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GALLERY: 365 / DATE: Oct 1 2011 / IMAGES: 23 / VIDEOS: 2

Two more rubber fetishists come to play. This is a hot video with plenty of interaction. The focus bondage piece is a Maxcita Caught in the Act Inside Out strait Jacket. This is suspension friendly version of a heavy canvas restraint jacket.


GALLERY: 364 / DATE: Sep 27 2011 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

Mumman from Fetlife and Ed had a plan for a long term chair bondage mummification. I arrived long after Ed had worked his magic and Mumman was secured and well on his journey. Mumman has been secured in a sitting position with a base layer neoprene wet suit. His head had been encased in tight tape bondage with a blindfold and an effective gag. Soon I hear him mumbling a request and after a few moments of fun, I realized he wanted to be suspended. My first reaction is first, "yeah right", but then I start to engineer a plan in my head. Soon I'm putting a strap here and a strap there and before you know it is happening. The main problem was his hand position and his top heaviness. As time went on I added more and more. Mumman was quite happy.


GALLERY: 362 / DATE: Sep 23 2011 / IMAGES: 57 / VIDEOS: 1

Rank had two boys to play with and Doctor Mad Max was more than happy to help. They are both serious rubber fetishists as are the boys. The gear in this shoot is heavy duty with a sexual energy that shows in this video. The playfulness of this warm weather San Francisco shoot is intense. Doctor Mad Max is the manufacturer of Caught in the Act Maxcita canvas and rubber gear. While you watch, notice the twinkle in his eye.


GALLERY: 363 / DATE: Sep 19 2011 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

Mumman came to visit and I was happy to help him rubber. Maxcita was also visiting and happened to have a heavy rubber sleepsack that would fit him. I have had two very emotional reactions to several hours in a rubber sleepsack. I can't explain this but I think it is the wet organic feel. I wanted Mumman to experience it in isolation with the added motion of the swivel board. The hood was also borrowed and was manufactured by Mr.S as well as the leather straps. It is a puffy compression hood second to none. A great time was had by all.


GALLERY: 361 / DATE: Sep 15 2011 / IMAGES: 35 / VIDEOS: 1

Doctor Mad Max recently visited SBI with a ton of serious bondage gear. Max loves heavy rubber and is happy to share. During his visit we invited a few of his fans. This evening was our first willing participant. The first bag was produced by Max and the second by an unknown manufacturer. Max had acquired it in a gear trade many years ago. Both were extra heavy and both had access zippers. Doctor Max expertly tied him and expertly tormented him. This is a great video.


GALLERY: 360 / DATE: Sep 11 2011 / IMAGES: 41 / VIDEOS: 1

Rank our rubber fetishist brought a willing friend to SBI. We have some unique Rigid Cuff pieces in our possession today. This head and wrist stock is one of the more elaborate pieces. The wrists are ingenious because they rotate, giving the captive the sense of freedom. It also allows the prisoner to adjust the angles to remove any reason to take them out. The head gear is a molded after market gasmask made by Maxcita. The positions were stressful with a few rounds of breath play and the bubbler bottle.


GALLERY: 359 / DATE: Sep 11 2011 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 1

Rank is a rubber fetishist. He is not just a guy with a couple of pieces of rubber gear or a cat suit. He has a passion that has cost him more than he should spend on rubber gear. The day that he arrived, another rubber fetishist was here. The vertical stocks were the perfect place to restrain him while he had a moment with his full coverage rubber. He was also locked down by Mr.S ankle shackles This video is a fun time of fetish, bondage, and teasing.


GALLERY: 358 / DATE: Sep 7 2011 / IMAGES: 6 / VIDEOS: 1

Ed has a specific type of bondage that he loves. He brings up this scenario from time to time. Handcuffs, tape gag, and forced standing. Ed has a flair for the dramatic, but this is what does it for him. Every bondage lover I know has some specific type of bondage that just does it for them. I love extreme sensory deprivation with absolute immobilization. Mark enjoys industrial rubber, metal, cages, and gasmasks. Think about it, I'm sure you have that one specific thing that does it for you.


