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GALLERY: 1275 / DATE: Dec 5 2022 / IMAGES: 32 / VIDEOS: 1

This is the first video in our Germany in September series which features the popular SM Hotel 'Der Gutshof' in Nordhausen. To me, this video reminds me of the scene towards the end of the movie 2001 which takes place in a stark white room. This room is the bedroom of the 'Romance' suite at Der Gutshof. The hotel has five fetish apartments or 'SM Holiday Flats' which have different themes: Romance, Chalet, Captivating, Black, and Latex. Each apartment includes a large playroom which is outfitted with gear including bondage chairs, bondage tables, overhead manual and electric hoists, isolation boxes, cross, spanking bench, suspended bondage surface, bondage bed, latex bed, cages, fucking machines, stocks, stretch rack, gyno-tables, worship throne, not to mention walk-in rain showers, fireplaces, an outside roof patio, sauna, heated floors, two-story living rooms and fully equipped kitchens. The Der Gutshof is without a doubt a first-class operation not found in the US.

In any case, the video in this update features BondageFan70 (on Fetlife and Twitter, Thorben995 on Romeo) and SFDom playing in the bedroom of the Romance Suite at Der Gutshof. I tried to make this a fantasy style video with over-exposed white light from the windows. Thorben995 loves to wear his black leather ballet boots, which are not usually seen in guy-guy videos. It's my opinion that ballet boots are sexy regardless of who wears them. The shoes of the boot and their extreme heels are nothing less than a fetish icon and to be worshiped like SFDom does in the video.

Since Thorben995 is restrained in a leather straitjacket, chastity shorts and isolation hood with blindfold, he has no idea who's playing with him. He's totally vulnerable and at the mercy of his visitor SFDom. This is the fantasy of many of us, either as a Top or Bottom. No wonder this sexy bedroom is part of the 'Romance' suite at Der Gutshof!


GALLERY: 1273 / DATE: Nov 17 2022 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video we shot at Yohan555's house during our trip to Germany. This video features me, as I play two of Yohan's many bondage devices. Yohan is a serious kinkster, and in the prime of his bondage life. He discovered the joys of bondage in the past few years, and since then he has been going full speed ahead with building gear and modifying his house to create multiple playrooms and cells. He's very talented and does much of the work himself. I think Yohan is in his early 50's, and he told me that since he discovered bondage play a whole new chapter has opened up in his life. Yohan has formal training as an engineer which explains why he's so inventive and able to visualize and build so much of his gear. It seems to me that highly educated people tend to gravitate more towards unusual, unique and sophisticated bondage gear.

In any case, we stayed at Yohan's place for 4 days and during that time we were able to see all of his gear and playrooms. I ran across a few pieces I wanted to try, so as time permitted, I asked the guys to help me get into the gear. The first were a pair of unique wrist and ankle spreaders. these were made of 4-inch-wide stainless steel, and each cuff was welded at an angle to accommodate the angle of our ankles and wrists. As you may know, wrist and ankle spreader bars are notorious for not fitting comfortably because they aren't made with the proper angle to fit the body. But these spreader bars the angle was perfect and I could have stayed in them for hours. My friend Eckie locked me into both spreader bars and then locked them to bolts in the floor which held me stretched and comfortable on the floor. I wanted to stay there for hours so I suggested that the guys go downstairs for a coffee. but either they didn't hear me or they weren't interested in coffee, so my time in the spreaders was rather short. Maybe I can spend more time in them during our next visit.

My second request was to try on an ultra-heavy MD Latex, then be strapped into Yohan's self-bondage chair. I have always thought of purchasing an MD Latex suit, but as luck would have it the MD Latex people stopped manufacturing a few years ago. This is an example of what I always say; if you find a piece of gear that turns you on, and it fits correctly, you need to buy it right then and there, DO NOT WAIT! The world-wide market for unique bondage gear is very small, so as a result there's not much cash flow. This means that the manufactures of unique gear are usually one-man shops operating out of their garages and can disappear at any time. So, I put off ordering an MD Latex suit, and they went out of business!

So, I asked the guys to help me into Yohan's suit. The suit is so thick and heavy that I couldn't get into it by myself. Then, they strapped me into Yohan's self-bondage chair. If I wasn't wearing this thick suit, I could have strapped myself into the chair. As you will see in the video, my wrists are strapped to a pair of metal plates which, when lowered onto a pair of electromagnets, secure my wrists to the arms of the chair. Is that cool or what? Normally the power to the magnets is controlled by a timer so you are stuck in the chair until the time is up, however this time we didn't use the timer. Once I was fully restrained in the chair, I felt a bliss come over me. This feeling of bliss is similar to what I experience in other bondage and rubber situations. The feeling of bliss comes from being rendered helpless in bondage while cocooned in head-to-toe rubber. No escape, and what a feeling!

All in all, we had a great time at Yohan's house, and during our stay filmed some amazing scenes. Hopefully we can visit him again in 2023 and experience more of his gear. A special thanks to Yohan, Eckie, Boy Blake, Sam and the other guys who made our visit possible. Yeah!


GALLERY: 1272 / DATE: Nov 2 2022 / IMAGES: 61 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's another video which SFDom and I shot during our recent trip to Germany. It was quite a relief to be traveling again after Covid. The pandemic really affected our travel and shooting plans. We were all set to travel in early 2020 but we had to put our plans on hold until now. Fortunately however, fantasies and kinky inventions are driven by horniness and testosterone, which kept our German friends horney and creating bondage gear and devices during the Covid lockdown. As a result, our recent trip allowed us to film some new eye-popping gear as well as meet some bondage guys with pent-up energy to play!

The video in this update features one such piece of gear, which is a head-to-toe stainless steel body harness made by a Germany guy on FetLife called 'SelfBondageChair'. It was custom made to fit its owner BondageFan70 (FetLife and Twitter, Thorben995 on Planetromeo). This video features BondageFan70 in his steel body harness, which was shot in his secret underground playroom. As I have said before, Europe seems to have a much wider range of serious bondage and rubber kinksters. You will see an examples of this in the many updates titled 'Germany In September'.

The metal body harness is made to fit tightly around BondageFan's body, following all his curves. BondageFan needs to watch his weight closely or the rigid harness will no longer fit. We can all relate to this problem. BondageFan has a slender body which fits into many other pieces of gear which SelfBondageChair has built for him.

