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GALLERY: 1175 / DATE: Jul 1 2020 / IMAGES: 93 / VIDEOS: 1

Okay you guys, hold on to your seats! This is a hot video! Well, at least I think so! This video features our friends BackStreet2001 and SFDom, both on Recon. We shot this video in the private playroom of sadOsam.com in Zurich Switzerland. SadOsam is a free access on line zine featuring news, information and videos about the world of gay BDSM.

We visited sadOsam during our trip to Switzerland at the end of last year and were invited by the owner to shoot a few videos in his secret playroom. His playroom has gym gear, racks, bondage furniture and glory holes, so I'm sure that the private parties held in this location are really great.

One of the cool play devices is this bondage fuck chair. It's made by EvilToys.de, and, as you will see, once the subject is strapped in and fully restrained, a motorized fucking machine below the chair can be positioned to insert a dildo into the ass of a prisoner. Then, with a hand-held remote control, this precision motor assembly can move the dildo in and out of the subject's ass at any desired speed. But wait - there's more! With another hand-held remote the chair can be tilted back until the prisoner is horizontal with his legs up in the air and still being fucked by the motorized dildo. This is so fucking cool!

But wait - there's still more! Our friend BackStreet2001 who is strapped in the chair is wearing a head-to-toe rubber catsuit with not just one, but two sheaths! One sheath completely covers his cock and balls, and the other sheath goes up inside his ass. So, the motorized dildo slides into the sheath like a condom, and the sheath, which is part of the suit, is pushed up in his ass. Is this kinky or what? So, BackStreet is totally enclosed in rubber while SFDom edges him, and the motorized dildo slides in and out of his ass - while none of his body is exposed to the room. In addition, he's lying on his back with his legs up in the air because the chair has been tilted into the reclined position. Unbelievable.

SFDom continues with his his well-honed edging skills during this entire process, bringing BackStreet to the brink of orgasm and back, until BackStreet can't hold off any longer and cums inside his rubberized cock sheath. Naturally, all his cum is held within the sheath which keeps things clean and tidy on the outside. If you have never cum while your cock is inside a latex rubber sheath, it feels great! Frankly, I'm surprised BackStreet could hold off as long as he did. If we didn't have the camera rolling and SFdom wasn't jerking him off, he might have stayed in the horizontal position and enjoyed his bizarre situation for a longer period of time. Maybe we should go back and do this again? How about next year after the Virus is under control? I love rubber and maybe I can get a similar suit and try this scene myself.

In any case, a special thanks to our hosts at sadOsam who have an awesome playroom, and to BackStreet2001 who works at Rubbers-Finest, and SFDom who is my secret weapon when it comes to topping guys in my videos as well as a great travel partner. What a great team of kinky guys! Also, my hat off to EvilToys for a great bondage chair. I really enjoy capturing these rubber and bondage scenes and sharing them with all of you on this website. I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as I do filmimg them.


GALLERY: 1170 / DATE: Jun 21 2020 / IMAGES: 49 / VIDEOS: 2

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during the Corona Virus. I know that sheltering in place is not fun, so ride it out and stay at home to help reduce the transmission of the virus.

Here's the next installment of the construction projects we worked on at Bind's place yast year. These two videos show the progression of the under-floor cell and padded cell. As I look back at these videos, I can see that these projects turned out really great. This year, virus permitting, I will visit Bind again help him finish the exterior of the passed cell and install the magnetic time-release locks. And in addition, I will spend some time in both cells.

In this update we also see Bind trying on a heavy rubber StudioGum Prison Suit. It fit him really well. I love suits like this. We also see what the under-floor cell looks like from the perspective of the captive inside. The lockable hinged door and the grate on top makes the view from below look very intimidating. Nice! I also like Bind's gray steel strap cage that Bandit slept in. That's the only strap cage I have ever seen.

Lastly, Bind shows us his 30-pound heavy weighted blanket. I want to get one or two of these for myself. I asked Maxcita to make one out of canvas, but he didn't seem interested. You can find these blankets by doing a search for 'weighted blanket'. I think they are made with pockets of glass beads to create the weight. I believe that the heavier the blanket, the better if feels.

By the way, if you guys like to watch us use the Humane Restraints cuffs, straps and wide canvas bed straps, you can buy them from HumaneRestraint, Harry Tasker, or search for them on E-bay. I see HumaneRestraint gear on E-bay all the time, and just passed up buying some of the wide bed straps last week!


GALLERY: 1174 / DATE: Jun 14 2020 / IMAGES: 54 / VIDEOS: 2

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during the Corona Virus. I know that sheltering in place is not fun, so ride it out and stay at home to help reduce the transmission of the virus.

Here is another great example of the mummification work of TapedAndTortured on Recon. TapedAndTortured specializes in duct tape mummification, although he uses many other tape materials and pallet wraps. He's presented many classes on the subject in San Francisco. He's also the only guy I know who has a two-story play room, including a spiral staircase!

In this video we highlight Taped' horizontal mummification cross which is set over his heavy steel bondage bed. As you will see, this is an awesome setup because the rolls of pallet wrap and tape can be wrapped completely around his subject Boy Blake. This is a great idea and we salute TapeAndTortured for his inventiveness. All of his bondage furniture is built for easily wrapping of the subject. You can see his other bondage mummification furniture by doing a search for 'TapedAndTortured' in the search box at the top of this page. Taped' also likes rubber, leather and chains, but mummification is his primary interest.

In this video Taped applies his mummification skills to our friend Boy Blake in his downstairs playroom. BoyBlake was in San Francisco with Bind, Joseph Conch and myself shooting videos. The day before we were up at Yossie's jail shooting videos, a few hours North of San Francisco. Boy Blake is rather new to staring in our bondage videos. He's having a good time and can't seem to get enough. I wish I had this same opportunity when I was his age! Blake was a fan of TapedAndTortured and was super excited to meet him and have a mummification experience with this expert.

