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GALLERY: 310 / DATE: Mar 21 2011 / IMAGES: 44 / VIDEOS: 1

JG-Leathers helped us display some very cool rubber gear on a couple of willing models. This video shows off heavy bondage rubber from several manufacturers including Maxcita, Mr.S, Recon Rubber, and Instincts. We hoist one volunteer upside down as the other looks on. This is a very informative video with plenty of quality rubber. A special thanks to our friend ‘Rubbert' (on FetLife) for supplying much of the gear, and to ‘RankInSF' (in the red catsuit) for his assistance. A fun time was had by all.


GALLERY: 311 / DATE: Mar 18 2011 / IMAGES: 26 / VIDEOS: 1

Mister X steps up to be the test pilot for a unique ‘seven point' metal bondage device loaned to us by our friend Rubbert (on FetLife) in Canada. This is a very secure piece with several configurations, all of which are totally immobilizing. This is actually a copy of a similar seven-point restraint made by Maxcita. Once you are locked in this device there is absolutely no chance of escape. Mister X is definitely a trooper when it comes to testing our latest bondage devices. A special thanks to Rubbert for sharing this ultra-cool piece of gear with us, and to Max for manufacturing the original.


GALLERY: 285 / DATE: Mar 14 2011 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

Our last video in the series shows a very interesting restraint piece. Our victim is a collector with vast knowledge of institutional restraints. However, he is not sure of the history of this piece. His closest guess is that it is a bath tub restraint system. The neck hole is small to prevent slipping under the water plus access holes. It fits very well on a bed with additional restraints. We used Humane bed restraints which worked quite well. Even though this may not be designed for a bath tub, it is still a hot idea.


GALLERY: 284 / DATE: Mar 11 2011 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 3 of this bondage session displays more of our friends collection of institutional restraints. This is an actual item purchased over the internet that was used in an institution. The idea of spending time in these is very hot. However, being extremely horny with no relief is far more fun than enduring DT's.


GALLERY: 308 / DATE: Mar 9 2011 / IMAGES: 78 / VIDEOS: 1

A friend of Serious Bondage brought stopped by with a vacuum cube to play with. The cube is powered by a small vacuum cleaner. However it sucks down and holds a person motionless. The suction is impressive which leaves its mark, for about a week.  Mikey, Dalton, and Mark took turns. We also had an insecure Daddy who took a turn. However, he feared the ridicule he would face if the pictures ever went public. This piece was purchased from Mr S Leather. If you ever get a chance to try one, go for it.


GALLERY: 307 / DATE: Mar 4 2011 / IMAGES: 40 / VIDEOS: 1

Rubber is the theme of this video, Rank's red rubber in fact. Rank is our favorite local rubber guy. The stocks are wooden and very adjustable except for the size of the holes. They were very tight and immobilizing, but not immobilizing enough. The web of black leather straps contrasting the red rubber were much more than a fashion statement. The leather straps held Rank still, but had a more compressing effect. Compression gets me hard when I'm being tied up, so I figured he wouldn't mind. Our friend MummyEd worked over Rank's unexposed cock. The true rubber fetishist enjoys full coverage rubber. The slippery feel of lube and latex especially on the more sensitive parts is apparent in this very hot video.


GALLERY: 268 / DATE: Mar 1 2011 / IMAGES: 186

During a recent visit with our friend Travis, he showed us a new set of Polypropylene Humane Restraints which he had recently ordered. Due to new hospital guidelines the traditional leather restraints that we are all familiar with are being replaced with new hygienic polypropylene (plastic) straps and cuffs. As you can imagine these new cuffs are far easier to clean and also waterproof.

As a result we decided to test the new restraints in Travis' upstairs shower. Our friend Mummification Ed volunteered to be the subject for our test, partly because of his fetish for spandex swimsuits - one of which he happened to be wearing under his street clothes! The new polypropylene restraints are similar to the traditional leather straps and cuffs, using the same locking buckles. The new cuffs are color coded - blue for wrists and green for ankles. You can easily remember the color coding - blue is for the sky and the upper body, and green for grass and the lower part of the body.

Truth be told, this wasn't much of a test. It was just an excuse to try some bondage in the shower. It's nice to have kinky friends to do this stuff with.


GALLERY: 306 / DATE: Feb 25 2011 / IMAGES: 63 / VIDEOS: 1

Red Rubber and bondage is the theme of this shoot. Rank, a local San Francisco rubber fetishist was happy to share his beautiful gear with us, plus he would get tied up. The wooden coffin is equipped with a breathing hose that attaches to a gasmask, and the coffin itself is also lined with latex and a padded bottom. The rubber - or should I say red rubber - is from several manufacturers, but mostly from Mr S in San Francisco. This gear is state of the art fetish rubber. This video contains a wealth of information about rubber. Rank explains the use, care, and source of his rubber passion.


