE: Nov 14 2019 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 2

As you guys may know, I run another website SeriousImages.com which features both men and women. This requires me to shoot both gay and straight videos on a regular basis, and since I love to focus my videos on bondage gear, I have a large selection of people to film.

In this video, a bunch of us visit my friend Elise Graves and play with some of the gear I have built over the years. I love to create bondage gear, and after I play and shoot it, I pass it on to others, in this case my friend Elise. Elise is a very experienced Top and has a large selection of straitjackets, sleepsacks and rubber gear. If you don't mind working with a woman, I highly recommend her for paid sessions. You can find her at EliseGraves.com, BondageLiberation.com, FetLife and Twitter.

Anyway, we all showed up at her house to see and play with some of her bigger pieces of gear which I built including the famous Serious Bondage Chair, the bondage table and stocks, and my most recent invention, the Fuck Cart. As you will see, all three of these pieces are unique and fun to play with.

In these first two videos of our visit with Elise, SFDom straps Jimmy USMC into the bondage chair and secures Soldier Boy in the stocks. Jimmy tells us that he first saw pictures of this chair on SeriousBondage.com when he was in high school! Bind, who was shooting the video, starts to cry because Jimmy's fantasy of being tied in the chair were coming true in front of our eyes. Needless to say, once Jimmy was strapped in the chair and his muscles were bulging around the leather straps, he looked totally HOT! I guess that there are young teenage guys looking at these photos of Jimmy in this chair and fantasizing about having the experience themselves. So, without knowing it, Jimmy is perpetuating the bondage chair fantasies of many young onlookers?

Once SFDom had Jimmy fully restrained it was time to secure Soldier Boy in the table stocks. As you will see in the video, the stocks are quite versatile and fit a wide range of people in different configurations. Towards the end of the video we gave Soldier Boy the keys, and with a little help from us, he was able to free himself and got a round of applause. Fun was had by all. A special thanks to Elise, Bind, SFDom, MikeCBT23, Jimmy USMC and Soldier Boy for making this a great bondage musuem tour. There are three more parts to this video coming up soon, so stay tuned.


GALLERY: 1112 / DATE: Nov 5 2019 / IMAGES: 58 / VIDEOS: 2

This video is so fucking hot! This is bondage gear at it's finest, made possible by our UK visitor 'SlaveBoundTo Serve' on Recon. BoundToServe contacted us when he was in San Francisco, and said he had some unique gear with him if we wanted to see it. As a result we shot a nice show-and-tell interview video with him and then drove down to the EdgeDungeon to shoot the two videos in this update.

The first video features our visitor in his rubber catsuit, super-thick StudioGum faceless hood, and Carrara stainless steel posture collar. I have to stop here and confide that while I was editing this video I had to stop, run into the bathroom, and jerk off. The visual of SlaveBoundToServe wandering around in his gear blindly, with his wrists cuffed behind his back, is just way too hot. In addition, there's a chain from his posture collar to the jail bars. In my opinion this is the ultimate fetish bondaage experience. I only wish it was me in his shoes. I hope that SlaveBoundToServe enjoys this video as much as I do! Once he had explored the confines of his cell, Dart_Tech pulls him towards the jail bars, shortens his chain, and plays with his cock through the bars. How hot is that?

In the second part of this video Dart_Tech straps BoundToServe to a fuck bench and proceeds to get him off with a vibrator, e-stim and a dildo. Our visitor requested this scenario, and he sure got satisfied. Dart_Tech usually handles the sexual aspects of our scenes, and does a good job. We make a great team.

All in all, this was an amazing visit for SlaveBoundToServe as well as ourselves. I hope he returns for another visit, this time in our new location in Las Vegas at NoEscapeDungeon.


GALLERY: 1108 / DATE: Oct 27 2019 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's another look at our friend's self-bondage chair in Arizona. I decided that I wanted to give it a try in my neoprene and rubber. For some reason the other guys I hang out with aren't very excited about this chair, but I think it's great. The chair is currently at the NoEscapeDungeon in Las Vegas, where I want to play with it more. I'm attracted to the self-bondage aspects of the chair, but I'm going to replace the lawn sprinkler timer with a pair of mechanical timers which are easier to set. The sprinkler timer is WAY too easy to set wrong, and I could end up restrained for days at a time. The mechanical timers are a no-brainer to set and mistakes can't be made. In this video I love the addition of the yellow hand wrap!