There are a few things to notice about TapedAndTortured' work in this video. First, he likes to catch his subject off-guard with his first wrap of tape. This can be scary and a bit exciting for his subject, and prevents the subject from flexing his muscles or inflating his chest in order to gain a bit of slack in the tape. TapedAndTortured also likes to loudly bark out orders to his subject, and he gets aggressive and his voice lowers to a low grovel when he's wrapping tape and making his subject helpless. TapedAndTortured has a great play persona.

As you will see in this video, by the time Taped and Bind are finished mummifying, BoyBlake is totally and completely immobile - except for his cock. This mummification job is nothing less than a work of art. It's a beautiful job. This is the stuff bondage fantasies are made of. Naturally, when you're completely cocooned and mummified except for your cock, your cock becomes the center of your attention and very sensitive. As everyone will agree, it's quite pleasurable to have your cock played with while you're bound and helpless.

A special thanks to both BoyBlake and TapedAndTortured for allowing us to film this awesome scene. Bind and I are honored to capture intimate scenes like this to share with our members. Check out TapedAndTortured on Recon, and Bind's websites MenInChains and HamptonJail.com.


GALLERY: 1169 / DATE: Jun 8 2020 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 3

This is part 3-4-5 documenting the construction of an under-floor cell and padded cell at Bind's place in Iowa. These construction videos are not very sexy, but I like to share with everyone what these projects are like with the hopes that other people will become inspired to build these projects in their own home. It seems to me that more people worldwide are willing to take on big bondage projects as they follow the lead of others.

Last year a group of us visited Bind and helped build an under-floor cell similar to the under-deck cell in my backyard that we have filmed many times. Bind has even spent the night in my under-deck cell, which inspired him to build one of his own. As you will see in this video, we built his under-floor cell is inside the jail intake room, and once it was finished it was even more awesome than my deck sell. Additionally, Bind's under-floor cell has inspired the owner of EdgeDungeon to start talking about an under-ground cell in his facility. This would be a major project because his jail is on the cement slab and will require us to use a concrete saw to cut a hole in the floor, then dig a deep hole in the dirt, then line the hole with cement blocks and associated water barrier materials. Not an easy project, but it would be very cool when we were finished!

The other project we helped Bind with was a padded cell. This project required assembling many square upholstered pads which were installed in the wooden frame of the cell. Our friend Strap Wizard was put in charge of this project and did a great job with his construction team. As you will see in this series of videos, the padded cell turned out great. That was last year, and this year we will converge on Bind's place again and finish the exterior of the padded cell and install electromagnets and timers on the door so that you can set the door to be locked for a few hours or many hours. Personally, this is very attractive to me. I would love to lock myself in the cell for an entire night while in bondage gear. Once locked in the cell, my bondage gear can't be removed until the door unlocks and I can access they keys that I left outside of the cell. Hot! As a reminder, self-bondage is extremely dangerous and should never be done alone. If you play with self-bondage, do so at your own risk.

Padded cells are powerful icons for people who are attracted to straitjackets and associated institutional bondage gear. Although many of us fantasize about spending time in a padded cell, most of us will never have that experience because real padded cells are not accessible to the general public, and padded cells built for fetish play are not something that you can simply purchase. As I write this text, I know of four full-size padded cells and three small cells that are the size of a phone booth. All of these are privately built and owned, and I'm sure I will run across more in the future.

In this video I also show a sleepsack made of chain that Bind made. At first this idea didn't sound all that great, but the idea grew on me and maybe it can be reworked to make it better and easier to put on. We filmed this chain sleepsack two different times, and the second time was better, which will appear in a future update.

In any case, it's great to see a group of us pitching in to help Bind with these major projects. There aren't many people who have dedicated their entire house to bondage gear and play. Check out Bind's websites MenInChains and HamptonJail.com. This guy is the real deal!


GALLERY: 1164 / DATE: May 31 2020 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 2

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during the Corona Virus. I know that sheltering in place is not fun, so ride it out and stay at home to help reduce the transmission of the virus.

I can't help but laugh sometimes, when I'm editing the videos we shoot. It's amazing the stuff we do to get off. We spend thousands of dollars on fetish gear, buildings, travel and lodging, computers and cameras, all to enhance and satisfy our fascination with our particular kink. In this case our fascination is with rubber. Black rubber. Heavy black rubber. Wearing rubber feels good and it's exciting to think of the visual image of ourselves in rubber. It's funny, for some reason wearing rubber gets our sexual juice flowing. The psyical tactile experience of rubber, added to our our mental desire to experience rubber, add up to a powerful motivator to get kinky. Then, in the same way we're attracted to the various attrabuits of guys like their muscles, face, hair, voice, cock, buns, we want to try variations of things made of rubber like straitjackets, hoods, sleepsacks, suits, boots, gloves.

In Parts 12 and 13, we see two variations of playing of rubber. One is a rubber vac-sack, and the other is combining a medical halo brace with a metal posture collar - over a rubber suit and hood - with hands cuffed behind the back. It's like we ask ourselves 'what else can we add to make these two experiences even more exciting and intense'?  It's not good enough to use the posture collar over the rubber suit and hood, we try and add the halo brace over the posture collar, and add a blindfold and gag, and then use a vibrator! As Max of Maxcita.com would say 'more is more'. I love it.

The vac-sack in this video is from BlackStore.com and features a neck opening, air-tight zipper and one-way valve. A nice addition to the vac-sack is a quiet vaccuum pump instead of a noisy traditional vaccuum cleaner. Our friend SlaveBoundToServe is our test subject already wearing a tight latex catsuit. In this case, his catsuit not only adds to his rubber experience (Max's more-is-more theory), but wearing a catsuit inside the sack keeps the subject's pirspiration within the sack to a miminum. If you go into the sack naked, your sweat gets inside the sack so the sack requires a good cleaning afterwords to keep mildew and subsequent bad smell from arrising. Vac-sacks are a lot of fun. Once they are sucked down, you can't move at all. The sucked-down rubber keeps you in place like vaccuum-packed foods. One of the exciting things of the vac-sack in the last 1 second of the suck down before all the air is removed. This last second feels great as the rubber comes to fully grip your body, encasing you in inescapable rubber!