Both BondageFan and his friend enjoy a unique relationship. BondageFan dreams up unique bondage gear and SelfBondageChair turns his dreams into reality. As you will see on SelfBondageChair's FetLife profile, his talents span working with wood, metal, and leather. The key ingredient is that he's a bondage guy as well, so he can appreciate how the gear should be made and used. This is a common problem that comes up with guys who have similar talents. Lots of guys can cobble together bondage gear, but you need to have a deep fetish for bondage and attention to detail to create top-notch gear. Some of the details of this metal body harness which I appreciate are how well the metal gag prong and mouth shield fit, and how well the round metal opening lines up with BondageFan's ass hole. Another detail are the arm and wrist cuffs which hold his arms rigidly out of the way, and the lace-up leather mitts that fold over to make his hands and fingers completely useless. Nice! The best parts of this video are when SFDom inserts a large black dildo into BondageFan's ass through the round opening of the steel band that wraps between his butt cheeks, and how BondageFan can be easily slid down the length of the room and back because he's suspended to an overhead rolling track attached to the ceiling. How cool is that?

In the background of this this video you will see another metal body harness that includes a metal butt-plug and chastity device, and a standing metal cross, both of which we filmed during our three-day visit. BondageFan70 and his friend SelfBondageChair have way more gear than we had time to shoot, so we will probably make a few more trips to Germany next year. And, during a future trip, we plan to meet up with the guy who makes the new ‘Air-Master’ device, so stay tuned!


GALLERY: 1271 / DATE: Oct 19 2022 / IMAGES: 34 / VIDEOS: 1

Finally, after waiting a few years for the pandemic to recede, SFDom, BoyBlake and I were able to travel to Germany and meet up with some of our rubber and bondage friends. It's my opinion that Europe has way more fetish players and kinky manufacturers than the US. There just seems to be more interesting and unique gear to film across the pond.

During our Germany trip we visited and filmed PsychoSJ (Twitter and Fetlife), Yohan555 (Twitter and Fetlife), BondageFan70 (FetLife and Twitter, Thorben995 on PlanetRomeo), SelfBondageChair (FetLife), Eckie from Eckie.com, Folsom Berlin, the new StudioGum.com showroom, and the five-star SM Hotel Der Gutshof. Needless to say we were quite busy, shooting 25-30 videos.

This update features PsychoSJ and his new stainless steel Prisoner Transport Chair. Psycho is a straitjacket and medical restraint fan, but recently he's started to design metal bondage gear. His recent projects include the Prisoner Transport Chair and the Bishop Stand. In this video PsychoSJ assembles his transport chair in Yohan555's living room, with the help of his friend Eckie. For those who are unfamiliar, Eckie runs a popular bondage story website Eckie.com which has been online for years.

Once these guys fully assembled the Transport Chair, our test gimps BoyBlake (in red rubber) and Eckie (in black rubber) were each strapped into the chair for a lengthy test ride. As you will see, strapping anyone into the chair takes considerable time and effort. The chair has 22 straps and there's no instruction manual! The chair is quite rigid and secure, but at the same time very comfortable. I wanted to try the chair myself but I was running the camera. You can see how well the torso and arms are immobilized.

The last scene in this video shows our test gimp Eckie in full rubber, rubber boots and gas-mask, parked in front of the fire. How warm and cozy. A special thanks to PsychoSJ, BoyBlake, Eckie, and Yohan555 for a fun demonstration in his living room.


GALLERY: 444 / DATE: Oct 16 2022 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 1

This video is from years ago, but it’s a hot scene for those who like mummification. We ended up calling this mummification platform 'The Gingerbread Board' because it looks like a gingerbread cookie. We made a number of these Gingerbread Boards of different sizes. Basically, we had someone lie on a piece of 4x8 foot plywood. We traced around their body with a Sharpie pin, then cut out the body lines with a Saws All. Once the outline was cut out, it looked like a Gingerbread Man! Then we figured out that if we bolted a number of 2-foot water pipes on one side of the board we could raise it off the floor. Raising it off the floor makes it very easy to wrap pallet wrap around the entire body. You will see this in the video. We also stapled some foam and red naugahyde to the board to make it soft to lie on. All in all, this Gingerbread Board was a fantastic bondage idea.

In this video we see our friend BondageBoyHK mummified to the Board on the backyard deck by Dalton. I'm glad BondageBoy was wearing a neoprene surf suit because it's always cold in San Francisco. However, after Dalton wrapped him in pallet wrap, then duct tape, then pallet wrap again, he was probably warm enough. Notice that he was wearing boxing gloves which made his fingers useless and gave him an intense feeling of helplessness. I think the Hitachi vibrator was an afterthought. We had a lot of fun in the early days of this website, and doing bondage like this on the back deck was a special treat for the neighbors who lived on the second floor! A special thanks to BondageBoyHK and Dalton for this hot scene. Enjoy! The video in this update is in the old WindowsMedia format. If you have problems playing this video, try installing the free VLC Media Player.


GALLERY: 1270 / DATE: Oct 3 2022 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, SFDom and I just returned from a trip to Germany. We attended Folsom Berlin, and visited StudioGum, Yohan555, BondageFan70 and the SM Hotel. Stay tuned for a slew of new videos to be posted soon. We were going to make this trip to Germany in 2020 but the Covid pandemic forced us to reschedule!

The video in this update features SFDom, AZPupZoey, NoEscapeDungeon, and a fun nose hook and clamp from Axsmar in Germany. This nose gear is featured on a lot of heterosexual websites, especially the nose hook, but you don't really see them used on Gay websites. Today there are many manufacturers of nose gear, but years ago Axsmar was one of the first. As a matter of fact, maybe Axsmar invented the first nose clamp. In any case, I always thought the nose clamp was a hot idea, and you see why in this video. The Axsmar nose clamp, hook and chain are all made of high-grade stainless steel, so they’re easy to clean.

Although SFDom uses the nose clamp as a leash as well as a bondage device, personally I like the simple idea of the nose clamp chain being connected to a bolt in the floor, or wall, with the subject's hands handcuffed behind their back. Simple yet very effective. This reminds me of a video by JG-Leathers on my SeriousImages.com site titled 'Breaking The Girl - Part 1of4' where JG attaches the nose clamp chain of a naked girl to the fence in his backyard, and then sprays her with cold water from the garden hose. Her wrists are handcuffed behind her back, so there's no way to escape the cold-water treatment. Fantastic! SFDom and I will have to shoot this same scene with a guy.