GALLERY: 357 / DATE: Sep 3 2011 / IMAGES: 66 / VIDEOS: 1

Mikey is usually tied up, but tonight he is the top pr tormenter, well as much as Mikey can torment. As most of our shoots or should I say playtimes that we photograph, everyone would rather be tied up. Tony takes his turn with the camera which left Mikey to do his version of torment. One of our rubber fetishists was more than happy to be locked in wood, metal, and leather just as long as there is a full covering of rubber. The other was zipped and strapped into his puppy hood and gimp suit. Last but not least our rather buff friend was strapped in a chair and hooded. Mikey tormented all three with a vibrator, but left them all in delightful frustration. I'm sure he understood that what goes around comes around. The leather straightjacket was from Mr.S and the hood with the internal gag was made by Christopher


GALLERY: 356 / DATE: Aug 30 2011 / IMAGES: 22 / VIDEOS: 1

The second part of this fun scene with Mikey and Tony was even more fun. The latest piece we received from Max of Caught in the Act was his unique inside out straitjacket. This was strapped on Mikey only moments after he emerged from the spin machine. I hoisted him high over head so Tony can tickle and later shock Mikey. We will miss them both so I gave Tony a fun toy to share with Mikey.


GALLERY: 355 / DATE: Aug 26 2011 / IMAGES: 3 / VIDEOS: 1

Mikey and Tony have become regulars at SBI. However, they have had an offer they can't refuse and are moving out of state. The movers were there all day and all they had planned to do was drop off some gear. I had different plans for Mikey. They sat down to rest and have a conversation, but I had my floating machine set up in the front room. I know they saw it on the way in and by now I know Mikey. All I had to do was motion to Mikey and before you know he was naked and being strapped in. Each time I use this thing I add to it and refine the restraints. This video is an interview with Tony as Mikey gets lost in time and space. I tightened the straps extra tight because I knew it would be a shortened session. This made it even more exciting for Mikey. The end shows his familiar disoriented smile. Only moments later he was strapped into a strait jacket and hanging high from the ceiling. All of the canvas gear was custom made by Maxcita caught in the act. We used Mikey for the measurements so this won't be the last time you will see him in this. Leather Hood is from Medical Toys and the leather restraint straps by Humane Restraints.


GALLERY: 354 / DATE: Aug 22 2011 / IMAGES: 25 / VIDEOS: 1

Mister X is always ready for bondage. This was on a very busy night after a very busy day. I felt bad for not being in on this shoot, but it seems Mark did a very fine job. The canvas sleepsack is not new, but has been well cared for. Maxcita has always made a fine product, but it was nice to see one of his earlier models. The improvements are to improve the strength and inescapability; however, I can't imagine getting out of one of these anyway. Max uses welded D rings and heavy continual strapping for safe suspension. The comfort of this suspension is so nice you can go to sleep. Mister X probably wanted to be hung upside down and I'm sure that would have happened with my extra set of hands. When we do I'll make sure it's in the front room so he can have a little daylight under him. The neoprene hood is by 665 Leather.


GALLERY: 353 / DATE: Aug 16 2011 / IMAGES: 21 / VIDEOS: 1

It was a quiet Monday night at SBI and we were about to call it a day. A friend of SBI stopped by to pick up some rubber gear for a workshop. As usual he had his rubber gear with him. It's funny how fetishists always bring their gear. I have been developing a bondage rig over the past couple of months that is the type of bondage I enjoy. It has taken on several forms but mostly it's an isolation and disorientation machine. I center it around a Maxcita canvas sleep sack and a ball bearing swivel. The idea of being totally immobilized in a disorienting environment just sounds like heaven to me. I have found that ideas start in my imagination and become reality. Then each time I do it I tweak it and expand it. This time I added sand bags to create a more solid bondage. Instead of simply hanging from the side traps (who are made by Humane Restraints) you are held tightly downward. The head bondage is more developed and effective. The addition of full rubber was our guests' idea. This guy loves bondage and with the addition of full rubber he actually had a strong orgasm.