The second scene is this video is the combination of the halo brace and Carrara posture collar. The halo brace is commonly used on patients after neck surgery. There are two kinds of halo braces: invasive and non-invasive. Invasive braces actually screw through the skin and directly into the scull. This absolutely holds the head so no movement of the head is possible. The halo brace in this video is an invasive type, only the sharp points of the head screws have been ground down so they are no longer invasive. In this video the screws have been backed all the way out so they don't engague RubNGum's head at all. Under different circumstances we would have taken more time to put the brace on RubnGum and used the screws (with rubber ends) to hold his head. However, it taked a lot of of time to adjust the halo brace to be aligned perfectly. Aligning the brace might not have even been possible because of the posture collar getting in the way. In any case, as you will see, it was quite a turn-on to RubnGum to be in the two braces. It turned me on too. I wish I was in his place!

All in all, everyone had a good time doing this crazy play. A special thanks to RubNGum for inving us to play in his studio. A special thanks to SFDom for doing his domme work and showing us his special double-vibrator technique. Lastly, thanks to SlaveBoundToServe for doing the vac-sack, and the others who assisted behind the camera. Check out RubNGum's two websites RubNGum.com and BlackStore.com where you can buy the vac-sack and other cool gear. Fun was had by all!


GALLERY: 1168 / DATE: May 26 2020 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 2

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during the Corona Virus. I know that sheltering in place is not fun, so ride it out and stay at home to help reduce the transmission of the virus.

This update is the first installment of a number of updates covering a single visit to Bind's jail during 2019. The purpose of this visit was to build an under-floor cell and a padded cell in the basement. These two projects were by no means trivial and required a group of volunteers to complete. It's not a problem for Bind to recruit volunteers because everyone (including me) wants to be a part of the action and get some play time as well.

The video in this initial update was shot at the beginning of the two projects. Instead of featuring the crew of volunteers working, this video features one of the guys getting his haircut while restrained in a prisoner transport chair. As far as I could tell this haircut had nothing to do with the projects, except that the guy has a forced haircut fantasy. The haircut customer's name is Bandit. Bandit is a local guy who's into dog play and bondage. He likes to think of himself as a German Shepherd Lab mix. Bandit is a really nice guy, and as you will see in the future updates, he's quite talented with tools and building stuff. The prisoner transport chair works great for forced haircuts so we will probably see more haircuts in the future.

As far as I'm concerned, the most amazing part of this visit, and all of my visits, is that Bind has an entire two-story house, plus a basement, plus a real jail, dedicated to bondage play. Bondage play and bondage conversation happens 24x7 at his house, and there's never a time when Bind has to hide his bondage toys because his family is coming for a visit. My house in San Francisco, which we called 'SBI' or the 'SeriousBondage Institute' was similar to Bind's place, only Bind's place is much bigger and has the attached jail. Bind's place is like a continuous bondage party.

Because Bind's place is so big, he has two or three baby monitors so more than one person left alone in bondage can be monitored. This is really good for me because I like to be left alone in bondage knowing that I can call for help at any time. As you guys might know by now, we use a new wireless baby monitor that has two-way communication similar to a walkie-talkie. The default mode of the baby monitor is the listen mode where a parent would listen to the baby. But, the parent can press a button on the receiver and talk to the baby, or in this case the person in bondage. This works great, because whoever is monitoring the person in bondage can press the button and ask how they're doing. This is good for me because I'm prone to panic, so checking in on me is really appreciated.

We worked for over a week to complete the under-floor cell and the padded cell. Both of these projects turned out great, and if it weren't for the current Covid-19 pandemic and lock-down I would be back at Bind's jail putting the finishing touches on the padded cell including the exterior walls and the time-release magnetic locks.

I hope you enjoy this crazy haircut video and its associated bondage. The future updates will show our construction projects in detail, and the bondage play that happened along the way. We had a lot of fun. Visit Bind's website MenInChains.com for more videos, and his website HamptonJail.com if you would like to visit his jail for an inmate experience.


GALLERY: 1163 / DATE: May 18 2020 / IMAGES: 14 / VIDEOS: 2

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during the Corona Virus. Please remember to keep your distance from others, and always wear a mask. I will try to post more updates to keep everyone entertained.

It's hilarious that everyone in this video is wearing head-to-toe rubber, which makes it hard for me to figure out who everyone is! Haha! I'm the guy in the bondage chair, RubNGum is the guy with the giant rubber cock, and BackStreet2001 (Recon) is the guy strapped down to the fuck bench. BackStreet is also on Instagram as 'elegance_so_different', and he also works at RubbersFinest in Germany. So if you contact RubbersFinest, BackStreet will answer your e-mail. Tell him you saw him on SeriousMaleBondage! Naturally, BackStreet has some of the coolest gear in his collection and we hope to visit him and see his playroom later this year, virus permitting.

This is the second video of RubNGum fucking a rubber gimp on his fuck bench. As you can see in this video, RubNGum is game for fucking any gimp he can strap down to his rig. That's why SFDom insists that he makes the pig noise 'oink-oink'. RubNGum is a definitely a rubber pig!

To refresh your memory, this video was shot in RubNGum's Switzerland studio. RubNGum runs the popular website BlackStore.com - not to be confused with BlackStyle.de. We were honored to visit RubNGum for a week or so last December. RubNGum had visited us in San Francisco a few months earlier. I'm excited to be meeting a lot of these heavy rubber guys world-wide. In the future I'd like to meet the guys who run MD-Latex.eu and RubberWerk.com.

