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GALLERY: 237 / DATE: Oct 3 2010 / IMAGES: 30 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 1of2 - Time release bondage is the fantasy of many bondage fans. In this interesting 30-minute two-part video Mark and Mummy Ed demonstrate two time release bondage devices which are currently on the market. The first is a pair of super-heavy metal wrist cuffs from RigidCuff which use computer programmable locks. A digital clock and calendar inside of the lock and key allow the cuffs to be opened at any future date and time. The second device is a stainless steel Ice Lock from Mr S which provides a foolproof and reliable method of delayed release.

WARNING: Time release bondage, self bondage and solo bondage can be very dangerous activities. The allure and excitement of these scenarios can impair your ability to think clearly and evaluate your own actions. There are many dangers which are not immediately apparent: panic, cramps, loss of circulation, fatigue, unexpected sickness, earthquakes, and house fires. If you play with time release bondage, self bondage or solo bondage, do so at your own risk.


GALLERY: 233 / DATE: Sep 30 2010 / IMAGES: 24 / VIDEOS: 1

Our deck cell is maturing with age. We built it a few years ago, but since then it has become a home for spiders and other creepy crawlers. A recent visitor to the Institute thought he could overcome this problem by wearing his head-to-toe heavy rubber dry suit and pull-over gas-mask hood. This dive suit is completely sealed with a rear entry air-tight zipper, so the only opening is around his face, which is then covered by his gas-mask hood. Within his rubber cocoon he becomes isolated from the outside world - including the spiders. This was a good approach because the day ended up being quite warm so it became necessary for us to cool him off with the garden hose. No problem, that's what dive suits are for. As you will see, he didn't much like it, but the custom Clejuso restraints from RigidCuff held him in place while Ed took pot shots at him with the cold water nozzle. He was a sitting duck! What fun!


GALLERY: 197 / DATE: Sep 24 2010 / IMAGES: 7 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 1of2 - Our visit to Medical Toys was a great deal of fun. Their place is full of very cool bondage gear. One piece is the aluminum ball cage made by Corey of MetalBound.  The simple tie I did with leather straps put our young boy in a very compromising position, and the local domme took right to the task of playing. This is Part-1 of a powerful video.


GALLERY: 226 / DATE: Sep 18 2010 / VIDEOS: 5

Our friend 'Metal' from MetalBondNYC recently visited us at the Serious Bondage Institute, and, as usual, it wasn't long before we had him chained up and totally helpless. Welcome to the Institute! We captured this scene in a sixty-minute video and fun three-minute teaser video, all of which are included in this update.

These two videos highlight the fun we have at SBI. The goal is to have a good time and provide our guests with a safe environment for bondage exploration. Many of us enjoy being tied up or restrained in some way or another, so we try to provide this opportunity to our friends, guests, and occasionally... ourselves!

This time our friend ‘Metal' got a taste of extended confinement in our concrete cell, including the use of special Clejuso Heavy Weight wrist and ankle cuffs provided by RigidCuff. Ed monitored him from inside the house with the use of a wireless baby monitor while he typed away to his friends on the popular site Recon. As Metal will tell you, there's nothing better than to experience the feel of solid metal shackles attached to bolts which are anchored directly into the cement walls. Hot!


GALLERY: 219 / DATE: Sep 15 2010 / IMAGES: 18 / VIDEOS: 1

It's our opinion that every house should have a jail cell in the basement. I guess that won't happen any time soon, but our friend Yossie is leading the way with a deluxe play room and cell designed for long-term incarceration. Yep! Hiatt shackles mounted to the cell wall prevent the prisoner from even touching the cell bars, and an infrared camera allow 24x7 monitoring of a guest during their lonely nighttime hours. What more could someone want in a residential bondage facility?

In this video our friend Chuck spends some upright time in the cell restrained in some ultra-cool metal gear from RigidCuff, and then teases another prisoner by dangling the cell keys right in his face - but just out of reach. To add to the prisoner's frustration, Chuck locks him in a Carrara chastity belt which prevents him from playing with himself during his long stay. We had no idea Chuck was such a sadistic guy. Good work Chuck!

The truth of the matter is that having a jail cell in your basement is a lot of fun, and as you will see in this video we have a lot of fun when we visit Yossie. Thank you for inviting us over Yossie!