GALLERY: 302 / DATE: Feb 19 2011 / IMAGES: 46 / VIDEOS: 1

On February the 13th we broadcasted a three hour bondage session. Mikey and Tony had first played with metal shackles. Dalton had retrieved every piece of institutional restraints we have, most were Humane Restraints and Medical Toys. Dalton really had no plan to tie up Mikey, but the creativity is half of the fun. I used the idea of wide fairly comfortable restraints with little compression at the point of the restraint. In a way I secured the restraints with Mikey trapped inside of them. This is a very hot scene as usual with Mikey and Tony. This video shows the attempt of Mikey to escape. The locking restraints would have held him for a while longer, but cutting them was not an option. Many people find this to be a fun thing to watch.


GALLERY: 301 / DATE: Feb 18 2011 / IMAGES: 60 / VIDEOS: 1

On February the 13th we broadcasted a three hour bondage session. Mikey and Tony had first played with metal shackles. Dalton had retrieved every piece of institutional restraints we have, most were Humane Restraints and Medical Toys. Dalton really had no plan to tie up Mikey, but the creativity is half of the fun. I used the idea of wide fairly comfortable restraints with little compression at the point of the restraint. In a way I secured the restraints with Mikey trapped inside of them. This a very hot scene as usual with Mikey and Tony.


GALLERY: 300 / DATE: Feb 15 2011 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

Mikey wanted to try some metal bondage so we said yes. As usual we turned to Dalton and used all of it. It is fun to put Mike in bondage, he just soaks it all in. Mark has more metal shackles the Mr S Leather where they were purchased years ago. After we had him properly secured Daddy Tony took his turn tormenting him with love. The plastic wrap ramped the heat up in no time. A good time was had by all safely and securely.


GALLERY: 297 / DATE: Feb 10 2011 / IMAGES: 92 / VIDEOS: 1

Mikey and Tony are becoming regulars at the Institute. This time Mikey was in the mood to be strapped to the bondage transport chair. Well I should say, Tony was in the mood to put Mikey in the transport chair. The chair is the creation of Mark; he tends to build things a little over the top. This was a police car seat designed to put prisoners in a sitting position with their hands handcuffed behind them. The hard plastic has no place to hide weapons or evidence because of the one piece design. Mark mounted this chair on heavy metal struts with heavy duty hardware. Tony adds several straps and two different hoods. One hood is a 665 neoprene double hood and the other is an Instincts full rubber hood with mask and hose. Add Tony, tickling, and a toy, you have a great scene enjoy.


GALLERY: 296 / DATE: Feb 7 2011 / IMAGES: 49

In a last-minute idea, we decided to try some moonlight outdoor bondage. This is not easy because San Francisco is always very cold, even during the summer. Tim wanted to try our neoprene sleepsack, so we setup our bondage board on the backyard deck while thinking that he would be warm enough inside of the head-to-toe sleepsack with attached hood. The night was clear with a full moon, so I setup the camera on a tripod and took one-second time exposures with a remote trigger cord. The length of the cord allowed me to be in the photos at the same time, while holding an LED flashlight and trying to give Dalton some light while he strapped Tim into the gear

The photos turned out a little blurry because of our motion, and because the camera's auto-focus didn't work very well in the darkness even with the aid of the flashlight. But, it was a really fun scene, and we would like to try it again when we have another willing subject and full moon. Any volunteers? The neoprene sleepsack is from 665 Leather, the straps are from Mr. S, and a special thanks to our friend Tim for helping us with our moonlight bondage experiment.


GALLERY: 174 / DATE: Feb 5 2011 / IMAGES: 72

These photos were taken with my old digital camera. Although the quality of the images aren't the best, it's exciting to watch JG-Leathers as he experiments with our Serious Bondage chair while outfitted in his rubber, gas-mask and E-stim gear. As you can see, JG is a real gear-head and subscribes to the same philosophy that we do, which is ‘more is better'.


GALLERY: 295 / DATE: Feb 4 2011 / IMAGES: 90

I continue to be amazed at how many secret play spaces we unearth. These photos were taken in 2005, in a private playroom located in an upscale apartment building in Los Angeles. We had been invited to this location to photograph some cool gear manufactured by Sonny Black of DungeonFurniture.com (which has since folded due to the 2009 economic downturn). Sonny manufactured some of the highest quality BDSM furniture on the market, sold to both dominatrix's and private players around the world, and used in many live music concerts, motion pictures and music videos.