In any case, watch how RubNGum delights in fucking BackStreet, and how BackStreet moans with each thrust. This is a truely great rubber fantasy scene, as these guys play in head-to-toe rubber coverage except for their cocks and assholes. A special thanks to RubNGum and BackStreet, and SFDom for shooting this video. The fuck bench is from EvilToys. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1151 / DATE: May 16 2020 / IMAGES: 57 / VIDEOS: 1

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during the Corona Virus. Please remember to keep your distance from others, and always use a mask. I will try to post more updates to keep everyone entertained!

This is a crazy video from the archives featuring Dalton's human mobile. Mobiles were popular back in the 70's and are still around today, but there was probably never a human bondage mobile. Dalton was our in-house inventor and rigger, and built a lot of crazy gear with a heavy duty rock climbing ball-bearing swivel. The cool thing about the swivel is that it's made of high grade stainless steel with ball bearings that allow it to rotate very smoothly and silently. It's like magic for suspension bondage. The most common use of a swivel is to suspend someone at the shoulders in a Maxcita canvas straitjacket, or use a construction safety harness with shoulder suspension rings over a straitjacket if the straitjacket can't be suspended by the shoulders. If you are interested, do a search on Google or Amazon for 'rock climbing swivel'. The swivel we used was rated for around 2,000 pounds. Mister-X was around 180 pounds, and the sandbags were around 180 pounds, so the total was around 400 pounds with the suspension bar and chains. Use swivels at your own risk.

In any case, we outfitted our friend 'Mister-X' into a heavy Cocoon hood, the, zipped him into a latex sleepsack. He was lying on Dalton's padded bondage board with a bunch of leather bondage straps from Mr S. The padded bondage board is suspended from an overhead bar that's counterbalanced by a ton of sand bags. The swivel is located above the suspension bar, connected to the electric hoist cable.

This scene is kinda frightening and mesmerizing at the same time. Mister-X is hoisted up and off the floor, and the ball-bearing swivel allows the entire rig to rotate freely, silently and effortlessly. It's kinda like being on one of those spinning saucer carnival rides.

Our friend Pooka in the red latex lends a hand and looks hot in his tight catsuit. I'm not sure whether to look at Pooka or Mister-X. This video was shot at the old MedicalToys.com warehouse in Northern California, and is in the old Windows Media format. If you have a problem playing the video try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1166 / DATE: May 11 2020 / IMAGES: 17 / VIDEOS: 2

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during the Corona Virus. Please remember to keep your distance from others, and always use a mask. I will try to post more updates to keep everyone entertained!

This is a hot video that was inspired by a bondage guy on Twitter called 'The Shackler'. He posted a photo of a unique metal frame he built that could be called a bondage 'hitching post'. His metal frame was bolted to the floor, which allowed many different bondage positions to be achieved using short pieces of chain and metal shackles. The Shackler told me that his hitching post was inspired by a photo which he had seen on-line, so who knows where the first design came from. In any case, we salute The Shackler for this great idea and I hope that the hitching post we built for this video meets with his stringent bondage standards! He's a member of this website, and with any luck we will feature more of his bondage ideas in the future.

In this video we feature the popular bondage model Lukas Tyler. Lukas has been featured in videos on this website, and on Kink.com. We filmed this video in the new playroom NoEscapeDungeon in Las Vegas. This ultra-cool playroom is owned by DungeonDaddy and his boy Lukas Tyler, both on Recon. We bolted our hitching post to the middle of a 4x8 foot bondage platform which is covered by a piece of blue carpet. This is a cool platform which I built years ago. We installed a steel rail around the outside perimeter of the platform which allows straps and chains to be anchored in any position. Installing the hitching post on the bondage platform worked out really well, as we didn't want to drill holes and sink bolts into the room's carpeted concrete floor.

As you will see in this video, poor Lukas is restrained in a variety of positions on our post. And, at one point, we discussed the idea of mounting a dildo on the post which would penetrate Lukas when he's on his back. This would be a hot idea and we will do this in the future. During the video Lukas does a lot of struggling and DungeonDaddy pretends that Lukas is his prisoner. This is because these video clips will be also used in a video on Bind's website MenInChains. It's all part of the fun while watching Lukas flail helplessly. Lukas really enjoyed the bondage, and at the end of the video he gets himself off while still secured to the post.

I forgot to mention that BoyBlake is in this video as well, locked in the padded isolation box while laced up tightly in a leather sleepsack. He has ear plugs in his ears, and is locked in the isolation box the entire time we play with Lukas on the hitching post. All in all, a fun time was had by everyone.

A special thanks to Lukas Tyler and his partner Dungeon Daddy, as well as Boy Blake. Their NoEscapeDungeon is an awesome new playroom in Las Vegas for us to shoot our videos. Watch this playroom as we continue to build it out. Outside the playroom is a secluded outdoor area where we will build an underground cell and install other fantastic bondage accessories. Lastly, a special thanks to The Shackler on Twitter for his inspirational photo, and to whoever shared the original photo that inspired The Shackler. Great ideas inspire others to expand and enhance the idea. As JG-Leathers would say 'horniness is the mother of invention". Haha!


GALLERY: 1152 / DATE: May 7 2020 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 1

During the Corona virus I'm sorting through the archives and posting old videos to keep everyone entertained.

This video features a strange pipe bondage chair which I built with pieces of pipe I had lying around. I like building weird things like this this from parts that look and feel serious and industrial. The biggest diameter pipes I used in this project were 4 inch diameter, but the next time I build something with pipe I'll use some 6 inch pieces. In my opinion, when it comes to bondage, bigger and heavier is better. Also, the next pipe project will be much more elaborite.

In addition to the rubber and bondage, we throw a gas mask on our rubber gimp and hook him up to a bubbler bottle with a long rubber hose. Bubbler bottles are fun to use with rubber play. The resistance of the air when inhaling combined with the sound of the bubbles is a wild and helpless experience for the subject as well as the domme. We built this bubbler bottle ourselves, but bubbler bottles are available from StudioGum and their second site Latex-Maske, as well as other rubber sites.