WARNING - it’s dangerous to attach someone with a nose clamp to anything. All it takes is a bit of fatigue, or a trip or misstep, or a yank or fall for someone to receive serious injury. Please be careful. Use nose clamps at your own risk.


GALLERY: 1136 / DATE: Sep 23 2022 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

Heads up you guys - I'm in the process of moving this website on to a new content management system called ElevatedX. This new system will look newer and cleaner than this current website. The new system will scale to accommodate different screen sizes for mobile phones, tablets and desktop screens. It's a painstaking process to move all the content to the new site, and the new site won't be ready until the end of this year. So wish me luck and stay tuned!

Here's a unique video which we shot back in 2010 in Yossie's basement jail cell. This video features two scenes, but for some reason the video itself is completely unedited. I don't know how this slipped by us, and I apologize for that. Since this video is unedited you can hear me in the background giving instructions and see multiple takes. This is just like watching unedited Hollywood 'rushes' or 'dailies'. In addition, the video was shot with an old camera, so the quality is pretty bad. The still images are actually better. In any case, I think it's a fun video.

Our friend Yossie owns two jails. One is in his basement, and the other is a few hours north of San Francisco in the coastal mountains. We have shot videos in both locations which you can find on the site by searching for the word 'Yossie' in the upper-left search window. In Yossie's basement he's got two rooms. One has all his metal bondage gear hanging on the wall, a puppy cage, police restraint chair, and a padded solitary closet. The second room has the jail cell. Now that I think about it, I created an article on SeriousBondage.com about building Yossie's jail cell. It was a project by Yossie, Martin and I. You can see the article by clinking HERE.

The first part of this video shows the path downstairs to Yossie's basement from his garage. I'm the tour guide, and we find our friend Chuck in the jail cell, restrained to the bars with bondage gear that our friend Martin made. You may be familiar with his gear that's made on his homemade CNC milling machine. Martin made this milling machine himself, which accommodates bigger pieces of aluminum than was normally accommodated on CNC machines of 20 years ago. Here's an article about Martin's homemade milling machine HERE. Martin is a smart guy and loves the thrill of bondage just like we do.

Our friend Chuck is restrained to the bars of the cell with three pieces of Martin's hear. The first piece is a thick and heavy collar that closes around the neck of the prisoner and one of the vertical bars of the cell. I think Martin made this collar for use in Yossie's jail cell because it fits perfectly around the diameter of the bars. This collar is a great piece of gear and very cool. This collar can also be used in a cage.

The second form of restraint is Martin's famous 9-chain cuffs. Chuck's wrists are behind him and sticking through the jail bars and then shackled together with the 9-chain cuffs so there's no escape. However, the thing that makes these cuffs unique is their lock cylinders. There's a company that makes time-release lock cylinders that happen to fit into these chackles. The lock cylinders and special smart key can communicate with each other when the key is inserted. You use a computer and USB module to program the key, and then the key downloads the time of release data to the lock. So, once the lock is programmed it won't open until the programmed time. Additionally, the big mind-fuck is to program the lock to be able to be opened only for a preset time. So, let’s say that we programmed Chuck's shackles to be opened by the key tomorrow from 1pm to 1:15pm. This means that tomorrow Chuck can only be released between 1pm and 1:15PM. During that 15-minute window the locks can be opened, and Chuck can be released. But if you miss that 15-minute time window you must wait another 24 hours for that time window to come around again. The locks can be programmed for any 24-hour time sequence you like. Is that hot or what? At the time we shot this video I think the locks were programmed to open anytime the key was inserted, but we have played with them and the 15 minute window scenario a few times in the past.

The third form of Chuck's restraint are the super big and heavy ankle cuffs. These ankle shackles are totally awesome because they're so thick and heavy. So, our friend Chuck is totally screwed with heavy inescapable metal bondage gear, and he totally loves every minute of it. You can see the smile on his face.

In the second part of this video Chuck is the jailer and his friend is restrained to the wall in the jail cell. I love the wrist and ankle shackles which are connected to the wall, and how the chains are just short enough so the prisoner can't reach the jail bars. Hot! Chuck torments the prisoner by dangling the keys just out of his reach. The prisoner is locked in his own Carrara chastity belt. Yossie, the owner of the jail, keeps a lot of his friends in this jail cell. I love the fantasy of having a jail cell in my basement, and I love the fantasy of being chained up all night in my own jail cell. As a young boy I fantasized about locking myself up in chains and jail cells. Many kinksters have the same desire. As bondage videos and pictures become more plentiful online, many people are starting to build their own playrooms, jails and dungeons.

A special thanks to our two friends for being in this video, and to Yossie for allowing us to film his residential jail. This video is in the old Windows Media format. If you have problems playing the video, try installing the free VLC Media Player. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1269 / DATE: Aug 27 2022 / IMAGES: 61 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, SFDom and BoyBlake and I will be at Folsom Street Fair in Berlin next month, Saturday September 10. We will be traveling around Germany for a few weeks, shooting videos for this website. Maybe we will see you at the fair?

This video features another look at Bind's eye-popping sarcophagus which he built himself with medical casting fiberglass and lots of epoxy. We borrowed the sarcophagus from Bind, and our friend Louis hauled it to NoEscapeDungeon.com in Las Vegas where we spend a few days playing with it. In this video SFDom gives us a closer look at the sarcophagus, and ends up sealing AzPupZoey in the fiberglass coffin as a demonstration. I don't have to tell you that this sarcophagus is a big turn-on for most serious bondage enthusiasts. It is totally rigid and there is no escape!

In addition to the sarcophagus, our friend Strap Wizard show us a full set of Segufix bed straps. The straps fit perfectly over a medical cot that Bind had in his basement dungeon. Once the Segufix straps are all fitted across the cot, Strap Wizard secures Bind with the straps and magnet locking posts. Bind is sealed inside a full enclosure custom leather cocoon suit. This mind-blowing suit not only covers the entire body, but a pair of enclosed mitts prevent the subject from using their fingers to escape. Once Bind is zipped in, there is absolutely no escape, even if he is free to roam about. The suit includes an attached hood with nose openings only, so Bind has no sight and no feeling of touch. This amazing suit is made by LeatherPrison.com in Europe. Once Bind is secured in all the Segufix restraints he makes a wonderful site. This is total bondage eye-candy. If you want to buy Segufix or HumainRestraint, contact our friend Harry Tasker at his website zwangsjacke.net. Also, our friend PuppJake designed us an ultra-cool SeriousMaleBondage tee-shirt to wear at Folsom Berlin. Good job PuppJake, thank you so much! Click HERE to order one on Etsy. Currently they are available in Army green and Black.