GALLERY: 1111 / DATE: Oct 18 2019 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 2

While shooting for this site, my rule is to record any bondage that's unusual or exciting. As a result, I often capture little 'nuggets' which are too short to turn into full videos. When I return home, I throw these clips into my odds-and-ends folder and occasionally edit a bunch of them together to make one long video.

This update includes two odds-and-ends videos. The first video is a collection of bondage play we were doing at the new NoEscapeDungeon in Las Vegas. We were there right after the dungeon had been setup and there was still gear still in boxes and laying around on the floor. In the mornings I usually get up later than everyone else, and on this morning, when I couldn't find anyone in the house, I went to the basement dungeon in search of life. It turned out they had been up for hours playing with all the gear, which I captured on video. (that's me in the black bondage chair with the gas-mask)

The second video is a collection of clips from visit with Max from Maxcita.com in 2018. Max lives way out on the end of Vancouver Island in Canada and it took us a full day of driving and a ferry crossing to get there. This was a mixed group, so I cut out all the guy clips and assembled this video. There's a few interesting scenes including Max's famous padded cell, a super thich rubber helmet from RubbersFinest in Germany, and a metalworking guy who turned some stainless steel bondage gear from AliExpress.com into eye-popping works of art. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1109 / DATE: Oct 9 2019 / IMAGES: 45 / VIDEOS: 1

A pair of young boys find themselves locked in cages in a secret dungeon, after answering an on-line ad for free bondage experiences. The owner of the dungeon is a wealthy real estate mogul in Las Vegas, who has Prisoner of War (POW) fantasies which he acts out on his unsuspecting subjects. The dungeon is in the basement of his large upscale house, which is only accessible through a hidden door on the main floor of his large house. This allows him to torment his subjects without the neighbors in his upscale neighborhood from becoming suspicious.

Money is no object, so he's able to outfit his dungeon with an endless selection of kinky gear from around the world. As a result, the pictures in his ad attract all kinds of guys looking for a bondage experience. Once they send him a selfie, he's able to pick and choose the boys to fit his fantasies.

As we see in this video, his latest subjects are no strangers to bondage. Even though they are worried about being held against their will, their craving for bondage overpowers their ability to think clearly. The twisted real estate dude knows this all too well, and the two boys slip down the rabbit hole as the click of the heavy-weight Clejuso shackles are closed around their wrists. There's no turning back.

Check out this cool Las Vegas playroom at NoEscapeDungeon.com, owned by our friend DungeonDaddy on Recon! A special thanks to the popular Lukas Tyler and his friend in the cage, and to Bind for playing the crazed Army guy. As usual, fun was had by all!


GALLERY: 1107 / DATE: Oct 1 2019 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 4

This is a fun video we shot at our friend's place in Arizona. He's an inventor and is quite handy with mechanics and electronics. He's also a bondage nut, like us, and craves being restrained in almost any kind of gear. He can't show his face but has been in many of our videos over the years.

He scours thrift stores, flea markets and E-bay in search of bondage gear, magnets and solid-state timers, along with military clothing which he also enjoys. He's also a big fan of institutional restraints from Humane Restraints and Posey, and has helped me obtain all the Humane Restraint gear I own today.

In this video he demonstrates two of his self-bondage inventions, both incorporating electro-magnets and electronic solid-state timers as the locking mechanisms. Like many of us, he loves to be restrained, and can't always find someone to put him in bondage. So, being the inventive person that he is, he built two different self-bondage rigs that satisfy his constant desire for serious confinement and helplessness. Let me stop here and remind everyone that self-bondage activities are dangerous and quite possibly fatal. Personally, I have experienced two life-threatening close calls with self-bondage. Do not use this video as a suggestion or example of how to perform self-bondage. If you experiment with self-bondage do so at your own risk. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