GALLERY: 352 / DATE: Aug 12 2011 / IMAGES: 124 / VIDEOS: 1

The third and final part of this fiberglass casting scene reveals the end results. This was a very long and labor intensive scene that had many side scenes. Mikey emerges after a very tense session with a cast saw. This was really fun for everyone and in particular Mikey. The Leather Straps and metal wrist shackles are from Mr.S. Blindfold is from Medical Toys and the Fiberglass from Orthotape.


GALLERY: 351 / DATE: Aug 9 2011 / IMAGES: 124 / VIDEOS: 1

The second part of this video captures more of the process plus more of the shenanigans. Mikey and Tony have become very popular. They have so much fun especially when we tie Mikey up. Today we planned on a full body cast to make Mikey into a table. The medical fiberglass is expensive, but it is very effective as a bondage material. The day was warm in San Francisco so we set everything up outside. The fact that we have a cell under the deck did not miss our attention. Mikey and Tony brought a pup so we chained him to the walls of the deck cell and locked him away for the afternoon. After that we put him in a walking neoprene sack and tormented him in the background. This full body cast is labor intensive so we had Yossie and another casting expert on hand. As usual this video captures our conversation and the process of applying the fiberglass. This is part two of this rather long video, enjoy. We got our fiberglass casting supplies from OrthoTape. Neoprene walk sac we got at 665 Leather.


GALLERY: 350 / DATE: Aug 6 2011 / IMAGES: 124 / VIDEOS: 1

Part 1 - Mikey and Tony have become very popular. They have so much fun especially when we tie Mikey up. Today we planned on a full body cast to make Mikey into a table. The medical fiberglass from OrthoTape is expensive, but it is very effective as a bondage material. The day was warm in San Francisco so we set everything up outside. The fact that we have a cell under the deck did not miss our attention. Mikey and Tony brought a pup so we chained him to the walls of the deck cell and locked him away for the afternoon. Well it isn't enough to do a full body cast so we figured it to be a good idea to fill it with water. This full body cast is labor intensive so we had Yossie and another casting expert on hand. As usual this video captures our conversation and the process of applying the fiberglass. This is only part one of this rather long video, enjoy. Neoprene walk sac is by 665 Leather.


GALLERY: 349 / DATE: Jul 30 2011 / IMAGES: 101 / VIDEOS: 3

After years of bondage photography we thought we had seen it all. Over a year ago a fellow visiting San Francisco contacted us to have a meet and eat. We had pizza and talked about his interest in bondage. He said he loved and owned several tight fitting motorcycle suits, I guess he had quite a collection and they were all high quality leather, so I figured him to be a fetishist. Being the accommodating bondage top that I am, I put him in a sleepsack and then a strait jacket. This must have motivated him to embrace and explore his bondage kink. Over time he began to communicate with Mark about his interest in fiberglass medical casting. We have experimented with fiberglass bondage before, but not like this guy. This is a prime example of how bondage lovers seem to focus on a specific type of bondage and this driven by the idea of being casted. He traveled to the Midwest where he found another guy who has been doing casting for 25 years. He learned a great deal over two visits. The first visit he was casted for three full days, then the second visit four days. Our combined information and experience, plus $500 dollars in materials from OrthoTape made this casting very effective. Mikey and Tony gave us a hand plus another good friend of SBI. This took several hours and a great deal of work, engineering, and elbow grease. The coolest thing was that he spent over a day in it. It is now stored down stairs after he glued it back together. I get a kick out of having such a memorable souvenir. vertical Chair was made by Metal Bound, Internal Catheter from Medical Toys, and finally the leather cuffs and straps from Humane Restraints.


GALLERY: 348 / DATE: Jul 26 2011 / IMAGES: 51 / VIDEOS: 1

I have debated if I should reveal my secret bondage ritual. I help run a bondage website and a downside can be turning something I love into something I just have to do. I will admit at times I have suffered a level of burn out. I know I will never lose interest in bondage because I have actually tried to stop, but we all know how that works.

I keep the bondage fires kindled by playing off camera, in private, and away from work. The energy remains strong and it doesn't become just another photo shoot.

However, I have decided to share my most intimate bondage secret, my morning self bondage ritual. I hope this will set a new direction and encourage others to reveal their secrets. We all do some crazy shit in private. I thought I would share mine so it will embolden others and help them not to be ashamed of their secret kink. I don't do this particular thing every day, even though I probably could. I just don't want to burn my partner out; she is a very lovely lady. She loves bondage as much as I do but anything can become too much if you let it.