GALLERY: 1268 / DATE: Aug 17 2022 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 1

This video features some cool scenes and gear. As you may know, an Odds And Ends video is made up of video clips that aren't long enough to stand on their own, so I save them up and edit them together.

The first clip features a really cool steel arm binder custom made by DungeonDelights for Bind and I. We got the idea for this device from a picture that our friend Louis sent us which he found on Tumblr. This piece of gear is shown in the center photo above. It holds the wrists and arms folded rigidly with no possibility of escape. It looks like a device that Houdini might have used years ago. It can be worn in front of the prisoner or in back. In this video I'm the test gimp, and after trying the binder in front I think I prefer it in the back. And, as you will see in the video, we suspended the binder from overhead which made it much easier to tolerate for a long-term scene. It feels very rigid, unforgiving, and exciting. The rubber ball mitts are from Regulation.

The second clip features Hans-Peter, the owner of StudioGum, as he plays with one of his heavy rubber Prison Suits and a hazmat suit with bottled air. As you will see, Hans seems adept at in getting into his layered gear all by himself. And, as you might imagine, Hans needs to keep an eye on his air supply because it could take a few tries to get the hazmat suit unzipped and the gas-mask removed when his air runs out!

The third clip shows our friend KinoPayne a black nylon sleepsack. Our friend MummyEd bought this sack used on E-bay. There's a lot of this kind of wet look nylon bondage gear on the market these days. I think the manufacturers of inexpensive nylon jackets has found a new market making bondage gear. In any case, this sleepsack is warm and cozy, and I guess is pretty much inescapable. Be careful that your Sub doesn't overheat! Do a Google or Ebay search for 'shiny gloss wet look nylon down bondage sleeping bag'.

The fourth clip highlights a nice and fairly heavy rubber VacSack we played with at NoEscapeDungeon.com. I think the sack was made by Regulation in the UK. Not only is this a high quality VacSack, but we discovered that hooking the sack to the central vacuum system in the house really made playing with the sack bearable. This VacSack is a neck-seal version, meaning that the head is out of the sack. Some sacks have a built-in hood, but these sacks make me nervous because the suction can damage your ears.

As you may know, playing with any type of VacSack, VacRack or VacCube requires a noisy vacuum cleaner to be nearby running continuously to keep the sack pumped down. Some sacks and racks use a one-way check valve to that the vacuum cleaner can be shut off, but after a while the sack loses its suction and you must run the vacuum cleaner again, albeit briefly. In this video, we used the in-house vacuum cleaning system to suck down the VacSack. If you listen closely, you can hear the vacuum motor running in the downstairs garage.

My future project idea is to incorporate a used German made Miele corded plug-in vacuum cleaner motor in a sound-proof box. (these vacuums are extremely quiet to begin with, and offer a high amount of suction) The system will have a one-way check valve and vacuum suction switch such that when the VacSack is sucked down the motor automatically shuts off, and after a while when the VacSack starts to lose suction, the switch will sense the loss of vacuum level and turn on the motor and suck down the VacSack and turn off the motor once the suction level has been achieved. This is a better solution than using the house vacuum cleaning system because I think the house system requires some amount of air flow to cool the motor. By the way, the faceless hood the gimp is wearing is from Regulation and includes a pair of short built-in short nose tubes. It's a great hood. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1267 / DATE: Jul 31 2022 / IMAGES: 53 / VIDEOS: 1

Here's a hot video featuring SFDom and his Arizona friends AZPupZoey and AZKinkyDom. This video was shot at NoEscapeDungeon.com in Las Vegas, and highlights a relatively new toy called Spreader Pants made by BestFixSystems.de. These are not really pants at all, but a contraption invented by the guy who runs BestFixSystems for the ABDL (adult baby diaper lover) community. I don't have any knowledge or experience with the adult baby community, but you can imagine that the Spreader Pants look kinda like diapers. As a side note, BestFixSystems works with zwangsjacken.com (straitjackets in German) to incorporate straitjackets with the Spreader Pants.

In any case, SFDom straps AzPupZoey in a "bolero" canvas straitjacket from Maxcita, then fits him with the red Spreader Pants. The Spreader Pants have an optional butt-plug rod (shown in the video) and special vibrator mounts. As you will see, the Spreader Pants lend themselves to use with straitjackets. This combination of gear renders PupZoe totally helpless, and the butt-plug prevents him from rolling over. He's totally stuck. This is the way SFDom likes his boys - helpless and exposed.

It so happened that PupZoe's domme AZKinkyDom was tied up in the bondage chair in the background. He was enjoying the scene playing out in front of him, and announced that since he was tied up there were no rules for SFDom playing with his boy. So, SFDom could get the boy off with his vibrators. Full speed ahead!

A special thanks to AZPupZoey and his domme AZKinkyDom, SFDom, DungeonDaddy who owns NoEscapeDungeon.com, and BestFixSystems for the Spreader Pants.


GALLERY: 1265 / DATE: Jul 16 2022 / IMAGES: 62 / VIDEOS: 1

For you bondage geeks out there, this is a cool DIY (do it yourself) bondage project. This video features Bind and I showing an under-floor cell which we built a few years ago. It was a big project spanning many days and required 4 people to build. This cell is so cool, yet we have only shot a few videos of it which is why we decided to shoot this video describing it in detail. I'm going to Bind's place later this month and might volunteer to spend some time in the cell myself.

The cell is actually constructed with wood in the crawl space under the floor, but we troweled cement and then stucco over the wood to give it a feel of solid cement walls. We poured a cement base floor footing before we started the wall construction, so the floor is actually cement. The interesting feature of the cell is that the walls and top of the cell taper down towards the feet. This is shown in the video. So, this forces the subject to lie down in one orientation only, as only your feet will fit in the small end. The length of the cell allows you to stretch out and lie flat, which allows for comfortable sleeping or being confined in a sleepsack. If I try the cell in a Maxcita canvas sleepsack I will need to be already in the sleepsack and lowered into the cell with chains connected to the shoulder suspension straps, as it's almost impossible to be zipped and strapped into a sleepsack after you're already in the cell. This is all self-explanatory when you view the video.