This video is old and a little funky, but it's fun too. The video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing the video try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1128 / DATE: May 3 2020 / IMAGES: 75 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a special update during the corona virus pandemic. I hope everyone is well. Please remember wear a mask and maintain a safe distance from others. Let’s get through this and get back to our favorite bondage and kink!

This is the final installment of videos featuring our Swiss friends Aski (Aski85 on FetLife) and Asuka. These two guys enjoy dressing fem and playing domme and sub with a selection of cool fetish gear. In this video Asuka is carefully restrained inside of a padded shipping box, along with an e-stim butt-plug. There's a reason the shipping box is lined with sound isolation foam. Her hands are first wrapped in pallet wrap, then covered with pink duct tape which renders her fingers totally useless. After her hands are covered, metal shackles are closed and locked around her wrists. Two padlocks and a chain secure her wrist shackles to her thighs. This setup is completely inescapable She's wearing a stiff and solid metal collar, and a latex corset.

Asuka's feet are slipped through two holes at the end of the box and a pair of patent ballet boots are then slipped on and laced. For additional security lockable cuffs are wrapped around her ankles and joined with a short chain. A breather ball gag is inserted deep into her mouth and the buckle is fastened tightly behind her head. Asuka lies back in the box. With her arms at her sides, it's a tight fit. However, once she's fully positioned, the bright colors of her face, hair, lips and taped hands against the gray box make a sight to behold. This scene is something like a sexual fantasy, reminiscent of Alice In Wonderland.

All the while, Aski has been testing a strange little box with a few switches, a crank and some wires. This is the e-stim generator. Unlike sophisticated e-stim boxes with flashing lights, dials and displays, the main component of Aski's box is a hand-crank generator. These generators were first used in telephones, and later in military field communications. The real secret behind these generators is that they produce quite a punch of electricity when the crank is turned.

Once the long box is closed and locked, all we see are Asuka's booted feet sticking out the end. This is when Aski turns from a pleasant and gentle domme to a sadistic mad scientist. As Aski slowly turns the crank, screaming sounds from Asuka can be heard from inside the box, and her patent ballet-boots jerk and squeak together. As we witness the pain and torment that Asuka is experiencing inside the box, Aski has a big smile on her face. Aski climbs on top of the box and assumes a more comfortable position, and continues to turn the crank and smile. We can tell by watching Aski's big beautiful eyes that she loves to hear the screams and moans. We are watching a true sadist and masochist at play!

A special thanks to both Aski (Aski85 on FetLife) and her submissive friend Asuka for sharing their private play with our camera. We hope to visit them again and see more of their unique gear and play.


GALLERY: 1165 / DATE: Apr 28 2020 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 1

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during the Corona Virus. I know that sheltering in place is not fun, so I will try to post more updates to keep everyone entertained!

Seeing bondage in Hollywood movies is always fun and exciting. We all have our favorite movie scenes. And, for many of us who saw bondage in a movie at an early age, the imagery can be stuck in our heads and mold our sexual fetishes. Such is the case for me with James Bond as well as the first episode of the original 1968 Hawaii-Five-O series titled 'Cocoon'. You can sometimes find a clip of Cocoon on YouTube.

My friend Bind and I talk about movies with bondage that we saw as a kid all the time. Recently, Bind came for a visit with BoyBlake and we decided to create a movie scene. There's an old abandoned shack down the hill from EdgeDungeon which is perfect for a bondage kidnap scene, so we grabbed the camera and hiked down into the gully.

As you might imagine, BoyBlake was very excited about this bondage opportunity, especially the duct tape scene. The most effective part of the duct tape restraint is securing BoyBlake's head to the tree. Restraining his head, especially while gagged, produces a lot of excitement for the boy (and us too!). Because his head is stationary, he can't look around to see what or who may be sneaking up behind him. The boy is 100 percent helpless, and totally fucked! Note - this video has a bit of dialog that goes with another video on Bind's site, so don't be confused with talk about trying to extract a secret from BoyBlake.

Many of us have fantasies about being tied up in the wilderness and left alone. I hope this video addresses some of the fantasies you may have. (for me, the fantasy is to be tied up in rubber in an abandoned warehouse somewhere). In any case, this is a fun video and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did filming it. Check out Bind's websites MenInChains and HamptonJail.com, and our other friend's website EdgeDungeon.


GALLERY: 1162 / DATE: Apr 21 2020 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 1

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during the Corona Virus. I know that sheltering in place is not fun, so ride it out and stay at home to help reduce the transmission of the virus. I will try to post more updates to keep everyone entertained.

In this video we had two StudioGum inflatable suits to play with Inflatable rubber is hilarious and fun, and although I haven't tried it myself, I want to spend some time on an inflatable suit while strapped into a bondage chair. I have shot this kind of scene a few times before and it's always been a turn-on for me. Along with the inflatable suits we had two pairs of inflatable rubber ball helpless mitts. These are also from StudioGum. The idea is that your hands are held around inflatable balls which prevents you from using your fingers at all. We also had one inflatable hood which are also fun to play with, but to be honest they don't really do anything for me. Since we only had one inflatable ball hood we used another StudioGum hood that has an inflatable bladder in the back of the hood, which presses your face into the front of the hood. This is a great idea, although I didn't get a chance to try it myself. The picture above shows the inflatable ball hood on the bottom, and the heavy hood with the bladder on top.

One thing to mention about inflatables. They are really fun to use in the shower or bath, or especially in a swimming pool because you float. However, be careful to not let any water get into the inflatable bladder of the suit, or mitts, or hood. Even a little bit of water inside the bladder will eventually mildew and start to grow nasty stuff, which will make the latex walls stick to each other. So, always remember to put the screw cap back onto the valve, especially if you are washing the gear. Once liquid gets into the inflatable you can’t really get it out, and you can't dry the inside of the bladder.