GALLERY: 222 / DATE: Sep 14 2010 / IMAGES: 76 / VIDEOS: 1

Ed invited a guest to the Serious Bondage Institute with a very short window of time to experience some extra heavy bondage. From the moment he hit the front door he was primed and ready for some mummification action. Ed started with vet wrap, then pallet wrap, and finished with a full layer of duct tape. We soon found ourselves breaking out the bondage board and a full array of Mr.S leather straps. The guest was later let loose, got dressed, and was soon back on the road. Just another day at SBI.


GALLERY: 184 / DATE: Sep 10 2010 / IMAGES: 118 / VIDEOS: 1

Once again our friend JG-Leathers experiences what most of us only fantasize about. JG takes his assortment of gear over-the-top to create nothing less than a full assault on his fetish senses by combining strict and immobile bondage with head-to-toe latex rubber, vacuum suction, ErosTek E-stim, inflatable helpless mitts and liquid breath control. Similar to his ‘Creature' invention, this amazing scene - which we captured in still and video images - demonstrates his desire to experience the ultimate relinquishing of control to the physical gear itself and the person who is at the controls.

As many of us already know, the more fetish gear you acquire or experience, the more you look for the next bigger and better piece of gear or experience. JG's collection of gear and his equipment-intensive scenarios are the result of many years of playing, experimenting, traveling around the world meeting other kinksters, and thousands of hours of fiction authoring. The result is featured in the various galleries on this web site and on his JG-Leathers.com site.

We salute JG's fine sense of kink and thank him for sharing his photos and videos on our web site.  JG's more recent publications can be found on Amazon.com, Barns & Noble, and his publisher's site Pink Flamingo Publications - or just do a Google search for ‘JG-Leathers'.

This gallery contains one video and 118 still images.


GALLERY: 200 / DATE: Sep 9 2010 / IMAGES: 135 / VIDEOS: 1

Part-2: SBI takes on a new type of bondage. Thanks to a fan of our web site we had the opportunity to play with some very cool medical fiberglass materials. He did all the research, supplied the materials, and volunteered to be the first casting subject. This was his first time in a cast, and he decided to go for the full monte - a head to toe full body cast which is referred to as a ‘FBC' for those in the casting circles. He wanted to stay in the FBC overnight, however we decided to wait until he was fully cast to make that decision. More detailed information about our casting project is available inside of the web site.


GALLERY: 218 / DATE: Sep 8 2010 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

In this short video, a visitor to the Serious Bondage Institute is chained to a bolt in the floor and left for the night. He had originally requested to be bound in head-to-toe rubber, but I don't think this is what he had in mind. Although his hands are free, he is completely overpowered by the heavy metal collar. The best thing he could do is to stop struggling against the chain and wait patiently until dawn. "Hey! Quite down in there!" Cat suit is from Mr. S, gas-mask hood from Maxcita, and metal collar from RigidCuff.


GALLERY: 29 / DATE: Dec 5 2009 / IMAGES: 130

Dental school never had this in mind as Ed and our rubber friend visit the dentist. We have fun here with photos. This session was for the sake of getting pictures of gear we would love to own. We found a rubberiest that has some of the thick industrial style rubber. Not everyone has that particular fetish, but Mark just goes nuts. The poor guy had no idea how much his strange taste in gear would be appreciated. We shot everything he owned twice. He actually left it here for a couple weeks. I never saw Mark try to wear it, but it did get "stored" in his bed room. Strange how it needed washed before the owner returned to pick it up. Most of this over the top rubber was manufactured by Studio Gum.


GALLERY: 25 / DATE: Dec 5 2009 / IMAGES: 116

Ed and Jamie try out my Neoprene Sleepsack that I purchased from Mister S in San Francisco. It is a small that fits me just right. It is tight on me which is how I like it because of the compression. I also purchased my first rubber gear from Kinky King it is also a sleepsack. Jamie is about my size so Ed asked if he could use them and I said sure. I thought they were for two people, but to my surprise Ed used them both. To top off this scene, Ed strapped him hooded and double bagged to a padded board with four inch straps. This is my kind of bondage I am always glad to see my gear used in a fun way.