As I've said before, Bind's place is like bondage Disneyland, and this under-floor cell is just one example of bondage stuff we wished we owned or had access to. I have only met two people who have under-floor cells. Bind is one, and the other is my friend who runs Bondage-uk.co.uk. He has a cool setup and you can try out a lot of different gear for a reasonable price, including his under-floor cell. His cell is the real deal because it's actually underground with cement block walls and a hinged steel top. Cool, eh? Check it out in his photo gallery. If you pay him a visit please mention that you saw his place on SeriousMaleBondage.com. Thank you!


GALLERY: 1263 / DATE: Jul 1 2022 / IMAGES: 31 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey you guys, this is a really fun video featuring our friend Yossie and antique dive shoes, locking leg braces, Darby handcuffs and lots of chains. I found the dive shoes at a metal scrap yard and bought them to give to donate to Bind's jail. They are made of super heavy brass and the covered with canvas. I cleaned them up, gave them to Bind, and he discovered that padlocks could be used instead of rope shoelaces. This allows the boots to be locked onto the prisoner's feet.

So, in this video we seem Yossie clomping around in the boots, then Bind adds the locking leg braces, then the chains, etc. The locking leg braces are a real restraint device used on prisoners who attend court hearings. A single leg brace is worn under the pants and prevents the prisoner from running, but naturally Bind has a pair of them, one for each leg. As you will see in this video, the leg brace can be latched in the straight position for walking, or unlatched so the knee can be bent for sitting. How fun is that?

Bind proceeds to chain Yossie to a chair, then chains the chair to the jail wall, then chains Yossie's ankles to the chair, then wraps and locks chains around Yossie's chest, then pulls Yossie's elbows against the jail wall with even more chains. To top it off, Bind pulls a black ‘capture hood’ over Yossie's head. Yossie is totally fucked - and loves every minute of it. This is a totally fun video. Why do we like to be chained up and restrained like this? Because it feels so exciting to lose control of your movements. I think your adrenalin from the loss of control mixes with your sexual arousal juices and creates a very potent cocktail.

When I was younger, I remember being secretly attracted to things like handcuffs, medical braces, gas masks and diving wetsuits, to name a few. I felt a strange attraction to things that cover or attach to my body. Once, a friend brought over a knitted ski hood and I felt all wiggly and excited when I pulled it over my head. My friend and I also discovered a smoke and magazine shop in San Francisco that sold cheap toy metal handcuffs made in Japan. I purchased two pairs, and late at night when my parents were asleep, I would put one cuff around the base of my cock and balls, and then use the other pair to cuff my hands behind my back. Then, I would pull the remaining cuff, which was attached to my cock, up between my ass cheeks and close it around the chain between my wrists. This held my wrists securely behind by back and connected to my cock, and, while lying on my stomach, I would grind on the bed sheets until I came. Fantastic!

Another time I swiped a pair of old leather ice skates from the neighbor’s garage, removed the screws that held the metal skate blades on, and used a pair of short chains attached to the screws to chain the two ice skates together. The screws were each located beneath the ball and heel of the foot, so the two short chains which connected to ice skates together felt solid, unyielding, symmetrical, and quite restrictive. And, when I combined wearing the ice skates with the handcuffs attached to my cock, the feeling was out of this world! And luckily my parents never caught me ‘in the act’. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video.

Visit Yossie's famous handcuff collection at BlackSteel.com, and Bind's website at MenInChains.com. Also visit HandcuffWarehouse.com to find some of the gear used in this video.


GALLERY: 1266 / DATE: Jun 17 2022 / IMAGES: 45 / VIDEOS: 1

This is Part-2 of a series of videos featuring a wooden bondage chair called the Academy Chair. Back around 2006 a group of guys produced a number of VHS videos featuring heavy bondage scenes at their famous 'Academy Training Center'. These videos were quite popular and were sold worldwide. During the Academy’s heyday they built all kinds of cool bondage equipment to use in their videos.

The wooden chair in this video was one of three different chairs they built. One of the two other chairs was made of heavy steel, and another was a combination wood and metal. You can see the heavy steel chair in videos on this website by searching for the word 'academy' in the upper-left search window on this page. The heavy steel chair is located at the EdgeDungeon in the San Francisco area.

Needless to say, this wooden academy chair is an antique and collector's item. And although its old, it's still quite a turn-on. Getting a chance to film this chair required tremendous effort by SFDom and I. We borrowed the chair from the popular bondage group ‘Delta’ in Pennsylvania, rented an SUV and transported it to HotHardHat's home in New Jersey where we shot this video. A special thanks to the guys at Delta for trusting us with their chair for a few days. Bondage gear turns me on, so I don't mind going to extreme lengths to locate and film unusual gear like this.

During this video we see SFDom and Wired4Fun securing BDSMBondage3 in the chair. It takes a while to secure anyone into a bondage chair, and this chair is no different. This chair is unique because of the flat wooden tabletop mounted in front of the prisoner, with a pair of Humane Restraint hand mitts attached to it. There's something about having your hands forced out flat in front of you that makes experiencing this chair special. It adds and amplifies your feeling of helplessness. Having the leather HumaneRestraint mitts mounted in this way was a really cool idea. Another unique feature of this chair is a padded wooden bar which supports the prisoner's head under the chin. Unfortunately, our subject's body type didn't allow the use of the chin bar. If you do a search for the word 'academy' in the search window at the top-left of this page you can find another video showing the chin bar in use.

As you will see, both Wired4Fun and SFDom enjoyed playing with the unusually large nipples of their red spandex subject in the chair. Fun was had by all!


GALLERY: 1264 / DATE: Jun 1 2022 / IMAGES: 53 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video which further documents my research and development in self-bondage magnets. I have been a solo bondage enthusiast since the early age of 10, and I've experimented with various self-bondage techniques along the way. Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. I have had two life threatening close calls doing self bondage, so I no longer do it in a way that I can't escape. In other words, I still tie myself up, but I never use ice locks or timers or other methods that don't allow me to free myself. That said, I like to tinker with new ideas, and using electromagnets for holding someone in bondage is an exciting thing to fantasize about and feature in the videos that Bind from MenInChains.com and I shoot for our websites.

The video in this update documents a second try at restraining Boy Blake with electromagnets. The first try was shown in earlier videos in this series. The earlier tries were not successful for several technical issues including the magnets not being strong enough. This second try includes the use of stronger magnets, and better flat plates which stick to the magnets called armatures.