I wake up early and have my morning coffee and take care of other private issues. I catch up on recorded TV programs and surf the news on the web. Occasionally I wake up with bondage on my mind. I start thinking about being tied up as I go to sleep, wake through the night, and sometimes in my dreams. I get up with bondage as my focus and my only mission is to secure myself in strict bondage and wait to be released by my sleeping partner. I'm in total isolation and trapped in a web of strategically placed straps. The unpredictability of this type of bondage is key; she could wake up in three minutes or three hours. I have done this bondage hundreds of times so the restraint is absolute with no chance of escape. I did this with ice cubes and string for years and spent countless morning hours waiting for ice to melt and keys to drop to within my reach. There is an element of danger to self bondage, most self bondage practitioners have horror stories to tell and unfortunately some did not have the chance to tell their story. I do not recommend self bondage with mechanical devices; it is too fucking dangerous and stupid. A sleeping person in the next room is much safer and deliciously unpredictable. I have never had an ice cube tease me to the edge of orgasm while I was trapped in my chair for hours.

As for the actual bondage, this is how I like it. I like being impaled on a plug during bondage; I love the idea of not being able to expel it. Regular ass play does not interest me nor does rough CBT, but cock and balls just need to be tied down. Straps are great to strategically secure my skeleton and compress my muscles. Full hoods with head bondage plus ear plugs, taped eyes, and gagged mouth are a must. Toe bondage, tight chest straps for restricted breathing, and locks for unchangeable security are also vital. Any self bondage lover will understand the finality of a lock click, just typing it sends a shudder through my body. Struggling to a sweaty lather is my usual MO. I attempt to hump the air, but I make an effort to restrict all humping. This video shows only small movements but trust me, I was straining with all of my might. This is as personal as it gets, I show all of this private bondage fantasy......well almost. I hope you enjoy this video. It is the first video in a long time that gave me a boner. Perhaps I know how it ends.

Hood by Top to Bottom Leather out of the UK



GALLERY: 347 / DATE: Jul 22 2011 / IMAGES: 33 / VIDEOS: 1

This was a quiet day at SBI, we had a bored house guest and a house full of bondage gear. I also knew I was going to be placing this guy in a full body fiberglass cast and wanted to build some trust. Trust is important in bondage because of its edgy nature, especially if you are in extreme bondage with a full hood and limited breathing or total compression and immobilization. The idea of being lost in sensory deprivation is great until panic sets in. The ability to relax and take a journey is enhanced if the traveler feels safe. I use ear plugs, eye tape, silence, immobility, and movement to disorient a person, the less input the better. However I am there if I hear my name. I don't panic or hurry, I quietly touch them and ask questions quietly. It is usually an adjustment or simply a reassurance. Sometimes it is a scene ending issue, but I still don't rush. I can remove bondage fairly quickly, but panicking is not usually helpful. I wanted this guy to have a good session and I believe he did. The bag I used was a canvas Maxcita "Caught in the act" sleepsack. I had tried leather straps from Mr.S over so this time I tried straps under. He said it was a better and more manageable squeeze. The bag has a Velcro covered zipper with a corset string and straps. The idea was to use the "D" rings to tighten the bag down with fewer pressure points. Taped feet and head bondage made things complete. The board hanging by a quiet ball bearing swivel was pushed in circles by the air from the fans. This was really a fun session because it is exactly the bondage I enjoy. The hood came from Church of Sinvention. One of the most comfy hoods out there.


GALLERY: 345 / DATE: Jul 17 2011 / IMAGES: 12 / VIDEOS: 1

The easiest kind of visitor is our friend from the southwest. He loves to be tied up and usually does it himself. He struggles all night straining at cuffs and humping the air. We have a 665 Leather of Los Angeles Neoprene rear entry attached hood sleepsack. It fits him perfectly with just one zipper. He is a real escape artist and has escaped from several heavy bondage sessions. Over time I think he could find a way to escape from this piece, but short of damaging it it is quite secure. This video captures his sexual frustration which is the reason most of us love bondage.

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