Our friend's first invention is a metal chair with self-locking wooden stocks. Building self-bondage chairs can be a little tricky, but he has managed to create an ingenious way to secure his wrists. Securing the wrists is usually the last step in self-bondage lockdown scenarios. First, he restrains himself into the chair with various straps including a heavy 5-point racing harness. After he is totally buckled in, he slips on a pair of gloves and closes the wooden stocks over his wrists. As you will see in the video, this whole procedure takes a pit of practice. Not only that, but programming the lawn sprinkler timer is challenging. Frankly, I prefer fool-proof mechanical timers for a more reliable and straight-forward way to set the bondage duration. Once he's in, the padded chair provides a comfortable way to enjoy his experience.

The second invention incorporates a padded metal platform with electro-magnets on each side which hold his wrists. These strong magnets are commonly used for locking entrance doors and passageways in office buildings. Our friend attached the steel striker plates (or 'armatures') to his Humane Restraints, which allows each wrist to be held in place by the magnets. He has added pushbuttons to each magnet so he can activate them and start the countdown time after he has lashed himself down to the platform with various straps. As you will see in the video, this system is well thought out, and has probably gone through many revisions along the way. This video will be of interest to those who are inventors and mechanically inclined. It's rare that we can watch a video that details the workings of someone's attempt at self-bondage. Our friend's approach of incorporating electromagnets in his self-bondage experience is one of many ways of achieving this goal.

This is a highly unique video, and we thank our friend for being willing to share his self-bondage inventions with us. His creations remind me of old Rube Goldberg drawings, but my self-bondage contraptions aren't any better. As JG-Leathers always says, 'horniness is the mother of invention'. This is so true.

Once again, let me remind everyone that self-bondage is extremely dangerous, and this video should be used for entertainment purposes only. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The many dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover them once you're secured and helpless. Cramps, unexpected sickness, panic, nose clogs, earthquakes, fires, gas leaks, unexpected guests, burglars, power outages, dropping the key, fatigue, choking on gags or saliva aspiration, food poisoning. These are just a few. The list goes on and on. There is no such thing as 'oh, that will probably never happen' and ‘what are the odds of that happening?' The odds that unexpected things will happen is so high that it spawned the insurance industry!


GALLERY: 1102 / DATE: Sep 22 2019 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 1

Dart_Tech head's up our R&D department here at the Institute. Dart is known for creating some cutting-edge breath play gear, like his laptop breath control program and modified hospital ventilator. We have shown these fiendish devices a few times on the site already, but here's another look, with Bind as the subject. This was a test of our gear to make sure everything was working for a video Bind was going to shoot the next day. Luckily for us, Bind is quite familiar with being a bondage test subject, so it was easy to strap him into our 8020 chair with little preparation and explanation.

I'm sure you will agree that Dart's setup looks like a Rube Goldberg invention, with a selection of wires, hoses, knobs and computer screens. Dart is the mad scientist or 'man behind the curtain' who pulls the levers and turns the dials. NOTE - don't ever be left in bondage with Dart in control! The laptop controls when Bind can take a breath, and the ventilator controls how much volume Bind can inhale. Let me stop here and remind everyone that breath control is quite dangerous. Do not play with breath control. Dart's fiendish inventions are actually built as props we use in our videos. Do not use this video as a do-it-yourself guide or example. If you play with breath control, do so at your OWN RISK. As a matter of fact, a friend's boy in the UK died earlier this year from solo play breath play and breathing mixed gasses. This stuff is dangerous.

In any case, when you watch the video you can imagine Bind's feelings of helplessness as he is subjected to Dart's crazy devices. This is bondage at its finest. It can conjure up some pretty crazy fantasies if you think about it very much. Please enjoy this video but do not duplicate! Check out Bind's website MenInChanis.com for more of his great 'no porn' bondage videos. Additionally, the rubber helpless mitts Bind is wearing are from BlackStyle.de.