This second try was filmed when there were lots of guys visiting Bind at his historic jail in Hampton Iowa. It's always a lot of fun visiting Bind, and we all have a good time doing non-stop 24x7 bondage play when we are there. I only wish this opportunity was available to me years earlier in my life. In any case, knowing Bind motivates me to acquire, build and play with my bondage ideas and share them on both Bind's website and this website.

All in all, this time around, my bondage electromagnets were successful. As you will see in the video, we all had a lot of fun playing around, as well as testing my magnets. Unfortunately, just when we were about to haul Boy Blake's ankles up in the air, the electricity went out. What the heck! We brought out the flashlights but decided to call it a day when we realized we couldn't use the electromagnets without electricity. C'est la vie. In any case, a good time was had by all!

WARNING - Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. This video should be used for entertainment purposes only. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover them once you're secured and helpless. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1257 / DATE: May 15 2022 / IMAGES: 42 / VIDEOS: 1

This is a fun video we shot a few months ago during a trip to Las Vegas and NoEscapeDungeon.com. The video highlights Bind's new fiberglass sarcophagus and our friend PupJake. The sarcophagus was made to fit Bind, so only people of a similar size or smaller will fit inside. Bind was not with us during this Vegas trip do to some last-minute medical issues, so we brought his sarcophagus with us to play with.

NoEscapeDungeon has a below-grade outdoor area off the basement which is primarily used as a fire escape. We put our infamous 'bondage crib' in this pit area, which we leave there year around. As it turned out, Bind's sarcophagus was a perfect fit inside the crib, so we volunteered PupJake to spend some time in it, inside the crib. It's almost always warm in Las Vegas, so for the Pup to be in the pit in the shade wasn't a problem.

As you have seen in recent videos, Bind's sarcophagus is a really cool piece of gear. Last year a group of us casted Bind in medical fiberglass, then carefully cut him out, then Bind used epoxy to strengthen the fiberglass shell. The resulting piece, which we call the sarcophagus, turned out way better than we had originally imagined. The epoxy made the walls of the shell approximately 1/2 inch thick and very rigid. Then the metal wire grill at the mouth and the gray paint took the whole thing over the top. The original idea for this project came from the old 'InSex' videos by PD, who created a similar sarcophagus.

As I said, Bind wasn't with us when we shot the video in this update. However, I send him the camera original files, and he edited together this video which is why it has the MenInChains.com title on it. The whole sarcophagus project was a group effort, and so it this video. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1256 / DATE: May 2 2022 / IMAGES: 43 / VIDEOS: 2

This video was filmed at the last minute during a visit by our friend YC from Canada. He was in town and gave us a call, so invited him to stop by and test our new metal stocks. The other fellow in this video is our friend MummyEd. He's our in-house mummification expert.

We has purchased the metal stocks from some guy in Pennsylvania. I don't know why he was selling the stocks, but I think we paid him $600. The biggest problem with buying bondage gear like this is transportation. We had to move the stocks from Pennsylvania to San Francisco. Luckily, I had a friend who was driving across the country who was able to transport them for us. The stocks are made of heavy steel, and once you are locked in, there is absolutely no way to escape. The stocks are pretty brutal because they clamp around your ankles, neck and wrists. The height of the neck and wrist stock is adjustable, but as you will see in the video, no matter where its set you can't sustain the bent-over position for very long. In any case, rigid metal bondage is very exciting. Unlike leather and hospital restraints, metal is harsh, rigid, unforgiving, and has no play. I like to say that you can feel the rigidity of the metal in your bones. Your mind instantly knows there is no possibility of escaping. We discovered that large padlocks fit through the adjustment holes of the vertical supports, so in later videos you will see the padlocks used instead of the adjustment pins which came with the stocks.

We filmed this video in our gear room. This is a fairly small room and can barely fit all the gear we have collected over the years. I call myself a 'gear head', meaning that I love bondage gear. I like gear because when I was 10 years old, I used some chain from my father’s workshop to tie up a kid who lived next door. That really turned me on, but I didn't know what sex was about, I just remember feeling very excited and wiggly, and I wanted to trade places and be tied up in chains myself. This was my first bondage experience with another person, and I immediately adopted a fetish attraction to metal as being a material to use for bondage. Maybe other kids have their first experience with rope, or tape, or by rolling themselves up in their blankets. But for me, at an early age, I knew that cold steel was the material of choice for me.

So, the first part of this video shows our friend YC experiencing the metal stocks while dressed in his red rubber. The second part of this video shows MummyEd mummifying YC in plastic wrap and duct tape. The mummification scene is pretty short, but it's nice to see plastic wrap and duct tape over YC's black latex catsuit. I apologize for this video being so short, but it was shot at the last minute and we didn't have much time.

In addition to the video I described above, YC gave us a video which he made himself called 'The Chase'. It's a fun little video showing him wandering through trees in an orchard in full rubber, gas-mask, with a rubber catheter bag attached to his leg. I guess this video was from his hobby website which isn't online anymore. Sorry these two videos aren’t very exciting, but the first video shows the metal stocks and the second fulfills our fantasy for wearing head-to-toe rubber outdoors. In any case, a special thanks to YC for being our rubber test gimp and sharing his video with us!


GALLERY: 1262 / DATE: Apr 18 2022 / IMAGES: 19 / VIDEOS: 3

This video is another in our Self Bondage Electromagnets series. As you may know from previous videos on this subject, my friend Bind and I have been experimenting with the use of timers and electromagnets for self-bondage play. Being that I have been a bondage fanatic and electro-mechanical geek since I was young, I have built a few different pieces of self-bondage equipment over the years including the famous Serious Bondage Chair with the self-closing heavy leather wrist straps. This chair can be seen in the video titled 'Bondage Museum - Part 1 and 2' with Jimmy USMC.

This video features one of many ways an electromagnet can be used to hold keys that are needed to unlock the cage that Bind has locked himself into. Self-bondage is a great fantasy, but in reality, it's extremely dangerous to do, and Bind and I don't recommend doing it at all. In any case, I love building stuff, and this video shows a set of two electromagnets and a dual timer control box which I assembled recently. Check out the previous updates Parts 1-9 which are already on this website to watch interesting variations, tests and scenarios using electromagnets.