GALLERY: 6 / DATE: Dec 5 2009 / IMAGES: 106

Bud and Cirus share more intimate moments on the afternoon sun. The ball pillory from Mister S in San Francisco is one of the most effective forms of male bondage. A man's balls are unique to effective bondage with a part that has no bones. Other parts like wrists ankles and neck have rigid physical structures to lock in a cuff or tie with rope. The balls can be held with the same, but pain is the only limitation or restraint. Balls can be torn away if the bottom really must escape, but the others will not allow escape. If the house is on fire the bottom will live, but possibly without balls. "I want to play a game" does this sound like a good plot in a movie. The arm sleeves are from the Church Of Sinvention and ass to the beauty of the scene.


GALLERY: 22 / DATE: Dec 2 2009 / IMAGES: 103

Medical Toys studios let us shoot in their warehouse last year. We had more fun using Martin from Rigid Cuff's bondage crib. The Maxcita strait jacket and Studio Gum gas mask combined with Human Restraints and we were all set. I love tying people up no matter who they are. Ed is one grateful subject.     


GALLERY: 66 / DATE: Dec 1 2009 / IMAGES: 76

On a recent visit to Canada we met Max of Maxcita "Caught in the Act" Straitjacket fame. In fact we stayed in his home and enjoyed his gracious hospitality. A local play space in Ottawa called Breathless had a party. Max took several pieces of gear including this heavy steel hogtie device. We found a willing boy for experimentation. 


GALLERY: 3 / DATE: Dec 1 2009 / IMAGES: 160


Here’s another unique bondage device from Martin of RigidCuff. It’s called a ‘C-Cuff’ or Cock Cuff. It’s a machined aluminum cuff that can be locked around a man’s penis and scrotum. In addition to an internal lock, a chain can be attached to the C-Cuff which allows the subject to be chained to other objects or used as a leash. The C-Cuff is only one in a long list of devices which have been created to hold, control and enforce chastity on a male. And better yet, let’s not forget the effort invested into holding, controling and enforcing chastity on a female. It's funny what we humans do with our spare time in this day and age. :-)

In any case, the C-Cuff shown in the following photos is a prototype. As you might assume, you would need to send your measurments to Martin in order to have one custom made in your particular size. As a matter of fact, this C-Cuff was a little big for our subject, but it was fine for demonstration purposes.

As you will see, it wasn’t long into our demonstration before we realized that we needed to attach a chain to the C-Cuff, so we handed a hex wrench to our friend ‘Mummification Ed” who disassembled the Cuff to attach the chain. This turned out to be a good idea, so you will see that a chain of any length can be attached or removed as needed.

Once the Cuff was secured to our model, Mummification Ed used a pair of Martin’s special ‘slip-chain’ wrist cuffs to secure him to a giant overhead chain. I think everyone had a good time during this demonstration, including our hooded model (although you can't see smiling).


GALLERY: 17 / DATE: Nov 30 2009 / IMAGES: 184

Ed enjoys bondage and like most of us he can't afford a Studio Gum inflatable sleep sack. The Martin and Mark inspired metal bondage crib is the secure place for this scene. Ed was happy to feel the compression and I was more than happy to apply some Humane Restraint straps. This is a very striking photo because of the lighting and color contrasts.


GALLERY: 48 / DATE: Nov 24 2009 / IMAGES: 329

Our friend has an absolute love for bondage and a focused passion for anything institutional especially straitjackets. Vintage strait jackets are fascinating; a few of these had actually been used in institutions. One of these is his own creation. We also have several straps and cuffs from Humaine Restraints that he found on line. They were retired from institutions and have teeth marks and urine stains. Check out the interaction between these two they are great friends.


GALLERY: 28 / DATE: Nov 20 2009 / IMAGES: 57

Ed had the upper hand in our last visit with these two. Ken was acting like he didn't enjoy the cold water bath. In good fun it was his turn to exact some revenge. Ed was also a willing subject to whatever Ken had in mind.


GALLERY: 61 / DATE: Nov 14 2009 / IMAGES: 35

Tim explores some heavy leather bondage gear we have in our dungeon. We have had these so long we don't play with them. They are absolute classics with enough leather we could build another cow. The classic double lined leather strait jacket and matching leg binder just hang in our gear closet. You know you don't see what's right in front of you sometimes. I grabbed them along with a classic Mister S isolation hood. The whole effect is just plain horny bondage.


GALLERY: 51 / DATE: Nov 14 2009 / IMAGES: 49

Gumbi a very over the top fetishist brings out the most unusual latex gear. He commissions most of his gear and this was one of a kind. I liked the way he sweats inside.

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