This is a crazy video because you can hear a whipping scene in the background, with RubNGum screaming in pain. This was a private scene so we didn't film it, but we did get a few quick shots. the guy who was doing the screaming was RubNGum and his domme was WhipManAndy. This is the first time I had met WhipMan. He's a really great guy, and loves heavy Rubber and bondage as much as whip play. He's REALLY GOOD with whips.

Our friend SlaveBoundToServe had brought along his Carrara posture collar which RubNGum was keenly interested in trying. As you will see in the video, he was put in the posture collar and his wrists where cuffed and attached to an overhead bar so that SFDom could torment his with a vibrator. As you may have noticed, our visit to RubNGum's studio in Switzerland was filled with non-stop play.

A special thanks to everyone who was on this trip, participated in these videos, and brought gear of their own. This update is only Part-9. There are probably 10-15 more parts to come, so stay tuned! Check out RubNGum's personal website RubNGum.com and his retail site BlackStore.com. Also check out StudioGum for these inflatable suits and hoods. StudioGum has a second retial rubber site Latex-Maske.com with more cool gear and accessories. Lastly, check out Carrara Designs for the posture collar in this video and some cool chastity belts.


GALLERY: 1160 / DATE: Apr 16 2020 / IMAGES: 15 / VIDEOS: 1

I hope everyone is safe during this Corona Virus. I know that sheltering in place is not fun. Try to ride it out and stay at home to help reduce the transmission of the virus. I will try to post more updates to keep everyone entertained and horny!!

This is an old update from the archives which I reworked and re-edited. It features our friend ZeroTSM in Pennsylvania, who is the partner of Warden Harold Cox. As you will see in these old VHS video clips, Zero is a fan of severe endurance bondage. Because of the nature of the work he does, Zero is able to stay in good physical shape and survive this kind of play. As a matter of fact, he's attracted to endurance bondage. If you do a search for 'zerotsm' in the search box at the top of this page you can find a few other videos Zero has sent us over the years.

I'm not sure where he got the name ZeroTSM. It may be some kind of technical or scientific jargon. Zero works in electronics and RF engineering. I knew this from my prior visits with him, but I was totally caught off guard during my last visit when we were talking about the recent excitement in Tokamak fusion reactors. Zero asked me if I wanted to see his new plasma chamber. What? Zero led me to the back room and sure enough had all the components setup to create and sustain a plasma reaction in a vacuum chamber. I don't remember all the details, but he had obtained all the parts on E-bay including the stainless steel chamber, vacuum pumps, high voltage supply, lead shielding and a small bottle of heavy water. He fired up the system and I was able to view the low-level plasma through a glass viewing port before he cranked up the juice and we had to stand behind the lead shield because of neutron and X-ray emissions. Like I say, I don't remember much of the details. The chamber was small, probably less than 50 square inches of volume. With all the wires and hoses, I felt like I was in a mad scientist laboratory. Needless to say, ZeroTSM is a smart guy.

In any case, Zero lives with his partner Warden Harold Cox. Together they have 4 jail cells and 2 solitary confinement cells in their house. One of the cells, shown briefly in this video, has a motorized door which slides back and forth with the push of a button. They were able to salvage the door from an old prison that was being demolished. Somewhere in the archives I have an interview with Warden Harold Cox which shows their jail cells. I will try to dig it out and post it on the site in the future.

The video in this update isn't very long, but it gives us a sample of endurance bondage, as well as the type of severe prisoner-of-war roll play scenes these guys are into. No fooling around. This isn't about sex, it's about the experience. A special thanks to ZeroTSM for sharing these clips with us. Maybe he will send us more in the future.

  19 DAYS

GALLERY: 1161 / DATE: Apr 11 2020 / IMAGES: 132 / VIDEOS: 1

Amber StudioGum HoodPadded CellPadded Cell
This is a special update during the corona virus pandemic. I hope everyone is well. Please remember wear a mask and maintain a safe distance from others. Let’s get through this and get back to our favorite bondage and kink!

Many of us fantasize about spending time in bondage while locked in a padded cell. This video and set of still images document one man's stay in a padded cell for 19 days. There have been many references to this scene on-line, which happened 10 years ago in the UK. Padded cell stories are popular, but it's rare that we have access to such a well-documented scene.

The two men that conducted this scene were known as 'The Warden' and the 'Inmate'. They were good friends and had planned this event for over a year. As a result, they were fairly well prepared for the details and demands that this scene required. As many of you tops/dommes know, topping can take quite a lot of attention and energy, so you can appreciate that a 24hour X 19-day scene would take an incredible commitment on both players.

In addition to the video and still images in this update, both The Warden and the Inmate tell their story in text which is also included. The text allows us to appreciate and follow along as the scene unfolds. Although these two guys don't describe the detail in each day, their writing gives us a feel for the demands that they both experienced, and brings the video and still images together.

As you will see, the video was shot on a cel phone, so it's not very stable. However, lucky for us, The Warden had enough insight to document a bit of this unbelievable scene. Imagine being responsible for the Inmate, day and night, for 19 days. And as the Inmate, imagine agreeing to give up control and be incarcerated for 19 days with no way out of the agreement. Wow.

A special thanks to The Warden and his Inmate for sharing this mind-blowing story with us. I am honored to present their collection of imagery and narration. Also, a special thanks to MetalBondNYC.com for allowing me to copy the natation text from his website.

The heavy rubber hoods in this scene are from StudioGum, the canvas straitjacket and leg binder are from Maxcita, the leather cuffs and collar are from Humane Restraint, and the unusual and kinky spreader pants are from BestFixSystems. I hope you enjoy this very special update.


GALLERY: 1126 / DATE: Apr 4 2020 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 2

Hey you guys, I hope everyone is safe and healthy during the Corona Virus. I know that sheltering in place is not fun. Try to ride it out and stay at home to help reduce the transmission of the virus. I will try to post more updates to keep everyone entertained and horny!!