This update also includes two promo videos from Bind's website. Bind really gets into using music to enhance his videos, just like Hollywood! Bind is a really creative guy. Check out his website at MenInChains.com.

WARNING - Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. This video should be used for entertainment purposes only. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover them once you're secured and helpless. Play safe.


PS – Below is a self-bondage fantasy which incorporates the jail cells at the Edge Dungeon and electromagnets. I’ve had this fantasy ever since we built the dungeon back in 2017.

Recessed into the cement wall of the cell would be a steel drawer with a small handle on the front which you would use to pull the drawer open. Since the drawer is recessed into the wall, there's absolutely no way to get your fingers around it or pry it open. The only way to open the drawer is by pulling on its handle. The drawer slides open and closed quite easily, but there's an electromagnet behind the wall that grabs the drawer and prevents it from being opened when the magnet is energized.

The electromagnet is controlled by a pair of mechanical timers which can be set for any duration up to 12 hours. The timers are wired so that if one fails the other will still turn off the electromagnet after the preset time has ended. The electromagnet is also controlled by smoke detectors located around the building which will disable the electromagnet in case of a fire. In addition, a special ball-bearing perch earthquake detector will also disable the electromagnet if an earthquake occurs. (the Edge Dungeon is located in earthquake territory)

I would zip myself into my total enclosure heavy rubber suit, with an external catheter, heavy leather boots over my rubberized feet, and a gasmask. I would shackle my ankles together with heavy steel cuffs and a short chain. I would have my heavy steel bondage belt locked around my waist, with a pair of Mr S hex-screw wrist shackles padlocked to the ring on the back of the belt.

Once I have donned all this gear, I would step inside the jail cell and roll its heavy door closed. Then, reaching through the bars, I would lock the jail door with its large and easy to grip prison key. I would then drop the key into the open steel drawer.

At this point, using a hex allen driver and my clumsy efforts through my rubber gloves, I would screw closed the shackles around my wrists behind my back. The short chain which joins the shackles and padlocked to the back of the steel belt is just long enough to allow me the freedom to place the hex driver into the drawer. Once I can see that both of these keys are in the drawer, I slowly push the drawer into the wall. As the front of the drawer passes into the recessed opening in the wall, I can hear a 'click' indicating that the electromagnet has grabbed the end of the drawer. At this point the drawer is held securely in the wall and can't be opened by pulling on its handle. An intense rush of adrenalin is pumped through my body, giving me a natural high of excitement and extreme fear as I realize just how helpless I have made myself. There’s no chance of escape, and nobody around who I can help me.

Now I'm totally helpless, cocooned in a heavy rubber suit, catharized, gas-masked and shackled. Being careful to not lose my balance, I slide carefully down the wall and lie on the rubberized mat on the floor. I stare through the lenses of my gas-mask, looking up at the heavy steel bars of the cell, and realize that I’m locked up for the duration, and totally helpless until the time is up - which is eight hours from now – or morning. I feel warm, comfortable, excited, nervous, afraid, and totally turned on. My heart is racing, and I have butterflies in my stomach. I'm in nirvana.

But there’s a dilemma I must face. There’s absolutely no indication as to when the eight hours are up and the drawer can be opened. Since I have no idea know how much time has passed, every so often I must shimmy up the wall and try to open the drawer… Nope, the drawer is still locked. How long is eight hours when I have no time reference? There’s no clock on the wall, no windows to see outside, and the dim lights of the cellblock never change. All I can do is guess how much time has passed and try my luck at opening the drawer, and each try is with considerable effort. In-between each try all I can do is enjoy my helpless rubber predicament, the silence and solitude, and drift in and out of sleep. I’m in bondage nirvana, and exactly where I want to be. I think to myself that an orgasm would be quite enjoyable, but it would temporarily diminish my sexual excitement. This would leave me facing the stark reality of my situation, and the resulting anxiety might lead to panic. I’m walking a fine line, and the more I think about not cumming, the more excited I get. My heart is pounding as I think about the butt-plug in my ass. Can I do this again tomorrow night? Let’s try and make it through tonight first.

WARNING - Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. The above story and the video in this update should be used for entertainment purposes only. It's best to leave self-bondage as a fantasy. The dangers of self-bondage can't be anticipated, and you only discover them once you're secured and helpless. Play safe.


GALLERY: 1260 / DATE: Apr 1 2022 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 2

Needless to say, Bind’s new sarcophagus is indeed eye-popping and very exciting. It was somewhat modeled after a similar one made by PD of InSex years ago. the sarcophagus we normally think of is from the ancient Egyptian burial coffins associated with the great pyramids of Egypt.

As you have probably seen, many bondage fans have wrapped people in plaster or fiberglass to create a full body cast. The problem with all these attempts is that the outside is usually uneven, and the back is curved as it follows the contour of the subject's body. Bind solved these problems by lying on a padded board, and once the fiberglass had fully set, he covered the entire cast with many layers of epoxy. This increased the strength of the entire cast and made it much thicker. And, after sanding away most of the unevenness, a few layers of paint and some metal latches, he successfully created a sarcophagus worthy of any serious bondage play. Notice that the bottom of the sarcophagus is flat. The contour of Bind's back was taken up by the internal padding which created a custom coffin that is easy to transport and play with. As some of you may know, Bind has had a lot of schooling in the arts which allows him to visualize then create some great bondage devices like this.

This update features two videos. The first shows the entire process of creating the sarcophagus, and the second video shows us playing with it at NoEscapeDungeon.com in Las Vegas. As we found, not everyone can withstand the intense confinement. Lukas Tyler called red not long after he was put inside. I totally understand. No problem. The sarcophagus is not for everyone. I'm claustrophobic myself. In any case, later this year the guys at Bind's jail will have a chance to try it out.

A special thanks to Bind for loaning us his sarcophagus to film at NoEscapeDungeon while he had some family emergencies to tend to. Also, a special thanks to our friend Louis who transported the sarcophaguses to Las Vegas, and to DungeonDaddy and Lukas Tyler for sharing their house with us. Fun was had by all, and more videos of the sarcophagus to come on Bind's website MenInChains.com. Enjoy!


GALLERY: 1255 / DATE: Mar 16 2022 / IMAGES: 37 / VIDEOS: 1

Hey guys, keep wearing your masks, we aren't past the virus quite yet.