GALLERY: 1106 / DATE: Sep 13 2019 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 1

Not long ago our friend RubNGum from Switzerland came for a visit. He and his friend were on vacation in the US, traveling with a ton of rubber and bondage gear. RubNGum owns the popular website BlackStore.com, and I felt honored that he would contact me and want to get together. Among all the cool gear they brought with them was a 6mm rubber straitjacket and sleepsack. Let me stop here and say that I see more and more heavy rubber these days, so I guess there's a transition underway in the fetish market to manufacture heavy weight rubber bondage gear. Personally, I love being confined in heavy rubber, and the thicker the better!

Anyway, we brought RubNGum and his friend to the Edge Dungeon for a few days, where we could unpack all of his gear and take a look at each piece. As you can tell by looking at RubNGum's BlackStore.com website and his video website RubNGum.com, this guy is really into rubber and bondage. We decided to shoot a video explaining each piece of gear he had brought with him, which will be posted on this website in the future. Meanwhile, RubNGum told us that medical braces really turn him on, and it so happened that we had some braces with us. So, we shot a few videos of him in our braces, as well as his 6mm straitjacket and sleepsack.

The video in this update features RubNGum in a Lerman halo brace and arm and leg braces. He's in his rubber catsuit and StudioGum System Hood. Our friend Strap Wizard put him in the gear while I shot the video. Once he was fully braced up, we put him in the solitary cell, then spread eagle in one of the jail cells on the floor. We used the bungee 'Tension Straps' from DiscerningSpecialist.com to secure his wrists and ankles and chained his safety harness to the side bolts in the floor. This guy was totally helpless, and he loved every minute of it. I have also been chained spread eagle like this in this same cell, and it's exciting to look up and see the heavy jail bars. RubNGum was in the zone, just like I was when I was in his position. The Lerman halo brace adds another layer of restriction to the experience because it holds your head rigidly in one position. All you can do it look up at the ceiling, there's no way to look around the room or look at your cuffed wrists or ankles. This feeling is quite a turn-on, especially in head-to-toe rubber and a gas-mask. I love stuff like this, and wish I could be restrained like this every night!

A special thanks to RubNGum and his travel companion, and to Strap Wizard for being the rigger. Check out RubNGum’s two websites at BlackStore.com and RubNGum.com. This guy is the real deal.


GALLERY: 1105 / DATE: Sep 6 2019 / IMAGES: 39 / VIDEOS: 1

Before I talk about what's in this update, notice that we have added a search button at the top of this page. People have been asking me for a search function for years. Recently I had to change code guys because my previous guy got a full-time position at Amazon. The new guy is not only kinky, but he's a very knowledgeable php guy. So, we are tackling a giant list of upgrades to the site, one of which is the search function. Give it a try. Enter a search word like 'straitjacket' or 'jimmy usmc' or self bondage' or 'rubber' or 'fiberglass'.

This update is another Odds-And-Ends video containing some cool imagery, and documentation of our super heavy bondage crib move. As I have mentioned recently, I have moved all my gear to my friend's place in Las Vegas. I'm helping him setup a playroom in his basement with my gear, his gear, and another friend's gear. The place is starting to look like a Mr S store with so much gear it's hard to decide what to play with first. In any case, I have owned a super heavy steel 'bondage crib' that has been shown on this site a few times in the past. It's been hauled all over California, and now it's in my friend's playroom in Vegas thanks to a bunch of local kinksters who helped us move it. In this odds-and-ends video we show the extraordinary length we had to go through to get it moved into my friend's basement. It was like moving a grand piano. I'm glad I have a friend with a big enough basement to put all this stuff! Check out the website for his new playroom at NoEscapeDungeon.com.

I suppose the main attraction to this odds-and-ends video is Jimmy USMC. I shot Jimmy at Bind's jail in Iowa a few years ago, and some clips are in this video. Jimmy was spread-eagled and gagged on Bind's bed for a scene in Bind's movie titled 'Appleville Strain'. Jimmy is indeed hot, and these clips are especially priceless especially with his giant hard-on. This guy really loves to be tied up.

This video also shows a one-inch thick Rubbers Finest inflatable hood, Dart_Tech being decontaminated by two guys in hazmat suits, and Lukas Tyler in a StudioGum Rubber Prison Suit in the Vegas swimming pool. I hope you enjoy this collection of crazy odds-and-ends.
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