This update is a continuation of the Switzerland video series, part 7 and 8. This was shot and moderated by SFDom while I was taking a break in the background, cocooned in rubber and restrained in a serious bondage chair. I'm wearing a StudioGum rubber Prison Suit with attached hood, and over the attached hood is a blank face StudioGum hood. I don't remember if I had mentioned in the previous Switzerland videos that Hans-Peter from StudioGum was with us. Hans drove his car from Frankfurt packed with a load of rubber, and the suit and hood I was wearing was part of the stuff he brought with him. We have featured this model of bondage chair in videos many times before. The chair is made by a German guy on FetLife whose name is 'Self Bondage Chair'. His chair has a few different options including black or brown leather straps, a few different styles of torso straps, leather hand mitts, and a few different head harnesses including a muzzle and a wide leather face cover with nose pocket. You can see this face cover which is pushed out of the way and is sitting on top of my hooded head.!

The highlight of these two videos is the fuck bench made by EvilToys in Germany. This bench has many adjustments, which accommodate a wide size-range of people. As you will see in the video, it has an adjustable ball gag. I think this ball gag is the best part. Once the ball gag's height and position is adjusted and the gag is in your mouth, the adjustable metal collar is closed and locked around your neck. This prevents you from moving your head and escaping the ball gag. So, you are totally helpless, with your asshole completely exposed and vulnerable, and the rubber ball fills your mouth so you can't talk. This is so hot!!

At this point, our host RubNGum mounts the helpless rubber gimp 'SlaveBoundToServe' (Recon) who is secured to the fuck bench. It's apparent that RubNGum has done this many times before. He loves to fuck guys with his big rubber cock, while his own cock is stuffed inside. The view he gets when he looks down and sees his giant rubber-covered cock penetrating the ass of his helpless subject must be amazing. This is the ultimate domme experience - not to mention the ultimate sub experience for his restrained slave.

Once RubNGum feels fulfilled and satisfied, he extracts his massive cock from the rubber slave and proceeds to setup a motorized fuck machine to take his place. Once again, it's apparent that he has done this many times before. The fuck machine, a also made by EvilToys, is mounted to the bench and makes it easy to align. The machine has a small wireless remote that allows RubNGum to adjust the speed of the dildo stroke. Once RubNGum applies lube to the dildo and the gimp's ass, he moves the machine into position and penetrates the waiting hole!

Before the machine is started, another rubberized subject is invited to sit next to the fuck bench and keep the gimp company. This is BackStreet2001 (Recon). He's wearing one of the mind-blowing rubber helmets and unique aroma bags from RubbersFinest. RubNGum starts the fucking machine with the remote, and the rubber gimp's longtime fantasy is fulfilled. This scene was so fun for all of us. We were able to spend the entire day playing with heavy rubber and RubNGum's gear, all in his amazing photo studio. This was a dream-come-true for all of us. A special thanks to everyone for this hot rubber video! Check out RubNGum's site BlackStore.com for a unique selection of gear, and his personal site RubNGum.com for videos from his amazing studio.


GALLERY: 1157 / DATE: Mar 30 2020 / IMAGES: 38 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, in an effort to cheer everyone up during the Corona Virus pandemic, here's a hot video I found in the 2010 archives. I think it's been posted on the site before, but it's worth posting again. The video is rather short, and it's in the old Windows Media format, so if you have problems playing it try installing the free VLC Media Player.

This video features our rubber friend Pooka in his black rubber catsuit and hood, chained to my bondage table. His partner is in the hoodie and didn't want to show his face. As far as I'm concerned, I would gladly change places with Pooka right now except that I gave the bondage table to Elise Graves. Damn!

In any case, Pooka in his skin-tight rubber and chained to the table is the ultimate jerk-off video. Not only is Pooka completely helpless, but there’s a rubber muzzle strapped to his face, and the ring at the top of the muzzle is secured to the top of the table. Pooka's totally fucked as his partner wires up an Erostek e-stim box to his cock. His partner gives him the keys to free himself, but there's just no way Pooka can manage. Pooka's totally turned on and hard, with rubber pouch full and bulging. This is the ultimate rubber and bondage fantasy predicament. Check out the still images included in this update which offer a clearer view of this scene.

I still have the original videotape of this scene which I could recapture, edit, and turn into a higher quality video. The only problem is that my old videotapes are stored in Las Vegas, and because of the virus I'm sheltering at home in San Francisco. Bummer! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this clip and all the still images. I want you to think of this video when you’re lying in bed tonight.


GALLERY: 1129 / DATE: Mar 26 2020 / IMAGES: 73 / VIDEOS: 1

This is another eye-popping video that SFDom and I shot a few month ago in Switzerland. This video shows two fem guys and their very cool custom metal bondage gear. These two femmes love to play together in their secret basement playroom. Aski (Aski85 on FetLife) is quite handy with metal, and has created metal cuffs, belts, collars, and most importantly is a steel strap that runs from the collar, down the back attaching to the back of the belt, and then between the legs holding an imbedded dildo and a ring around the base of the cock. This rigid and controlling steel torso strap is so fucking HOT! The submissive's name is Asuka, and as you will see in her eyes and her heavy breathing, she loves to submit to Aski and her diabolical toys. And who wouldn't. Aski's big beautiful eyes would melt any submissive's hesitation to be bound and tormented.

In addition to the torso strap, another of Aski's fiendish inventions in the vertical wall restraint. A pair of round thigh straps and a metal crotch strap and cock loop are connected to a vertical metal track mounted to the wall. Once the submissive steps into the round metal thigh straps and aligns the crotch strap, the entire rig is raised up the metal track by a rachet until the crotch loop is almost supporting the weight of the torso. At this point the submissive it totally helpless and unable to escape. The crotch loop holds a dildo deeply embedded in the submissive's ass, and firmly holds the base of the cock as well. This is also really fucking HOT!