The photos in this gallery highlight Sonny's popular Horizontal Cage and Padded Wall Rack. Our model was restrained with a polithera of Humane Restraint straps and cuffs which seemed to complement Sonny's furniture quite nicely. Maybe Sonny's Dungeon Furniture business will be resurrected in the future after the economy regains its footing. I hope so; he made some really nice stuff. His gear was undoubtedly an icon, and is now a collector's item.


GALLERY: 294 / DATE: Jan 31 2011 / IMAGES: 147 / VIDEOS: 1

Mikey of guystiedup.com and Tony were anxious to try the new bondage chair. I have been playing with it privately for some time. It was a chair that was one of four we found on the street. The wicker seats were damaged, but who needs a seat. I made a seat with access and a padded ridge to emphasize the effects of a plug. The idea was to create a comfortable but immovable position. The use of straps from head to toe has been developed over time. Cock and ball bondage is very effective in this position. I have created two of these chairs, one for use in another location. There is nothing like the frustrating position of being teased with no ability to move toward the stimulation or away from the plug. Mikey and Tony have their own style of play. The chemistry between these two is obvious. The one thing for sure is Mikey is ticklish.


GALLERY: 293 / DATE: Jan 28 2011 / IMAGES: 58 / VIDEOS: 1

Serious Bondage has forged ahead with a live web cast. We alerted MetalBond, our biggest SeriousMaleBondage.com fan of our plan to do a quick live web cast. Only a couple hours earlier, we talked about doing something live. Ed was available along with Mikey and Tony. I had an idea of using a chair I have used for self bondage and personal private play. I have had several long endurance sessions along with several really powerful blowjobs. The chair fits my body perfectly, but fit Ed fairly well even though he is larger. I mounted the Oak chair to a plywood circle to prevent tipping. The toe and foot bondage is very effective. Twenty two straps and head bondage makes this a very overwhelming but very comfortable bondage. I usually experience this naked with a plug plus cock and ball bondage. I have spent several hours in this rig, but I leave the straps snug but not too tight. I can put myself into 90% of this, but my upper bondage and elbows lack proper attention. The previous chair was pine and failed under a partial escape attempt. Like most bondage gear it has been improved to foil att attempted escapes. Enjoy this edited video.


GALLERY: 278 / DATE: Jan 25 2011 / IMAGES: 36

When our friend Louis comes to visit he always wants to be tied up. As a matter of fact, he considers his stay at the Serious Bondage Institute a mini-vacation. In this brief set of photos we documented his latest restraint adventure. Mind you, Louis is the one to think up the bondage scenario and round up the gear, and all he wants us to do is strap him in and leave him for a few hours (or sometimes overnight). Louis has a big bladder. Louis brought a pair of unique boots with him which he found at a thrift store. I think they are Snow Boarding Boots. Notice the cool metal attachment points. Thanks for the idea Louis! Straitjacket and black leather straps from Mr. S, tan leather straps and canvas bed belts from Humane Restraint.


GALLERY: 291 / DATE: Jan 22 2011 / IMAGES: 63 / VIDEOS: 1

Mikey and Tony have a great energy, I always love shooting with them. Mikey has a very cool blog GuysTiedUp.com (however Tony is still waiting for Mikey to build his). Mikey is an absolute bondage pig and Tony is a "sadistic bastard Sir", according to Mikey. Today we tried an old piece of gear in a new place, the closet. This is a very old San Francisco home with wood floors very thick plastered walls. The walls feel like cement and this room or closet actually has an echo. The chair has been fit into this space by removing the door frame, which makes it impossible to get the chair out. It is also bolted to the floor. The full headed gasmask from Studio Gum. The bubbler bottle is home made by SBI. The interaction between these two is always very hot.


GALLERY: 290 / DATE: Jan 20 2011 / IMAGES: 79 / VIDEOS: 1

The Serious Bondage Institute takes a technical leap forward. Our first attempt at a live webcast was a success far beyond what was expexted. The idea of broadcasting a bondage session internationally has reached reality. We set up our cameras and told a few friends, all we needed was a willing subject. Ed had a friend from out of town that had the desire to be mummified. There was no time like the present to share this with our fans. Recon and MetalBond chat rooms became a buzz and the link was spread around. We had more audience then we could hope for with little or no advertisement. Mark relayed comments from the chat rooms and emails which made us realize just how cool this was. Some of our close friends teased while total strangers from Europe asked questions. This was no large production; we just wanted to see if it would work. It stimulated our imaginations to do more elaborate and more interactive productions. Thank everyone who linked in, we hope you will join us in the future. This is the edited second hour.

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