SFDom and I took a recent trip to Las Vegas to visit our friends at NoEscapeDungeon. While we were there some other guys showed for a visit including AZ, PupJake, AzPupZoey and AzKinkyDom. These 'AZ' guys appear in this video, and so does SFDom, DungeonDaddy and Louis. That's a lot of people for me to keep track of, especially with the three AZ guys.

The star of this video is AzPupZoey, in a leather straitjacket and a unique leather hood with built-in gag. This hood was hand made by a fan of the website who passed away a few years ago. He went by the name Doctor John. John was a retired doctor and reached out to us years ago because he lived near us in the San Francisco Bay Area. To meet this guy, you would never know he was kinky, but at home he had lots of leather tools and a leather sewing machine so he could make his own gear. He was of the previous generation who purchased kinky magazines from porn shops. Before John died, he gave us all the leather toys he had ever made including this leather hood with the built-in gag. Doctor John was a serious player.

AZPupZoey and his domme AZKinkyDom picked out this hood to play with along with SFDom. AZKinkyDom didn't want to show his face in the video, so most of the time I just shot over his shoulder. As you will see, the NoEscapeDungeon playroom is well equipped with tons of gear including a vertical cage. Once AZPupZoey was strapped into the straitjacket and the hood was laced up tightly behind his head, his domme put him in the vertical cage and immediately hooked the top of the hood to the overhead bars of the cage. This was a nice idea which I wasn't expecting. PupZoey's ankles were fitted with leather cuffs and giant padlocks were used to secure the cuffs to the vertical bars of the cage.

PupZoey's cock was hard and he was leaking a bit of pre-cum. His domme noticed this and called out a warning to everyone that he had discovered a leak. It wasn't long before SFDom took over with a vibrator to torment the poor helpless lad. During all this excitement I somehow missed filming an ass hook which they had put in PupZoey's butthole. I guess I missed it because I was only half awake. I had just got up, and this scene was happenening before I had breakfast.

In any case, SFDom used a vibrator to vibrate PupZoey's ass-hook. As you might imagine, this was an intense and enjoyable feeling for the Pup. As you will see in this video, two on-lookers were the guy restrained in the bondage chair in the background, and DungeonDaddy who’s the owner of NoEscapeDungeon, who was sitting on the floor watching this scene unfold. It’s easy to see that good time was had by all!


GALLERY: 1258 / DATE: Mar 1 2022 / IMAGES: 54 / VIDEOS: 1

As the omicron virus seems to be ramping down, SFDom and I along with some of our friends decided to meet in Las Vegas and try to fill our urge for bondage. The last two years have put the brakes on our play, leaving us longing for bondage and kink. So, we met up at NoEscapeDungeon for a week of rubber, restraint and a chance to play with Bind's new sarcophagus. Bind was going to meet up with us with his sarcophagus, but at the last minute he had a family emergency so he sent along the sarcophagus and asked us to shoot some videos of it.

Among the guys who attended were AznBoundJock from New York (AZ for short), AZKinkyDom, PupJake, and AZPupZoey. Wow, there were so many guys with AZ in their name it was hard for me to keep track of everyone. The video in this update primarily features AZ from New York as he was asking me how soon his video would be on the site. As a side note, it takes me around 8-14 hours to edit a video like this, sort the still photos, write the text and put it up on the site. All told, this video took 14 hours. Due to my age (66) the last few years of virus lockdown, I have lost a lot of momentum, and although I have a lot more traveling and shoots lined up, I’ve decided to lower the number of updates I post on this website (and SeriousImages.com) to twice a month or so. I love shooting these videos and running the websites, but I can't keep on the pace of more than producing four videos a month.  :-)

The video in this update features the sarcophagus that Bind built last year. It's quite a work of art, made with medical fiberglass, epoxy and bondo fiberglass resin. We shot a video of the entire construction process which I will post in the future. This sarcophagus was inspired by a similar one created by PD of InSex years ago. Needless to say, Bind's sarcophagus is a total turn-on. I wanted to try it out, but we ran out of time. The thing that separates this full-body fiberglass cast from other casts we have done in the past is it's flat bottom. The curvature of the back of the body is compensated for by internal foam padding. The flat bottom combined by the thick rigid shell allows the sarcophagus to be carried, transported, and drilled for installing the metal latches. This piece turned out above our expectations, and my hat's off to Bind for creating it. Look for more photos and videos of it on this website and Bind's website MenInChains.com. Naturally, you need to be the right size to fit into it, and get the top closed and latched. As you will see in this video, AZ was a little tall but he fit OK. As a side note, PupJake is wearing a bolero canvas straitjacket made by Max at Maxcita.com.

The second scene in this video is AZ in a bondage chair made by a guy in Germany. He has a profile on FetLife under 'SelfBondageChair'. There are a number of these chairs around, and he did a great job designing and building them. He also made all the tan leather straps. This guy is the real deal in terms of building cool gear. Check out his profile gallery on FetLife. In any case, we strapped AZ in the chair and left him for a few hours to enjoy the feel. I think he enjoyed it!

The third scene is AZ in a Lerman non-invasive halo brace. This is my favorite piece of kinky gear. Once you're in the brace and your wrists are handcuffed behind your back, you feel soooo helpless!!! You are totally screwed. I guess one addition might be helpless mitts over AZ's hands. This brace really works for me. It's so fun and kinky. This is a removable and reusable halo brace. It's called 'non-invasive' because it doesn't use stainless steel screws that pierce your skin and connect directly to your scull.

The fourth scene is AZ in a ultra-heavy rubber straitjacket from BlackStore.com in Switzerland. I purchased two of these straitjackets (small and medium) when we were there in December of 2019 before the pandemic. AZ fit in the small straitjacket and he looked fantastic. I love how thick the rubber is. Totally inescapable. In addition, the rubber is so thick that it's impossible to rip. Straitjackets made of lighter gauge rubber feel delicate and too easy to rip or damage. Not this one. And it weighs a lot. When you're strapped in you really know there's no escape no matter how much you trash and struggle. Once AZ was strapped in by SFDom we took him into DungeonDaddy's newly remodeled bathroom which has a giant lighted mirror. Then AZ was put in the new walk-in shower, where PupJake joined him. There's nothing better than being in rubber in a shower, bathtub, hot tub or swimming pool. Sexy, erotic, kinky and fun! A special thanks to AZ and all the other guys in this video, and to Max at Maxcita.com for the canvas belero straitjacket. More videos to come of our visit to NoEscapeDungeon in Las Vegas!
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