These two femmes love cross dressing and the mind fuck of female clothing and make-up combined with classic heterosexual bondage. Their scenes are an example of complete and total eye-candy. They are so comfortable with each other and their style of play. SFDom and I can't wait to return to Switzerland and shoot more of their unusual play and gear. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1173 / DATE: Mar 17 2020 / IMAGES: 50 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey everyone, I apologize for all the delays in updating the website. I am still transitioning to Las Vegas, I'm testing the use of streaming video on the site, and now the Corona Virus has hampered my ability to fly to Las Vegas and Bind's jail in Hampton Iowa. Later this year SFDom and I are planning to attend Folsom Berlin in September and shoot a lot of heavy rubber and bondage providing air travel is operating by then. If you guys have any comments about the streaming videos on the site, please send me an e-mail and let me know what you think and how well it works.

The video in this update features a few clips that are pretty cool, so I edited them all together:

The first clip is of Bind in black box at EdgeDungeon.com. Personally, I'm not into confinment in small spaces, but many people are. This is an awesome all-metal box that has connection points inside for attaching chains. The door of the box has a small hinged door for sliding in a dish of food. It just occured to me that I don't think there is any air flow into the box, which could be a problem for carbon dioxide bildup. The inside of the box is painted all black, and there's no way for light to enter, and if there isn't a pad in the box to lie on you are totally screwed. I like how many chains Bind uses, connected in all directions, for creating the maximum discomfront.

The second clip is of Boy Blake on padded platform in back room of my house. I use this platform for my own self-bondage play all the time. Blake is locked down spread-eagle, with the unique metal hand mitts locked down to the top rail which surrounds the platform. In addition, the top ring of his Mr S strap hood is also locked to the top rail, so he's totally helpless. This is a hot setup. After a while Bind moved his hands down to the side rails of the platform because his elbows were starting to hurt. In any case, it was hot while it lasted!

The third video clip is totally cool. I had some cement poured under my house a few months ago, and after it set I got the idea to install some concrete anchor bolts for chaining someone spread-eagle. As it was, Bind and Blake showed up the following week, so we chained Blake under the house and shot a little scene for one of Bind's upcoming movies. I will have to wait until summer and chain up a few more guys under my house, just for fun. This scene under my house is what kidnap fantasies are made of!

The fourth clip is from a visit to NoEscapeDungeon.com in Las Vegas a few months ago. We were winding down for the night when someone got the idea to put a Carrara posture collar on Boy Blake. There aren't very many of these posture collars around, and they’re pretty cool. As you will see, the collar is widely adjustable, and what I didn't know is that it comes with two mouth covers. One has vertical slits, similar to the mask worn by Hannibal Lecter in the movie Silence of The Lambs. This mouth cover looks really cool so naturally everyone had to try on the collar including the popular bondage model Lukas Tyler. With the posture collar and mouth guard Lukas wasn't able to cuddle very closely to his teaddy bear. Poor Lukas!


GALLERY: 1132 / DATE: Mar 8 2020 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 1

The first part of this video features Bind and Boy Blake who's spread-eagled in the back of a pickup truck. This scene is the fantasy of many bondage guys, including Bind and I. Boy Blake is restrained with steel hand mitts, ankle cuffs, padlocks and chains which are secured to four attachment points in the bed of the truck. He fits perfectly in the spread-eagle and looks totally hot. In addition to his shackles, Blake is wearing a strap hood from Mr S with a rubber gag and blindfold. He’s blind and totally helpless. To make matters worse, when the truck passes over bumps and potholes in the road, poor Blake is tossed around, jerking and tugging against his restraints. Since he can’t see, his experience is even more exciting. For you guys who fantasize about being kidnapped and held in bondage, check this out!

The second video clip shows Bind in a suspended chain cage, with his wrists cuffed behind his back. For those who have never experienced suspension like this, it provides a wonderful feeling of helplessness because you aren’t standing on a hard and stationary floor. The tipping and rocking you feel – combined with your wrists locked behind your back – keeps you feeling vulnerable and uneasy.

The third clip is pretty cool. It features Boy Blake in the jail cell, in 5-point shackles, with his collar chained to a bolt in the wall. For you guys who have fantasized about spending many days chained up and locked in a jail cell, this is an example of what it would be like. There’s nothing to do, and your movements are severely restricted. Silence, along with the lack of human interaction, can become your enemy. This jail is quite remote, with nobody around. The walls of the building and the cell itself are made of solid concrete, so there is no outside noise. The only connection you have with the daily world is a small window in the hallway. This window allows you to judge the time of day, but nothing more. Just when you start to feel anxious, lonely or depressed you remember that the chains and jail bars are your friend. You like this helpless experience; you were attracted to it. It turns you on. And you know that ultimately someone will come to release you.

The fourth clip is of me, doing my usual spread-eagle in rubber. The only difference is the cell I’m in. This cell is next adjacent to the jail cell, and has a wood timber wall and door instead of the steel jail bars. This cell could be called ‘the hole’ or ‘isolation cell’ or ‘solitary confinement’. It has the same cement walls, floor and ceiling. When the wood door is closed and locked, there’s no light in the cell, it’s pitch black, and no sounds. On this particular trip I brought a hammer drill and some cement anchors with us. I drilled four holes on the cement walls near the floor, and installed eye-bolts to be used as attachment points for my spread-eagle. In addition, the cuffs we used on me were from our friend Martin of RigidCuff. These cuffs are great because they’re heavy metal and complete overkill. They look and feel great. Unfortunately, I was only in my spread-eagle for an hour before everyone wanted to go to dinner. I would like to go back and do my spread-eagle again overnight. I was in my own little cocoon, helpless rubberized and gas-masked. I was so happy!

These videos were shot on our friend Yossie's property, which he calls DragonRidge. This location in the wilderness, 45 minutes from the nearest town. The concrete building was specifically built for his jail cells. The building is off the grid with a wood stove for heat and electricity from solar and a generator. This facility was quite an achievement and I salute our friend Yossie for his perseverance. Yossie is known for his famous handcuff collection which can be seen on his website HERE. A special thanks to Yossie for allowing us to stay at his jail and shoot these cool videos. A good time was had by all.
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